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  1. Depends on what happens to Cam and how long we wait to make a change if Cam doesn't get better. Honestly it looks like more than rust. He is all over the place with his throwing motion as is his accuracy. But it has been 8 games not 2. We are starting to mirror the definition of insanity.
  2. It isn't 2 games folks it is 8 games since Cam directed a 4th quarter drive to win a game. Last year we waited 6 games. What do you have to lose in letting Cam sit a few games, heal himself and get his head straight. At this point if Cam can't be Cam anymore, then Allen and Grier are both better pocket passers. Who thinks it is just rust at this point. If we sit him now maybe we prolong his career.
  3. Probably going through the motions just like the team this year.
  4. Remember Williams needed help on the right side as well during his all pro year.
  5. Yeah kind of like a case of blue balls. All of the anticipation and buildup and then no finish and pain afterwards.
  6. I am still amazed that people listen to these talks and expect to learn anything from them. Ron does say the same coach speak every week. They all do Well the other team made more plays than we did. We have to get better and improve. Its a long season and we have to take them one game at a time. And on and on. I don't listen to it because I know what he is going to say before he says it. Coaches hate these talks and do them because they have to. Anyone with a modicum of IQ accept them for what they are, more tweets and stories for reporters who dissect every morsel of pablum they are being fed.
  7. Yeah we all kept pulling for Cam to just finish one drive. Nobody wants Cam to struggle. We all pay our money to see the team win and pull for everybody and anybody wearing blue. We all watched in dismay as the Williams experience on the left side came unglued. Then to get stopped on the 1 yard line with 1:20 left and only one time out was totally deflating. I haven't seen this many somber exhausted faces as we all trudged out since Cam got here.
  8. It actually wasn't. The protections had to be revamped to keep Williams from looking like a turnstile but we had multiple guys open all night. But the Bucs were blitzing all night and using single coverage loading the box daring Cam to beat them. And he failed to do it. There is no gameplan that works when your QB can't complete a pass to a wide open receiver literally 10-15 yards down the field. You are blaming Norv and ignoring the huge elephant in the room.
  9. Everyone blames Norv but he has had to scheme around Cam's issues for the past 9 games. Honestly I don't know about the Rams but both Allen and Grier could have won that game last night. The gameplan wasn't the problem. Execution by the quarterback surely was.
  10. It will be the end of a era if Cam gets released or retires. He has been our greatest QB yet. Just like it was sad to watch Jake in 2009, it is just as sad to watch Cam since November. Hardly anything to celebrate.
  11. We can release Cam after the season and save almost 20 million in cap space in 2020. At this rate, staying won't be his choice. This will be his last year, here at least.
  12. It does and you are right, I am not getting any younger. Glad I went to Super Bowl 50 even though we lost. At this rate I might not be around to see us go to another. And I plan on being around another 20-25 years. That is just how dejected I feel right now. I haven't felt this bad leaving our stadium since 2010.
  13. At this point I doubt he makes through the season as our starter. And after watching these performances who would pick him up? Retirement might be his only option if he doesn't play much better.
  14. And they would be right. Something is wrong for sure. 7 days or 11 days doesn't matter to me. My Fall just took a huge turn for the worse.
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