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  1. Republicans really are scared of AOC LMAO. She is everything you fear. Woman. Person of color. And smarter than you.
  2. teeray

    How a Pile of Sh!t Can Ruin the Whole House

    What a pitiful existence
  3. The second part sure, but no one is going to o go along with him on subverting the Constitution. Trying to grant federal power over State power on crimes in the jurisdiction of the State wouldn't even make it to the Supreme Court. That is easily unconstitutional.
  4. I'm just saying he doesnt actually have immunity, he just can't be indicted while President and even that is challengeable. We've already seen that for the most part the judicial branch isn't playing his game even if Congress is. His only way to protect himself is to remain president. If there are crimes he will be indicted as soon as he leaves office
  5. You can keep an indictment under seal for years. Trump doesn't have immunity he just can't be indicted while sitting as president. Once he is removed either by Congress, Cabinet, or voters he will have to answer for crimes he committed unless next president grants him immunity or statutes of limitations runs out.
  6. I meant legally not politically. Republicans have no spine so not really counting on them to do anything
  7. If the BuzzFeed story is true that is obstruction of justice point blank. Party over.
  8. teeray

    Where do criminals get their guns

    Of that 43% of guns in the underground market about 90% come from right here in the US. We supply our criminals with guns with help from the Republican Party and NRA through lax gun laws.
  9. I admit. I'm a bigot bigot. If you're a bigot I'm against you.
  10. Exactly. It isn't that you didn't work hard. It is like the difference between scaling Grandfather Mountain and scaling Mt Everest. Both take hard work and great effort and you can be proud of either, one just has more obstacles along the way.
  11. Here is the thing. Some people deserve the benefit of the doubt. But when someone has been made aware of something like their racial bias or their own misguided or ignorant ideology and the continue to ignore it to sustain their worldview, then eventually those people no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt and at that point they should be called what they are. I can tolerate ignorance because that means you don't understand what you are saying and how that is harmful. But once it is explained to you why it is harmful you are no longer ignorant; you are fully cognizant and if continue to say those things you go graduate from someone being implicitly racist to explicitly racist. And at that point it is important to call them what they are whether they admit it to themselves or not. We still have a person on here in @Saha who doesn't acknowledge power dynamics in society. He touts white pride. He believes in reverse racism which doesn't really exist. He at this point willfully ignores power and consequences as a mitigating factor in racism. By his own standard a 10 year old girl hitting Brock Lesnar has the same consequences as Brock Lesnar hitting a ten year old girl because they are both human and therefore have "equal power." And on top of that Brock Lesnar should be proud if he did punch a ten year old girl because the ten year old would be proud if she beat him in a fight so it is "equal". That logic is so dumb on its face it should be scorned and ridiculed I'll always engage people in a debate if they want to debate in good faith, and I always try to give them an opportunity to do so. But when you show that you are you are more committed to your own inherent racism then the betterment of yourself and others, or you are just hear to "troll libs", then they are no longer worthy of being engaged in a serious manner and get exactly what they deserve and should be called exactly what they are. Trump has exposed a lot of people and they deserve to be called out on it.
  12. If you have known clue how hard someone else has worked then how do you know whether your privilege exists or not? Also, no one says you didn't have to work hard to achieve what you've obtained. That is your own insecurities projecting onto others. And it doesn't strip anyone of anything. It is simply a way of acknowledging subconscious social biases that do exist and have been proven.