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  1. I expect to see the receivers moved around. I expect to see two tight end sets... with Funchess possibly getting a few reps from the 2nd spot. I expect to see Cotchery as reliable. And I expect to see Greg being Greg. Offensive sleeper: Fozzy Whitaker Excited to see how Fozzy and Ted Ginn's presence on special teams effects field position. Expect to see the defense cause the offense to turn the ball over at least once. And pound the crap out of that ball.
  2. I know its probably not going to happen... but I reaaaaalllly wanna see D-Will getting a nice little greeting from Luke or TD.
  3. My best friend is a police officer. I respect and appreciate what they do. They put their lives on the line daily. But I've also been profiled on a number of occasions... doesnt take away from good cops.... but it also doesnt remove the reality of the situation. Last week there was a post showing how idiotic Carolina Panther fans can be. There was a video in spanish highlighting our team and some idiotic Panther fans made some very foolish comments towards latinos. Of course all Panther fans are not racists fools... but obviously there are. Not all police are out here killing black men. And not everyone who says #Blacklivesmatter is advocating killing police... not even a majority... but in the same way that you should be able to point out how people shouldnt kill the police... people who fear for their own lives should be allowed to speak out about police killing them.
  4. Shout out to the guys Cam knew in 10th grade... To understand this photo, you need to understand where Cam is from. But here's the good news, Cam looks totally out of place in this picture. So for all of the people who will flip out about this picture... chill out brah
  5. Poor argument. Doesnt take into account other statistics. In 2010, white on white crime actually exceeded black on black crime at a rate of 4.6 times the number of blacks killed by black people. Most white people don't know this because the source of their information keeps them ill informed. But when we see an obvious pattern of systematic profiling, we see a disproportionate number of african american men killed by white cops. This is what the Black Lives Matter movement is about. Multiple layers are involved: cultural, economic, historical, political.... so the solutions need to address those dynamics. And unfortunately its a discussion that most people aren't honest enough to have without berating others.
  6. Boykin has been more reliable than Corey Brown in the preseason and he has actually shown in the past with Green Bay that he can be a consistent contributor. I'm totally not trying to cut Corey Brown. But I think we gotta find a way to keep Boykin.
  7. Stellar work Jeremy!! as always. Dont know if Im the only one but there was no link for me to click under "Kalil Appreciation"
  8. Gettleman is responsible for bringing this guy IN. If it wasn't for the Gman, most of us wouldn't even know who Wegher is. Look at his track record. Past GM's have had us wondering... "Why are we keeping this guy around?" The questions we have to ask about Gman's picks are .... how can we NOT keep this guy? I love J-Stew and Mike Tolbert. But Steve Smith is our franchise leading receiver and we weren't afraid to get rid of him. D-Will is our franchise leading RB, but we cut ties with him. Greg Hardy was leading our team in sacks... having a monster year. But we let him go. Gman has been about finding solid football players who can contribute... at depth... without breaking the bank. Wegher is worth his salt. Im glad that we're hype about this guy. But l just want us to remember who brought him here for us to be excited about. It's not like "They cant see it." They saw it before we did.
  9. bruuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. shut uuuuuuuppppppp!
  10. Our Rookie WR who posted over 1000 yards receiving got BETTER, more in shape and appears to be more focused. I'll never get tired of reading this. I'm glad for him.
  11. Did Coach Rivera mention how he felt about the job he did in the presser?
  12. Even if this WERE true... the problem with this is that the way we run our offense requires that you protect the QB, and the LT position is the most important to cover the blindside. Our passing games runs plays where receivers need time to develop their routes. Even if it were true that we only had one weakness (which I don't agree with yet,) its a pretty glaring hole which can cost us games because it plays such a big role in how we run our offense.
  13. We were really bad on special teams last year and I like the idea of having 2 or 3 guys who can return punts and kickoffs. Has he gotten any looks on special teams yet?
  14. I'm becoming a big fan of Lee Ward... I want our offense to be able to physically punish opposing defenses. Cam is huge and is a physical threat when he's running at you. We now have one the largest and most physical receiving core in the league.. that can physically overwhelm opposing DB's. We all know what Jonathan Stewart brings to the table. Lee Ward is the kind of player that will only add to a tough offense that can wear down LB's and pick up DE's in certain situations. Im on the bandwagon.
  15. Cam going Marvel this year?? Interesting
  16. So... Im sitting here thinking that he's jumping too high... He could get hurt. I've never had that feeling before. What the Funch?
  17. wow. Just took us to church bro. Great stuff.
  18. I just came for the joint jokes.
  19. Breaking News: Cam Newton's receivers caught with pot. Cam Newton is not a leader.
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