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  1. These remind me on the Cam vs Kap convos back in the day.. wonder what the common denominator is....it rhymes with schmeg Smoman
  2. Winston is the most hot/cold qb ever. He will have a great game followed by a 4int type game. He is accurate but just makes some of the dumbest throws.
  3. Hurney touched it so SHAQ BAD People will be sticker shocked when they see the contracts thrown around come March lol
  4. Sidenote...I can’t wait to see how much better the acc coastal gets over the next 2 to 3 years.
  5. I have heard from Green Bay fans that “he’s awful” and “it was mistake to fire him”. Super polarizing but I feel like a lot has to do with being in either “Rodgers is never wrong camp” or “Rodgers is an asshat camp”
  6. Eason has a strong arm and was in a Washington Offense that translates a whole lot better to the nfl. I think I might be crazy but I think Eason actually took snaps under center sometimes...crazy right?
  7. Don’t people from Western PA put ketchup in everything?
  8. Dude had an infected foot and tried to hide it. Sometimes thems the breaks
  9. From what I have read, Herbert will fall due to interviews. I have heard he is very soft spoken and not much of a leader at Oregon.
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