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  1. If you read between the lines, it doesn't sound like Borrego had that option last year. Before the season started, Kupchak went out of his way to point out that JB had full control of the lineups this season.
  2. For me, it's the Saints, because I'm still salty about the Hornets relocation & Anthony Davis lottery. Saints & Falcons fans hate us, but not as much as they hate each other. Bucs are a non-factor. Bottom line, the only time we were ever someone's #1 rival was with the Jags. And that's been dead for a while.
  3. Not bothered by the loss (the more the better), but at what point does attendance become an issue? I know someone who works at the arena, and they said it was around 5k. Looked pretty bad on tv. And he says a lot of long-time, lower level s/t holders seem to have bailed.
  4. I watched the game. I guess I missed everyone on the Huddle pinning the loss on Slye, because he missed a FG in the 1st quarter.
  5. Slye is cheaper, and none of his misses have cost us a game .... yet.
  6. They're probably relieved they won't get asked about Cam anymore. Other than that, nothing to see here.
  7. While it's fun to debate what Kyle Allen is or isn't, the next 8 weeks should show us what we need to know.
  8. What is Cam's motivation for doing that? He could get more on the open market.
  9. Market size is irrelevant in the NFL. Look at the Packers & Saints.
  10. "Look, I appreciate that the guy took us to a Super Bowl, along with several playoff appearances. But he's done, physically. Time to move on to the young, promising, more accurate quarterback." - Me, at the start of the Matt Moore Era
  11. Get a MASL franchise, put 'em in Bojangles Coliseum, and call it good.
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