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  1. For all you PC enthusiasts , Teddy Bridgewater is the bottleneck of our system
  2. Teddy's just good enough to win us 6 or 8 games which will get us a mid round pick instead of a top 10 .
  3. Teddy will never be able to lead this team to a deep playoff run. He's a backup being used as a starter. Cam would've been tearing the nfl a new asshole with robby cmc this oline and Joe brady
  4. Chin is already playing like an all pro holy fug !! This dude is beyond just simply "good"
  5. Really difficult to actually know where we'll be picking at this point. If we beat the bears well be 4-2 and could finish 12-4 for all you know
  6. At this point last season Kyle Allen was on a tear and we were ripping off 5 straight wins. I'd say pump the breaks on Teddy being the future the next decade until you have at least a season (and possibly post season) to look at . Some things I'm looking for this year that'll make me much more of a believer of Teddy and the new coaching staff - Winning record (we've had a losing record going on 2 straight seasons) - Back to back winning seasons (a two year mark at the least but never been done in franchise history) - Playoff win (even just 1. We've not had a playoff win since 2015 season and not been to the playoffs since the 2017 season) My expectations will be tempered until one of the above happens , I'd be jumping for joy if they hit all 3. If we go 5-11 or 6-10 again it's not going to sit well with me. That would make 3 losing seasons in a row and a crappy draft pick to go with it .
  7. I'm just curious to see if we can have back to back winning seasons before I die
  8. We are truly atrocious in points per game allowed that's the most telling stat.
  9. Im seeing a lot of bad ratings on defense.. unsurprisingly
  10. Its been depressing watching competent teams play football these last few years while we continue to writhe in ineptitude
  11. Alot of fans didn't want cam gone that had to be a Tepper or Rule decision
  12. We could've had cam this season T.T Where are all those goons now saying teddy was a upgrade
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