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  1. First of all let's assume that Cam will be able to play. If Brees retires then Cam gives us the edge. Norv was able to adapt to Cam's limitations and keep us competitive on offense until Pittsburgh exposed us. Even then he helped Cam play around it until the Tampa game. Allen showed us that our system is quarterback friendly so even if Cam can't play we can find someone who can come in and run the system. So the offense will be pretty good. We aren't a top 5 pick in the draft away from contending. We need several free agents on defense and have to solidify the lines on both sides of the ball. No need for panic yet. There with be plenty of time to go berserk next fall if we do suck. A high draft pick is the consolation prize for sucking not the goal. I am optimistic at this point and don't know why everyone isn't. The 2019 season has even officially started.
  2. Kid.... funny. I bet I have kids as old as you. And how do you know what we are or aren't considering? Unless you are a coach or owner you aren't a we and you don't have a clue. So again give it a rest and breathe. Considering something doesn't mean we are doing it. Show me one shred of evidence we aren't considering it. You act like you know something instead of speculating which I clearly said I was doing from the start. I do know what all options means. Apparently you don't.
  3. I doubt PSL fans and folks who actually spend money on tickets agree that we should be bad just to move up the draft. Total loser mentality.
  4. Again give it a rest and stop the panicked response. The staff is going to do everything they can to get him healthy. But yeah when you say ALL options are being considered and that is one option. You Cam nuthuggers are going to have a heart attack with all the overblown responses.
  5. Gotta disagree. Foles is the real deal and with Philly is 21-11 as a starter. He absolutely can start and could play in our system.
  6. Maybe winning the Superbowl last year and taking them into the playoffs this year might have something to do it also. His record as a starter is 26-18. In Philly it is 21-11.
  7. panthers55

    Gerald McCoy

    His salary in 2019 would be 13 million and next year would 10 million so honestly you could sign him on a 4 year deal for roughly 15 million signing bonus which is this year's salary and total of 40 million which for McCoy would be good given he has had some minor injury concerns.
  8. With the rookie salary cap the salary for last year's pick at 17- Derwin James on a 4 year contract was roughly 12 million or 3 million a year. Cheap......
  9. It doesn't make anyone feel better to think we might have to move on. But I am realistic and realize it will happen one day. I hope it is years down the road. But I am not going to bury my head in the sand and ignore what is unfortunately a real possibility. Especially given that Tepper doesn't have any past loyslties and wants to win now as well as in 2020 and down the road.
  10. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.....
  11. panthers55

    Gerald McCoy

    Keep up to what? Our 4-3 has been good and except for this year our defenses have been good. Besides no one plays one base scheme all the time. The change is due to Arian's and Bowles preferences not because a 3-4 is inherently better than a 4-3. But do we consider him? At what cost given cap space will be tight.
  12. Actually if we could get Norman and fit him under the cap I think it would be a good thing. He isn't that worn out given he didn't start until his mid 20s and he has skills. Honestly I would bring him in to play outside and move Jackson into the slot. Let Fewell coach him up and our corners go from bottom of the barrel to 10 ten. Realistically with the whole QB fiasco and multiple holes, I don't think we can afford him though. Cap space is going to be a premium this off-season.
  13. That is actually the thing we should do. Rookie contracts are cheap and if Cam recovers we don't have to start the rookie. Let him sit and learn. If he excels we can make him the eventually starter if we move on from Cam or trade him down the road. It is much cheaper to bring in a QB on a rookie deal and develop him as your back up versus bringing in a guy like Bridgewater or Fitzgerald who will want 15 -20 mil to sit the bench.
  14. If we decide we have to move on then I would try and trade him first. If no one was interested I would try and restructure his 23 million cap hit and hope he recovers for 2020. I would think releasing him would be the last option especially if I thought he could play down the road
  15. I know Gettleman thought he was BPA at 30 but others thought he was a second rounder because he was raw and his technique was poor and he came from Louisiana Tech. His competition was not great. You reach when you pick someone above where you should have picked when you misjudge the talent they have. But you are right if you need a player at a position and pick the best of the rest you can reach as well.