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  1. Eric Reid politely responds to an article criticizing he and his friend. huddle republicans: SHUTUP YOU TERRORIST STAND FOR THE TROOPS I BET U DONT EVEN PAY TAXES AND SUPPORT DAH GAYZ. MAGA! #HuddleLogic
  2. I’m sure you will be able to find a hotel. Being a Gringo you may want to pick a different part of the world for your sexual escapades.
  3. This is the worst take I’ve read on here in months. Please be joking. Please.
  4. 4Corners

    Comp Pick - Norwell

    Looks like a pretty good deal. Norwell isn’t worth the money.
  5. The poster who said that is one the absolute worst posters on this entire forum and has been called out and possibly reprimanded numerous times for racially charged, sexist, and quite frankly embarrassing Posts and comments - that I’m sure he would say in public.
  6. I bet you felt exactly this way with the CIAA tournament and the NBA all star game in town! LOL!
  7. I guess NFL owners are actually ok with kneeling as long as it is a young girl bought and paid for against her will providing sexual services - and not a black athlete peacefully exercising his freedom of speech.
  8. 4Corners

    Greg Olsen and Barack Obama

    Surprised you like the Panthers and not the Patriots or Cowboys. Are you also a Bama FB fan? Pull for the Yankees and Lakers/GS too?
  9. 4Corners

    Greg Olsen and Barack Obama

    Typical bandwagon duke fan. Do you even know where duke is located?
  10. I know a few people in the White House (with more to come) that are going to be looking for cell mates.
  11. Yup that is serious stuff. A differently level of disgusting.
  12. I’m sure you can explain the difference with accuracy
  13. The guys who got arrested are.