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  1. Agree on most points. He is way too green and inexperienced to carry a team. In fact the team is really stepping up to help him succeed. No knowledgeable fan is crowning him to be the answer, but he is very intriguing. He has the swagger, the leadership quality that others follow him. I hope that his tundra experience is a turning point for the offense as they all step up their game. And those two drives came up 1 yard short of an epic comeback.
  2. Seriously it is fine that Allen isn't Cam or on that level athletically. Few players are. But that doesn't mean he can't be a franchise quarterback down the road. Unless Cam comes back healthy, it isn't a competition. No need to defend Allen. Let's watch and root like hell for him. I am looking forward to see how this turns out. Our season has already had more twists and turns than most soap operas or mystery novels. We will have tons to talk about once we see where how things turn out. I am enjoying the ride especially if we win on Sunday.
  3. Be serious. Sure Allen screwed up and cost us points and that needs to be cleaned up. But that comes with experience and repetition. Literally every thing he does is for the first time. Coming back with 2 long drives in the snow on the road in 20 degree weather was very impressive and showed fire and grit. Those are the characteristics that you need in a franchise quarterback, something Cam had as well. They hate to lose and let down their teammates. Look what his players said about him. They play hard for him. And isn't the best leader someone who can elevate the play of those around him.
  4. Allen is going to be here going forward given his current cost and the fact that going into next year he will have at least 14 games of starting experience. His value is high. Grier is cheap plain and simple. So it comes down to whether Cam is here or some other veteran takes his place. In any case there will be a real quarterback competition for the first time in a decade.
  5. Some of the things that you need in your quarterback is a competitive spirit, the ability to lead others and take command. You need to show toughness and rally your team around you. You have to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball knowing you are going to get hit. You have to be coachable and learn from your mistakes. The whole athletic ability, arm strength thing is overblown. You don't make it to the NFL unless you have a certain amount of talent. The differences between a franchisee QB and a bust are between the ears and in their heart. From what I see, Allen has the constitution and the head for it. The improvements will hopefully occur as he gets more game experience.
  6. Nice video. I know I will be there Sunday yelling and cheering. I really don't like the Falcons or the fans.
  7. Wait a minute now, huddle logic was that Moton should be playing on the left and the coaches were either stupid or stubborn for not moving him. So maybe the coaches knew something the huddle didn't.
  8. So do moderators have to follow the rules they are there to enforce like no personal attacks, threats or use of inappropriate language?
  9. You just have to chalk it up to inexperience which is inevitable with essentially a rookie based on game experience. A big reason I don't like rookies starting at any position over a seasoned vet. Too many mistakes. Unfortunately the only way to get game experience is in the game. You just lower your expectations and move on. It sucks but that is what happens.
  10. The 3-4 slot seems to be chosen almost to exclude school kids and folks working 8-5. I guess they didn't want a mob scene or long lines.
  11. I think the biggest issue is lack of lower body strength due to the surgeries and broken leg. He really wasn't totally healed until training camp. He had no off-season strength program and it shows. Denver's offensive scheme used more technique than brute force so he would struggle at times against big agile nose tackles. Still he has all the potential to be fine next year after a full offseason strength program and full training camp/preseason. I said in the spring that he was an investment in the future and whatever we got this year was a bonus given his injuries. So maybe bonus was exactly the best choice of words but still I don't think you can look at this year and write him off. I actually would like to see Larsen but I think they want to keep building chemistry with Paradis.
  12. True. That was a 10 point swing in their favor. That was a definitely game changer.
  13. We have 3 defensive linemen going against 5 linemen which means 2 of the three get doubled on every play. It is easy to open up a big lane which the linebackers have to fill. With guys like Burns taking huge deep pass rushes they are out of the play. We need DEs who play run first and then pass. Otherwise they have more blockers than we have tacklers. When we had a 3-4 in the past, the linebackers besides Mills were around 250 or more. Shaq is 230 and Luke is around 235. They get washed out of the play and it is off to the races. We are built for a 4-3 plain and simple.
  14. Not really. He plays what he gets. And Hurney opted for speed and playmakers on offense his first draft back. This one he tried to fix the lines on both sides. But the truth is that our Oline while struggling has some good potential players who are young and inexperienced and it shows. Seems to me that when our defensive line coach did nothing but the line we were fine. Since he became DC and split duties the defensive line has suffered. Then losing KK was a huge blow. The reality is that having 3 down linemen means that 2 of the three will get double teamed. And that means a huge hole that linebackers have to plug which they aren't. The last time we ran a 3-4 our linebackers were big with the exception of Mills. They could fight off blockers to get to the runner. Now Shaq, Luke, Carter, etc don't have the size to shed tacklers easily and get swept out of the play. We need to use more down linemen who play run first and pass second, not the other way around. Burns and Haynes need to stay more disciplined and stop making wide loops that take them totally out of plays.
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