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  1. I want to know contract details. Length especially. If we are good next year, he gone.
  2. 4-3 roster? I’m telling you right now, Jordan kunazck will be our starting MLB next year. With Shaq and Simmons (draft pick)
  3. With Holcomb in the fold, Luke will be back to assist
  4. Jordan Kunashik (spelling is phonetical) is going to be really good.
  5. Dude, I feel like I just got gut punched! I’m dying.
  6. But what do we have to do to keep these guys here for a few years???
  7. They ran the ball and they stopped the run.
  8. Every NFL team wants to run the ball. Come on man. If you ask Reid down in KC what he wants, he will say the same damn thing. What you’re looking for is scheme. Scheme dependent on what our players do well, vs. what we want to exploit against the defense each week.
  9. The unique thing about the NFL vs. college is the talent level is so similar. The last two years we are 4-12 in games decided by 1 score. If we have guys that make those plays, like the year we went to the Super Bowl, 7-1 in games decided by 1 score (mainly because we took our foot off the gas), we have the ability to be very good next year. i want to see progress, then I want to see consistent winning. 2020: 7-9 2021-2025: consistent 10+ win seasons
  10. So who is on staff as of now, and in what spots?
  11. Literally Jared Cook on every catch. Boo hoo. Go stab your Goodell vooDoo doll.
  12. I think the only thing I am disappointed in, is that our list is so small. I would have liked to see a more thorough interview pool, but I have to assume that these names we hear are from a pared down list. The strange thing is, teams who just fired their head coaches, have the same list.
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