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  1. Truth is I would try to develop Allen, Grier or a draft pick before I would salvage Winston.
  2. As soon as we find our franchise quarterback we will start winning. With Jake it was right away. With Cam it took a few years. In both cases the QB made the plays needed to win the game.
  3. I think the offense should improve right away. The defense will take more time. But we have a number of good pieces in place already. This isn't like being an expansion team.
  4. The idea that running backs are done by age 30 is based on averages around the league. But if you look at guys who are very productive in their late 20s, they don't just drop off a cliff. Look at guys like Peterson who is 34 and had right at 900 yards this season. I anticipate McCaffrey to be that effective and more.
  5. What used to be one of Cam's strengths which was handling the blitz became a significant weaknesses and something the Steelers demonstrated that game
  6. I think he was a believer in 2018 until the Pittsburgh game. That was the beginning of the end I think.
  7. Given that CMC gives you the versatility and durability of 2 players, both a star running back and a dynamic receiver given he plays virtually 90+ % of the time and hasn't gotten hurt or dropped off despite the usage, the question is whether collectively he would be worth 18 million or 9 million a position. Would you give a back 9 million to get 1300 yards. Would you give 9 million for a 1000 yard receiver? What would you pay for someone who can do both and only cost you one of your 46 precious roster spots. So is18 million ridiculous or a bargain.?
  8. If Cam isn't the long term answer and you are building for the long term then you move on and take that 20 million and put it elsewhere. That is the thinking of the team right now for better or worse.
  9. Totally agree that tanking anytime is a loser mentality. And sucking in 2020 is year three not year 1 in tanking. The biggest question is whether going in any direction other than Cam would be tanking or that keeping Cam will suddenly turn things around I am not convinced that moving on from Cam will be worse than keeping him given he is not a good match for what Brady ran in NO or LSU. And yeah he said he would match what we do to who we have but they all said that. Remember when Rivera said we would be aggressive on offense and defense and dictate to the other team.
  10. That was in our old system. That is the point. You can't assume that the way our QBs executed in the old system will translate the same to our new system.
  11. That assumes that Cam would pick up a WCO based offense and make the transition right away Cam did great when the offense was tailored to him. And while Brady says he will do that, this is likely typical coach speak. Cam may not have the best skill set to run this offense. This will be a new offense for whoever is at quarterback and Cam might need time to learn it and at this time he is in a one year deal.
  12. Losing Michael Thomas and Kamara would be more important than losing Brees. Bridgewater proved that this year.
  13. What benefit do we get letting Cam go? 20 million versus drafting one and spending 5 million a year. The draft pick isn't going to be greater than a 2nd or 3rd.
  14. That is what every offensive coordinator says when they come in. Invariably they end up drafting guys who fit their system and not guys who are great players that require the OC to change systems from year to year.
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