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  1. When was the last time a division team traded picks with a division team. There’s probably more behind it then you think.
  2. I’m saying it’s worse this year just being back to back division opponents.
  3. The only truly awful thing is the New Orleans and Atl Thursday night game turnaround.
  4. From him trying to hide his foot problem to this Breeland seems like an odd dude.
  5. I had a professor at App that taught Favre in a class at Southern Miss. He said he never went to class but magically ended up with a B in the schools system. He wasn’t too fond.
  6. I have seen Brock Purdy from Iowa State and Tanner Morgan from Minnesota tossed around as possible first rounders next year as well.
  7. Saints GM in 2044 "Who the fug is T. Hill and why do we have dead money on the books for him"
  8. Shaq and KK next year but I can see someone like Chinn being the vocal one in 2 years. Low key leader...Efe
  9. Even joking around with things like this is how threads die in The Tinderbox.
  10. If QB is the end all be all for 2021 next year reminds me of 2004 with the number of names. You DONT have to have #1 or #2 to get a good qb. Lawrence, Fields, Trey Lance, Jamie Newman, Brock Purdy, Tanner Morgan..also there will probably be a Joe Burrow prospect that comes out of nowhere. relaxxxxxx...when it was reported that we are interested in 2021 QB class more than 2020 it was probably accurate. This is for the long haul...not the short term like the Bucs (Rams 2.0) are trying to do.
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