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  1. Hoenheim

    Donald Penn anybody?

    If nothing else we should've learned by now its extremely valuable to have depth at any position b/c injuries. I don't see why not if he's not expensive.
  2. this is pretty much how im looking at it
  3. So we're keeping kalil and torrey for whatever reason. I'm guessing they aren't going to restructure shaq either and just depend on the draft
  4. Hoenheim

    NFL Combine Thread

    the fugkkk??? how does a DE run sub 4.5??
  5. Hoenheim

    Brian Burns

    all I know is that we cant afford to strike out again on DE in the draft.
  6. Hoenheim

    Have we all seen WR D.K Metcalf?

    thats funchess
  7. Hoenheim

    Have we all seen WR D.K Metcalf?

    We could use a tall WR who can actually catch the ball. That would have to be priority number 1, being that we struck out so hard on Funchess and Benjamin. I'm confused about the picture, is he the one on the left? If so he seems a bit bulky to be playing WR efficiently.
  8. Hoenheim

    NFL Combine Thread

    Those wisconsin Olinemen are fugin huge . And that center from penn state is way bigger than i thought too. Im really hoping we get two really solid Oline in this draft within the first 4 rounds, preferable at least one in the first two rounds
  9. Hoenheim

    February Mock Drafts

    Here's my weekly Sunday edition mock for 2/24. Traded down once with the Browns, traded down again with the Jags all the way to the top of round 2. Didn't see any players that really struck my interest in the middle of round 1. Both those trade down and our comp pick has us now with 10 picks in the draft. Traded up a with a couple of our 3rd round picks, to get R3P1 to get Trey Adams OT Focused on rebuilding the Oline early : Round 2 Pick 6 (JAX): McGovern, Connor, C, Penn State (B) Round 2 Pick 8 (BUF): Benzschawel, Beau, OG, Wisconsin (B+) Round 2 Pick 15: Bryant, Austin, DE, Clemson (B+) Round 3 Pick 1 (ARI): Adams, Trey, OT, Washington (A) Round 3 Pick 36 (COMP): Tell III, Marvell, FS, Southern California (A+) Round 4 Pick 7 (JAX): Christmas, Demarcus, DT, Florida State (A+) Round 4 Pick 13: Pratt, Germaine, OLB, North Carolina State (A+) Round 5 Pick 16: Peters, Jamal, CB, Mississippi State (A+) Round 6 Pick 14: Anderson, Rodney, RB, Oklahoma (A+)
  10. Hoenheim

    Luke Kuechly appreciation thread...

    He's been on an insane tear for his career so far, only 28 years young heading into next season too (same age as me so easy to remember). I'd say hes still got time to win one. I could see him playing at least 7 more years if he stays healthy which he has been for at least the past couple of years. Ray Lewis played from age 21 to age 37 , Urlacher played from 22 to 34 . So mid 30s is probably pretty normative unless he just decides to hang em up early for health reasons.
  11. Hoenheim

    NCFan NFL Mock Draft Feb 19th update

    Not sure if I like picking up the 5th best edge rusher with our first round pick. Feel like we could get better value elsewhere and pick up an edge in 2nd or 3rd instead
  12. Eric Reid‏Verified account @E_Reid35 16h16 hours ago More PS I have his number if y’all need it!
  13. I'm not sure Eric Reid is really great at pass coverage. So is Collins good at that? We need a saftey with really good mid fielder ball hawking skills.