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  1. Probably a seasonal pumpkin beer. While I’m not a big fan of pumpkin beers it’s much better than the seasonal candy
  2. The reality is that many are still trying to defend their adamant remarks that Teddy was a bad signing and not a very good QB. I wanted us to keep Cam and let him play out his last year. I thought if he stayed healthy we could resign him and not draft a QB and if he couldn’t stay healthy we would be in prime position for Lawrence or Fields. But when we cut him and signed Teddy, I was very supportive of it. I said Teddy for Brady’s offense was much better than Cam. I think that’s pretty obvious now, though at the time I was called a Cam hater and it was even implied I was a racist despite the fact I supported Teddy and wanted to keep Cam... odd isn’t it? Even last week posters were mouthing back at me that Teddy could absolutely not be a franchise QB and I even said that I was unsure he was the future. But in this system we don’t need a Mahomes to win a SB. Teddy is putting up incredible numbers with a brand new staff. Imagine our offense right now with a defense that resembles the 49ers last year. That team probably wins the SB. So this whole argument that Teddy can’t do it in today’s NFL is frankly nonsense. Jimmy G was about 10 minutes from beating the Chiefs. I’ll take Teddy and this offense over that one any day of the week. All the “he doesn’t have the tools to win in today’s game” are just lazy excuses to save face that some absolutely could not stand Teddy. He is 100% proving he can get it done. Not only that but this team is honestly not far off from being 4-1 or even 5-0. This defense was a joke last year but is improving every week. Lots of crow to be had for lots of people...
  3. Just told my buddy that this seems to be the best WR core we have had since the Smitty and Moose days. I would like to see us bring in a big red zone threat in the offseason but our 1-3 WRs are all huge threats after the catch. If Teddy continues to get more comfortable scrambling away from pressure and giving the WRs time, watch out.
  4. Moore and Anderson are going to feast on this secondary next week.
  5. “Losing superbowls is better than losing potential superbowls” What a joke your logic is
  6. Which annoyed the hell out of me then as well. Check my history. Always supported Cam and said multiple times we should have kept him. Get lost with your made up agenda champ
  7. You are an absolute muppet. I’m not even disagreeing with you ffs. I just am tired of the constant bashing. Miserable aren’t you?
  8. What every the irrational urge is that keeps causing people to post how terrible he is mid game in the midst of us winning. No, I was totally unaware he didn’t have a strong arm. This is the first I’m hearing of it. Thanks for setting me straight everybody.
  9. Who in tf is saying he’s the answer to our future? Of course the criticisms are valid. Does that require 5 threads every fugging Sunday to make you feel good about how right you are about him? We are all hoping to draft a Qb ffs. Until then do we need to rehash how bad Teddy is every fugging week?
  10. How am I being dumb about it? Lol I’m pointing out the irrational hate. I was never a “Teddy fan” however I pretty tired of people slamming him on this board 24/7 with no apparent reason other than he can’t throw deep. I’m on the Lawrence or Fields train to be frank
  11. I’ve never claimed he’s the answer. Accepting it and hating him 24/7 are two entirely different things. And those doing it are honestly verging on pathetic. Sorry if it hurts your feelings
  12. Teddy wasn’t the one who made the decision to cut Cam... I would have thought that was obvious but it seems like some of you don’t understand this. The irrational hate some of you have for this guy can only mean that you believe Teddy cut Cam and stole his job. I can’t think of another reason why anyone would loathe this classy guy as much as some of you do.
  13. I’m a cat person but I agree with the sentiment of naming your pet properly. My cats name is Vladimir lol
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