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  1. Yep. I’m not trying to be “high and mighty” nor do I fault anyone who has lots of kids (my parents have 4) But having tons of children is becoming environmentally irresponsible. Especially when you look at the line of kids needing adoption that will ultimately be kicked out of the system at 18 with no family to speak of. Again. Not bashing Cam or anyone else that has lots of kids. I know it can be the biggest blessing in ones life. But I personally won’t have any children. If I do decide I want kids, I reckon adoption with be the route I take
  2. Not really surprising. On the other hand, lots of people criticize new or alternative treatments for things because they don’t understand it or because it’s bad news for big pharma so I always walk a thin line with both the claims and the critics My grandfather elected to undergo radiation therapy for his colon cancer. His doctors said it would not work and basically forbade him to have this treatment. Said there was no science behind it, this was some new trendy alternative to cancer treatment that absolutely did not work and if he didn’t start traditional treatment immediately then the cancer would spread and he would die. My grandfather probably would rather just die then go through the traditional cancer treatment. So against his doctors he went to a place in Tennessee for two week visits for this radiation therapy. In two months all of his cancer was gone. ALL. His doctor here was in disbelief. His verdict? He said he had never seen anything like it, could not believe my grandpa had such an amazing turnaround and... still did not believe this method worked and would not recommend to any of his other patients. So like I said. Both the claims and the critics should be taken with a grain of salt.
  3. Spent the last 15 minutes trying to find what I was referring to but I can’t remember what the treatment was called and there isn’t much on it to begin with since it’s still not really being used outside of testing. I did another interesting bit of research regarding hyberbaric treatment which is pretty interesting and sounds fairly promising though. https://www.hsrd.research.va.gov/publications/esp/hbot-supplemental.pdf https://www.o2oasis.com/internationally-treated-conditions/post-concussion-encephalopathy/ https://www.gao.gov/assets/680/674334.pdf again, those aren’t actually what I was even referring to but still very promising.
  4. There’s something coming that’s in trials with soldiers right now that is having huge success. It will probably still be awhile before it’s made readily available though unfortunately
  5. Brown went from Madden cover boy to the biggest POS in the league at breakneck speed.
  6. I’m not married to anyone in the draft because ultimately my opinion is irrelevant and whoever the team decides to pick, I will 100% get behind and support. I’m not one of the infamous “Cam fans” nor am I one of the “Cam haters” and I can be at peace with the idea that we are moving on from him. However, if I had it my way, I would be drafting Brown or the best available OT in the first round, let Cam play out this season and decide to keep him or move on based on this seasons performance and health. If Eason is the pick, I’ll be cheering the dude on and watching virtually every interview of him that exists on YouTube. But this is definitely not my ideal draft pick going in. I really hope it doesn’t happen. I’m not pooing on your opinion. Just poking fun at the term moxie based on its overuse by people like Snake over the course of this last season. Can’t wait to see ‘moxie’ as an attribute in the next madden
  7. I think some athletes just hit their potential later on life. And sons just need to be in the right position to succeed. Its a tiresome example but it’s used repeatedly for a reason. Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time but was only a 6th round pick and couldn’t beat out Bledsoe.
  8. A lot of you are missing the joke. That’s actually pretty damn funny on Walts part haha
  9. I’m a huge Tannehill fan actually. I really like the guy and have been a fan of his for forever. But you can’t tell me a healthy Cam isn’t far better and far more dangerous in that offense. When Cam is 100% then he’s capable of being a league MVP and he’s proven that. Tannehill does not possess that kind of upside. If you field a team knowing you need 30+ points to win a game, you want a healthy Cam over a healthy Tannehill every time
  10. Certainly. My intention isn’t to discredit them. But I imagine they won’t have the firepower needed to beat Kansas City and if that is the case, I could see them thinking Cam would make that difference for them next year
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