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  1. We've actually been poo in a playoff sense the last 3 seasons in a row. One trip to the playoffs in three years after a Super Bowl appearance, and we lost in the wild card round. That being said, I'm curious to see how this will affect the Saints. They're probably due for a down year after consecutive years of playoff pushes.
  2. Cheifs need to spend an off-season overhauling their defensive personell and coaching.
  3. Friendly reminder Cam is 2-0 vs the arguably the greatest team/dysnasty of the post 2000 era..
  4. Looks like the Cheifs achilles heel all season long their defense ended up killing them in the end. Sad.
  5. my guess is that the Panthers only drafted him to put pressure on Gano to perform better. They probably didn't know/believe he'd turn out this good, otherwise they wouldve kept him and axed Gano
  6. obligatory reminder we couldve got rid of gano and paid Butker pennies to be a clutch kicker ... fuging Panthers
  7. well damn, another overtime game
  8. Cheifs are doing terrible I wont care that much if they lose though. Would be more interesting if a team besides the Pats won the SB but I wouldn't be mad if they won another one. Just mildly disappointing i guess
  9. Games not over, Rams have to score
  11. We have overtime ladies and gentlemen
  12. Rams with a chance to win the game.. put up or shut up time
  13. yea, that struck me as odd too. That ball was in the air for a good while and at least 2 or 3 rams DBs were in the area and could have at least tried to pick the ball
  14. 3 rams DBs in the area on that play and nobody tried to make a play on that long ball. Piss poor coverage.