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  1. There were black people there. Even a group of black panthers members showed up. But it was also an MLK holiday. And given the history of black people and protesting.... MLK day is probably not the kind of day for that kind of protest.
  2. I'm just excited to have such a racial trailblazer representing the American people. I hope she picks Rachael Dolezal as her Vice President. I'm with her/ she/ them/
  3. Elizabeth Warren broke the color barrier in 1995. She was the first woman of color hired by Harvard Law. Right in time to celebrate MLK day.
  4. yeah when I look at their arms in the 2nd pic and how the background looks.... This might actually be fake news.
  5. hmmm... i didn't look close enough to feel suspicious .... but you might be on to something.
  6. It is a little odd that Cam has not given Luke a social media tribute yet.... but at least we know that they've talked to each other. Let's hear it from the Carolina Conspiracy .... what were they talking about? Upon Further Review.... The pic is taken by Iconic Saga Productions instagram. Founded by Cam Newton. Im sold.
  7. If you actually look at it, he didnt. Look at the fist bump Cam gave him. Turns out Greg started that week. They played it up which is even better.
  8. F'ing Hilarious. Heartbreaking we couldnt get these two a Superbowl.
  9. Imagine hearing the news that you just one of the most dynamic play callers in College sports.... feeling super optimistic And then hearing that Luke retired... and suddenly questioning your place on the team you helped build. I'm sure we'll hear from Cam soon... but its relatively fresh.
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