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  1. The reality is, any hire is a crap shoot.. Rhule is no more of a risk than McDaniels or Bieniemy.. or McCarthy for that matter. Acting as this is a "bad" hire is equally as uninformed as it being a "Home Run".. There was a methodology that none us us were fully privy to, and apparently the guy hired checked the boxes- that's the key narrative here. Heaven for bid the dude actually gets to coach some before final judgement is cast.
  2. With all of your time in his locker rooms, playing for his teams, your commentary is worth its weight in gold...
  3. The fact many of the arm chair GM's on this board hate this move, makes me even more convinced its the right move.
  4. I will admit Hill is a possession receiver....... if he's on the receiving end of a doobie..
  5. The operative word in Wide Receiver, is receiver.. Hill has hands so bad the Venus De Milo feels bad for him
  6. I don't if we know enough to say for sure Gettleman's M.O. is to build through being frugal in FA... Its hard to eat at Ruth's Chris when you have 3 dollars in your pocket. This is the first year he's had some real money to play with, I think this is off season are uncharted waters.
  7. If cleared.. He got a multi million dollar screw job by the Baton Rouge PD.
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