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  1. In all seriousness, please tell me what RR has done for this organization over 8 seasons or what he has done this season to warrant him keeping his damn job?
  2. The only way this win was worth it is if by New Orleans shutting it down, they are unable to start it back up in their first playoff game and lose. Then I will say I was wrong, Rivera is an evil genius and $#&@ the Aints!
  3. Semaj

    I cant believe how bad Ron fuged us today

    The Panthers lose when they lose and now they Lose when they win. Thanks for the memorable season Ron.
  4. I think we need to change his name from Riverboat Ron to Teflon Ron. The guy just won't go away. 3 winning seasons out of 8. I would be embarrassed and resign. Not Teflon Ron. He just keeps on going.
  5. So in other words Ron is great as long as he doesn't have to make head coach decisions LoL
  6. I have no idea what team you're talking about. I know it's not the Panthers. Cuz we don't have a winning coach to can. Patriots fan?
  7. Semaj

    Sean Payton is a punk

    "I hate his team like a rival gang" HAHAHAHA. DAMN I hate the Aints like no other team too. They are and always have been classless since SP arrived. I Hope to lose so we can draft a player that will haunt them for the next 10 season's. A major injury to one of their key players would be karma of the highest order. That being said I won't root for that because I am not an Ain't or an Ain't fan. I will laugh if it happens though.
  8. Semaj

    Draft Order Analysis (Merry Christmas)

    Unfortunately we all know what being a Panthers fan means. Prepare for the letdown. Whatever the worst thing that can happen, ...................... You guys and girls know the rest. I am prepared to draft around 15 or something after we win the game on a hail Mary with no time left. All this suck and suffering for nothing. Please fire Ron and give us something for this shitty season. Pretty please.
  9. Meanwhile the Huddle's favorite choice for a RB in the 2017 draft Leonard Fournette has missed God knows how many games. Lol at Huddle Logic.
  10. Proud to say that he was the player I dreamed of us drafting in 2017. I knew what he was capable of and also knew that the color of a man's skin doesn't ever determine what he's capable of. Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey just destroying moronic stereotypes every year. We are blessed to have 2 of the best at their positions. Just need Cam to get healthy for next year.
  11. What is going on with Cam? He started the year like an MVP candidate and now this.
  12. Semaj

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    I seriously can't stand Ron Rivera as our coach
  13. Semaj

    Imamura is a scapegoat...

    Bye Ron. Don't let the........... Well you know what I mean.
  14. Semaj


    48yo and white as the snow here. Love Cam and he is my QB. Don't stereotype, not a good look. Race has got nothing to do with it. I love Cam Newton. However I have wanted Ron gone since 2013.