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  1. LT David Foucault continues to act as Michael Oher's main backup. Oh dear god, I think some of my lunch just came back up
  2. Sanchez looks so skinny, can we get him a gift card to Bojangles or something?
  3. I hope we stay put, there is still a lot of talent in the bottom of the 2nd, we could trade up in the third for cheaper and get more of the good guys who will fall
  4. We've had a lot of success with mid/late-round corners and low-risk free agents, another small school prospect overlooked in the later rounds (I'm looking at you Ryan Smith out of NC-Central) to bolster depth and maybe a veteran Free Agent like Antonio Cromartie on a short leash looking for a ring will be what we do, and should do. Notice how no one other than the Media are calling the Panthers idiots for doing this, lots of GMs agree that J-No is not worth that big of a paycheck, and keeping your locker room focused and distraction free is a bigger prize in the long run. Also i expect to see a dog-fight for that CB2 position in camp, guys like Lou Young and Robert McClain are eyeing up a lot of gametime suddenly
  5. Think fans tend to underestimate the difference in opinion of players from the outside vs the inside, last year not many of us thought that OLB was a need because AJ Klein had played pretty well, most of us didn't trust Oher to do anything and wanted to overdraft an Offensive Tackle. We don't see enough of CAP or Wegher to know if the front office thinks they need replacement, or if they plan to use two tight ends as much or more this year if they get a compliment to Olsen. From the outside every mock drafter in existence is saying OT or DE, but if Gettleman, Rivera and the coordinators sees another gem hiding somewhere its going to influence selections. Yes we go BPA, but going 100% BPA is ridiculous, it should say "we always go value vs need" so that we maximize snap opportunities with quality. I would not be suprised to see Gettleman trade out of the first round this year, its a very deep, but weak at the top draft, and even though he has stressed the importance of that extra years contract in the first rounders, if he can get more ammo to move around rounds 2 and 3, I think he will take it
  6. I will pay myself to get this gem shipped to Denmark so I can display it for the entire nation (by sneaking it onto the Danish broadcast of NFL games) so that they may bask in the glory of the Luke, as sure as my twitterhandle is @VonPultz89 !

    Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football

    Hope this forces them to try out Remmers at Left Tackle during camp.. although who am I kidding they'll go straight to Chandler
  8. Wonderful stuff, if you have more in the archive I will pie every single video like this!
  9. ​Getting super pedantic here, but didn't we cut Gafney to put him on IR? Anyway has Remmers looked good enough at Center to have Folkerts worried?
  10. Normally the rosters get shuffled around when cuts start happening during training camp, what players do you think are closest to being "on the roster", but expendable if someone more interesting gets cut? I'm thinking Chandler, Martin and perhaps Amini could be in trouble in such an event maybe?

    Lee Ward - Bodyguard

    I'd love for us to get a road-grading "Lorenzo Neal" type fullback to block, with Cam being so large maybe we don't need a short-yardage back at Fullback but can get a blocker who excels in space on the outside so a guy like Fozzy can break loose
  12. I'm sure Mr Igo will love this, falls right into his philosophy of Proven O-Linemen from established programs
  13. Didn't this same guy just give Lynch (who recently passed the 2000 carry mark) a 3 year, 30 million+ dollar deal because he threatened to retire? Child Please he's not as cool as he likes to pretend
  14. Its a deep deep RB class so i think you can find 10-15 carry a game backs in the mid-late rounds like Javorius Allen (who we've met with) at USC or Karlos Williams the converted safety out of FSU. Build from the inside out with some hog mollies and give the guys you have a larger hole, the difference between a Todd Gurley and a later round back with our current O-Line would be negligible compared to what a top O-Lineman would bring compared to Oher or Martin at LT

    Byron Bell is Gone

    Gotta give Byron Bell credit here, he never seemed lazy or lacking in work ethic, he came as a long shot UDFA and took every advice he could get from the experienced staff. He took over for Otah when he went down, he got thrown into a tough LT position and didn't cut it. I think he will have no trouble getting a shot elsewhere and the training staff will probably recomend him to their colleagues