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  1. Dear Hillary, Do us all a favor and stfu Signed, Everyone
  2. I'll vote against Trump period. Don't care who it is.
  3. Trump does. You're right. Luckily for Lev he has texts and notes to corroborate his story.
  4. I don't move on from Cam for anyone in this draft not named Burrow.
  5. In don't think Luke's decision will have any influence on Cam whatsoever. At least not on Cam's side. If we move on it will likely be the organization's decision. It just isn't the way Cam is wired IMO
  6. Now you are just blaming Marty Hurney for Cam being hurt last two years. That is a bad faith argument
  7. Everyone has busts. Y'all act like being a good drafter means you bat 1000. Armanti Edwards and Everett Brown stand out because we moved up to get them, and I understand that, but the main core of our 15-1 team was Hurney guys
  8. I think a lot of our poo teams was more of a product of not having cap room to fill holes on both sides of the ball.
  9. I actually do. He is they guy that brought up Cam & Luke. Biggest complaint from me about Hurney was his cap management. Not his personnel decisions
  10. Letssss fugggging gooooooooooo Keep Pounding!!!!
  11. Moderate dems so scared of Bernie and Warren.
  12. We need people who can coach. Football is football. NFL experience doesn't mean anything to me. Why limit your options?
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