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  1. Matt Stafford is a pretty damn prolific passer and the Lions are finally getting a semblance of a run game Not looking forward to how our defense looks against them.
  2. Cowboys won. Hard to believe the Eagles are 4-5 after winning the SB last season NFC East is a crapshoot Redskins 6-3 Cowboys 4-5 Eagles 4-5 Giants 1-7 So 3 teams are all within 2 games of each other. Could get interesting if the Skins drop a couple more.
  3. Cowboys first round pick LB just picked off Wentz on the eagles first drive and had a huge run back.
  4. Im pretty sure we have 0 Sunday Night games this year unless the final vs NO gets flexed Feels like I see the Cowboys on Sunday night every other weekend
  5. Cooper Kupp might have just torn his ACL. Non contact injury and immediately grabbing the back of his knee.
  6. yea, i thought that poo would change once Shula went away. But we're still throwing CMC inside the tackles like 98 percent of the time. Its so dumb because this guy has all the speed in the world and excells in space but we never give him that space to start with in the vast majority of run plays called for him.
  7. Whoever the DJ is at the Rams stadium, he will play California Love any time he can lol
  8. Didnt realize CMC was tied for 7th in rushing yards this season (before today , guessing the stats are updated every morning on ESPN). Gurley is beating the pants off of everyone though with 868. Hes also 15th overall in receptions in the league. Only James White and Saquon Barkley have more receptions as a RB so far. As much as people are gushing about Saquon this season, his and CMCs stats are pretty simular: CMC : 4.7 YPC , 579 rushing yards , 4 rushing TDs / 8.1 yards per reception , 439 receiving yards, 4 receiving TDs Saquon : 4.7 YPC, 519 rushing yards, 5 rushing TDs / 8.6 yards per reception / 497 receiving yards, 2 receiving TDs
  9. Hoenheim

    Panthers beating the Saints 3x

    Please, where the fug are the mods? Its like this is turning into a Saints forum
  10. You guys just cant get the Saints out of your mouth can you? Jury is out till we actually play them.
  11. really hope not, but this is not the browns of the last few years. They are loaded with talent on defense and baker can sling it like no tomorrow. We wont like the results if we arent getting to him pass rush wise, and their pass rush is getting to Cam.
  12. Think about it this way, even if the Saints win out to our first game. If we win out and beat them in both head to heads, then we win the division by way of tiebreaker. Almost impossible, but hey, its mathmatically possible right now.
  13. We better not be understimating the Browns for our game against them
  14. Titans just scored again deep in the 4th . 34 - 10 not coming back from that with 7 minutes left