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  1. The NFL is going against Esports... why the NFL has not acquired the Esports franchises is beyond me. They also need to buy or build their own Soccer Franchises...and be serious about it. Frankly their product would be better than anything that is in Europe right now... and build a balanced product and the whole of Africa will come. I should know The premier league is like the Catholic church in the 1600's here .. meaning more $ than most of the team owners have ever seen in their entire lives. These are the young men and women the NFL needs badly... Games such as Clash Royale, Fortnite completely dismantle and take away "Mobile esports are a fast growing segment of a young industry, and the popularity of Supercell’s games has made the developer a driving force in the market. All eyes in the mobile space will be on the Clash Royale League as the North American and European divisions (two regions where Supercell generates at least a combined 47% of its total revenue from Clash Royale) kick off in August. " https://esportsobserver.com/supercell-clash-royale-2-billion/ This young crowd would rather sit home in - front of their computer stream and get paid playing games rather than... sit there like their fathers and mothers
  2. propagandamachine

    Gameball, my God I'm shaking...

    should see me in the Jungle burning through Data bundles like its 1995... lol
  3. propagandamachine

    We have a defensive HC and a bad defense

    You just played the carolina panthers across the board... everyone from our own players to headcoach to general manager... trust me... youll see this. Watch what happens if the bills come in here... they understand personel.. to a tee.... its expected
  4. The other team has the $ the talent and the will to come out to play and win... This is one hell of a game. Love from Nairobi...
  5. i can see that all the way from kenya... in the middle of nowwhere... and Data is EXPENSIVE... if one of you is very generous use this app https://www.wave.com/ and send me cash to buy Data... christ +254728477032 ... Its like rape... only worse. But for my panthers... lets do it. Ill sell my kidney to see Gettlemans panthers beat his new Giants.
  6. propagandamachine

    Is this the Best Team In The NFL - Love from Nairobi

    Seems totally like him. Only this time ... he got knighted and got that Elusive team. God bless him.
  7. propagandamachine

    Is this the Best Team In The NFL - Love from Nairobi

    This Bye week was just Godsend... HAHAHHAH were going to Road GRade our opponents it wont be pretty. I had seen that Fitz nonsense before on another team... Falcons are not as good as they think they are... Mahomes will get game planned on... if teams can stop Michael Vick and Cam newton... you bet they will find a way to slow down Kansas... meanwhile carolina has nothing but Youth... Balling out.
  8. i mean... jesus... Eagles + Mahomes lead crew + the Rams are getting all the credit... if you take into account we played Atlanta without Trai + 42 as our safety and no thomas davis... WAIT ... JESUS And this is a more mature battle hardened team with an INFUSION of youth + a new owner that despises OLD {wine and cheese crowd} money ( you can tell by just looking at him - reminds me of the billion character ) When i hear Tepper .... this is what i imagine he looks like.. of course as a younger dude. Our man tepper looking at the NFL and chuckling..... This man Got a steal ...and right after gambling was legalized... and i have a weird feeling... we have a Gritty superbowl team on the horizon.
  9. propagandamachine

    Eric Reid being a distraction

    for opposing quarterbacks
  10. propagandamachine

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Tepper is an ANTI rich 1% guy... watch how he relates reminds me alot of billions...
  11. propagandamachine

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Say what you want you want to say... Kneel away Stay away in the locker room ... who gives a poo... THEN GO OUT AND GET INTERCEPTIONS... THANK YOU
  12. panthers are about to destroy teams... LIKE DESTROY
  13. propagandamachine

    My man Fitz ran into a real D

    Ive seen this Fitz movie before. :)
  14. Its like 1 am over here... couldnt sleep... in the matha trucking jungle with some 5mb down wifi and loving every second of todays game. Cheers to you my good people
  15. propagandamachine

    Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Dave says Josh is worth $7 mill a year... Hes worth $7 mill a year.