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  1. Very noble. Perhaps you should take over his hedge fund and the football team then. Clearly your accolades show a much bigger drive to win and succeed than does Tepper’s...
  2. Been self employed for about 6 years now, but I don’t have any employees under me. However, I HAVE worked in situations that will allow me to paint my position more clearly for you. Lets say you work at a brick and mortar retail store and a new GM rolls into town. He’s come here because your two store managers, let’s call the Ronny and Mart, have been running an underperforming store lately. He comes and and has two options. Do I fire these guys day one or give them a chance to succeed again after me stepping in? Sure they have underperformed the last two years, but a few years ago they had one of the best sales records in company history. So you give them another chance as a sensible GM to prove they can get this store going back in the right direction. And sure enough! Q1 sales are doing great! But then the state comes through and has to do road work RIGHT IN FRONT of your store for the next 6 months. Construction is happening right on Newton street and there’s no parking readily available. You are losing customers but this is out of Ronny and Marts control. They can’t help that the city decided to start this construction now and all you can do is roll with the punches. End of year sales are down. What started off looking like a great sales year turned out to be a bust because of the Newton street construction that lasted 6 months. So again you have a decision to make. Fire Ronny and Mart or give them one more chance. You are making this decision based on two key pieces of information. Q1 was looking like a great start to a profitable year and end of year sales are down because of something out of everyone’s hands. After carefully considering the options you sit down with Ronny and Mart and say “look, as the new GM I have high expectations for my stores. And this year we didn’t reach our goals. But I understand that judging you based on the Newton St construction isn’t very fair. And you were performing to my expectations before the construction began. This year I expect you to meet your goals. I’m giving you one last chance because I want to see you succeed here. But if we don’t meet our goals, I’m going to have to bring people into this position that I feel confident will be able to reach these goals. I think this fair and we have a clear understanding moving forward” Does this make sense? Does this sound more reasonable than the angry GM who comes in firing everyone based on performance under previous regimes? I mean, come on. You are frustrated. But Tepper legit hasn’t done much wrong so far. Not really anything at all that I can see.
  3. No room for common sense around here! Off with his head! Lol
  4. Lol. And this is exactly my point. You guys are pissed and what looks to be a souring end to the season and have your pitchforks out ready to blame anyone and everyone to get your frustration out. Truth is, you aren’t looking at Tepper through a clear lens. You are on the “hell, I could have told him THAT!” way of thinking and not fairly judging him based on how a level headed GM should operate. Well that’s on you. But blaming him right now is silly. He’s been here not even two seasons yet and certainly has done the sensible things in his tenure so far.
  5. Wtf are you even talking about? No I’m not adding qualifiers to anything. The thread states Tepper should take responsibility for this season. For what exactly? What has he done that’s so bad? Kept a staff that was 6-2 before their star QB was injured last year? That was unreasonable of him? Really? Explain to me how a good GM would have done things differently so far. I’ll wait. I imagine the sign of a bad GM that wants to micromanage everything is the guy that comes in and fires everyone to bring in “his guys” from day one. That’s the guy you should be worried about.
  6. Where is all this evidence that he is forcing them to do things all his way? You are basically indicating he’s coaching this team at this point. Where are you getting this from?
  7. As it relates to our current record? No. And good luck formulating a sensible reason to convince me otherwise.
  8. It’s absolutely irrational to be blaming Tepper for anything at this stage. Maybe after next season but not at all right now
  9. So firing Ron after last season seems fair to you despite the fact he was 6-2 before Cam’s shoulder fell off? You blame Tepper for this?
  10. I really don’t understand why people are blaming Tepper around here. I really don’t get it. Tepper has own this team for like one and a half seasons. I liked the fact he didn’t come in and immediately clean house. Then last season we go 6-2 until Cams arm falls off. Can’t blame Ron or Hurney for that. So they get another shot at another year with a hopefully healthy Cam again. Very fair. Especially considering how we started last season. Now here we are again. Tepper probably cleans house now, but how on earth is this his fault. You people blaming Tepper genuinely sound like an angry mob with pitch forks ready to blame and hang anyone. It would have probably been unfair of Tepper to sack Ron and Hurney after Cams injury last season considering how great we looked when he was healthy. Give the man longer than 1 and a half fugging seasons before you go running him out of town ffs
  11. Why the fug are people slamming Tepper all of the sudden? Dude has owned this team for two years. And while he hasn’t fired the coaching staff or GM yet (it’s coming) he hasn’t hired them either. He inherited this mess. Now after one and a half seasons you can say he has no idea what he’s doing? Lol what are you on about? Edit: Wait, I just read your username. Says it all. Reactionary fan to your core I assume.
  12. I HATE the Saints. Second least favorite team and fan base. I hate the Patriots, the Cowboys, hell I don’t govern hardly mind the Buccaneers. But above everyone, I absolute loath the Falcons. I hope we beat because losing to them twice in a year is seriously hard to handle
  13. After today? Probably everyone not named DJ Moore, CMC or Mario Addison
  14. You’ve said it much more than once. You’ve said it like 2 billion times. Good to see another thread on it though. They really don’t get old at all
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