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  1. Yep, mentioned it in my OP. NFL Competition Committee approved and recommended this THIS offseason and owners veto’d it. edit: ”While the owners on Tuesday mulled enhancing the use of video replay in officiating, they vetoed the idea of a one-year trial of a fourth-and-15 play from the offense's 35-yard line to replace the onside kick, considered one of the game's more dangerous plays. The powerful competition committee recommended the play by a vote of 7-1, but the owners were not swayed.” https://komonews.com/sports/sports-content/nfl-owners-vote-down-potential-onside-kick-change-03-26-2019
  2. This is basically what the competition committee approved in the offseason but the owners rejected, simply because the AFF did it first. Its so dumb.
  3. These new horse poo Kickoff rules from 2018 are really ruining any excitement in coming back in a game. There were proposals before the season that made sense with the 4th down election a team could make but here we are in 2019 without a snowballs chance in hell whenever your team is down two scores. Hell I thought why not have old onside kicks possible one play a game but no one even recommended that one.
  4. I said we needed a clown face reaction in place of the latte reaction and that was ignored and so the little ray of happiness I could have dispensed to OP in this thread is ruined.
  5. Just like every team studied our offense after we went to the super bowl. We would have to be utterly incompetent to not come out prepared. The only alternative however is if STL does something completely different on offense and does it well.
  6. So he can be dressed appropriately for the new posters that haven’t met him before
  7. If there isnt a clown face for all the clown post we riot.
  8. Running game is wayy better this year, star players finally feel like star players, and you can fit throws inbetween coverages. That being said fug ea for giving cam same fumble chance as every other qb and fug ea for the cash grab that is mut. Mut wouldn’t even be bad if it had a salary cap as the only mode
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