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  1. Chinn is better than Simmons who was a 1st round pick . The staff did a good job with this pick .
  2. Double Trouble again = so good so good
  3. Rhule can see talent and is giving players a chance to play . When CMC returns along with Davis we can make some noise !
  4. with Short out Brown gets double teamed on most plays . This hurts our rush defense .
  5. Fire Hurnia , draft a QB , do not resign Short , and ask Keakly to come back or let him decide who gets to replace him .
  6. How many times did we put up 30 points in a game last year ?
  7. Teddy had good pocket awareness and we gave up no sacks . Thats a win win for game 1 . We got the first look at our team and a new coach who took the blame for a loss . We knew it would be a tough season so lets see how we improve .
  8. i thought Douglas did a good job replacing Jackson at CB . We will improve as the season goes on
  9. I pull for the Panthers not Cam Newton . If you pull for Cam just move on to the Patriots and get the hell off this forum . Cam is butthurt and is letting his ego get in the way . I don't hate ,Cam I just want to move on . This is a new team with a new owner and coaches . We have a lot of new young players just trying to make a name . Teddy did nothing to Cam and there is no reason to call him out . I hope the best for Cam but he is acting like an baby . Just move on and prove what you can do on the field . He is on one on the most successful teams in the league . He has the best chance for a ring . If he had stayed he would be on a rebuild team and have no chance for the playoffs so he should be thankfull .
  10. If you look at Brady and Brees , most of their passes are less than 20 yds . They dink and dunk allowing their receivers to make plays . they only try a deep pass when opportunity presents itself . You don't argue with success .
  11. Most thought that Kueckly was a bad pick when we still had Beason. Gettleman knows his stuff. He will look ahead a couple years and decide what we need ready to start by then and who will be gone. Maybe Kalil, Johnson, Stewart, TD and someone else may retire or move on. The trick is to be ready. The Pats know this and always are in the hunt. Gettleman knows this and will have us ready.
  12. Bersin will compete in training camp. Likeable guy but he knows he has work to do or will be cut. Gettleman will improve this team each year as he works his magic. He is cheap and others will have to beat him for him to be cut.
  13. FA list. 1 OT check, 1 PR/WR check, 1 DE check ? Gettlemagic !
  14. Gman setting up for the draft ! Everyone will have competition for a spot on the team. No need to reach on a player. Hope for WR Strong in the 1st and OT Fisher in the second.
  15. Several of the G-man FA picks were washed up until they joined the Panthers. They had a good season and left for more money (Ginn, Mitchel) Oher is reunited with his old line coach which should help him improve his game. He knows this is his last chance to stay in the league so he has to do his best. He has to beat out players still on the team and any draft pick we make. Let the best players compete and make the team. Gman is setting us up for BPA in the draft.
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