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  1. Cam's body is a mess right now and I think his mind is not ready to consider his options on continuing to play or not . He has next year left on his contract so he has time to heal and to decide what to do next.
  2. I could be the QB and call for a 50 yard bomb that falls 40 yards short . Another missed opportunity !
  3. Play Allen until the season is lost , then let Grier get some game time experience. Keep looking for a vet backup .
  4. Just as John Fox was tied to Jake , Rivera is tied to Cam .Tepper will probably see how the season plays out to make some changes . I like Cam and Rivera as I did Jake and Foxy , but the NFL teams have figured them out . We don't need to waste CMC and others just to watch this dumpster fire ,
  5. If we continue to tank this season, we will have a high draft pic in the first round . Look for a Coach with offense experience and maybe a new GM . I think Hurney has done a better job this year its just poor coaching . Ron has had his chance and failed . He has lost his mojo
  6. If Ron and Hurney is let go , lets let Mick Mixon go as well ! They let Robinson go and are bringing inJake so why not get an upgrade at the booth as well .
  7. Its a win win ! We make the playoffs and everyone is happy and Ron keeps his job . If no playoffs , Ron and his crew is fired and we get a new face to our team . I do think its time to get a vet backup QB . Maybe trade one of our QBs and Gano for a vet for insurance . Keep Slye . He is cheaper , younger and has looked pretty good so far .
  8. I have posted this before . If this team does not make the playoffs Rivera should be fired . I also think Hurney has done a fair job of bringing in some talent . Tepper will see what he has and make the changes needed .
  9. You could tell the O-line was in trouble by all of the holding calls . I thought we would be better this year , but looks like nothing is better yet .
  10. Pick one of the two and try to work out a trade deal to a team needing a kicker . We gave away Butker for not even a Bo biscuit
  11. Most thought that Kueckly was a bad pick when we still had Beason. Gettleman knows his stuff. He will look ahead a couple years and decide what we need ready to start by then and who will be gone. Maybe Kalil, Johnson, Stewart, TD and someone else may retire or move on. The trick is to be ready. The Pats know this and always are in the hunt. Gettleman knows this and will have us ready.
  12. Bersin will compete in training camp. Likeable guy but he knows he has work to do or will be cut. Gettleman will improve this team each year as he works his magic. He is cheap and others will have to beat him for him to be cut.
  13. FA list. 1 OT check, 1 PR/WR check, 1 DE check ? Gettlemagic !
  14. Gman setting up for the draft ! Everyone will have competition for a spot on the team. No need to reach on a player. Hope for WR Strong in the 1st and OT Fisher in the second.
  15. Several of the G-man FA picks were washed up until they joined the Panthers. They had a good season and left for more money (Ginn, Mitchel) Oher is reunited with his old line coach which should help him improve his game. He knows this is his last chance to stay in the league so he has to do his best. He has to beat out players still on the team and any draft pick we make. Let the best players compete and make the team. Gman is setting us up for BPA in the draft.
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