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  1. And the Hornets are going to pay it.
  2. This is the best summary of S8 I've seen:
  3. This doesn't really make any sense. D&D said they could wrap everything up in 2 seasons (saving HBO millions in the process). At that point in time, HBO had no reason not to trust them.
  4. You think there are going to be more books?
  5. And be forgotten about in a couple of weeks. Just have those guys from "How It Should Have Ended" (YouTube) slap something together and call it good.
  6. Some guy was live-blogging the draft on a Knicks site. I had to laugh when I read this:
  7. Not necessarily. Matt Weiner (Mad Men) and Mike Schur (Parks & Rec/The Good Place) always used to disappear after a series/season finale. And those shows were much lower profile than GOT. Like those guys, D&D will probably re-surface a month later, after they're done hiding from the angry Dany fans.
  8. Lakers won't do that. There's no way they could sell their fans on giving up Ingram, a #4 pick, AND paying Kemba Walker supermax money. Will never happen.
  9. Why would the Lakers do that, when they can just sign him without giving up anything?
  10. Yeah, there's no way the NBA wanted Zion in New Orleans. Not that Pelicans fans should care.
  11. We actually got lucky that year. Jumped up from #8 to #2. Nobody in Charlotte was complaining about that.
  12. Friggin Pelicans, man. First AD, now this. Meanwhile, in Charlotte:
  13. Note that GRRM says "will be", and not "might be".
  14. All of this is true. I can't help but think TPTB wanted everyone to be shocked at Dany's sudden heel turn. Another Red Wedding moment, if you will. So we didn't get to see her slowly turn. At least not as well as we should have. Part of the problem with GOT is that it's always moved slowly. The last 2 seasons' "sprint to the finish" feels off from what has come before.
  15. It's not a trade rumor, it's just some guy spitballing on Bleacher Report. Here is the actual article: Trades to Land the NBA's Top Superstars Their Ideal Sidekicks
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