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  1. You need a great offense to win . First it gets their defense tired and it keeps their offense off the field . If you have a great defense and a so so offense you will lose . You have to score points to win . Put your effort in building up the O-line first , then the defense .
  2. One of the problems last year was depth at the lines . We had a serious drop off when a player went down . Bring in talent and let them compete knowing there is talent behind them . Don't shuffle them around , let them know one position and get used to the players beside them .
  3. The only thing I see as a problem is at TE . Olsen probably is gone and that leaves us with Ian Thomas . We need to draft one or sign a good free agent .
  4. Cam will want an extension or ask for a trade . It will probably be 30m for 3 years . Does Tepper want to pay that much on an over 30yr QB or start fresh with a new younger cheaper QB . Much depends on Cam's health and how Rhule sees the future .
  5. The RumGone makes perfect sense except for 1 reason . If some team makes an insane offer for Cam , you have to take a hard look on keeping him . I'm in the keeping Cam camp . He is the face of the team and fans will fill the stands just to see how he does . He is also does a lot for the Charlotte area .
  6. If Cam is healthy , we keep him because he would be worth far more than anyone will offer . Build up our Oline and Dline . We still have Allen and Grier to evaluate next year with a better line . I f no QB works out we draft a QB next year to go with our stronger line. Give Rhule a chance to see what we have .
  7. Cam is a fan favorite and will put fans in the seats . If Cam is traded Tepper will look like a bum . Build up the trenches this year and see what a healthy Cam can do . Give Rhule time to look at Allen and Grier . With a better line it will give any QB a better chance to succeed . If this doesn't work then draft a QB next year .
  8. The biggest problem under Rivera was to adjust during the game . Other teams make adjustments at half to stop what we are doing . Given an extra week during a bye we always came out flat and lost more than winning . We need a coach who sees a problem and is able to make the right the right call .
  9. I think Ron is a very good guy . He is well liked by the players and will probably take some of our players and maybe a coach or two with him to the Skins . HIs biggest problem is that he likes his veterans too much . He does not develop the younger players who are better than the vets that get playing time . Its only when he is forced to play them that he shows up as Riverboat. I wish him well and thank him for his time here , but Tepper needs to put his stamp on this team . Only time will tell if its good or bad .
  10. draft a QB , keep Allen and Grier , then bring in a vet to compete for a job . If Cam is good just don't draft a QB . Allen , Grier or the vet will be the backup QB .
  11. Best options - Keep Cam if healthy and draft for O-line, D-line, Safety, DB . If our o-line is not rebuilt , it won't matter who the QB is . If we don't have a pass rush and run stopper it won't matter how good our offense is . Be smart and draft for need not best player . It has not worked for us in the past .
  12. I watched his press conference and noticed he gave credit for those three seasons to him . It was Cam , the team. and two coaches who left for head coaching jobs that should be given credit also for those years . McDermit has turned his team around with Beane as Gm . We should have fired Ron then and kept those two .
  13. Rivera had his missed opportunity . Everybody working for a job next year . Tepper can now put his stamp on his team . Rivera will no doubt land a job if he wants to or retire rich .
  14. Time to show the brass balls and make a change .
  15. Dust of the fire Fox I mean Rivera banner . That second half was a disaster .
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