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  1. I think a good old mid-season head coach firing is in order . Lights a fire under the players and sends a message to the next coaching staff that shitty play will not be tolerated.
  2. Yeah someone needs to learn to read and then change the title of this thread . Completely misleading .
  3. punkpanther

    Not ideal for our defense

    So far Brady Hoke doesn’t seem to be getting the job done .
  4. JR created what now? Are you serious?
  5. punkpanther

    Bye Week: What if...

    Papa Johns logo at midfield
  6. It sure is . Doesn’t change the fact that it is idiotic.
  7. Seems so obvious...another thing I would like to see change is kneeling down with time on the clock before the half. At least TRY dammit .
  8. Most likely used electric shock to restore proper rhythm. Still have to be sedated for the procedure but it is non invasive and the patient goes home the same day .
  9. punkpanther

    Could Saints be trouble this season

    At some point Brees is going to show his age . Maybe it will be this year...
  10. punkpanther

    Cardinals - Cowboys

    No dak or Zeke. Might get a look at the starting D anyway .
  11. Love . not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about the Panthers. Those tickets will be mine . oh yes .
  12. punkpanther

    What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    they really think that Hardy will have any meaningful insight? The last time he was in a meeting room with the panthers defense was September of last year..this is a guy who didn't know champagne was alcohol.
  13. punkpanther

    What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Their skins vs. panthers discussion has degraded into how most of them live in north or south carolina but "only for work" lol
  14. punkpanther

    What Colts Fans Are Saying

    They may be nice people but they don't seem too bright to be honest .
  15. Maybe they will move Lucas back to wr. He's a big dude like kb.