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  1. I’m just curious. I wasn’t being an ass. I figured you did the homework on the game winning throws so possibly you would have the other.
  2. One of them will be gone, don’t expect it to be Ron.
  3. Can you post the games where he missed the game winning throw ? I’m just curious.
  4. 10 pages of opinions as to why Cam has been inaccurate for 8 years. Guess what, none of that changes the fact that, no matter what, he has done little to nothing to correct it. He is a $100 million dollar QB, at some point it’s on him to care enough to fix it. It shouldn’t take a coach to get him to do it. Did a coach stand over MJ and watch him shoot 2000 free throws a day? Don’t think so, if you want to be great you need to hone your craft and that’s what is missing from Cams preparation.
  5. I said before preseason that Cam wouldn’t be recovered from the surgery for this season and if he has another procedure he won’t be ready for next season. I’ve seen dozens of men and women have shoulder surgery and not one of them was close to 100% for at least a year and none of them were professional athletes. The reality is Cam needs a year off if anyone expects him to recover correctly.
  6. I don’t give a rats ass what he adds to it. He needs to worry more about his teams $hitty play and 5 game losing streak.
  7. ickmule

    Rivera Tuesday presser

    Don;'t hold your breath on that one.
  8. ickmule

    Rivera Tuesday presser

    Make someone smart? You can't fix stupid.
  9. ickmule

    Rivera Tuesday presser

    It's not happening this season.
  10. Sorry you can't handle the truth.....Have a nice day!
  11. ickmule

    Rivera Tuesday presser

    0% in reality......
  12. ickmule

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    This team is not winning the last 3 games....you all need to stop.