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  1. I think it will be Mike Tomlin or someone from within the Steelers organization.
  2. Incredible stupid and ignorant example. Apples and oranges. But I would like certain restrictions and laws created to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Race baiting is simply tricking a racist person into saying something racist. It’s easy to do on the internet because people talk poo behind a keyboard and say stuff they wouldn’t dare say stuff in public.
  4. Ray come on dude. It was a harmless joke directed at a moron who thinks it’s a good idea to get in a fight at a Panthers game with another panthers fan. Lighten up bro.
  5. You know this is what’s going to happen. We will be coasting to top three pick and then rattle off a 2 game meaningless win streak to knock us back to like 6 or 7
  6. It isn’t missed. ESPN is garbage.
  7. I appreciate Ron and what he has accomplished here, but IMHO it looks like we need a culture change. Also, Something is off with Cam. His accuracy is abysmal.
  8. I would be super pissed if they dealt our first rounder for Williams or pretty much anyone at this point. Looks like it’s going to be a top 10 pick.
  9. Welp my Sunday’s just got a little more flexible. Team is garbage which is a shame because we are wasting some good players.
  10. We need to get electronic sensors and robot referees and eliminate most of the human element in officiating the game. Every single season man and every fuging game.
  11. Right there with ya. It sucks to be out of it this early. Gonna be a long rest of the season. Probably one of the longest in franchise history lol.
  12. Season over guys. Man it sucks to be out of it after week 2. Gonna have to watch the rest of this crap for a couple more months.
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