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  1. Could very well have. The person I mentioned in my original post took almost 4 months to fully recover, but she is elderly.
  2. If you say so. Lol. government is not our friend and nothing they tell us is true. Once you realize that you will be better off.
  3. No one in the NFC south will sign Cam. Just sayin.
  4. Let’s just shut it all down now and forget the season while we wait for a vaccine that will never happen. There has never been an effective vaccine for any RNA virus and this one will be no different. As for a second wave, this could be the second wave....an 82 year old associate I work with was just told this week that her sickness from mid December was Covid 19 as her tests for antibodies came back positive. This thing has been floating around in the country for more than 6 months.
  5. if you trust those numbers you need to wake up. They have been fudging the numbers since the start, more and more doctors are coming out saying it.
  6. I’ve said for several years there is something mental going on that is affecting his playing and his actions. Dude has been sort of a space cadet for a while now.
  7. Some can’t handle the fact that Cam May be finished playing in the NFL.
  8. I’d say there are few here that make more than I do....I’m not mad or hating, I’ve been nearly broke before so I feel for anyone that is unemployed at the moment.
  9. Making him look insecure.....that’s about it.
  10. Who cares ? Not me....no idea why anyone would watch these videos he keeps putting out. It’s like he is trying to convince himself he’s gonna play again. I will be shocked if anyone signs him.
  11. No, what sucks is 30+ million Americans out of work. That’s what sucks.
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