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  1. This opinion essentially guarantees the website is garbage. Who in the hell would pay money to get iNsIDe InFoRMaTiOnZ. I see dudes on the college websites like IC, TDD, and Crack Ride paying $100 a year to find information that can easily be accessed on twitter or Reddit for free. But like I said, with bulls ringing endorsement - I think I will gladly pass LOL.
  2. I bet he is going to be a real treat to deal with when he wants a new contract.
  3. The publications and media do in this state. Facts.
  4. This is a July huddle thread if I’ve ever seen one
  5. James Dolan is the worst owner in the NBA and maybe all of professional sports.
  6. If this would have been a UNC football player - there would have been a front page editorial on every NC newspaper calling for an NCAA investigation and calling for Roy Williams and Mack Brown’s jobs.
  7. Good Lord. Kemba leaving is not the end of the world. Chill out. You also left Bob Johnson and George Shinn off of this list.
  8. Let’s put the soccer team in South Carolina. Let’s keep all the garbage and riff raff below the state line.
  9. With Kemba, and an marginal addition FA here or there, and the ball bouncing their way in a couple games, Hornets at best are a 5-6 seed. I just wish they would have dealt him for some serious compensation.
  10. That is their right to do so - cancelling their season tickets. Some corporation will just scoop them up or the team will donate then to a charity or non profit for a tax write off. A 30 year old PG isn’t worth a super max contract. I have no problem with them moving on from Kemba but I do have a major problem with the team not receiving any sort of compensation or dumping bad contracts by dealing the only major asset this team has ever had. NBA is basically turning into Euro club soccer and we had a chance here to move Kemba for draft picks.
  11. I agree with you that Kemba is not worth a supermax deal. I’m just befuddled that they let him go with absolutely nothing to show for it.
  12. “Franchise killer” is a bit much but I get where your coming from. In fact, I’m good with Kemba leaving but the franchise just letting him walk with absolutely nothing to show for it is awful asset and team management. They had a golden chip to help rebuild the franchise but just pissed it away. The team is a joke and really poo the bed here. It’s a shame but honestly as watered down as the NBA is and in the age of super teams I don’t think most of the people in this city are going to care if the hornets win 13 games next year.
  13. I forgot about this guy. He’s a nobody. His most memorable moment in Charlotte was when somebody broke into his house off Carmel road and pistol whipped he and his his wife.
  14. Panthers go 7-9 and the organization considered cleaning house. Browns go 7-8-1 and the mistake by the lake fans want to throw the team a parade. We will see how the browns do this year with lofty expectations. Is anyone really sold on Fred Kitchens?
  15. Thankfully the last year in Wofford! If I have to go Sakerliner to watch the panthers I’d rather go to Fort Mill than Wofford!
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