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  1. Samuel has yet to play a full season and DJ was a rookie with limited playing time last year. We don't have any WRs that have proved themselves to be superstars yet, so its only natural most fans and talking heads that haven't watched every detail of our games would think we don't have much outside of CMC who had a decent rookie year and a good 2nd year. Once Samuel or Moore gets a 1000 + or 10TD + season then people will stop saying that stuff.
  2. Thats why you dont let them stay overnight unless the girls actually your wife/girlfriend
  3. Main thing is oline needs to stay healthy. Last time that happened was 2015 and we went to the Super Bowl that year.
  4. I desperately did not want a Pats vs Saints SB and we almost got one last year
  5. Been wondering how long Brees is going to continue to play. Him and Brady are really pushing the envelope in terms of old QBs. Wouldn't be surprised to see either or both of them drop fast in performance this season or the next.
  6. No football, no basketball. Have to find SOMETHING to do.
  7. im just hoping no one goes down in training camp. Pre season the starters wont play that much anyway.
  8. I was just browsing random pictures of coaches and players currently on the team and found this gem : Walter Payton and Ron Rivera
  9. I'll just say im less optimistic than you guys and have been impatient waiting for the deep passing game to open up again. I kept watching other teams throw bombs every sunday and I kept getting more and more salty that we couldn't do that same thing. I did NOT mean to derail the thread lol. Didn't think my answers would be attacked that badly.
  10. Making a lot of excuses for why theres been no deep passing game in over 2 seasons
  11. Its not good news until Cam throws his first deep TD since the year 2016 Almost makes me think it was Ginn and not Cam
  12. Let me know when he completes a deep pass
  13. We are fuged up if Little is bad and we have even one o line injury .
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