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  1. 4Corners


    F the Saints! Karma is a bitch!
  2. 4Corners

    2018-19 North Carolina Tar Heels

    Looks like guys are starting to buy in. This particular UNC team MUST play defense. That is the X factor for us this year. The team seems to feed off defensive energy and if they play good d they are gonna have a chance to win every game. I hope we get another crack at UK in the tourney.
  3. This isn’t a very intelligent post
  4. Marquis - check the thread “this is what MAGA has given birth to” it’s like the 6th post on the thread. I also recommend that you bring back the old rep system where we can police our own and neg rep the idiots and racists here to the smack forum only.
  5. Hey dude I’ve been here for over ten years and seen the ups and downs but just this weekend in the TB a poster was using the N word. I alerted you to this and he is still posting today. There is absolutely no place for that type of language here even if he was using it in a quote. I’m even more shocked that you don’t have that word filtered out. Theres also about 7-10 posters who should be permabanned but I am not going to list them here.
  6. 4Corners

    London here we come

    I’d still prefer the panthers play a game in merry old England than South Carolina.
  7. I have watched the last two KC games and haven’t seen KB anywhere. I forgot he was on the Chiefs honestly.
  8. 4Corners

    London here we come

    They also prefer warm beer
  9. 4Corners

    Roughing the passer

    This poo makes me mad
  10. 4Corners

    Ring of Honor expanding

    You got any evidence to backup your claim that Pep was suspended for steroids or nah
  11. 4Corners

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Please provide evidence that peppers was suspended for steroids
  12. 4Corners

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Please provide evidence to back up your claim Pep was suspended for steroids.
  13. 4Corners

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Didn’t ephedra like super dehydrate you or something? Supposed to help athletes cut weight?
  14. 4Corners

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Again, please provide proof Julius Peppers 4 game suspension was due to steroids.