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  1. In the last 3-4 days I’ve come to realize this is probably going to be a draft that disappoints me. I just hope if it is, I’m way wrong and we land some absolute studs. But man, all the rumors are going against what I want to happen
  2. I’m good moving down. I’m good if we KNEW that Sweat would be there in the 2nd. But man, I don’t like it.
  3. If we trade up for a T and then draft a QB it’ll just completely do my head in
  4. Talib might be the biggest douche in the league. Man I can’t stand that dude.
  5. Well like pretty much everyone else, that would mean the team knows Cam is much worse off than what we all seem to think. That or the team isn’t willing to pay Cam the money he will deserve when his next contract is up. I’ll be angry with the pick either way. But I’ll at least understand if it’s the former. If he can’t throw or can’t hold up more than half a season, our hands are pretty tied. I just refuse to believe it’s the case.
  6. I completely agree. I actually feel pretty good about out OL after what we did in FA. If this group stays healthy then it’s set up to do pretty well I think. DL is another story. We could not bring pressure last season. If we don’t take a DE at 16 then it better be because we are moving back and adding picks. DE or trading back are the only two options I see.
  7. These just annoy me. I don’t see the point. It’s subjective dart throwing. The reality is there are some legit superstars in the mix as well as some busts. This is a pretty pointless metric for finding anything useful.
  8. If you think GMs and ther scouting teams are paying attention to what any dude is writing online and drafting accordingly then it’s you that is delusional. No way teams are taking these dudes input so seriously that they are changing their draft boards. I really don’t think that any teams give a fug what anyone other than their own hired experts have to say.
  9. This is astonishingly clueless. We get it. You don’t like soccer. Your uninformed opinions are making that painfully obvious. No commercials, the game doesn’t stop (constant action. The NFL stops for 40 seconds between plays ffs) and 2 hours as opposed to the long baseball games. Lol everything you have said about it is incorrect. You just don’t like it probably because you think that’s a manly opinion to have or something. Anyway, I would love it. I’m moving to Europe in October and plan on seeing every Liverpool match I can while I’m there. Would be awesome to return to a team in Charlotte. I would be so stoked
  10. For the last two years people have hounded anyone who suggested we should trade Kenna to rebuild. Now he walks away for nothing and we don’t even have an 8 seed to show for it. Now we truly rebuild. Could have started this process two years ago though. I hear the logic of not trading your best player obviously, but it’s plain as day the team wasn’t going anywhere. Now our most valuable asset will walk for free. That’s poor management. Period.
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Mueller to investigate rumors surrounding New Your Jets team officials in alleged collusion with Russia in Twitter voting scandal
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