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  1. At this point, it doesn't even matter. Hornets brand is becoming just as big a joke as the Bobcats were.
  2. Just listening to some national sports talk radio over the last few days. Now, when they're talking about the best players in the league (or top point guards), Kemba's name immediately comes up. Whereas he wasn't even in the conversation, when he was making All-Star teams in a Hornets jersey. I guess the Celtics brand still counts for something.
  3. Do a quick google search, and you'll find plenty of mock drafts that had Monk ahead of Mitchell. Same goes with MKG and Beal. You can even find quite a few mock drafts that had Kansas' Thomas Robinson (now in the G-League) ahead of Beal and MKG. Hindsight is 20/20 on some of these picks. Not all of them, but some.
  4. Westbrook would give the Hornets 3 or 4 more wins than Kemba would've. At a higher price. What would be the point?
  5. They had to. Kawhi wasn't coming without him.
  6. Agreed. Watching the game last night, it's clear he's the guy who's gonna carry the scoring load.
  7. LJ and Zo were both gone by 1996. They still managed to make the playoffs 5 of the next 6 years. The Shinn/Bob Bass Hornets weren't going to win championships, but they were decent teams. Better than what has been served up to us since 2004.
  8. Talk about revisionist history. From 1992 until they moved (2002), they never had a losing record, and made the playoffs 7 times. Winning 4 playoff series. I'd gladly take more "horrible teams" like that. Shinn probably still wins "worst owner" for moving the team, but it wasn't like they were putting a crap product on the floor.
  9. His home is in California, which is also where his television production company is. He's not coming back to Charlotte.
  10. Steph Curry will be 34 in 2022. No thanks. That ship has sailed.
  11. Half the fanbase wanted to re-sign Kemba. The other half wanted to let him walk, and start a re-build. Somehow, MJ managed to piss off both factions.
  12. Class act. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/kemba-walker-free-agency
  13. Just a nitpick. Technically speaking, we didn't lose him for nothing. If we didn't do the trade with Boston, we couldn't have signed Rozier. So we traded Walker (and a draft pick, probably) for Rozier. A technicality, sure, but still.
  14. Shinn. He was cheap, but he hired good basketball people (Bob Bass). I was actually surprised that the Panthers had a higher winning pct. Probably skewed by the Panthers' first 2 seasons.
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