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  1. One of the most credible sources we have. So long Kraken
  2. NO DICE DOCKETT! It would be insulting to bring in dockett and not keep a younger/ BETTER Greg Hardy. I'd rather draft somebody. This guy is a 10 year vet... we good bruh.
  3. I love Paid Time Off.... I used it today because of the snow... except... they kind of forced me to use it... or I would get in trouble wait... did I just get screwed out of vacation time?
  4. Pre-Gettleman drafts. He really hasnt given us reason to doubt his ability to evaluate talent.
  5. this is good news. make bigger moves. draft somebody better.
  6. Greg Hardy and Michael Oher were teammates in High School and College... The handwriting is on the wall. Greg is coming back. lol
  7. Not good news.. Everyone at that funeral wont be a Panther next year... Watch out Mike.
  8. Tarnish? I feel like its just what we expected. Social media has created an entirely new element to how we perceive fans. He's not a bad guy. Panther's all time leading rusher. Most guys dont get to retire where they want anymore.
  9. dont see him as an answer... but a step in the right direction. still want to see what kind of receiver we draft. positives: speed - will make a defense respect us as a deep threat... opening up things for KB and Olsen. could get interesting seeing him and philly brown in some fancy reverses. ST- (goodbye Bersin) versatility CAMistry- he has seen his most success as a receiver with Cam as his QB. had a down year, we should be able to sign him for cheap. negatives: im sure there are some, but they really dont come to mind right now.
  10. so about those awesome black unis that we NEVER wear....
  11. Althought he's not the worst... I do want to give a shout out to Tshimanga Biakabutuka... I see you cuz.
  12. Reallly I get it. I really do. But some of this is so incredibly disrespectful. Giving money back? It's not like Greg was a hold out, like he didnt want to play here. Greg Hardy was suspended initially because of a knee jerk response due to another player on an entirely different team. This just became an issue because of media pressures. Its the flavor of the week and we got the short end of the stick. If he wants to remain a Panther, that option needs to be explored. I dont know why the case has anything to do with it because he was already found guilty of assault. So a second opinion somehow makes him innocent? It doesn't. There are tons of guys that should be indicted in the NFL and many of them haven't step foot on the field. This will play in our favor. We discovered depth and developed talent on the defense this year. But Greg Hardy is a special guy... a franchise talent, that wants to play here... that made a mistake... that will be available at a cheap price. Sign him. We can take those draft picks and focus on giving Cam the weapons he needs. Stop being afraid of the big bad media, build a brick house team and start winning.
  13. Not bad... I'd go with 2 WRs, 3 OL, 1 Safety, 1 LB (Thomas Davis Successor)
  14. A double dip on Tackle? I could totally seeing us drafting a guy like this. Gettleman has really sold me on the fact that he can find starter ability in any round. BPA doesn't mean we cant find a starter in later rounds.
  15. we've had this happen all year. And we found a way to make it happen. Any other year, we would have a reason to be freaking out... but this is just part of the story this year. Next Man up... keep pounding
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