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  1. His shoulder issues didn't start until the second half of the season. He was throwing well last training camp and the first half of the season. What you talking about? Oh and hey everybody!
  2. Ive actually known this women my entire life. Very close friend of my family. One of those friends and family I always talk about that conservatives on here say I'm lying about lol
  3. teeray

    Trump 2020

    If you have to be convinced at this point you are beyond hope
  4. EVERYONE should watch this. Amazing moment.
  5. Ironically the traditional media is so scared of being called biased they arent willing to report this as the crisis it is. Pubs bully them into submissiveness. And Democratic leadership isn't worried about doing what is right, they are worried about optics and elections. You keep hearing people say "Impeaching Trump plays into Republican's hands." Even if true (and I don't believe it is) it is about doing what their duty is as the oversight branch of government. My gut feel is that impeachment is going to happen, but they will wait until the general election campaign starts up to try and completely overwhelm Trump during the campaign and to try and convince voters his presidency is a lost cause. If it happens it happens next summer. That is my totally speculative prediction.
  6. Impeach the mother f--ker
  7. No one is proposing anything like Venezuela you dope And that isnt how money flow works. The money doesn't disappears.
  8. She is definitely smarter than you and literally every Republican that wants to try an talk poo about her. So I'll take it over you and your dopes
  9. No I see your point, I just don't think that was AOC's point. More importantly I don't know why you are so hellbent on slapping AOC down. You don't have to agree with her on everything, and I understand that. But two things I am confident about: A- she is actually very smart B- she is sincere in her fight for the working class
  10. You are always giving her a hard time lol. I think the point was that they receive billions of dollars for a drug that is priced at around $2,000 in the US but only $8 in Australia. Not that it wouldn't be nice to know the profit, but I think in limited time she was trying to get to the meat of the question, and not go down that rabbit hole that would allow someone to filibuster the answer.
  11. It's been studied and everyone I've seen agreed this isn't a silver bullet and isn't feasible to do on a scale to slow down climate change. Not to mention the high cost for these technologies. It is only helpful in a smaller role AFTER reducing emissions.
  12. Even scientists who study and develop CCUS say the best and cheapest thing to do is not burn carbon in the first place. CCUS as far as I know is still carbon positive, or in best case scenarios carbon neutral. It is also expensive. It certainly isn't a silver bullet. And I believe the New Green Deal talks about expanding in the technology.
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