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  1. With limited camp training and fewer preseason games we need wrs that have experience with what Rule and Brady will run . It will give us some time for the others to catch up .
  2. I think the biggest thing going for us is that no team has any film on us to know what we will run . It might get us a few more wins . Either way it will be fun to watch . We have a bunch of replacements that have something to prove and I think Rhule will coach them up giving them a chance to prove themselves . We might surprise a few teams .
  3. I think I would prefer Simmons over Okuduh . Simmons is more versatile and could play CB if needed .
  4. Why doesn't Ron go after Cam . He is a free agent and could be had cheap .
  5. Trade back but stay in the top 10-12 . Get some extra picks that might be used to trade back up for a player of need or stay pat with the extra picks . We have multiple needs so with the extra picks we could double dip say on DL or CB .
  6. It s hard to miss on a top 10 pick which Hurney gets too much credit . A good Gm will hit good talent on the rest of the draft where Hurney has less credit . this is a make or break year for him . I hope Rhule will step in and select his players that suits what he wants to run . It will surely be an interesting year for the Panthers .
  7. Cam just needs to get his head right . This is not a racist thing . He has an agent that needs to help Cam . Getting two women pregnant and last year wearing a scarf over his head did not make him have a better image . It turned many people off then getting hurt was the last thing he needed . Maybe he is healthy and maybe he is not . He told Rivera he was ready to play when he was still hurt . Nobody trust him right now and are willing to pay a high price for him . He needs to take a pay cut and rebuild trust in him and prove that he can still play . Time will tell if anyone will take a chance on him . Either way he is set for life with the money he has made and that is more than most people can say . I wish him well and was always a fan . Time heals all wounds and in my mind he will always be a Carolina Panther .
  8. This season due to the virus we won't have much time to teach a new system to the players . Bringing in those who have played for Rhule before gives us a better chance since they are familiar with his system . Rhule will know their strengths and use that .
  9. Rhule wanted a QB that knew his system . This kid has NFL experience , is young , and knows his coach . Its a good pickup for us . We got a good trade for Allen giving us an extra pick . What more do you want .
  10. My take is with all these younger no name players who are hungry we will see what Rhule can do with them . This will let us know how good a coach he is . If we can have a decent year with this team we know we have a keeper coach. I don't think Rivera could win 3 games with this team . Lets see what culture change Rhule can make . It will start with the draft to see what kind of future we have .
  11. Right now the ball is in the Panthers camp . We can see if a trade is possible and what is offered . Cam is still under contract we can wait a little while on the physical . If Cam is healthy somebody will make an offer . Its the waiting that killing him and us . If Cam is still not healthy , we made a good decision on Teddy and no one will want Cam . He can retire and sit on all that money he has made .
  12. If you are butt hurt you can get over it , but if you piss off the boss you will be fired . It is better to shut up and do your job or just move on without burning the bridge . If there is no team wanting you just take what you can . It is not like they did not make you rich already .
  13. So you cut players from a team with fat contracts that did not win for younger players with smaller contracts that may not win but may get a few that can prove out . To me that is a win win . Lets see our our new coaches prove out before getting too bent out of shape .
  14. A breakup is never pretty . Everyone knew this was coming . When Rivera was fired all of our free agents got butt hurt and are now leaving . This is what happens to a team that wants a pay check and forgets about having to win to keep a job . Tepper and Rhule will field their own team for better or worse . Look for Hurney to be next in line for a new job .
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