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  1. Hmmm... let's see... it was just a few months ago Dave Gettleman said "you don't quit on talent" in reference to keeping and paying Beckham and that's after he quit on Smitty and Norman with us. Both were cuts which resulted in bad seasons for us as those losses handicapped us severely. He failed with Benjamin and Worley and Sanchez and a host of other high profile picks, and more importantly late round pick failures. Dave doesn't have much of an eye for talent, clearly. Looks like Butler is yet another failure in multiple facets. We don't need this loser anyway with Short and Poe. So glad one of Richardson's last acts was firing this arrogant blow hard. Star, Short, Turner, Bradberry, McCaffrey, and hopefully Samuel are really the only picks you can say Dave got right. Not enough, hence the firing. And we would've drafted a few of those guys without Dave's advice.
  2. highly doubt he plays full 1st