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  1. He responded well to a hard field goal miss.
  2. You can’t get concerned about a missed 50+ yard FG. Those are lower on the probability scale and this one wasn’t missed by much. Everything else you said is well put.
  3. 75% of your budget on Rbs? Paying more for Kamara than CMC? Im not in love. Important to stay patient in auction leagues and find some late deals. Id also rather pay 1$ for slye than 3 for butkner but I'm a homer. Good luck and I hope I am wrong!
  4. The only reason I can think of is for the potential option to buy the new psl for a discount or for the potential for the guaranteed location like front row or 50 yard line. I know many scalpers who would pay $ to have guaranteed access to certain psls. Problem is there are no guarantees in place.
  5. Did anyone read the article? He is saying the public money for the stadium would come for hotel revenue tax. "The economy’s big enough for a revenue tax, a hotel revenue increase that would go a long way to help pay for a new stadium.” If he buys a soccer team and fill hotels 17 extra days for MLS games, adds 2-3 new major weekend events thats another 9 days of full hotels. Not to mention week long events and conventions. WE could easily see BOA become a place where 90 days a year it is active. A retractable stadium that duals as a soccer stadium would attract the people that would pay for the stadium. It would transform the city. Until they discuss the option to impose a county sales tax or income tax for the stadium people really shouldn't whining. Tepper wants to turn Charlotte and upstate SC in to 5x what it is right now. He is just asking the traveling consumer (not the residents) to help pay for the investment he is going to make along side. PSLs will be a good question.
  6. Zero and intend to keep it that way. Was Catman in there stirring up stuff?
  7. Hahaha. Oh my God Did you just poorly rip off Dark Knight? “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain” wow!! lol. I don’t know what low lifes you hang out with but most of the men and women I know tend to get better in time and age. Though I’m sure some people can get more troubled with age, I really don’t know anyone who becomes “troubled” before dementia or some sort of medically uncontrollable diagnosis. Jeezus what a blanket diagnosis of mankind wrapped in a comic book quote People hit patches throughout life but generally seek help and betterment and come out better the other end. It sounds like you have some folks in your life that need some help. No one should go from normal to troubled with good friends or family. I hope you reach out with the same energy to those you know and love and encourage betterment as you are reaching out to internet strangers and calling the entirety of mankind troubled.
  8. He should be mentioned and maybe a moment of silence. He gave his heart but was a troubled individual.
  9. He was a true fan and a touchy individual. Saw him at the super bowl and he was very standoffish. His whole go fund me for the Super Bowl and attitude after was uncool. He also would not agree to pictures at games at times. I’m sure he had more good than bad but he was an interesting dude. Catman was amazing but he wasn’t the best ever.
  10. Wow I miss that guy. If we had 11 of him on the field we may never lose a game. I don't think we have ever had anyone with that energy or heart (and I think Cam is chocked full of charisma and energy.) Skill wise he was ok but his intangibles were off the charts. If anyone hasn't watched the entire 03 season game for game, full playoff games, and superbowl it is 1000% worth it despite the finish. It was the most amazing Panther season experience in our history.
  11. Huge. Almost as huge as Gerald McCoy who is vegetarian. How did vegan get thrown around so much? Cam wasn’t at dinner.
  12. I have a lot of vegetarian friends who love steakhouses because they have the best vegetarian sides. They also understand supporting a steakhouse is a bit hypocritical but they don't mind since their reason for being vegetarian is health not environmental.
  13. I’ll go with Prices chicken coop. I agree not 5 star but also not Jersey Mike’s.
  14. I have been preparing for a long time for a lock out. The last one was nasty and it was obvious to everyone that the owners won. The players were given less practice and the draft picks Sakarya was reduced and distributed to players. It was a feel good for the players but a financial loss. My conspiracy theory is since then Goodell has been playing a long con on the players on behalf of the owners: his unilateral control of discipline. I think players are so sick of it that they might accept a raw deal if marijuana and a disciplinary committee of some sort is out in place. I think Goodell has been playing bad cop so the owners will come out as good cop in 2 years.
  15. One of the most charismatic and enthusiastic Panthers of all time? If he brings 1/10th of that energy and his cajun accent I'm sold.
  16. Pretty good. Has a home flipping business. Had a tv show. Endless appearances. One hit wonders in music/pop culture dont have to “work” ever again. It’s pretty much a 100k/y for life guarantee with the bonus of your name/face getting better opportunities than most.
  17. How many years has Bersin been a "starter" for us? I was under the impression last year was his rookie campaign. also amazing how many people can call a "ceiling" so quickly. Impressive.
  18. I never stated that espn was intelligent, just passing on what I heard. If you want my take: I bet a team like Den or Phi has a lot larger chance of a 2 pt conversion than other squads who keep the chance of a success below 50% therefor a team that has a 60 % success rate may be more inclined to give it a go vs a 91% chance of a pat (assuming espn was correct about that percentage.) Edit: If I had to guess kicks have a higher block/return rate than a 2 point attempt
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