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  1. If he hits it off I could see McCoy being named a Captain. But for now... I’m guessing Bradberry on defense. Offense my thinking would be Trai Turner.
  2. I think there is a Twitter beef between browns and ravens fans because some jack wagon tweeted out that McCoy would sign with Baltimore just with the intent of trolling.
  3. Side note...DJ Moore about to blow up this season. I fully believe that the media forgets he exists.
  4. This statement would have been true in 2002...today not so much.
  5. I’m wondering if the saints were the other nfc team Irvin was talking to.
  6. I mean they think Teddy is the future...dark times are returning for them.
  7. So you want him back but then say "meh" hes damaged goods? Elway is one of the most overrated people in the league. He's like Polian who made a career after taking Manning over Leaf. Yeah he has a super bowl congrats but they haven't done anything in the last 4 years worth noting. Drew Brees was also never going to throw again...how did that work out.
  8. It also helps when your spouse makes more than you...but he's "always about the team"
  9. Matt...California has nice weather this time of year..go enjoy with all that money you made.
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