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  1. Actionman0z

    CAM is hurt????

    2 weeks ago he was running more than he had in several years... they game plan for a reason. Sometimes people here are so clueless. RR didn’t throw Cam under the bus, the ball was high and Wright was wide open. Second worst throw into the endzone I have seen him make. The other one lost us a game too, against the shithawks that bounced at a TEs feet. That play didn’t cost us the game. But a mix of other garbage from the team did, and Newton pointed it out. The garbage defense is killing me... I have to take a break from watching, it’s not any fun. If they were losing games to teams they were worse than, I can tolerate that.. but this is just bad football
  2. Funchess drops, 36 yard completion on 3rd and 10, lack of turnovers, FG misses, poor tackling... awful throw on the 2 pt conversion... garbage game, garbage team.
  3. Actionman0z

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    If the Panthers lose to the Lions we will be in their shoes. If we get down by 7 or more in the gameday thread we will be in their shoes... at least most people.
  4. If they wear all black I'll also be cumming.
  5. I live in Oregon. fug the shithawks and all their non existent fans
  6. I had wished the bears game to go into overtime at the end of last week.
  7. Actionman0z

    Thomas Davis: Panthers got humbled

    Thomas Davis was laying some massive fuging wood last night.
  8. Actionman0z

    Video of how you feel right now

    It was a bad night to have a bad night. Everyone collectively played awful. Look at it this way... Start at 52 points, subtract 14 for the two turnover TDs, then subtract another 14 points for the 2 big plays, you're already down to 24. Its 24-21, take away a few sacks from their D, and our inability to get off the goddamn field on 3rd down, and point wise we are in a game. Picked a bad game to have a bad game. At least it was last night, and not in the superbowl. Cam had 1 more completion than ben did, for almost 150 yards less, well, guess what... 75+54 = the difference. Who cares. If its Brown, flush it down. On to Detroit.
  9. The other 24 came on not being able to get off the field and executing by their offense. It seemed like every play they called was good for them, ala our game against Tampa. Nail in the coffin was not getting points before half, and them scoring to start the 3rd
  10. Rivera is a top 10 coach in the league, and respected by players. People here know 2 things. How to please their sister, and collect unemployment, and your 99 weeks are up. GTFO
  11. I think the raiders scored 54 once. We scored 9
  12. Add me: PS4: Actionman0z Epic Games: Grimlock0z
  13. The panthers are 1 crazy PI call on Jackson to extend a Falcunts TD drive, 2 random fumbles by Moore, away from being 6-0. If the Panthers can score more than 24 points we win.... we need a FEW big plays from our D and Special Teams. After a loss the Ravens are going to be looking to bounce back, but they are beatable.
  14. Actionman0z

    Patrick Peterson has asked for a trade

    Saints just traded for Eli Apple, they are out on PP.