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  1. Best player available, could be pretty much any position honestly. Smartest thing to do would be to trade down a little and go ham on Oline/Dline picks
  2. Cam couldnt stay healthy for 4 years straight. Same with the oline. Last year that starting QB and the Oline managed to stay healthy, was 2015.
  3. I'm fuging done with this season. Might as well talk about the offseason. Currently we have either the 12th, 11th, or 10th pick, the Panthers, Broncos, and Jets are all 5-8. Can someone tell me how tiebreakers work?
  4. I couldve done something else with my Sunday instead of watching this travesty
  5. I hate allen even more for going on that win streak and fuging up our chance at a top 5 pick
  6. good luck convincing a top tier coach to come to this dumpster fire team only thing i can think of is tepper just being so rich he can overpay anyone
  7. at this point its the coaches fault for not at least trying to put him in and see what happens
  8. Ive seen enough of Allen. He needs to be benched for the rest of the year. I've had enough of this buffoonery.
  9. Tepper has to blow it all up . Fire everyone. Cut everyone besides Cam Luke and McCaffrey.
  10. If you're anything other than an extremely hard core panther fan, there isn't one
  11. Scott is doing the same thing Norv was doing. Some reason they aren't running much in a close game and they are forcing Kyle to throw a lot of ill advised passes into tight coverage. Dumb dumb dumb...
  12. I hate having to see bad football every week with the Panthers.. fuging hate it.
  13. It baffles me how so many other teams seem to play good football and we're always watching the Panthers be inept every sunday
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