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  1. I mean...there was a Panthers civil war on Twitter and on here this past offseason with the whole Cam situation...wonder if that had something to do with it.
  2. Yeah BB thinks he and McDaniels can out scheme it but it ain’t gonna fly.
  3. We will pick up a linebacker in the draft next year round 2-4. The secondary shows promise. Heck there might be a Cap casualty next year that tou wouldn’t think if the cap is as low as people think it will be.
  4. Ain’t no body taking that contract full on. Falcons would have to offer to pay something. dumb birds
  5. He probably broke a rib, the way he tried to walk but then had to stop makes me think so. It fugging sucks to breath with a broken rib and he probably couldn’t do it.
  6. Beer Can Chicken, Yukon Potato home fries, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños, Charcuterie Board, and beeeeeerrrrrrr. (We are having friends over for the game)
  7. Lol Twitter joke right now is that the new Chargers coach will have a good qb to work with...and they are right.
  8. I felt like I was watching Ron Rivera game management again.
  9. Saints best play is literally dump off to Kamara.
  10. In a world of "what ifs" I would say Zach Cunningham LB Houston for a 3rd...but his new contract is kinda up there.
  11. I like the hooray...but didn't you do the guarantee falcons win thread... still I love Teddy when we win the 2023 Super Bowl doh....
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