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  1. 4Corners

    Panthers NOT earning their money

    We should have kept Star over Poe. Poe is a complete waste of space and Has been a terrible signing.
  2. Pass rush is absolute joke. The entire coaching staff should be ashamed of themselves. I’m officially on the get Eric Reid out of town ASAP wagon. Dude is garbage.
  3. As bad as the defense is man we are still in this game
  4. He walked off the field and is walking on the side without assistance Any other observations, doctor?
  5. It’s the coaching and scheme. It’s awful.
  6. Galloway or whatever his name is or washed up Blount will big games tomorrow. Guaranteed!
  7. 4Corners

    Falcon add OL.

    M(ore subtle racism)AGA!
  8. 4Corners

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    In related news , the GOP and republican law makers have now announced they fully endorse Avenatti as a republican presidential candidate.
  9. 4Corners

    Lions WR Marvin Jones out.

    Nameless WR Corp, eh? lets see what the panthers defense can do about that. Guaranteed one of these scrubs goes off on Sunday.
  10. 4Corners

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    Even if the panthers come out firing on all cylinders and have a 35-0 lead at half time I’m sure they will find some way to let the Lions back in it and Stafford will throw 4 second half TDs.
  11. 4Corners

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    Did anyone see how their coach Patricia went off on a reporter a few weeks ago for “poor posture” and not “respecting the process” ???? patricia is pushing 400 pounds and dresses like I would imagine a senior offensive line man in high school dresses. A backwards hat and a pencil behind his ear. Not to mention the kibble in his gross beard. He should not be advising anyone on how to carry themselves. eSpn already has him on the hot seat. I’m sure he will he back in NE fetching Belicheat his coffee in a year or two.
  12. This is a good post. Making the huddle better. Bringing facts and knowledge not bullshit hot takes.
  13. I see Pete the Cheat is still the fastest gum chewer west of the Mississippi.
  14. More concerned about the pass rush and defense