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  1. Y’all do realize that not one politician, dem or repub gives one poo about you or I don’t you? It’s really funny to me how people take sides. They both suck and care about less than 0 about you.
  2. Just like this board is split on how they feel about Reid, so is the team. The dude is a distraction.
  3. Don’t worry folks, this team will disappoint as most of Rivera’s teams have. I say that hoping I’m wrong, but.......
  4. Sonny Jurgenson just retired from radio. At 84 he’s likely as good as what we have at backup now. Give him a call.
  5. It’s preseason, but I’ve thought all this “playoff/Super Bowl contender” talk was slightly premature. This team is only as good as its last season record until they prove differently. 8-8 or 9-7 is my prediction for this season.
  6. I was never impressed with him, but hope he fills in nicely.
  7. What a dumbass. I really liked him and this makes about as much sense as pissing in the wind.
  8. Don’t post reality, you’ll get flamed for it. Lol
  9. I believe he’ll have a great year, but his shoulder will never be 100%. He is basically admitting and accepting that if you watch his interview with Peter King.
  10. You’ll see. Don’t care if you believe me or not.
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