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  1. paying mediocre guys and getting rid of proven difference makers... We bout to suck. And I'm pretty excited about it
  2. Huddlers. I wanted to take a minute to check on the folks. Just a little support, prayer and love from a fellow Huddler. Do you know anyone with Corona? How are you handling social distancing? Do you have toilet paper? How is this effecting your job & family? I know everybody doesn't believe in God or in prayer but i'll be lifting up everybody who comments.
  3. thanks for your help. sorry for your loss
  4. I'm really trying to find out how all of those clairvoyant bloggers who kept telling me that Bernie was going to beat Trump got it so incredibly wrong. Bernie cant even beat blundering, demented, creepy Joe Biden. And its funny to me.
  5. Sad day. But I feel it in my Panther bones. Thanks Cam. Greatest QB in Panther history.
  6. Two things that made me say wow.... Butler having the fastest first step on Funchess being a big time improvement. Not too worried about the DB's just yet. Its very early and we should expect them to have these kinds of growing pains. Excellent write up as usual. My expectations for KB are just to have him "back." They should bring him along as slowly as possible.
  7. This is going to get interesting. Best thing about this article is the injury report. Great work Jeremy.
  8. Would love for us to carry 6 WR's and 4 Safeties. With the amount of CB's we have, and playing Jeremy Cash as another LB, I think we can get by. I'm not sure Garrett is the kind of receiver that will last being stashed on our practice squad. I think it depends on how well he does in TC.
  9. Titans have pick number 33, 43 and 45. I think we could easily get 43 or 45. Make it happen DG. Would love to move up and get Germain Ifedi or Sterling Shepard.
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