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  1. He never says he's Pep, but then again never says that he's not. https://twitter.com/Keeppounding_TV/status/1204166780207468549?s=20 If it is, this speaks volumes. Sound Off.
  2. Jerry: "Whose that young lady sitting beside you?" Tep: .... Really? Jerry: What? Tep: I'm buying hardees. Lose my number.
  3. Will Grier pulls a Kyle Allen and gets the start in Week 17. He balls out against the Saints. The Huddle instantly believes he's the heir apparent and that we should draft a tackle.
  4. Tepper is doing exactly what he wanted. A low draft pick, and Cam Newton is very attractive to any new head coach coming in. Great for a new GM too.
  5. Fair. But do you think that flag being up or down was going to stop him from shooting up that church?
  6. I know that its tempting to paint everyone who doesnt see everything exactly the same way as you as racist.... You do realize that she was responsible for having the flag removed right? https://twitter.com/peterjhasson/status/1203105913009258498
  7. Sounds like we're heading towards Sharia Law. We should totally monitor this.
  8. Nobody is talking about transgender people "existing." Harming someone because they're LGBT is evil. I'm saying that Transgenders should not dictate public policy.... especially since they are a minority of a minority. Transgender weightlifter breaks records in women's competition Transgender athletes breaks womens track record Transgender MMA fighter beats the crap out of a woman. Just a few headlines... you should take the time to google. The point of Title 9, was to ensure that girls would be treated equally when it comes to sports. But when biological males enter female athletics, they have an unfair advantage. Transgenders are literally obliterating Title 9 because liberals cannot say, sorry guy... you might feel like you're born in the wrong body.... but those testosterone levels give you a competitive advantage over the ladies.
  9. You mean like the LGBT billionaire lobbyists who represent less than 6% of the population who consistently failed to pass any measurable legislation in state held elections... so they took the matters to be settle in the courts. Christians do not agree on everything, but they're not a minority by any stretch lol. Even those who don't call themselves Christians believe in a judeo-Christian moral framework. All law is "forced morality." Whether you abide by it is your decision. You might say that a man thinking he's a woman and demanding that society trash all norms is anti-intellectual, and anti-biology, And anti-logic. The point I was making is that there is this idea that Trump has not done anything for the Christian community. I'm saying that's incorrect. Wildly incorrect.
  10. What on earth does "forced birth" mean? If you're talking about abortion, which disproportionately decreases the black population, who tend to overwhelmingly vote democrat... then Republicans suck at white supremacy.
  11. What has Trump done for "Christian Evangelicals" 1.) Mike Pence - devout Christian. Says all the right things. And in the event that Trump "something happens to Trump"...like impeachment, or worse... Christians actually get the Christian President that they want... (Chess Move) 2.) 120 superior court justices/ 2 Supreme Court Justices - yes this is about Roe v Wade, but its also about court cases that target Christians for "Not baking a cake for a gay wedding and suing a baker for not violating his Christian conscious." 3.) Reversing Obama's transgender bathroom policy - Because ya know... guys are out here breaking girls sports records. 4.) Hyde Amendment - 5.) Rolling back Dodd Frank - 6.) Trump administration has made it a point to be an advocate for persecuted Christians globally. 7.) 2nd Chance Act - Yes... those evil Christians actually do work in the prison system / with the homeless and with adoption agencies. It was a bi-partisan effort, but a lot of Christians were apart this effort. 8.) Christians love Israel - Trump has a HYPER pro-Israel policy 9.) Lingo - "God" - "Jesus" - Open Prayer Meetings with popular pastors are good optics. 10.) Trump has shown reluctance to go to war - I know everyone thought Trump would blow the world up, but he's not that guy. Not even close. 11.) Destruction of ISIS - Islamic Terrorism exists. Not every Christian likes DJT for obvious reasons. But he's delivered to the base. You dont have to agree... but the point is... that the Trump - Evangelical partnership is a deliberate one. And both sides are getting what they want, for now.
  12. Untrue, seeing as how white people are actually the global minority in Christianity.
  13. People of faith and people who are not of faith... understand how politics works. No politician is going to fully represent all of what you believe. It's actually very easy to understand. Trump courts Evangelicals in the same way that Obama courted the LGBT community. Neither need to be apart of that community to represent their activism. The battle for both is not in a particular policy, but in swinging the courts to conservatism which has favored religious rights/ anti-abortion. Trump is literally remaking the courts in a historical fashion. Don't call Christians stupid, because they understand how to play the game. But Christians are not a monolith. There are Christians on the right, left, middle and are not affiliated with any political spectrum. Just try to remember that by reading most of the comments... you actually affirm what Christians feel about being their ideas not being welcome in the public square. The Same thing with Men, and the white working class. Remember... most people were not voting FOR Trump, but Against Hilary. Aside from his twitter antics, he's been a successful president. And for 2020, that spells re-election.
  14. Valid. But Cam needed it. He's not a strong speaker. Or writer. It's not everyone's strong suit. Frank Luntz should go work for Donald Trump.
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