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  1. jerry wanted company men. tepper is javier bardem flipping a motherfuckin quarter
  2. he's not gonna miss 1-2 seasons lol
  3. PhillyB

    The Pitiful Misadventures of Neonazis

    @Toolbox apologize now
  4. anyway the nothing burger keeps cooking https://edition-m.cnn.com/2018/12/07/politics/michael-cohen-robert-mueller-donald-trump/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fedition.cnn.com%2F
  5. I've posted on and off for a couple of years about working on a feature film set in the Vietnam War. This afternoon I signed a global distribution deal with Vision Films and Sony Entertainment, the latter of which wil sell it to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. at the film markets this fall. You should be able to watch Point Man as early as December. Now I have a career as a filmmaker. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the process, from generous fundraising donors to @arbnranger helping set scout to @Paa Langfart helping with prop design to @cookinwithgas, @Cat, and @Floppin attending the cast and crew premiere, and whoever else I'm blanking on right now.
  6. i've put on thirty pounds since last november and this is the most i've ever weighed but thanks for the compliment
  7. the streaming release date is in february, preceeded by a theater run
  8. 2011 coughlin >>>>>> rivera 2011 giants pass rush >>>>> panthers pass rush that said, go us
  9. PhillyB

    Tobacco pipes- anyone smoke them?

    it's a giant pain in the ass and i'd rather smoke cigars, but the packing ritual can be relaxing if you get the hang of it. my grandfather gave me a meerschaum pipe from the late 1800s so i do it the occasional justice.
  10. National theater release kicks off with a week-long block at Marketplace Cinemas in Winston-Salem. Tickets are only $3 for anyone in the area interested in catching a movie!
  11. PhillyB

    For the Cam doubters

    i know, isn't it the worst when people talk about stuff? it makes me want to come in and say stuff about them saying stuff and how they shouldn't. great post!
  12. PhillyB

    For the Cam doubters

    this is the stupidest commentary i've ever read on any subject on any platform in my entire life. please delete your account and jump in a lake
  13. PhillyB

    Who hasnt given up?

    yeah the philippines are great. i need to get back, it's been a decade. laos is definitely southeast asia throwback. infrastructure is slowly catching up everywhere but it's largely off the tourist radar. every time i go i rent a motorcycle and do some long distance biking - hoping to do some more exploring this time if i can get away from the festival
  14. PhillyB

    Who hasnt given up?

    it's largely because southeast asia collectively has one of the few societies in the world that aren't total shitheads about trans people, which is encouraging. you gotta get creative when you're bar hopping and getting hit on though - there is no polite way to ask. a buddy system works best
  15. PhillyB

    Who hasnt given up?

    i hopped around phuket and ko phi phi in october - this is more business related, i'm attending a film festival in luang prabang and taking the scenic route there and back. i haven't been to northern thailand in years. i was in cambodia earlier this year as well - fifth time there, i think i need to start exploring somewhere else
  16. PhillyB

    Who hasnt given up?

    yeah i'm hopping off from chiang khong to huay xai and catching the slow boat to luang prabang
  17. PhillyB

    Who hasnt given up?

    Let's just say I inadvertently scheduled a boat trip to Laos that ends at 5pm Sunday and I didn't freak out about it when I realized what I'd done
  18. can you name a time ron rivera outcoached someone this season? last season? no? bye ron, thx for the mmrs
  19. PhillyB

    Prediction for the rest of this season...

    nah, we're done. kalil low key calling out the team as undisciplined to the media on top of the funk that comes from four straight losses? i'll be shocked if we win another game and i'm an eternal optimist.
  20. PhillyB

    I feel like firing someone

    gain fifty pounds, grow some chest hair, put on some glasses and go fire rivera yourself. no one will make a peep
  21. It'd be consistent with Ron's MO to kick Washington out of the plane on the way home and make it look like he's holding his staff accountable for their performances, as well as with his tendency to make changes only when he's forced to or it's too late.
  22. PhillyB

    Greg out for season

    he's probably done for good. whoever the new GM is better find cam a new road dog
  23. PhillyB

    Cam just has nothing on his throws

    please. how many five INT games does roethlesberger have?
  24. PhillyB

    Cam just has nothing on his throws

    he's having the best year of his career (sans this game, sure) and people are saying he's done just amazing