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  1. I’m wrong? Should I list 100 examples from every other team in the league? Cause I can literally do that...
  2. Agreed but that’s quickly changing with the Ravens. Lamar Jackson is gonna break every QB rushing record in the books. He’s so fun to watch.
  3. It’s the NFL. Playing hurt is common practice. No, it’s not ideal but if your star player can go, he goes. How is that surprising to some of you?
  4. I love Cam. Like seriously I absolutely love the dude. But if we are seriously taking a QB, I want a guy that projects to play longer in his career. Of course you can never predict health, but we all knew Cam would get banged up with his play style and wouldn’t have a ton of longevity. His play style, doing flips into the end zone, has been fugging awesome to watch. But the biggest lesson I’m taking away from this is that next time, I want a QB that can play til he’s 38. Because once once your QB is finished (not saying Cam is btw) you are closing your window and accepting it may not be open again for a LONG time. It’s hard to find a QB. We found a stud in Cam. But I hope the next stud we find can avoid the big hits Cam has taken and stay around longer. Again, this is all assuming Cam is done, which I’m not so sure he is.
  5. I’m not a Tua guy but... I mean Steve Young was a lefty lol. What’s that got to do with your ability to throw?
  6. Great post. Sadly you have an incoming onslaught of haters making their way here to overreact. No room here for reason or logic.
  7. We are gonna be 6-2 by mid season. Calm down. We lost a game (that we should have probably won) to the defending NFC champs in Cams first game since surgery with only two quarters of preseason under his belt. Chill out
  8. That’s who he signed for lol https://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=1-27561789
  9. Jim Bob is pulling his D-Will jersey back out of the closet now xD
  10. What is weird is how hard you are defending the guy whilst ignoring what some of his former teammates have said about him. Ryan Clark... Troy Polamalu... JuJu... You seem to be under the illusion that Brown was a victim in Pitt and a victor for finally becoming a FA. And according to Ryan Clark, he aggressively went at it with Dick Labou and just about everyone else back in his Steeler days after signing his extension which would mean he does have a history with that bs But yeah, good for him.
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