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  1. Thanks for the numbers. Looking at that comparison, I would say that the results are more valid for DJ given he was targeted 30 times in the slot and 50 on the outside. Meanwhile Samuel has a good number of targets outside at 48 but he was only targeted 16 times in the slot. It is interesting that the QB rating between the two based on throws to the outside, resulted in a big difference between Samuel at 125 to DJ at 70 yet the on target completion percentages for Samuel was 78% and DJ was 74%. That is different from the unadjusted completion rate which was 65% for Samuel and 56% for DJ. Curtis had twice as many drops at DJ and DJ had more yards per reception and twice as many yards after the catch on 3 fewer catches. What I get from that is this was more about Cam struggling to find Moore on the outside than it was Moore not doing a good job. If as someone said earlier, DJ didn't get separation on the outside then Cam could have been throwing into tighter windows which could impact his accuracy especially with a noodle arm. Throwing outside means the ball travels much further on a five yard pass to the edges than it does in the middle of the field. So once again with less accuracy and less velocity, which gives DBs more time to adjust to the ball, it could have been an issue with Cam and his arm as well as with DJ. How do you see it?
  2. Absolutely relevant and the fact you don't know that proves my point. That explains your simplistic bookish responses to players putting their bodies on the line for their teammates.
  3. I don't think you have ever played football mate. Or you would know about competitive fire and giving your all.
  4. Obviously watching them play gives you more information than just looking at numbers. Which surely provides context. But remember that film shows what happened in the past and isn't predictive of the future. Moore will be a veteran this year and will get many more opportunities in both positions. The same for Samuel as long as he can stay healthy. This will be something to pay attention to in the preseason. Given Cam was limited much of last year I am putting only so much into any stats from last year. I am expected big improvement this year from both players from the slot and outside. I suspect Hogan will get a lot of time in the slot as well.
  5. Problem with QB ratings comparing players is context. Unless you know how many times they were targeted in each position you can't really decide how valid the numbers are. Otherwise a very small number of targets can skew the numbers at one position or another. A large number or at least a similar number give credibility to what looks like marked differences. In any case you see another use for analytics. Then if you further break it down against each team and player, you see how game planning begins looking at results and tendencies.
  6. I think Samuel needs to show he can stay healthy as Moo said. And certainly Shaq needs to show he is worth big money and Gaulden just needs to show he can play free safety. I don't know they have more to gain than everyone on a 1 year contract who isn't a starter. Poe is a free agent next year. He needs to be solid or he is gone. Is he a guaranteed starter? That is the plan but a strong camp and preseason cements it. McCoy is trying to show he hasn't dropped off and is worth big money. Rotations are made in July and August. If you come out smoking you are in the driver's seat. Do vets need great camps and preseason, depends on whether you are the projected starter or fighting for a spot. What about the backup quarterback battle? Allen and Heinicke have to outshine Grier by a bunch or we keep only 2 quarterbacks and not three. In either case a strong preseason could land one of them the backup role and the loser a chance somewhere else. And let not forgets guys injured all last year that need to help the secondary. Guys like Cockrell and Luke need to have a great camp and preseason to make the roster. Cockrell certainly came here with high expectations. And what about Cox
  7. You think that football players don't reflect (watch film) and use decision-making (game planning) in preparation for each game? Your tweet length response is incomplete and simplistic. Playing football involves so many other aspects like competitive fire, physical aggression and instincts. Players matching up physically in one on one battles that have to be choregraphed with 10 other guys to accomplish the goal.on each and every play. Of course you need cognition, introspection and decision-making in playing football. But when Cam blocks a defender to spring a play he is showing his teammates that he is just like them and doesn't expect them to do something he won't do. He is manning up and trying to.level something. In the moment trying to spring a big play. It is about doing the extra to win. Leaving it all on the field. Battling and dominating your opponent. When warriors battle you worry about the injuries after the fact not before them. When he starts worrying and trying to avoid injury it almost guarantees it will happen. You can't play scared and still be effective. Cam thinking gee maybe I shouldn't run while reflecting in the film room doesn't carry much weight when the adrenaline gets pumping.
  8. Athletics aren't the same as a salesman or mechanic and trying to fit the same constrictions on both aren't realistic. Sure improving and being effective are important to any situation. But no, better decision-making doesn't eliminate the rest. For example if you throw a beautiful pass right where it needs to be but your receiver falls down after the ball is in the air and it gets intercepted it goes against the quarterback regardless of who made the mistake. There is no receiver stat for how many times he fell down, ran the wrong route etc. Football is a team sport and success is based on collectively winning not putting up individual stats. If we go to the Superbowl and win, it doesn't matter if Cam won it for us or someone else did, he will be a Superbowl winning quarterback. If we lose and don't make the playoffs this year or next, he could be gone regardless of his stats. The goals don't go up every year for Cam, there is one goal- win the Superbowl. Everything else pales in comparison
  9. Tampa Bay in London. I will be there. It would be a serious disappointment to lose. Yeah I know it is a home game technically for Tampa and an away game for us but since I am traveling to see London and going thousands of miles to the game, it the most important game short of the NFCCG which will be held in BOA in the playoffs if everything goes according to plan.
  10. Not a problem so much as what he brings to the table. You take the good with the rest.
  11. Cam is going to be Cam. He plays all out, all the time.
  12. From what I have read, likely quarterbacks and speciality guys like kickers will be exempt. Second the players won't play more they will play less especially if they shorten the preseason. Players don't get paid for the preseason just the 16 games so if you went to 18 then non-exempt players would either make more or get paid less per game than an exempt player. Practice squad would get 2 more paychecks since they might not play at all but will be active for potentially 18 games. Rosters would be expanded. I could see this benefitting players as well.
  13. So by that post our Oline has been top 10 in odd years. And this is an odd year..... Sound right to me. Top 10 this year, deep playoff run.
  14. Exactly. Off-season mania and optimism. Can't have that now can we?
  15. Expecting to win whenever you play a contest is probably a residual from playing, coaching and competing my whole life. Sure it may not have been at a very high level but I always expect to win whenever I do something. Sometimes it becomes painfully clear that that is not going to happen and I may have been more hopeful than realistic. Which is what this is about. Would I bet that we go 19-0 this year? No way. As you point out, nobody has. But this is July and we are 0-0 like anyone else. Would I think it would be successful if we go 10-6 and exit early? Hell no. Anything other that a Super Bowl victory means we end up in disappointment and right now I love the team, Cam's recovery, and the potential this team has. If that is dumb as hell, then guilty as charged. Fan is short for Fanatic and when it comes to my emotions about the Panthers I am guilty. So Yeah. 19-0 all the way to Miami. And there is nothing to defend. Is it going to happen? I hope so. That would be historic. Will it? Unlikely .
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