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  1. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Mayo would sign the contract no problem and you also had no question marks on him. Collins made it public he wouldn not sign the contract and that he wanted to go undrafted so he could chose his team and get a early pay day in a year.
  2. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    If he want to play tackle that's not the spot for him. Will probably start at guard for a year or two then take Free's spot but from what I'm reading he wants to play Tackle from day one
  3. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Agreed and agreed. Hope they catch the POS
  4. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Breaking: I've been notified by representatives of OT La'el Collins that his paternity test results were negative. Specifically, Collins is not the father of Brittney Mills' child and Collins passed A polygraph test administered by an independent investigator in connection with Mills' case. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sm3b7t
  5. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Supposedly his agent called teams and let them know they were out of the running for him (based on fit alone) Haven't heard who those teams were though
  6. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Taking a massive dump? Damn he's chosing the Bucs. (Falcons or Aints acceptable as well)
  7. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Very true I was just saying what I've seen reported about him playing guard.
  8. rscott94

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    Because he would be a guard there. Just like he would most likely be a guard with Miami
  9. I don't really give a fug about the views on thread to be honest. Slow news day, I saw something Panthers related (by a bad source or not). But there was also something on C S R that a guy that works with a relative of Crabtree said we offered him a contract (and this was before Bob tweeted this). I think it's BS as well but if there's a possibility of it happening I figured I'd post it here to talk about him potentially being a Panther. Just like supposedly Smitty just deleted this tweet off of his twitter (yes I'm pretty sure this is fake) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_3YO4SUsAEyJ1w.jpg:large
  10. You know you enjoyed it as well... Better than talking about we should've signed (insert name here).
  11. You want this thread to die...... Yet you continue to view it and comment on it. Makes sense.
  12. That's why I said RUMOR. It's better/the same as saying my wifes cousin's best friend said we're bringing in (insert players name here)
  13. I know Incarcerated Bob is hard to trust but... Incarcerated Bob IBN‏@incarceratedbob **NFL NEWS** Colts snag Andre Johnson Titans/Panthers/Eagles contact Crabtree Reggie Bush involved with Niners & Chargers #IBN
  14. rscott94

    Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    Pics or it didn't happen. lol
  15. rscott94

    Rams release Jake Long

    I'd kick the tires on him if the money isn't too much (as long as he passes a physical).