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  1. This is as scary as it was predictable. Although silly me, I truly thought refusing to accept the results of the election would be a red line for Republican leaders to finally do something honorable.
  2. It isn't just "your body" at stake. It's other people's as well. This is a communicable virus which means that people wouldn't be making dangerous decisions for themselves, but also dangerous decisions for the people in their community. Abortion is a private decision. Having an abortion doesn't cause the people around you to suddenly have abortions against their will. That is a poor analogy
  3. So... my 96 year old grandmother had to stay with my father for a few days who was diagnosed with lung cancer in July and had part of his lungs removed. She went home this Tuesday and had severe pains in her side and had to go to the hospital. She had a severe kidney stone and was scheduled to have emergency surgery. In the pre-op she tested positive for COVID. So she is sick and now my dad who is compromised with bad lungs has been exposed as well. We found all this out today so don't know if dad is actually infected yet. But everyone please be safe out there.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this. Sending thoughts to your family
  5. We aren't really "shutting down" the economy. We are saying no mass gatherings and only leaving for necessity. Going to the mall, a ball game, or sitting inside a restaurant is not a necessity in the scheme of life. And wearing a mask and social distancing isn't really a nuisance. One thing we have seen during this pandemic is companies being innovative in how they serve customers despite the pandemic, and how workers can work from home. 250,000 dead in less than a year even with guidelines is insane.
  6. I saw that, and my understanding was that either state law or in the state constitution dictates that all the electoral votes goes to the winner of the popular vote in PA. So it isn't even an option in PA That was from the PA Republican Senate leader directly to Santorum.
  7. I'm old enough to remember when you actually tried
  8. How is making sure all votes are counted Republicans doing illegal stuff? Its only treasonous if they try to stop votes from being counted. That is why I said you would never support that. But you making a connection between votes being counted and Trump losing is very telling. Maybe we arent the ones nervous
  9. he SHOULD win in a landslide but anything can happen. Especially if GOP tries to stop counts before all the votes counted. That would be treason against the United States though so surely they wont do that, and Im sure you wouldnt support it.
  10. Actually, I don't think I'll co-sign with whatever you say. If your answer wasn't something you were fearful of the reaction to, it wouldn't take so much to get you to answer it. But my main point is don't ask me something you won't answer yourself. But just to answer your question the first thing we do is every legal recourse there is to make sure every vote counts and that the election is fair and free and then the results are honored. If the legal system fails then hopefully there is a national mandate that can justify extra-judicial means to remove the man from office. But the second option becomes less and less a realistic option if there isn't a clear mandate. Secondly, I'll go to community leaders and ask what I can do to help them directly. It isn't like I have any power of influence, but I can ask them directly what actions I can take to help them, and I will likely follow their guidance. Lastly, I will continue to advocate and donate for and to causes that are trying to make real change to better society and continue fighting for the ideals I want to see us achieve in the long term. No matter what happens the fight doesnt end Tuesday. Even if Biden wins the fight for the future of this country continues And yes, perhaps you also have an idea that I can agree with as well. We disagree on the election, but I've often agreed with ideas you have had that I hadn't considered before. Which is why it's weird you are so scared to articulate it even though I've asked what you mean for almost a month now.
  11. It's still morning time so I'm only about half woke till I finish my coffee. Im also anti racist.
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