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  1. You can tell Hurney isn't the ultimate decision maker. He was a Cam guy and would have given him this year. Tepper and Rhule will be making the final choices while Marty just negotiates the draft to get them what they want. How many Temple and Baylor guys have we ever drafted? Yeah well if that changes we know who is pulling the trigger.
  2. Apparently there are others who share my view that Tua benefitted from the best talent https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/nfl-draft-analyst-matt-miller-reports-tua-tagovailoa-stock-has-dropped/
  3. Who do you think is going to make the decisions in this year draft? I bet Rhule gets his guys. And it will have guys he is familiar with. All of this angst is so overblown. Marty does his job which is manage the draft and have some kind of system to figure out who we want as the draft proceeds. The coaches and scouts pick the players that fit the system we are going to run.
  4. I would be there right with you. Once they are a Panther I want nothing but great things for them and us.
  5. We will have to see what happens. That is the thing about the draft. 2 people can see the same thing and come to different conclusions.
  6. I doubt you would be considered objective on the topic. LOL. I would expect you think Tua is the second coming but let's be real here. Alabama doesn't play on an even playing field with huge advantages in recruiting and facilities. Every year Alabama is usually in the conversation for the national championship yet how many quarterbacks have they produced in the NFL under Saban. Tua is the best one in a while. But that doesnt mean he will be great in the NFL. Like I said good but not the superstar you think given the low bar you are used to.
  7. That's it. I don't think Tua is the BPA if Brown and Simmons or Okudah are still there. Walker is Tua lite and is worth a shot. But I am not in the know so we will see how it unfolds in a few weeks.
  8. Agree you don't tank hoping for a certain QB down the road. But I am not convinced Tua would be great enough to trade up for him. Remember when everyone was all about moving up for Fournette and I among others were talking about staying put and drafted CMC. Tua benefitted from the Alabama system and while he was a good QB, he wasn't great and the injury issues make things murky. I will trust our folks to do their due diligence and know more than me who is a casual observer. But you predicated your argument on whether he will be a good or great QB in the NFL and that is a legitimate debate. I am not sure he is so great to move up or even choose at 7 if you have a Brown or Simmons on the board. We already have a starting QB but we don't have any great DTs other than Short or a great linebacker corps. Tua would sit for a year or more right now. We need our first rounder to be a starter not a backup. We have too many holes for that.
  9. It Tua is there then who else is gone. It isn't Tua over anyone else, it is whether Tua is BPA at the point. If Brown is there or Simmons then you some great choices.
  10. Brady took Burrow who was considered a backup and later round pick and turned him into the number 1 pick with a great system. He will do the same thing with Bridgewater. I know it is hard for Panther fans to wrap their head around this given that it has always taken outstanding QB play to make our system work.
  11. I decided not to respond either. He seemed to go off on tangential rants about everyone and everybody who did Cam wrong. Now that Cam is gome I wonder what they will rail about next.
  12. There was never any backpedaling with me. I know how I feel about Cam and that hasn't changed. Anyone who takes a post in isolation is forming an opinion with only a sliver of understanding. It usually reveals more about the responder than it does the original poster. And as long as you keep thinking this is about money you show you still don't have a clue what this is about.
  13. If you are counting just how a player did as a Panther then Smith, Cam, and Luke were all the greatest at their position. But if you are talking about the Panther player who had the greatest career it would be Peppers who is already considered a lock as a first ballot HOFer. He played for the Panthers, Bears, Packers and the Panthers again. Started and finished his illustrious career as a Panther. Popularity wise he was too much of an introvert at least the first time around. Didn't come across well on the media.
  14. Yeah, looking at the draft as it likely unfolds, if we stay at 7, picking Kinlaw would be almost the worse case scenario. It means guys like Brown, Simmons, Okudah, and Tua have been scarfed up already.
  15. I think there are other guys in the mix as well. Kaskey was drafted in 2019 and obviously needed work but at 6'7" and 325 lbs, he has the size to play guard but does he have the ability to zone block and pull. I really don't know more than you can see in draft analysis but with a year of experience who knows. Obviously Larsen can play center and guard . And Miller could play right or left guard depending on team needs and coaching/player preferences. I think we have enough vets to compete at both positions and expect more signings. I don't doubt that we will draft an O lineman in the draft. But little showed why you don't count on a rookie to start in this league.
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