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  1. I would rather us be a mediocre team that always has their first 2 round draft picks and tries to rebuild through the draft and use FA smartly rather than gamble away picks for multiple years for one player who could at any moment get injured or decline or various other things. That type of move can set a franchise back for half a decade if not more.
  2. No player is worth 2 first rounders 2 years in a row. I'd hate that if the Panthers did that for anyone. Especially with Hurney's ability to hit gold mines on 1st round picks that would be asinine for us to do.
  3. We could use a big bodied WR with hands tbh. Not an absolute need with Olsen healthy but it's something I'd see the team def going after next offseason whether through free agency or the draft. AJ Green has had plenty of problems staying healthy himself. But if he could stay healthy, oh my god yes. Just no first round picks, the dude is injury prone and will be 32 heading into 2020 season.
  4. all hell will break loose if Cam stinks it up against the 49ers . Even if he is 100% by the next game , the coaching staff would be dumb asses for starting him back on the hardest game on our entire schedule. Put him back in vs the Titans at home if Allen loses to the 49ers. If Allen actually beats the 49ers? Whew boy, thats a full on QB controversy.
  5. I'm not sure i care that much about this Steelers/Chargers matchup I got work at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow
  6. Its going to be hilarious to watch skip bayless' reaction if the Cowboys get blown out by the Jets
  7. 49ers only managed to score 7 points in the first half
  8. As good as the 49ers have looked, Garrapolo just threw a terrible end zone INT to Marcus Peters
  9. aand the browns lost. So much for all that pre season hype.
  10. yea, people forgetting Kareem was recently the season before lasts rushing title holder. Insane natural runner that got into trouble off the field.
  11. Chubb is 11 yards away from overtaking CMC for being the leading rusher in the NFL
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