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  1. I think we're really only missing a LT and DE. Well, assuming Greg, TD, and R.Kalil dont retire.
  2. Good thing is I feel like this game is a breaking point for playoff implications. If we win we have a chance to piece ourselves back together and at least go to the playoffs as a WC If we lose, all hell breaks lose. 5 losses puts us in the danger zone with a bunch of other mediocre teams all vying for the last WC spot and leaves pretty much 0 room for error in any of our divisional matchups, none of which are even remotely penciled in wins. If we get blown out at home to the 3rd loss in a row Rivera should be firmly on the hot seat. If we go on a terrible late season skid and end up 6 - 10 or 7- 9 I see a lot of heads rolling in the offseason and a big shakeup.
  3. If you've actually been watching the Seahwaks lately they're doing pretty damn good. Number one rushing offense, Wilson is a master at buying time even against good Dlines, terrible matchup. They have shifty veteran WRs who know how to get open. The Rams just barely beat them in both matchups and the Rams are much much much better than the Panthers are.
  4. I'm revising it to 7 - 9 after that loss to Detroit. I think we lose every game except one. Very possible to lose out and go 6-10 and get a decent draft pick.
  5. Why would you go for it? we automatically lose if we dont convert.
  7. 5 minutes and 3 time outs. Im more worried about what happens if the Lions get the ball back
  8. i bet the refs will still give him the TD
  9. Ground jarred the ball loose at the end of that catch.Not a catch IMO
  10. Bradberry never gets his head turned around. Its fuging frustrating man.
  11. This team has to be the worst in the league in giving up 3rd and forevers. Its almost automatic
  12. If we lose this game by less than a touchdown is Ganos fault
  13. WHAT A fuging CATCH BY SAMUEL!!!!!!!!!