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  1. its very likely that Hurney had time to evaluate his first tenure with the Panthers and learned form his mistakes . He has done a pretty good job so far in the draft and those brought in . Its now up to the coaches to develop the players and make the right decisions on how to use the talent given them . Every team has players injured . The O-line has played great and our offense is clicking. With Reid our defense should improve. We are in position to win . Thanks Hurney
  2. Richardson always took the side of the NFL bosses (example Midfield logo ). Tepper just went rogue and did what was best for the team and said to hell with everyone else .
  3. We now have a SuperCam, A Batman (Kuechley) and a Robin (CMC)
  4. Lets deal Kalil to Gettleman for a Bobox to go . No refunds . I wonder if we can do an injury settlement and find some cap relief , then look for some O-line help . Better before cut downs and season starts . We could use some Hurney magic now .
  5. With several players pushing for a roster spot, Armah can do dual duty filling in as the #3 TE . He looked good in the first game with a catch and run after . it allows us to keep an extra OL or WR .
  6. I think Hood makes the team because he can play FB while Armah can play FB and backup TE . Hood can back up as power HB
  7. catnip

    A few early observations...

    I thought the same thing using Armah as a backup TE . He said he loves to hit people so as a blocking TE he could fill the need . I would keep Hood because of his size . I just don't know if he could play on special teams . It would surely keep him on the team .
  8. Why not try Bersin at TE. He knows the system , he is cheap , has sure hands , and is big enough for the position . Surely he is good enough for the third backup spot .
  9. catnip

    Linebacker in the first?

    Most thought that Kueckly was a bad pick when we still had Beason. Gettleman knows his stuff. He will look ahead a couple years and decide what we need ready to start by then and who will be gone. Maybe Kalil, Johnson, Stewart, TD and someone else may retire or move on. The trick is to be ready. The Pats know this and always are in the hunt. Gettleman knows this and will have us ready.
  10. Bersin will compete in training camp. Likeable guy but he knows he has work to do or will be cut. Gettleman will improve this team each year as he works his magic. He is cheap and others will have to beat him for him to be cut.
  11. FA list. 1 OT check, 1 PR/WR check, 1 DE check ? Gettlemagic !
  12. catnip

    Ted Ginn update

    Gman setting up for the draft ! Everyone will have competition for a spot on the team. No need to reach on a player. Hope for WR Strong in the 1st and OT Fisher in the second.
  13. catnip

    Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Several of the G-man FA picks were washed up until they joined the Panthers. They had a good season and left for more money (Ginn, Mitchel) Oher is reunited with his old line coach which should help him improve his game. He knows this is his last chance to stay in the league so he has to do his best. He has to beat out players still on the team and any draft pick we make. Let the best players compete and make the team. Gman is setting us up for BPA in the draft.
  14. We need at WR in the first (Strong from Arizona State) . Fisher would be my pick in the second if available. I think we double dip on the O-line in a later round. I could see a DL, a CB, and possible RB in rounds 3-7
  15. catnip

    Michael Oher Visits Panthers

    Oher has played both RT and LT. Matsco has a history with him and I trust Gettleman's judgement. We will definitly draft an OT in the 1st or 2nd round. Oher played injured last year and is looking for a chance to regain his worth. He is a hogmollie and we need depth. With him signed it will take some pressure off for reaching in the draft. Things are looking up !