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  1. paying mediocre guys and getting rid of proven difference makers... We bout to suck. And I'm pretty excited about it
  2. Huddlers. I wanted to take a minute to check on the folks. Just a little support, prayer and love from a fellow Huddler. Do you know anyone with Corona? How are you handling social distancing? Do you have toilet paper? How is this effecting your job & family? I know everybody doesn't believe in God or in prayer but i'll be lifting up everybody who comments.
  3. thanks for your help. sorry for your loss
  4. I'm really trying to find out how all of those clairvoyant bloggers who kept telling me that Bernie was going to beat Trump got it so incredibly wrong. Bernie cant even beat blundering, demented, creepy Joe Biden. And its funny to me.
  5. Congrats Joe Jackson. You beat your boys out of the hood to become latina and white women.
  6. My bubble is actually quite different. It's black, educated, middle-class, and church-going. It might not be your cup of tea, but its certainly the real world. What's not the real world? The Tinderbox.
  7. You're asking the American people to vote out an incumbent who despite his ridiculous tweets, has delivered in 4 years, some of the most successful political wins in our lifetime, revived economic confidence, and a safer country in exchange for a socialist political experiment ?? yall are nuts. And yes I know that its "democratic socialism." It doesn't matter. The branding is all it takes. People don't make what they perceive to be drastic changes when they think things are going well. Yes people don't like the Trumpness... but its baked in. Its par for the course now. And for all his antics... he's delivered for his base. Yes, It's boomers. And Its moderates. Its not just "Evangelicals." There's growing black support and I expect a few "blue dogs" will stay home. Not only do I think Bernie loses. Bernie's branding makes every single vote for Democrat candidates for Congress and the Senate about "Socialism." Hope you're ready for Republicans to be in control of both houses. Hope you're ready for more justice nominations.
  8. Trump will never be the Republican nominee. Hilary will win the 2016 election by a landslide. Mueller is coming. Trump is a Russian puppet. Trump will get us into a war with North Korea. Trump will be impeached and removed from office.
  9. This is hilarious. Democrat establishment is freaking out over Bernie running away with the party. The MAGA camp is hoping Bernie is the guy. Yall just go ahead and get this forum ready for four more years of whining. If Bernie is the nominee, its over. lol.
  10. We only have 12 years to live... quick everybody throw your money in the ocean!
  11. TheWiz


    Trump killed it. Get ready for another 4 years.
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