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  1. We will see what the line is made of next week against the 9ers after the bye. A week to self scout, a week to prepare. we should be 6-0
  2. Don’t know if he would have gotten two feet down. D needs another big stop here. We need to find a way to get points.
  3. Anyone see Norvs comments on this? Summed it up perfectly!
  4. We have not allowed anyone to rush for over 100 yards as an individual on us this year. We have faced two of the most mobile QB's in the NFL right now, plus a top 5 back when healthy in Gurley. I think the stats are currently misleading.
  5. When you rush 10+ times and only run for 35 yards, you're not underrated. Just saying.
  6. Put moton on the left, put daley on the right, Daryl at RG while Turner is out, GVR at left guard..
  7. Gardner Minshew gives us a free mustache ride to 2-3. We lose the game. Kyle Allen has another set of fumbles. We are down at halftime. Pretty much everything scares me.
  8. I hope he continues to play well. If the Panthers lose today, I hope it is not because Allen looks like a dumpster fire
  9. I know 2 things. 1. IT was good to see the ball placed where it should be placed (in tight windows and in stride), and 2. It was good to not feel like I need to poo my pants during the game. fug, I'll just take a WIN. A MOTHER fuging WIN!
  10. So pathetic. All because Luke can’t make a play on 3rd down at the start of the drive. Blow this fuging team up. Awful
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