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  1. teeray

    Im Leaving..

    It is a tough road defending white pride. Go back to the comforts of like minded people that will tell you that white pride is no different than black pride. It is safer there. I wish you would just stay and talk in good faith, and take the time to realize that people like me aren't trying to take anything away from anyone (I am white and straight and Christian after all), we are advocating a world that is better for everyone, not the dominate race, class, or culture. But that would involve self reflection and evaluation. It is much easier to tuck tale and run.
  2. So you think historically white people and black people have had equality? LMAO Because otherwise, it isn't two equal things being held to different standards. It is quite simple. It cant be a double standard because they aren't equal. That is called a false equivalency. It is the literal definitions, not a narrative or opinion. And feel free to answer my question because in doing so you will answer your own as to why they aren't the same thing.
  3. teeray

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    Because they are ignorant. All they have to use as resources for their judgment is Fox News and internet memes. Republicans and conservatives have been robbed of their ability to make informed decisions because the conservative media has effectively destroyed all confidence in entities that provide data and information as part of a liberal conspiracy. Academia. News. Science. Journals. All just liberal activism. As a result the Republicans have created a coalition that does as they are told by their leaders rather than the coalition telling their leaders what to do. They have absolved themselves from checks and balances. Republican followers don't think because they have no legitimate resources in which to be informed and make intelligent decisions. Only within this context can someone like Trump literally do anything he wants to do and Republicans don't care. As long as he is mean to liberals and the press they will support him. Facts and reality be damned because facts and reality is just part of the liberal conspiracy.
  4. Yeah. Like I said certain people can't understand complex issues. Let me try again and give you an easy yes or no question using my previous analogy. Do you think it is equal to be proud of punching a child as beating Connor McGregor in a fight? Because based on you limited critical thinking skills you are basically saying you could make an argument like "Oh... Oh so when that guy beats up Connor McGregor everyone congratulates him but when I punch a three year old in the face everyone says I'm an asshole. DuRrR DoUbLe sTaNdaRd GuYs" That is how stupid you sound
  5. My God you were right. I can't explain it any simpler than that.
  6. This is really an overstatement. MOST politicians live in the realm of spin, obfuscation, omission of facts, and plausible deniability. Half (or often less than half) truths if you will. They try not to lie per se, but they also don't tell the truth per se. This is something totally different than what most politicians do. This is just flat out lying and making shyt up out of thin air. Never seen anything like this.
  7. If you ever need proof that some people can't understand complex concepts of race, culture, and society just spend 5 minutes reading someone try and defend white pride based on the fact that minorities can have pride in their race and heritage and celebrating their achievements considering what they have had to overcome as minorities in America. Let's break it down into simpler terms for @Perry Rich. If you punch a baby in the face and then say you are proud because you won a fight you are a dick. If you beat Connor McGregor then being proud of winning that fight is understandable. Trying to create an argument that white pride is not different than black pride is suggesting a double standard. The problem with that is that a double standard by definition only exists if two different standards are applied to two EQUAL things. With a national history such as ours where there is clear past and present inequality in the form of slavery, Jim Crow, criminal justice issues, etc you are applying the same standard to two different things. Not to two equal things. By applying the same standard to two unequal things you are falling into the literal definition of the logical fallacy of false equivalency. That should clear it up for you Perry Rich. Unless you believe that our history is one that has always demonstrated equality then your thesis that white pride is the same as black pride is based on a false equivalency and therefore is incorrect. With that said, and now that the fallacy is explained, it should go without saying that believing in white pride is nothing more than racism and a call to action for racial oppression of minorities. But I know that isn't what you want. So maybe it is time to stop dying on this stupid hill.
  8. On Twitter but off the message boards for the most part. Still lurk here and there.
  9. It isn't an issue and you can't harass kids or sexually assault people in bathrooms either. If you peep in a bathroom you can get arrested no matter what bathroom you are in or what gender you identify with. The current laws protect people from this made up scourge that has nothing to do with transsexual people. Only some weird obsession over whether the person in the private stall next to you has a penis or vagina. Why people care is beyond me.
  10. This new guidelines may encourage me to return
  11. In one hearing the Republican Party proved to be exactly who I thought they were and justified to me my decision to leave that party. Although I acknowledge the convenience of the timing of the allegation Dr Ford brought forward there is absolutely no doubting her sincerity or credibility of her claim. Republicans are more concerned about confirming someone before the midterms than whether they may put a rapist on the Supreme Court. They are mad at Democrats for insisting the FBI thoroughly investigate these claims and Kavanaugh was incredibly evasive and meandering when answering questions in an obvious attempt to run out the clock. He was coached on not just what to say (no matter how much he was pressed he would not say he would even hint at getting the FBI involved even of it meant exonerating him) but how to say a lot and say very little to minimize the time of Cross examiners under time constraints. Good riddance GOP.
  12. I remember Comey saying that and also recall him saying they had received everything they needed for forensic analysis from Crowdstrike. Also Comey probably isn't a cyber forensics expert and from what I understand the DOJ manual recommends use of images instead of confiscating the physical servers because they don't need them they just need the imaging to map it out. But the main point is that the FBI had the data they needed to do a forensic analysis so there isn't anything nefarious in any of that.
  13. They did look at their servers. They did investigate it themselves. They didn't have to take anyone's "word for it" they had the forensics.