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  1. Trump just did the equivalent of shooting someone so we shall see. He's probably right
  2. And even if that ploy even fails and he refuses to accept results what would anyone do about it? He's already shown he will ignore the Supreme Court and install people loyal to him above legal consequences and democratic norms. If Republicans hold the Senate and Trump declares that he doesn't accept the election results based on a bullshit argument and has loyalty pledged members in the Pentagon and DOJ, and doesn't care what the SCOTUS rules, who will remove him from office? We have to quit looking at Trump as someone who cares one iota about the rule of law or the Constitution.
  3. It's not about her it's about the SCOTUS and the future of any progressive policy you support
  4. Bernie the honest politician was a liar this whole time and AOC isn't a progressive? Y'all really should slow down to think about who is actually the ones being propagandized here. Y'all are no different then the consumers of conservative media. Yelling at the main stream media. Trying to dunk on the libtards. And everyone who doesn't fall into your narrow line is a PINO and is part of the conspiracy against the red pill progressives. Perhaps I'm subconsciously using them as a shield. Whose to say for certain. Or perhaps I mention them because maybe just maybe the architects behind the movement you claim to support, are also able to see the bigger picture here. And our beliefs happen to align. Nah. It's probably that I've always been a secret corporate democrat just waiting for my moment to spring my trap on you with my establishment buddies in tow. That seems more plausible.
  5. My views on this election and Trump perhaps. Don't know how much our views on policy align. As far as I can tell my views tend to align with Bernie Sanders and AOC whom agree with me on this election. But they are fake progressives too I suppose
  6. It's hard to differentiate to properly address those specific progressives. Because I'm a progressive, and I believe they are progressives as well. We just differ on the importance of this election to the future viability of our preferred policies. They are apparently under the assumption that a 6-3 conservative supreme court is irrelevant to enacting a National Health Insurance. And if we just elect a progressive in 2024 or 2028 that that margin will magically disappear much like Trump thought the Coronavirus would when he abdicated his duties and allowed 150,000 American men and women to die in a modern day Holocaust that they participated in enabling in 2016 by saying Hillary was the worst candidate in modern history. Now they are being manipulated again. Same tactics that have served conservatives so well. Demonize the mainstream press, scapegoat losses on conspiracy, and only give credibility to social media news. Funny how we used to all laugh at G5, Twylight, and ECU88 for doing that, only for them to take their place with barrages of random tweets and memes. Heck they are even using alt-right terminology now by saying they are the red pilled and we are all just blue pilled sheep.
  7. LOL this dude made up a first pitch he wasn't even invited for just to be dumb (and racist)
  8. Just in case there are still progressives that think M4A and voting rights do not hang in the balance for the next 20 years in this election. We'll see who supports M4A by who joins us in defeating Trump. Everyone else is just giving lip service and rationalizing to themselves how they could allow a tyrant to remain in power just because they want internet clout and to yell at the at the DNC
  9. The last part is fair. He may not. Trump won't. And SCOTUS nominees handpicked from the federalist society certainly won't uphold M4A. And I have acknowledged Joe's record. I've even discussed some of it. And there is a lot that I'm not in agreement with. Some of his decisions need better context of the time. 50 years ago isn't the same as today. And all of it is still better than what Trump has done in 4 years. Not just policy wise. But the things he is doing to dismantle our government and its systems of checks and balances. He is doing things that can make it quite easy for us to slide straight out of a Democratic Republic and into minority conservative rule for the next 20 years. You underplay this aspect, but it's real. And it's happening. This is outside or the legislative initiatives that he supports. I'll admit I am not hostile towards pragmatism. I believe you fight for anyone even if you can't save everyone. If there is a building on fire and there is 50 people in it, but we only can save 10, im not the type of person to say those 10 don't matter because we can't save all 50. It doesn't mean as yall suggest that I don't care about the other 40, or that I don't wish to save all 50. Again yall dismiss this is "incrementalism". I view it as saving as many as we can as we fight to save more. It isn't mutually exclusive to me. So I fought the fight between Bernie and Joe in the primary. I lost. It sucks. I'm not happy about it either. But you have to fight the next fight in front of you. That's Biden vs Trump. And between those two it's the easiest decision I've ever had to make in an election. Biden has plans that help people, Trump has plans to hurt more people. As much as you try to downplay the threat of Trump, even as 140,000 Americans lay dead, hate crimes on the rise, voting rights being stripped, healthcare being taken away, etc, it simply isn't "the same" and this administration isn't "normal" I don't love Joe. I very much disliked Hillary. But more importantly there is a current president that must be stood up to IMO. He must be rejected by the American people. And I'm not the type of person to stand by and let him win just because my fave lost the primary. There is more at stake than my petty feelings. Even beyond the strategic reasons for voting for Biden. And I will do so while also continuing to support progressive candidates, policy, and initiatives.
  10. There is an extensive history in this thread of people lying or at best misleading about things Biden/Obama said or did. So perhaps you are right. It's hard to tell when someone is being hyperbolic or dishonest. Like Biden saying he disagreed with segregationists and racists about race, but managed to pass legislation with them on other issues makes him a "segregationist" Perhaps that is hyperbole Or him saying raising taxes on the wealthy wouldn't fundamentally change their lifestyles means he said he wouldn't change anything. Or how Obama using the National Guard at Governor's request is "the same" as forcing federal forces into states against the wishes of local officials Or how detaining suspected terrorists is the same as detaining American protestors Or how Biden calling Trump the first racist president is somehow more important than the openly racist president himself. So perhaps you are right. It is hard to tell when y'all are being hyperbolic or out and out lying.
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