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  1. Can we talk about how NC state will now have 3 starting QBs in the NFL?! (yes Russell counts)
  2. If those mother fugers tank again for Lawrence in 2022.
  3. Sooooo can we sign him up as a back up QB next season?
  4. Pete Carroll runs the team like a college team and that's why Russell (who seems to be that nerdy rah rah team rah) kind of guy does well in that system. The Legion of Boom (Like 98% of NFL players) hate the college atmosphere attitude and that is why the Legion of Boom has ceased to be. Russell is a good player but he does have things going for him. One thing which we have lacked which the Seahawks have are WR's that will go and fight for footballs. Wilson doesn't have to be perfect because people like Baldwin would play like they are 6'7 and go up and catch the ball. While he had Funchess who played like 5'5 3/4.
  5. Truth. People need to google The Star or the Vikings new place to get an idea of what is coming.
  6. Can't wait to see what kind of events rent it out in the offseason
  7. I was worried to try the wallet because I figured that would cause more issues than scanning the barcode. Might have to try it next game.
  8. The devices they used caused issues and were not syncing with Ticketmaster properly, other issue was that if a patron had issue scanning in, guest relations was to pull them to the side to figure it out but the people scanning tickets did not get that memo and were keeping people in Line and not letting it flow. kinks to workout, Jacksonville did the same thing this season and were also having issues with the android scanners that the nfl provided to scan the tickets. I was able to scan in right away but I also loaded my ticket far from the stadium where people tend to have service issues which I witnessed going through security. People trying to do screen shots when they know they will not be accepted. The main “fan error” I heard was just people not use to smart phones and not flipping through the tickets quickly. Some people had 5 tickets on 1 phone but quickly flipped through so they can be scanned. Just some people know how to work their phones better than others.
  9. You mean Kyle Allen and Grier struggled against a pretty good defense. It’s like we need to draft a franchise qb or something... oh wait
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