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  1. ickmule

    Antonio Brown Asks out of Pitt

    Drama Queen. We already have one of those, we don’t need 2.
  2. Jesus, he just needs to stop. People putting their life problems of social media is just stupid. Especially such vague $hit like this. Attention whores at their best.
  3. I already knew that. Cam will never be the same as he was 2 or 3 years ago, injuries and age catch up with all of us.
  4. ickmule

    Cam talks about his surgery (video)

    With a decent QB they would win just as many games. Cams not the entire team like some think he is.
  5. Oh my, they will bitch and moan and cry like babies when that happens. Cam won’t be 100% for next season so we certainly need a decent QB to be brought in.
  6. Cam won’t be 100% next season. I told y’all that last off season too. Shoulders don’t recover that quickly from being cut.
  7. And they still won another super bowl. They will be in contention again next year. Count on it.
  8. And they will choke again like every year
  9. Anyone that counts them out is just being foolish. I’d bet they will be there again. They just have the best coaching staff in the NFL coupled with the best QB in forever.
  10. ickmule

    Tom Brady has won 6 superbowls

    He’s just good. I don’t hate him or the Pats any longer. I wish the Panthers could figure out what it takes to be half as good
  11. He was one of my all time Fav Panthers, but he’s gone so whatever. I actually think he is washed up, but I guess we will see.
  12. ickmule

    And now, Congress is involved

    Anything our govt touches turns to straight up $hit.