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  1. If Cam comes back healthy the Patriots will be very good yet again. Unfortunately for Cam, like most of his career here, he lacks weapons in NE pretty badly. And I think Patriots window of dominance has quite possibly been shut due to the emergence of the Chiefs and Ravens.
  2. But last season we brought in Gerald McCoy! I’m with you. Much more excited for this season. Especially with the lack of sports for the last few months
  3. Literally didn’t do that once In probably 50+ posts until you made a personal attack. You are genuinely stupid and using an innocent mans death as a platform to further insult me. YOU are actually disgusting. fuging embarrassing
  4. I do get it jackass. So why did you make it about me when you ignored the rest of what I said to go on a personal attack. You are pitiful hiding behind good intentions and ideology. I’ve stated the entire time I support the protest and hope they make a huge example out of the officer who murdered George Floyd. Just because we disagree about rioting in the streets doesn’t make me a dickbag you incompetent fug. But rather than discussing our disagreements, you prefer to throw personal attacks, losing sight of the point and making it about me. I never did. My intent was not for pity, but to highlight your ignorance regarding the individual you are communicating with. People are allowed to disagree. It doesn’t make them racist. You project your bullshit onto me though and condemn me ignorantly. You are acting selfish by refusing to acknowledge any opinions vetting from your own. And that is why someone like Trump was elected. Because the far left screams ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ anytime someone disagrees with them. Even though I’ve supported the protesters this entire time. I just don’t support the violence.
  5. Feel better? I drive Uber and Lyft full time. Haven’t spoken to my father in about 10 years and my mom was part of a major CNN news story exposing her sexual abuse she endured for 6 years. She was 17 when I was born btw. She raised me herself for the first few years. Now tell me, who is it I supposed to have been pushing for the last few decades? Don’t assume. I’ve had it better than most, but I’m on no fuging mountain. If you don’t want to quote the rest of my point, just don’t bother at all Edit: this is in no way for sympathy. This is calling out the bullshit notion that I’m systematically oppressing anybody because of whatever life you jokers assume I have.
  6. No. It won’t. Unfortunately that certainly will not fix this problem. See me on my death bed if that’s the direction you are hoping to go.
  7. With my balling income as a full time Uber and Lyft driver. I am the 1% eh?
  8. I’m realizing that nobody here actually is interested in solving fuging anything. They won’t discourse with anyone that challenges them. They just insult them instead. There is this V for Vendetta resistance ideology in your heads with the assumption that burning down the world will allow you to rebuild it in your mold later. That’s naive. If you really thought I was racist, then you would want to educate that person, not kick him out of the forum to continue being racist. Racism is an issue of ignorance. Racist people are pieces of poo but they exist. So unless your solution to mass murder to weed them out (a very dangerous assumption) then the only way to solve the problem is to educate. Thats what many protesters are doing and I genuinely think people are noticing. That’s fuging awesome. But they aren’t noticing because of violence. Burning the world down isn’t going to fix it. Donald fuging Trump is the president. We have to educate people. Robbing and pillaging is not going to do that. Martin Luther King. Malala Yousafzai. They are examples of the revolutionary blueprint. These are not methods of the same ilk.
  9. No. The marginalized are. So how is burning the city down gonna solve that? How is vandalism supposed to be solving systematic racism? The fug are you on about?
  10. How is shooting up business and robbing Apple supposed to help stop systematic racism within law enforcement you don witted fug? Lol how is that helping the situation? Are cops like “oh poo, he got an iMac? I guess I’m not gonna shoot him after all” Rioting isn’t addressing the heart of the issue champ. It’s still gonna be. They are unrelated.
  11. Again, I agree. I’ve said 3-4 times to put the cop to death. Make an example of him. How exactly is burning down a building going to make a racist cop less likely to kill an innocent man in the future? It’s not. That’s stupid. We have to demand they are personally held accountable. Robbing Target is not fuging solving the problem dude. Burning a mans business down is not solving racism. Wtf? How do you even connect those dots?
  12. One of the business was a bar owned by a black man who just left the fire department and he’s now lost his business... and that is the exact example I am talking about. Why that baffles people is beyond me.
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