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  1. I think my program director said that they are considered an essential business but the trucking school itself is not. So they could still have the school shut down but not their current drivers.
  2. I was working a job in a school through a temp agency and I got canned weeks ago without pay unsurprisingly. Even just 2 days after it happened my employer wasn't answering phone calls, never responded to the messages I left them. Just sent a generic email to everyone saying polish off your resume and apply to other jobs lol. I do live in a household with 2 older family members (one is elderly getting part of her late husbands military reteriment income I'm guessing and whatever retirement, social security stuff she gets as well, the other one is a middle aged teacher who isn't working but still getting paychecks. So I know I can survive if I'm out of work for a while although it'll be annoying them that I dont have income. Right now I'm about to start a trucking school (just got my CDL permit Friday). However there's a pretty high chance there's going to eventually be a statewide (NC) stay at home order if the Corona-virus keeps spreading so rapidly. I'm still starting on Monday and the program's supposed to last 5 weeks. I'd be lucky to get through it all and get my full CDL before everything totally shuts down. I'm expecting to get told to go back home sometime in the following 2 weeks and I'll just be chilling waiting for this mess to subside so I can go back and finish my CDL training. Fortunate I've got a living situation where 2/3 household members are still making money and the house was paid off a long time ago.
  3. 1 player isn't going to fix the mess we're in right now unless its a transcendent quarterback
  4. We might go 0-16 just on the virtue of our defense being even worse than last year lmao
  5. It makes no fuging sense to not just keep Cam then. That's a much better option than overpaying Bridgewater
  6. Thats a lot of fuging money Giants fans better hope he performs above and beyond ! Glad we didn't pay him b/c that wouldve cap strapped us to hell and back That also shoots up CB as a need on our draft board as well, particularly if Hurney/Rhule aren't super high on Donte
  7. This may be the one year where I'm glad we're not making any rediculous free agency moves. Turner for Okung may have been questionable but at least we didn't lose valuable draft capital or lock him down to a ridiculous mega contract. I'm penning it down as a calculated risk compared to the buffoonery thats been going on today
  8. Some comments from a Texans board OB is getting fleeced in FA. The Texans are officially the Cleveland Browns South. What a dumpster fire. Reactions:UnlimitedTexan Uncle Rico Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was 16 minutes ago #6 How is this reality man?? David ******* Johnson for 1st team All Pro Nuk HOpkins??? What the **** is this moron thinking??? Reactions:UnlimitedTexan and Double Barrel Uncle Rico Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was 14 minutes ago #7 This **** mook didnt even get a 1st rounder back, clown ass clown. Reactions:PapaL amazing80 Fire Billy O 14 minutes ago #8 **** this team. I’m out Reactions:PapaL, Seegara, DocBar and 2 others Double Barrel Moderator Staff member Contributor's Club 13 minutes ago #9 Call me a hater, I don't care. This franchise is garbage. Reactions:Seegara, DocBar, austins23 and 1 other person Uncle Rico Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was 13 minutes ago #10 I dare anyone from the Pro OBrien Posse to defend this .. DARE YOU!
  9. This blows my mind and im not even a Texans fan lol
  10. Not sure how this makes sense for the Texans , but the Cardinals got a huge upgrade at WR IIRC The Texans already traded their 2020 and 2021 1st round picks for Tunsil and Stills as well
  11. you cant assume everyone that works in a school is a teacher lmao
  12. welp that means no paychecks for me for at least 2 full weeks I'm a part time hourly worker at a school and im employed by a staffing agency :/
  13. we might not pick in the top 10 for the next 5 years for all you know. That pick 7 has way too much value for us to just totally give it up this year
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