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  1. In one hearing the Republican Party proved to be exactly who I thought they were and justified to me my decision to leave that party. Although I acknowledge the convenience of the timing of the allegation Dr Ford brought forward there is absolutely no doubting her sincerity or credibility of her claim. Republicans are more concerned about confirming someone before the midterms than whether they may put a rapist on the Supreme Court. They are mad at Democrats for insisting the FBI thoroughly investigate these claims and Kavanaugh was incredibly evasive and meandering when answering questions in an obvious attempt to run out the clock. He was coached on not just what to say (no matter how much he was pressed he would not say he would even hint at getting the FBI involved even of it meant exonerating him) but how to say a lot and say very little to minimize the time of Cross examiners under time constraints. Good riddance GOP.
  2. I remember Comey saying that and also recall him saying they had received everything they needed for forensic analysis from Crowdstrike. Also Comey probably isn't a cyber forensics expert and from what I understand the DOJ manual recommends use of images instead of confiscating the physical servers because they don't need them they just need the imaging to map it out. But the main point is that the FBI had the data they needed to do a forensic analysis so there isn't anything nefarious in any of that.
  3. They did look at their servers. They did investigate it themselves. They didn't have to take anyone's "word for it" they had the forensics.
  4. Cyber forensics is almost always done with imaging and not the physical box. Investigators would rather have the imaging and if they had the 140 different servers they would have done the same thing Crowdstrike did and converted it to images anyway. They got the forensics they needed and having the physical boxes would not have changed anything in the analysis they did
  5. This isn't true. They looked at the servers they just had copies of the servers
  6. teeray

    Meanwhile...on Hannity

    That is like saying i dont like my syphilis, i miss herpes
  7. teeray

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

  8. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    If you are a crook sure
  9. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    Being a consultant isnt a crime in of itself.
  10. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    Someone better tell the Mafia this! Cant believe they never thought of this
  11. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    Not all campaign finance crimes are the same. Same reason you only get a ticket for speeding but get arrested for vehicular manslaughter.
  12. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    That is up to the jury to decide. And you dont just use testimony especially with someone who has a credibility issue. You provide corroborating evidence that supports their claims. So Manafort could absolutely be a good witness
  13. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    That isnt remotely the same thing. That is misreporting how much money was donated to a campaign. Not spending of moneys
  14. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    In this case it is a felony (it is my understanding that it is dependent on amount), so that certainly rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors
  15. teeray

    Impeach Trump

    Donald Jr released the emails where the intent and the people they were meeting with at Trump Tower was EXPLICIT.