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  1. What we have here is a nothing burger.
  2. I believe you sir are correct. I’d be stunned if he fires them.
  3. He may be, but I believe that inside that panthers building that is the thought process.
  4. I agree he shouldn’t be kept, but I believe Cam being out and it appears that they like KA that Tepper will give RR one more season to turn it around. I do believe that all of that will depend on how the team responds the remainder of the year.
  5. Rivera will be here in 2020. Listening to FNZ this morning and they had some guy one there, not sure who he was, but he said that the LF surgery recovery period is 11 months on average. If that is the case RR will be given a pass and will be here next season.
  6. I’m sticking with Rivera will be here, until he isn’t. I’m at the apathetic stage.
  7. No trolling, I’ve been saying for weeks RR will be here next season.
  8. I realize this, but was being labeled as a conservative and on and on. This stuff is out of control, too many people feel the need to place a label in everyone when they don’t agree with them. This entire CK thing has played out, he had no intentions of playing again, he just needed more attention since it appeared people where moving on from his circus. Both sides could have handled all of this better from the beginning. Do I think he was black balled? Yes I do, but I am also aware enough to understand that no team wants to be part of the circus the media has created with all of this. It’s a huge distraction from playing football which e is what these franchises are all about.
  9. Cam is gone......Tepper isn’t foolish enough to let on to that. What did you all expect him to say?
  10. Ron will be here next season. Nuff said.
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