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  1. Y'all realize this goes against what Tepper has been saying all along don't you? They have no idea if Cam is 100% yet and they have been telling us for months they have no idea what they will do until he is known to be 100%. This is another BS article.
  2. I'll believe it when he starts week 1, until then it's all speculation.
  3. I think Cam is gone, but I’m not sure it’s by trade. I don’t think any team will give up more than a 3rd for him. There is way too much rambling going on for this not to be happening. He could just get released if they can’t find a suitor for him that is willing to give them something worth having.
  4. As you all speculate something is brewing behind the scenes. No idea what, but me thinks it’s gonna be a huge surprise.
  5. They won’t, but Greg will have little to do with their success. Dude is old and slow and can’t stay healthy.
  6. Your saying that same stuff about anyone that has anything to say about Cam that you don’t agree with, that’s what’s tiring. You’ve been doing it forever and it’s old.
  7. And that he has.....great athlete, average QB. Take the run threat away and he is below average.
  8. Hey, let’s all speculate what this means for 10 pages. Lol.
  9. It’s a no from me dog....,plus we are in full rebuild, you don’t sign vets at the end of their career when you are in this mode.
  10. With a real staff? I’m not sure we have the right coaches in place for a rebuild. Time will tell and I’m being cautiously optimistic about it.
  11. Can’t wait to hear y’all trash RR after the skins win the NFCE next season while we finish 2-14.
  12. No one knows except Cam and management.....I’m not gonna speculate.
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