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  1. I work in IT and have to drive around to stores, pick up parts..ect. The amount of people out and about that probably don't need to be is staggering. Went to microcenter to get parts in Dallas... Omfg. Also, my company downsized majorly and salary employees took 15% pay deductions but still have a job for now, thankfully.
  2. I live in Arlington and I'm in IT for a food company, so I'm on call and have to go out to our stores Yes, Tarrant county has done a really good job. Just too damn bad everyone still going out and finding stuff to do. Lol
  3. I've thought this since after the first surgery. Hopefully not the case and he recovers fully.
  4. Exactly why Teddy got a three year deal with all the guarantees in the first two seasons and extending Cam wasn't entertained. It's designed for him to be the starter, team drafts QB in 2021 draft. He starts and rookie learns from him and then rookie takes over in 2022 season.
  5. 4500 yards, 40 td and 10 or less to. Deep ball completion % solid to good. Overall completion percentage of 65-70%. Carolina would still be drafting a QB in 2021 even with the above.
  6. You only trade him if you get a herschel walker type of hall.
  7. He's going to be cut, I'd bet the Panthers tried to trade him before this announcement and couldn't find anyone.
  8. Yes his deep throw completion percentage, attempts, passer rating have all been way down since the original shoulder surgery.
  9. He sold 375m in WWE stocks and pushed it into Alpha which runs the XFL. Did a first sell worth 100m in December of 17 and then another one worth 275m in April of last year.
  10. Vince has put aside 500m of his own money to fund the XFL for three seasons. So no worry about it folding since attendance has been decent so far.
  11. The deal was already in place before Hurney came back. All Hurney did was sign the contract, the negotiating was all Gettleman.
  12. With his injury history, I'd be thrilled with a second. I'm expecting him to be cut or traded for a 3rd or 4th. Don't expect there to be much of a market if the Panthers move on.
  13. I warned everyone that Hurney was running the show on the coach hire and the Assistant GM position. He's in control, he picked Rhule and theyve given Rhule free rein on who he wants in. It will be Rhule and Hurney doing interviews for the assistant gm job.
  14. No it was an option bonus that if not taken meant his cap hit for that coming season went up 11m and it was still fully guaranteed. only thing using the option did was spread it out. Hurney converted it from an option bonus to a regular bonus because it would be easier to get money back for injuries/retirement
  15. They just gave that massive deal to Shaq for him to play ILB/MLB. So I doubt they'd draft a ILB unless they staying in 3-4.
  16. His contracts going to be ridiculous. 6 years 102m with incentives to make it 110m total. 35m fully guaranteed, with another 20m in other guarantees. Total money, guaranteed money, yearly average will definitely be over Elliott's 90m, 50m guaranteed, 28m fully guaranteed and 15m average. Could even come close to Thomas deal in NO, 20m per season. Just brace yourself cause this ones gonna be nuts.
  17. Snow was going to be the DC as soon as Rhule was hired. No one else would have been considered. Snow is literally Rhules right hand guy. Not surprised by the hire, will let this play out and see how Rhules staff looks at the end and how the perform as coaches.
  18. Matt Lombardi as Assistant quarterbacks coach.
  19. Not saying he wanted it. Saying Hurney and Tepper gave it to him. Similar to what Rivera got in Washington just not as much of it. At least this is a rumor going around about his deal.
  20. They cant give him full control and it's not because of Hurney. When it was said that Rhule got complete control, well apparently he has final say over everything... but tepper, Hurney, new gm and Rhule are taking a collaborative approach
  21. Wonder who the third coach is? Hmmm???
  22. Greg is fielding broadcast offers while he decides if he's going to retire. I'd say its pretty likely if a good offer comes through. As far as Luke, I think his shoulders were starting to bother him a lot and surgery's werent helping as much.
  23. Lets start with one. https://theathletic.com/1534439/2020/01/14/whats-the-message-to-panthers-owner-david-tepper-as-he-looks-to-three-college-coaches-to-run-his-team/
  24. Let's see... The Athetic NFL.com Just about nearly nfl beat reporter.. Mike Phair is DL coach Who was hired by Snow and are good friends and go way back. But ok... phil snow isn't the DC. Only reason it isn't official is waiting to see if he gets Baylor HC job/Baylor to hire someone as HC.
  25. Everything points to Phil Snow having already been hired for DC.
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