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  1. I think we see how its going to play out with the whole Gaulden situation. I think we will show a lot less nickel and more base packages with Gaulden going from Free Safety down to the slot while Reid goes from Strong Safety to single high safety. This will allow us to show different pre-snap looks and adjust on the fly.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/videos/good-morning-football/0ap3000001031436/Peter-Schrager-McCaffrey-is-possibly-going-to-be-an-MVP-candidate-in-2019 If CMC is MVP I can only hope its the same kinda season we have for the team last time we had an MVP player.
  3. We’re not the Eagles, if our QB#1 goes down we should be tanking and restocking on cheap rookies that outperform their contracts. Pretty much every superbowl team is running on star players on rookie contracts.
  4. 3-4: REDGE: Burns | MILB1: Luke | MILB2: Thompson LEDGE: Irvin RDE: Short | NT: Poe | LDE: Love/Addison/Butler? 4-3: SOLB: Burns | MLB: Luke | WOLB: Thompson RDE: Addison | UT: Short | NT: Poe | LDE: Irvin I would throw in nickle but there would be like 4 different line-ups we could field for nickle in big nickle, 3-4 nickle, 4-3 nickle, and even 2 - 4 nickel which is one of Rivera's favorites.
  5. I’ve come to peace with the fact that even if we shipped our 100 pick we would have still drafted Grier regardless so it doesn’t change the outcome.
  6. Are you seriously gonna use the example of either Tony Romo or Tom Brady coming in to replace your QB as a criticism of a pick?
  7. 4 years. We would have had to complete the trade into the first round to get him on 5 years.
  8. I just cant believe they gave up the good third rounder instead of the comp for 10 spots. Its mind blowing. Easily could have used the third and some more ammo to move back into the second for another first round talent.
  10. http://walterfootball.com/DraftDay/LiveAnalysis/charlie-nfl-2019?ddl Cody Ford?
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