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  1. We were terrible on Thursday and the credit or blame ultimately rests with the coordinator and to a lesser degree the head coach. I am interested to see what we do on Sunday. Screwing up happens. Not fixing it is problematic. We haven't been good except for spots and stretches and on the road have been really bad.
  2. He also knows by experience that you can over react as well. Let's see what happens over the next several games.
  3. Rivera thought he had the right guy. So far I among others have big doubts.
  4. Let's see who picks him up. Honestly I thought he was slow and not very elusive. I doubt we miss him much unless injuries pile up.
  5. I didn't like the Washington hire to begin with but it is what you get with an unproven commodity. Let's hope 10 days and an easier team makes the difference this week.
  6. How do you know we didn't try and trade him? We don't talk about trades or potential ones. Maybe we couldn't get anything for him so we waived him.
  7. No.one is coddling anything but if you thought that Washington was going to come in here and not have growing pains you need to follow and comment on a different sport since you clearly don't understand football and new coordinators
  8. All things angst about CJ who got 2.7 carries a game. Dude wasn't going to be a big piece of this offense.
  9. You don't know if adjustments were attempted or not and we have no clue who executed what. Obviously the game plan didn't work. And absolutely the players are responsible for implementing the game plan since the coaches aren't on the field. So yeah the players deserve most of the blame because they actually played the game.
  10. CJ was brought in to fill a need that has been filled by other options. Of course they couldn't read the future so Hurney brought in who they thought they needed. Based on the first 9 games they decided that CJ doesn't fit what Norv wants to do so he was waived. It isn't a big deal or anyone's fault.
  11. Truth is that in most cases it is player execution for or against you. I promise when it is drawn up on the board it always works well. Not so much when you move to the field. Identifying players issues and errors and fixing them is the accountability that coaches have to the players. Sharing blame or falling on the sword is all fine and good but isn't true accountability and doesn't change anything. If the plan was faulty it doesn't matter unless you play them again since each week is different as are each of the game plans.
  12. Their losses to Detroit and Tennessee were to ex-patriots who either coached or played for them. They knew how to beat the Patriots and what Belicheck was going to do. Makes a big difference. ... Other teams should be taking note....
  13. panthers55

    2015 Panthers vs 2018 Panthers

    At this point in the season the 2015 team was the worse 8-0 team in the NFL In 2018 we are 6-2 and largely forgotten. The 2015 got us to the Superbowl. For this team to be better they need to win it all. That is also the only way this franchise gets the respect so many of you seem to crave. I enjoyed the 2015 team all the way to San Francisco and hope this ride ends in Atlanta in February in Cam's home town. I am enjoying the ride and will hold judgement until I see where and how this ends.
  14. I wonder if using him situationally is about getting him adjusted after his heart issue and time away from the team. He has earned more touches but the game plan for this game will be more of the same as last Sunday with a few new wrinkles to adjust to Pittsburgh. Didn't have time for a full installment.
  15. panthers55


    If this is Ryan's decision, he will play if humanly possible. Seems our medical staff and trainers are conservative so they could be pulling the strings at which point it will really matter if this is a soreness, bruise, strain or whatever. I hope he can go but would rather he sit one out versus injuring himself further.