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  1. And the other team playing their best game of the season. Redskins have made some plays they never would make in another two full season against us today.
  2. Second time in two weeks we play teams that play the best games of their season. Wtf.
  3. Funchess just Moss'd someone. Dafuq?
  4. Please go watch soccer.
  5. I just thought how much the NFL likes to hamfist storylines and I just can't see them passing up the opportunity to put Efe on full display by sending us to London next year. This is not good and with us never having had to go across the pond the odds are pretty strong, especially since there are only 2 other teams that haven't gone; only the Packers and Texans haven't traveled to London yet. I just pray its not a home game. Also, we play the Jags next year too.
  6. thunderraiden

    PFF Ranks the Panthers O-Line 20th

    In all fairness we haven’t played any elite d-lines. Dallas was the best so far? Or maybe the Bengals. Lets just say our o-line is lucky they haven’t faced a d-line like the Bears.
  7. thunderraiden

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    After their BYE, Saints have @ Baltimore, then @ Minnesota, Rams, @ Cincinatti, then Philadelphia. The next 6 weeks will be the tale of the tape.
  8. thunderraiden

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Right? That wasn't our problem yesterday, it was our secondary and pass rush. We were up 17 - 3
  9. And 6 more wins lifts the curse.
  10. thunderraiden

    Any prelim reports on Ryan Kalil?

    Dude looked out of it on the sideline. Like he just DGAF.
  11. thunderraiden

    Why the Giants was a tough game

    Right, just the field advantage in the playoffs alone mean more than how your team "looks" accumulating wins in the season. Saints having to travel to Carolina in Janaurary gives the Panthers a much better chance of winning in a playoff game than going to their place at 12-4 with all blowout wins and 4 close losses and all to division rivals.
  12. thunderraiden

    Gameball, my God I'm shaking...

    Isn't that kick a record outside of Mile High?
  13. Chargers, Steelers, and 49'ers are the only teams that Chiefs beat all in shootouts. They are basically a worst Falcons but have the benefit of being in the AFC.