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  1. All cities are $hitholes regardless of the state.
  2. I knew that. I was being sarcastic too.
  3. Please stop. I think some people are sniffing Cams jock 24/7. If you don’t already know the world isn’t fair you need to crawl out from the hole you are in.
  4. I’m sure it’s higher than 1.
  5. You can’t fix stupid.
  6. Why are people obsessed with what Cam eats? I don’t care if he eats hotdogs 3 times a day as long as he can play a t a high level every week. Does anyone know what Tom Brady eats? Maybe that’s the diet Cam should be on.
  7. ickmule

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    He won’t have Luke attraction the attention he does in LA. You’ll see a huge drop off.
  8. He likes playing for a loser. Sweet.
  9. ickmule

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    That would be almost any team.
  10. ickmule

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    Wish him well, but he’s done guys. His production will be minimal.
  11. ickmule

    Browns the new super team

    Lol. Not gonna make much difference.
  12. ickmule

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    Do we care what Smith has to say ? Nope.
  13. I’m so glad so many of you are experts on coaches. Maybe someone should tell Tep to read the huddle when he needs to make a decision. Lol. Ron’s still here because the man that writes the checks thinks he’s a good coach.