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  1. I would love it. I live in East Charlotte and grew up going to Eastland Mall. The area needs a spark like this and with the gold line ending there is might be more reality than people think.
  2. The nfl was not going to let Peyton be 1-3 in Super Bowls...we had a lot against us.
  3. I dislocated my kneecap playing football. Rehab is key. You lose all quad function and it’s easy to dislocate again if you don’t strengthen your quad enough.
  4. Soooooo who can we snag from Denver from the upcoming fire sale. Sanders for a 3rd.
  5. If that team weren’t in the NFC east it would be on the back burner.
  6. Reggie is a hard worker and that’s why he’s on the roster. Dude fought for a spot and I hope Norv sees that he’s still willing to work even after making the 53.
  7. The symptoms from the first one have to be coming back if he went to the protocol now.
  8. I'm excited to feel ACTUAL FALL WEATHER.
  9. I wouldn’t be concerned about watching the warm ups.. now eavesdropping on conversations...that is different. I have heard a lot of game chatter pregame on the sidelines.
  10. When I was at App. There was one year the long snapper was the strongest dude on the team because they do their drills with the kickers and just lift and become muscle hamsters lol.
  11. I’m super thrilled that our D looks fast. Something we haven’t had for years is speed.
  12. I laughed way too hard at this than I should have.
  13. This is true. Bengals are low key on the tank for Tua train and they almost won in Seattle.
  14. I was told that Kyle Allen only plays against teams that rest starters. When did JJ Watt become 2nd string?
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