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  1. This is code. Caught another one. How you know he is Lazy? You are basing this awful opinion on whatever predisposition you have in that pea sized brain of yours.
  2. Whitehead blows. Something the entire Huddle can agree on. One of the few times that has happened. I started laughing when those announcers yesterday, who were terrible, went on some rant about how undervalued and underrated he is around the NFL. Obviously didn’t do their homework and just read whatever script an intern gave them.
  3. Let’s be honest here. Brendon Fraser’s Oscar snub in Encino Man was one of the all time screw jobs.
  4. Nate Chandler and Byron Bell. What a fuging joke.
  5. I think his arm is shot. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is a degenerative problem or permanent structural damage to his shoulder.
  6. RBs are a group of nobodies. WR is Corp is garbage. No TE. Not a very good supporting cast. Sounds familiar.
  7. I think his arm is shot. I’m a Cam fan always but I am a panthers fan first and foremost.
  8. So your telling me A super bowl winning, vet coach who managed to keep his job after being responsible for one of the biggest scandals in NFL history outcoached a guy with 7 career NFL games
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