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  1. I’m pretty sure those are the sunglasses you see commercials for when watching ACC Network. Eagle Vision or some sh!t. $20 at Walgreens.
  2. Hey tough guy - how many people have you confronted and asked to remove a hat during the anthem? #MessageBoardGangster
  3. Times change. This is old fashioned and asking for trouble. I’m a Christian but I don’t think an invocation like this is appropriate. The same people who are advocates of this dated ritual are probable the same ones telling folks to “stick to sports”.
  4. I think that the guys in Congress that are always arguing with each other ...90% of them are friends regardless of where they sit. It’s lucrative to be a politician.
  5. As long as he doesn’t donate to Emperor Orangeface we good
  6. Dude your meltdown is epic. Thoughts and prayers!
  7. We don’t need public prayer before football games. If you want to partake in that, do it privately at your car in between your Natural Lights or PBR. It’s offensive and insensitive. Better yet, head over to NASCAR.
  8. Dude you need to calm down.
  9. Have you been bitten by the rattlesnakes yet?
  10. Simple question: when is the last time you voluntarily attended a church service?
  11. Or in Comrade Trump’s case - Russia.
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