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  1. I’m absolutely anti Trump for a number of reasons. But this is the last straw for me here. During last election, I damn near left this forum after being labeled a racist for my libertarian stances. I nearly left then but I’ve been following this place for forever. Then Jeremy promised to keep all the race baiting, political poo posting, unrelated Panthers stuff out of the main forum. Well guess what? This place fugging sucks now. It’s already driven away some awesome posters from the past (everyone misses SCP most notably) and this entire forum has become a group of cliques. Even some of the most prominent posters on here just post political poo for their peers to pie on and Panthers are typically secondary to the topics, of present at all. We have far right rebel flag morons raging war against far left anti flaggers who are more up their own ass than a Tesla owning native to San Francisco. Well you’ve lost one. Seriously. I’m out. There’s some awesome posters on here but they’ve all been outnumbered by 40 year old children throwing poo at each other and Igo seems to have some weird sort of ego keeping him from banning any of it if he tends to agree. Good luck this season kids. God help you all you miserable lot of unbearable pricks. To the good ones still on here. PM if you know any other decent Panthers related forums. I really can’t do this one anymore. It’s embarrassing here.
  2. This can’t be right. The huddle experts told me all year that Rivera is an incompetent moron more worried about keeping his job than Cams health... This is why I sometimes hate some of you guys lol
  3. Would like to point out that I’ve remained a Rivera supporter long before this show released. I’ve said all along that the Anti Ron Rivera group just doesn’t realize how good we have it. Players want to play for him. A defensive mastermind. Full of class and passion. We could do much much worse than RR
  4. I do. Nothing he said was ever racist to begin with, that’s my problem. I don’t have a personal problem with you at all. I do have a problem with you putting words in someone’s mouth that they never said and then calling them a racist. It isn’t acceptable to behave that way. He told you why he felt Luke was a more cerebral player and countless others have come in to defend what he said as well. Still haven’t seen anyone agreeing with you that he was using racist code speak.
  5. Quite a turn from accusing a poster of essentially calling Wagner a “dumb black guy” lol your argument is the one that is both flawed and incorrect. Get over yourself and all this nonsense you are going on about. Cheers
  6. Oh I 100% agree with you. It shows that clearly Luke is well above average for the rest and Wagner is honestly embarrassingly low. He made it all about race and he’s been made to look like an absolute fool. No surprise he has since gone completely silent and disappeared from this thread entirely. Gotta love how he can confidently come in here and accuse someone of being a racist and then when he gets proven completely wrong and uninformed on the discussion he just backs out quietly without manning up and admitting he made a mistake. Classy
  7. To be fair, a score of 8 is technically considered below literate. 20 is the league wide average so below 8 is well below. Thats not me taking a shot at his intelligence either, but in fairness, 8 is actually a really poor score But I tend to agree with you. It’s an overrated gauge. Frank Gore only scored an 8 and he has been the definition of a class workhorse throughout his career
  8. Yeah that’s a very good score. I believe Fitzpatrick scored like a 49 and Ben Watson scored like a 48 or something like that
  9. That’s the other problem here. AceBoogie seems to be confusing football IQ with actual intelligence here. Those are two completely different things but he’s mixing them up throughout this entire conversation. Plenty of players in this league with great football IQ that are fugging idiots off the field.
  10. He literally told you why he holds that opinion yet you have completely ignored it to fit your narrative that society is full of subconsciously racist white men. He has already stated that any time you watch a nfl top 100 special you will find numerous players from opposing teams, both white and black players, will praise Luke for his ability to diagnose and call out their plays pre snap. Is Luke the only MLB that is capable of doing this? No. Is Luke only able to do this because he is white? No. Is Luke known for doing this throughout the league? Yes. You are the one turning this into a somehow racist comment. You are the one with the problem here. And because the above doesn’t fit your narrative, you are willfully ignoring counter arguments. This sh*t you are so upset about? It’s on you dude.
  11. I completely agree with you. I think he just brought his rod with him and came here fishing for attention.
  12. That’s just your typical subconscious slave owner mentality talking apparently lol
  13. Wtf are you talking about? You must have the worst reading comprehension of anyone I’ve ever met Oh and for the fugging record, I have held the opinion that Calvin Johnson is probably the smartest player to grace the league in a few decades, maybe ever along with Ryan Fitzpatrick. But yes, I think Luke has a better football IQ than just about any other player on the defensive side of the ball. I guess that makes me a self loathing racist for my fanship and admiration of Calvin Johnsons incredible play and even more incredible mind? I dunno, you tell me expert. Edit: Add Ben Watson to the most intelligent players as well... another black man.
  14. AceBoogie translation: “Bobby Wagner is a dumb black man” you see how fugging stupid that sounds when I spell it out for you? Ffs man
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