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  1. BlanksKarma

    that was fun while it lasted..

    Not sure when/if we have the RC end of season awards, but dude you're winning RotY, in a runaway.
  2. BlanksKarma

    that was fun while it lasted..

    No you dont, you have my Paypal contact info from me sending you money through a bet I honored. I'm sure your dumbass has no clue, but that PP account isn't verified anyway. *For the idiot impaired, it's not my name fugstick, it's a chick I used to bang. Sorry ass bitch.
  3. BlanksKarma

    that was fun while it lasted..

    Hey fugstick, I don't have FB account or kids. You are without a doubt the dumbest PoS I have ever encountered. I feel bad for the Panther fans that have to put up with your feeble attempts at the internetz. What a great day, lmao.
  4. BlanksKarma

    that was fun while it lasted..

    Dave=Wow!! http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4022593-time-to-fess-up-dave/
  5. BlanksKarma

    that was fun while it lasted..

    Throw it out there, I'm not the welching *****. I have nothing to hide.
  6. Cowboys win...Cowboys win!!! Yee-Haw!!!

  7. Thats what you say today(they lost last night). But let them win a game and here ya come with that hat with a star on it. HAHA!

  8. I'm not a Cowboy fan, I'm a Falcon fan you butt hurt Panty fan.

  9. You cowboy fan! That thresd was not about you. It was about me as a Panther fan, trying to maintain. Kiss my dirty foot!

  10. Geesh, I am not a damn troll. It's nearly impossible to talk about football with the Panthers having such a down year.