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  1. Several interesting tidbits I hadn't realized about the efforts to build the casino over the years.
  2. They know what they have in Allen during rookie camp. They want to see what they have in the other 2. It doesn't mean that is where they see them down the road.
  3. Hard to make too much of last year when the whole DLine regressed. Washington focusing on the line this year should give us a better performance and more pressure. Short had an off year in 2018 but who didn't.
  4. Quitting too soon. I am gonna ride this train to Miami this year
  5. In the NFC-South cornerback and secondary play are critical. Why we don't seem to get that is strange. But locking up Bradberry is critical. Then again I bitched when we let Norman go and we went from Superbowl contender to pretender in one year. What about that vet free safety this year?
  6. If we don't make the playoffs barring some catastrophe I doubt Rivera gets the time to make thing right. I think it is playoffs or bust. On the other hand Hurney might actually be seen more positively since he seems to be doing a good job this time around. actually I think that this is our year and we go all the way. Then again I think that every year....
  7. I read recently that the expectation is that if we are going to more of a 3-4 front that Rivera and Hurney have 2019 and 2020 to make the transition and change personnel to the new scheme. I am not hearing he is on the hot seat but we all know that NFL stands for Not For Long so he might be on the hot seat after all.
  8. He was right compared to the 28-3 debacle of the Falcons, the Panthers loss to the Broncos was boring by comparison.
  9. Good range of motion on his right shoulder. Good strength too. That is what he is showing off. His new and improved shoulder. Hope when he throws he can have full motion instead of his limited motion the last 2 years. That is a lot of his interceptions as he had to throw so flat and couldn't show the touch he was developing before the injury.
  10. I hope sticking with DJ pays off as much as Steve Smith did for us. The best news is Steve Smith sees a lot of him in DJ. But to your point, that was Steve Smith's second season and this was DJs rookie year. Sticking with a rookie wide receiver with little experience in big situations, is different than trying to take your pro-bowl punt returner and expand his role to become a primary receiver while dealing with issues along the way. Like McCaffrey is doing now, Smith hit the weights and made sure he gives as good as he gets. That way defenders can't knock or rip the ball away. I hope DJ follows suit. He already was a hard runner but imagine keeping up his speed and putting on 10 more pounds of muscle. It helps prevent injury as well.
  11. Might seem like that around here with folks like you taking shots at him butthurt over what happened a decade ago. Truth is I was ready to ride him personally out of town last time. But being the forward fair thinking individual I am, I gave him a second chance. So far he has been largely good. So I call like I see it. Sure which others would stop living in the past and get aboard the train. Hopefully we ride all the way to Miami.
  12. Actually Otah was a beast until he got hurt. Even that was unexpected. If I remember correctly he played on a bum ankle most of his senior year playing through injury and pain. I never could understand how a meniscus tear would incapacitate you. I had an ACL replacement and bucket handle meniscus tear and resumed sports albeit at a much lower level. Still it was totally out of the blue and not something Hurney could have anticipated. Just my 2 cents.
  13. That is funny since I teach that for a living and practice it daily. Once again you see but you don't understand.
  14. So now you double down by making stuff up and saying folks said things they didnt.. I guess if you keep creating your own reality you might eventually be right about something. At least in your own head.
  15. Clearly you don't know that eye witness testimony has been proven to be the most believable but actually proven to be the least accurate. So you saw it but what says it was true or that you even have the expertise to make an informed opinion. Like me you are a fan, right? And again with the strawman argument that no is actually arguing about but you. Do you say it because you think it is profound. The same thing applies to anyone including children. You can't make someone do something if they are unwilling or unable. Wow. Like dude that is profound.. ...
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