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  1. I bleed black and blue no matter what. You won't find a bigger Cam Newton than me, and even tho I don't post as often on the main board as I did back then, anyone he remembers the battles I had with the like of The Real Deal and others would know that. But Im a PANTHERS fan. I ride and die with this organization. I am gonna trust the process and support this team, regardless of what I think about releasing Cam Newton. I wish Cam nothing but success, however when he plays the Panthers he will be enemy #1 for that game. You won't catch me being gleeful if he torches us. I encourage others to feel the same way. Even when you lose an amazing star like Cam you gotta Keep Pounding. Already excited to see what's next as we venture into the unknown.
  2. He is on a roster somewhere. Here. Jake Delhomme, Warren Moon, Kurt Warner, and others have been off NFL Rosters before they became stars. Not that this guy is gonna be a star. Just saying the fact he wasn't in NFL doesn't mean he can't be good
  3. So Trump went full on racist and xenophobic today on Twitter? *pretends to be shocked*
  4. Corporate Socialism is good. Labor Socialism is evil
  5. Nothing is free. We want efficiency and the private market continues to be inefficient and predatorial. You shouldn't leverage health and education for profit. Some things should not be left to private companies that put profit over lives and progress and environment. Your ability to have the tools to compete in society and labor shouldn't come down to how much wealth you were born into. Everyone should have same opportunities to have upward mobility on an even playing field. Until we achieve that we aren't truly a free country. These government programs promote freedom, which is ironic that so many people frame it as taking freedom away. Of course those people are mostly the people whom have already benefited from an unfair system.
  6. I know y'all keep trying to say there is no difference between Trump and Biden but it's simply not true. If it was anyone but Trump I'd probably sit out too. But Trump is too evil and dangerous. I can't sit out 2020. I just can't in good consciousness do nothing. But I'm not donating to DNC or Biden.
  7. I understand. But splintering the Democratic Party ensures Republicans continuing to pack the judicial system which will make it increasingly impossible to pass progressive legislation whenever the Democratic Party as a whole comes around. I swear like 90% of my family that are conservatives will say "I don't really like Trump but he is getting 'good' judges on the Supreme Court and in federal courts" We call them the misinformed ones but even they knew and know there is more at stake then 4 or 8 years of someone being president. I dunno. I'm pretty fugging bummed about this whole thing. I understand the frustration. I'm tired of arguing about it and I know you and others are gonna do what y'all think is best.
  8. Was hoping Michigan would be wonky like last time. *sigh*
  9. I'm just tired. Tired of every time our person loses its someone else's fault. Media. DNC. Establishment. Etc. At the end of the day the voters have the say. Look at Trump. NO ONE in the Republican establishment wanted Trump but he still won. I want Bernie to win just as bad as anyone in here. I really really do. And even if he loses his agenda has gotten a huge foothold and the demographics are changing. It's not a matter of if but when his agenda becomes the mainstream in the Democratic Party. We just gotta keep fighting, advocating, and voting. But at the end of the day, the people have the say. And that's my view on it.
  10. All supporters are rabid during a campaign. People calling out Bernie Bros are acting like Bernie supporters are any different than anyone's supporters. Only difference is that Bernie supporters are younger and have a strong online presence. Unlike all the older supporters of Biden and even Trump.
  11. Or at least own Trump's presidency as your end desire. Don't pretend to loathe Trump while not doing anything about it.
  12. No I'm not. I'm voting for the people I agree with in the primary and then will vote for the person I feel most comfortable with in the general. You're once again getting mad at voters for not voting the way you want them to. And so you are willing to let the people you pretend to care about suffer worse out of petulance. Not values, just to puff out your chest. This is why we have primaries. Your guy has a chance right now. Let's hope he wins. But if he doesn't don't punish the people you say you care about. Because doing nothing isn't doing something.
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