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  1. He got so low on the dip he didn't have to really engage his shoulder and left arm on the rip move to get through the block. I couldn't tell if the OT didn't expect him to get that low or didn't realize Burns was so quick but he didn't make much contact at all. Burns has a really quick first step. As for Julius he was so athletic and strong that he could go around or through guys when motivated.
  2. Burns is developing into a fine DE. He gained 10-15 lbs of muscle from last year and could put on another 20 lbs and still keep his speed. Another great draft pick that is producing in only year 2.
  3. We can play better zone than we did Guys were just standing there and then running to the ball. They didn't attack anyone who came into their zone. We should have played more match up zone and it looked very passive. It was poor design and poor execution
  4. Turning out to be the great draft choice many of us thought he would be.
  5. Le Beau coached until he was 81. Retired after the 2017 season. Just saying....
  6. Well Tepper has a pair of brass balls so I guess he might get Rhule a gold plated crapper
  7. Hopefully Tepper can make him happy and provide the GM support he needs. Sometimes what you want isnt always what you need.
  8. I would think Rhule needs someone with GM experience given his lack of experience in the NFL. It is one thing to be a coach since really the college game and pro game share many similar functions. But I would have serious doubts that Rhule could do both jobs or that Stewart wouldn't need some seasoning before he would be ready for a GM job where there is a big difference between college and the pros.
  9. Not sure many GMs would want to be subordinate to a college coach on his first season in the NFL. You are right that one of Matt Rhule's guys might be fine with that but I would think most GMs have a pretty big ego and would want to call the shots.
  10. I haven't been a GM so honestly don't know but I suspect like most leaders much of what he does is manage the day to day operations, help solve problems and personality issues, weigh in on decisions, scout, consult with Rhule and Tepper daily, etc. Seems contracts while important isn't a huge part of his job. Didn't Beane manage the cap and work with contracts when he was here.?
  11. The article quoted didn't say if it was a positive test or contact tracing due to being near someone. In fact the article says that they couldn't report which one it was so how did you know?
  12. Again he isn't really making those decisions by himself. It sounds as if our capologist is responsible for the contracts so should this be an ongoing complaint if he is no longer doing that anymore?
  13. Exactly. Marty got Fox and Rivera the players they wanted and obviously they were wildly inconsistent. Marty got Rhule the players he wanted and so far it seems to be working. So is Marty's job to get who he wants and make the coaches use them, or is it to get the players who the coaches want and keep it all under the cap.? Seems to me that Tepper has given Hurney the support he needed and allowed him to focus on what he does best while taking away things like contracts that weren't his strengths. The argument could be made that a competent GM should be able to do all those things but Tepper had said he doesn't want to give total control to one person or the other. He likes everyone doing what he thinks are their strengths. So if we move on from Hurney it will be interesting if the new GM gets total control or has a role similar to Hurney now. And it would be nice to know if Hurney is ready to move on or it being forced on him if it happens. It will also be interesting to see if Rhule gets more control or less or it stays the same.
  14. Good luck with that. How many threads have we had over this. They always end badly as some folks here have an irrational hate for Hurney and can't speak objectively at all. So no, a huge waste of time.
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