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  1. We will when BOA is converted to a soccer specific stadium.
  2. She could've laughed it off, and the hit pieces would've come anyway. This is Cam we're talking about. It's not like his critics were waiting for permission from her, so they could go after him.
  3. Jags make sense, but they're probably tanking for Trevor.
  4. By order of personal preference: 1. Steve Smith's Journey 2. Aynsley Dunbar's Journey 3. Dean Castronovo's Journey
  5. Joe Brady seems to think he can make the throws.
  6. I'd say Winston, because he's less of an unknown quantity right now.
  7. This whole week had me flashing back to that Goodfellas scene
  8. As long as more than one team is interested, there's a chance to get something in return. It might not be much, but it will be more than nothing.
  9. Eh. The football program means nothing to me. Never been to a game. I'd rather have a competitive BB team, like we did in the '90's.
  10. The 49ers qualify for the C-USA Tourney for the 1st time in 3 years, and don't get to play a game.
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