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  1. There are actually biblical grounds for divorce. Those grounds are fornication (adultery) and abandonment. (Matthew 5:32; 19:9) )(1 Corinthians 7:15) If his previous wife was unfaithful.... then he is permitted to divorce her. A lot of people don't divorce after infidelity... and they show grace and mercy to their spouse... because love is not against the law. But its up to them.
  2. This is actually incredibly false. At the very foundation of Christianity is the belief that we are sinners... and that the sin in your life... whether it be a white lie, adultery, or murder leads to death and separation of God. Christians do have a tendency to point out that there is a right and a wrong in the world. And that what is wrong in people and in the world is why we need redemption. In turn, most people become defensive and interpret that as self-righteousness. But you cannot be a Christians without first admitting that not only does your poo stink... but that the hole which it came from is not much different from the hole we speak from.
  3. Fair point.... But in all of your 40 years of being A Christian... how many years have been a starting QB for a superbowl winning franchise? Faith may be the same, but the context is different. I think that in the same way that you have no idea if his faith is real or phony... you can also say that you have no idea what it means to have to be a 20 something year old multi-million dollar superbowl winning QB, whose trying to live out his faith in light of public scrutiny. Granted, I would have never told this story... it seems a bit premature. But he's young, and he'll learn. And I don't think we could call what Russell's doing "holding out." They're negotiating. He's proven his worth in a very short amount of time. There's no reason for him to think he doesn't deserve the same type of money Cam Newton gets. And I hope he gets it....
  4. Russell Wilson's faith is nothing new. If you've followed him for anytime, he's not shy about it. It guides a lot of his decisions. He's been consistent on this for some time. There's no reason to believe that there's anything phony about it. Cam Newton has also talked about his faith. Its actually apart of the things that make up how he gives back. People have called him fake, phony and full of himself. Its hypocritical. and stupid. He's a good guy. He wins... and Ciara Is drop dead gorgeous.
  5. ​I know it's early but can you compare Funchess progress with Benji's last year?
  6. This brought an actual smile to my face. Jeremy is showing off today. #keeppounding #NFCSOUTHKINGS
  7. If Bersin performs, Im 100% on with him making the team. I just don't want him returning punts.... ever. He runs good routes and he seems to have reliable hands. Last year we pulled for him because he came through whenever called upon. But this WR core can really be dangerous and as coach Proehl said, good receivers are not going to make this team this year. If Bersin makes this team, its because he got better, and performed against worthy competition.... and I root for that. The way you described the defense is really intriguing. Sounds like our guys defense is going to pick up right where we left off. Cam being able to practice against one of the best defenses in the league every single day means Cam stays sharp and continues to grow. Johnson switching to the right means we're planning on giving offenses different looks this year. Good luck game planning against Charles Johnson on the right and KK on the left?? sheesh! Im having a hard time tempering my optimism from this standpoint: The offseason moves at WR make that core bigger: Devin Funchess is 6'4, Corey Brown put on 10 pounds of muscle. Faster: Funch running 4.4 @‌‌ pro day, Ted Ginn comes back with the same flashes. (Outliers: Stephen Hill, Damiere Byrd) Our Oline has come back bigger... Our young defensive guys come back with experience and have now added depth (Shaq Thompson, Peanut Tillman) And Cam is ...... healthy. I don't know many offenses that can physically dominate the opposing defense with size and speed... from QB, RB, WR.... but these guys can really be that team. The team that punishes defenders physically for 4 quarters. August... get here quickly.
  8. I think Bersin being on the list is just a nod to giving him the most opportunities they can at making the team. This team hasn't had this much competition at WR for awhile. There's no chance he's our punt returner. At this point, its his job to lose... and he's going to lose it.
  9. So can we get a poo leader board ?
  10. I think its smart to get this done BEFORE Russell Wilson set the market. Cam was going to get a 100 mil contract one way or another. You might as well get it done early. And I don't see our Front office making dumb decisions. Waiting to see how its structured. Plus a $5 million cap increase... Gman has been preparing for this all offseason.
  11. Great stuff IGO. Please never go to ESPN... I say this because your material is good enough for you to be staffed there. But if the money is right... I wouldn't blame you man.
  12. not the biggest Bucher fan... but I think this was actually a compliment. Barside: I wonder what percentage of Panther fans are unabashed Warrior bandwagoners.
  13. A convo about Cam and JJ Watt... And it somehow ends up being about Andrew friggin Luck. you guys do to a thread, what a 600 pound woman does to an erection.... take it south.
  14. SMH. This is one of those rep-identifying threads... Now whatever valid points you may make... people will respond with... "Says the guy who said, we thought J-Stew was soft."
  15. NFL finds out that the Patriots are cheaters..... 4 Superbowls late.
  16. So wait... RR isn't Ron Rivera anymore? This is going to confuse the drunks...
  17. some of you haven't been Carolina fans long enough..... no. no. no. Revisit Rae Carruth (eerily similar). They're saying that he's not a suspect at this point, but after what we just went through with the Greg Hardy situation.... and JR crying. No way we touch this guy. I totally don't make rush judgments, but the way he's handling everything right now isn't really the "Carolina way" either.
  18. I totally haven't read a single word of the OP but Im just guessing that its something about how Cam is not yet an elite QB like Peyton Manning/ Tom Brady, how he hasn't proven anything yet.... and something about the money we're going to pay him. MESHUGANAH.
  19. 4.2 speed AND a 42 inch vertical.... I just became a fan. one little guy out there with a bunch of 6'5 receivers... perfect smoke screen. Put him in the Kick return and see if, like Smitty he blossoms into something special.
  20. 6'1 235. he led the Sun belt in Tackles.... had 2 games with 20 plus tackles... special teams it seems.
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