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  1. I understand why it's happening, but as a selfish tv viewer, I really dislike the current scheduling. I miss the Saturday mornings where I could turn on the tv at 10:00, and decide which of the 4 or 5 matches I wanted to watch.
  2. I picked a helluva year to lose access to the Red Zone Channel.
  3. The good news is that, with NBC Peacock, I can watch all of the Fulham matches. That's also the bad news. Leeds should be a fun watch all season. They score a bunch, but concede a bunch.
  4. Bingo. Never met a Pats fan until after 2001. Plenty of Celtics & Bosox fans, though. When BB retires, the Pats will go back to being #3 in that town.
  5. Agreed. And it can be argued as to which is more painful - barely losing 2 Super Bowls, or never going at all. It's like the difference between being a frustrated Panthers fan, or a hopeless Hornets fan.
  6. I dropped the Jets when the Panthers came to town, but my older brother is still a s/t holder. He recently told me he'd trade the Panthers' last 25 years for the Jets', in a heartbeat. There's plenty of miserable fanbases out there. Builds character, I suppose. At least that's what I've heard.
  7. We are not even on the radar screen. I listen to a lot of national shows, and based on Monday, you wouldn't even know the Panthers exist (which also goes to show how little they care about the Raiders). But that's okay. We're back to where we were from 1995-2010: Win, and they'll start paying attention.
  8. I expected a loss, but the way it ended was a kick in the nads. Four consecutive run plays during a 2-minute drill?
  9. Practicing my annual draft lottery face:
  10. Well, Fulham are back. Hope we don't see a repeat of 18/19.
  11. To be fair, I was just replying to the people who suggested streaming services and online streams.
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