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  1. I meant, with the what TB5 is structured, does it make sense to draft one at 7 this year, or is QB now off the table?
  2. Can we still draft a QB at 7 even with the Bridgewater deal?
  3. Saw this on twitter from a NO beat writer, anyone have any info https://twitter.com/Kat_Terrell/status/1240383699117658112?s=20
  4. Or not turned the ball over 4 times, including 1 for a TD and the other a gift
  5. I was hoping for more than 24 minutes, looking for more information than whats been written in transcripts. I'm glad some people liked it.
  6. About 4 minutes of new content, and about 6 minutes behind the scenes, rolled into 24 minutes of garbage. Good job Panthers.com.
  7. As a long time duck fan, and season ticket holder, Herbert had ups and downs. He missed some easy throws, but is also super athletic. He hardly ran this year, except for the PAC-12 Champ. Game against Utah, and in the Rose Bowl, against Wisconsin.. he’s everything you want in a QB, and has the highest ceiling of any QB in the draft. If he’s the pick at 7, I’m all for it, If the Panthers like Newton, Allen, and Grier, and wanna go a different direction, cool.
  8. What do we know about the strength and conditioning coach?
  9. I would say his body of work at the pro level was inconclusive. 2 seasons? We could be far worse that them these next two, but if we win a super bowl in 3,4, will Ruhle be considered a success? Even if his win loss record is below .500?
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