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  1. I’m pretty opposed to adding playoff spots in any professional sports league generally speaking. Some leagues have more teams make the playoffs than miss. It overall just devalues the regular season. Making the playoffs should be a serious accomplishment in itself. Not a big fan.
  2. Drafting a RB in the 3rd is about the dumbest thing I’ve seen us mocked doing. Not to mention how bad the rest of this draft is
  3. I can already hear the bullshit. ”Cam needs a no nonsense coach and locker room presence to keep his antics in line. If Newton is ever going to learn professionalism and work ethic it’s with the New England Patriots.” Ugh
  4. Passing a physical and being capable of staying healthy a full 16 games season are two different things. If he truly wanted a big multi year contract, then that’s a very legitimate reason to decide to part ways. I’ve said many times before. It isn’t Cams fault, but I think Ron Rivera and company broke him physically.
  5. When was the last time he was MVP caliber? That matters. People on here thought we could land a first for him. He hasn’t been healthy in three years. You aren’t gonna find many teams will to part with picks for a guy that they can’t trust will see the field all 16 games for them
  6. Well I worded that poorly to be fair. I mean packaging our third with later picks. So essentially moving up into the late second.
  7. Yeah it’s pretty terrible. Seems like they are trying to tap into the Lakers fanbase. It just has a Lakers feel about it
  8. Would love to see us this and a few other later picks to move up in the 3rd and secure a fall OT or WR. Pretty deep classes for both positions. I don’t trust Marty to do the right thing with 4th and 5th rounders anyway. Hope we can package a couple to get a guy falling later than he should at one of those positions
  9. No kidding. All things considered, it was a fairly entertaining league. My expectations were very low but it was still a decent surprise. I liked hearing the refs talk things through together and the commentary was definitely on par. I actually hope they recover. Nice to have some kind of football in the offseason. But this is a rough blow for them.
  10. Would rather have Teddy than Ryan honestly. And I am not a big fan of the signing lol To be clear, I really like Teddy. But I would have rather seen if Cam could finish a season this year and not paid Teddy a 3 year contract. That said, he’s a great guy and I’ll definitely be rooting for him to succeed
  11. Imagine actually believing Asheville isn’t the most liberal city in the state LOL
  12. I figured it would be more like first two rounds. Still, I think first two rounds is pretty accurate. Lots of small schools still manage to get big talent and plenty of schools aren’t really considered small but never reach ranked status.
  13. A great comparison. Now I want to make an NFL All Time 1st round team vs an All Time rest of the league team to kill time
  14. Seems like most of your have decided to try your fortune at the poker tables. The felt hasn’t been this soft since the boom!
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