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  1. Hoenheim

    Todd McShay: Greg Little to Carolina at #14

    its not too early until the team actually wins a game and proves us otherwise
  2. Hoenheim

    Looking towards the draft.

    well also, we just need more time to fully evaluate a draft class. We have no idea how many years Kamara , CMC, Samuel , Barnett will play. What injuries they will sustain. If they have any accidents or mishaps that cause them to have very short careers (ex. Kareem Hunt). Even Curtis was injured all throughout his rookie campaign , and CMC was playing spot duty rushing wise behind Jstew. Give it at least 4 years and then do your hindsight analysis.
  3. Hoenheim

    Looking towards the draft.

    And they have been paying the price dearly given our tendency to get big plays scored on us. They dont value Saftey in the draft its no wonder we are getting had through the air on defense. Hurney and Gettleman have nobody but themselves to blame.
  4. Hoenheim

    Looking towards the draft.

    I dont think we have to be that inflexible in what position we take in the draft. DE is a huge need but do you really want to reach for maybe the 4th or 5th best pass rusher in the draft at pick 15 or so? Because you might be able to get some top dude that falls like the 1st or 2nd best CB , 1st or 2nd best OT, or 1st Saftey .
  5. I wont dog a guy who gets cut from the Raiders when they already cut Kalil Mack and Amari Cooper. Practically no one is safe in whatever regime that Gruden is building there.
  6. Hoenheim

    I'm disgusted by the fact..

    I dont't even think it will take that much. I think if we beat the Saints at least once that might save his job. What he really can't afford it to totally lose out. Or get blown out at home vs the Saints.
  7. Hoenheim

    3-0 , going down with the ship.

    Even if we win out we need a lot of help from The Vikings and Redskins to lose some games so we could get the 6th seed. Good thing is we have a tiebreaker over Philly.
  8. Hoenheim

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    If the Vikings win then we're practically eliminated from the playoffs. If the Seahawks win, they pretty much take the 5th seed and leave a lot of other teams fighting over the 6th seed and we're in that mix (if we win out).
  9. Wouldve been a huge game for us to watch had we won vs the Browns. Now though? I guess if you're one of the crazies and still believe we can win our final 3 games and go to the playoffs. You would want the Vikings to lose. And lose more games . Seattles basically got a chokehold on the 5th seed if they win this one (would be 8-5) That basically leaves the Vikings(6-5-1) ,, Redskins (6-7) , Panthers (6-7) , and Eagles (6-7), Packers (5-7-1) all fighting for the last playoff seed (6th seed) in the NFC. With a Vikings loss they would be 6-6-1 and still a half game ahead of us because of the tie instead of another loss, with the 6th seed. We basically could be the 8th seed at the end of tonight (Redskins have tiebreaker). We could be back in the playoffs race at 7-7 with the 6th seed, if the Vikes lose tonight and next Sunday, Redskins lose next Sunday, and we win on Monday night. But of course there would be 0 room for error and wed have to win the final 2 contests to keep that 6th seed.
  10. Hoenheim

    Relevant Remaining Schedules

    thats a little dubious, because even though this is a good draft for pass rushers. We picked a bad year to have a mediocre record. Because right now it appears that almost half of the league is still in better draft position than we are. According to NFL.com here are the teams still ahead of us draft wise : 49ers Raiders Cardinals Jets Jags Bills Falcons Bucs Giants Lions Bengals Packers Browns Also consider the Redskins, Eagles, and Broncos are all 6-7 (along with the Panthers). And several middle of the pack teams like 1 game behind us. So us winning even 1 more game could drop us to near pick 20 , and if we get relatively lucky we might get around pick 11-15 if the right teams win games and we lose out. In general though, this year involves a massive log jam of mediocre teams with middling records.
  11. Hoenheim

    Relevant Remaining Schedules

    Playoff talk is absoutely nonsensical at this point. We're on a 5 game losing streak and we've lost to the worst teams on our schedule. I don't see us beating one of the best teams in the league in either matchup. A win against the Falcons at home is entirely possible, if incredibly meaningless besides lowering our draft position. Even though the Falcons seem to be in one hell of a tailspin if their own this year, they've been owning us pretty consistently since they handed us our only regular season loss in 2015 season. For all intents and purposes, the next 3 games look like Ls and the team has shown nothing over the past five games to give us any reasonable hope of the contrary. If nothing else, it should be an eventful off-season with a lot of major changes to both player personnel and staff as well.
  12. This is the first time Tepper has full control over a team. Nobody knows what he's going to do until he does it.
  13. Davis and Kuechly have been the only consistent performers on defense the entire season and everyone else is inconsistent at best and trash at the worst.
  14. fuging exactly man, no idea why Rivera cant do the same thing. Instead he throws his players under the bus in every press conference I've seen in this losing streak. Tired of his incompetent ass.
  15. The numbers have been updated. He's likely not getting the receiving yards unless he has a couple of huge days through the air within the next 3 games.