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  1. Maybe I’m out of the loop, but why is PEP there ?
  2. At this point that sounds about right. Why would anyone predict more? This team disappoints more often than not and I’m sure no one has confidence Cam will be back at 100%. I’m going with 8 wins until they prove me wrong.
  3. To be expected especially with Cam having the shoulder issues he has had.
  4. People hating on Jerry in this thread. Give me a break, the dude brought the NFL to the Carolinas and you should appreciate that. Whatever he had going on in the end had nothing to do with ya being grateful for his efforts to being a franchise to the Carolinas. Someone else may have done the same thing if he didn’t, but he did so appreciate him for that much.
  5. This team was only going to be slightly above average regardless of this draft.....off season optimism.....gets your feelings hurt when the reality hits around week 5.
  6. Looks like a solid draft to me and only time will tell.
  7. Let’s all analyze what we know nothing about. That’s always fun.
  8. They could have had Tom Brady in his prime and would have sucked. This kid they picked will flop there. That organization is $hit from the top down.
  9. Please stop. I think some people are sniffing Cams jock 24/7. If you don’t already know the world isn’t fair you need to crawl out from the hole you are in.
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