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  1. So we shouldn't have drafted Julius Peppers?
  2. All three of those Saints teams were SB caliber. And never got there.
  3. Pats out, Saints out. Best Wild Card Weekend, ever.
  4. My favorite PL team has been relegated twice in the last 6 years, so now I just watch the matches with no real rooting interest. Which is fine. I'm the same way with the Bundesliga. Let's face it, any attachments one forms with a European club are tenuous, at best. Personally speaking, I'll have much more of a connection with the new MLS team. Because they're here.
  5. As bad as the Hornets have been, at least we now know that there is a plan to move forward. Until we know what Tepper's plan is, I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic.
  6. From a few weeks ago, but ....
  7. Was thinking about this the other day. Cam's presence keeps this franchise relevant while both winning and losing. If he leaves, we're only relevant when we win. Like the Titans or Jags.
  8. They better fix this VAR bullshit. It's ruining the game. At least the way it's currently being applied.
  9. I'd argue that this is the case for most of the SW movies. Saw this with the kids on Christmas night. I was entertained. Which is all I was looking for. For me, Avengers > Star Wars. By far. And I say that as a 70's kid.
  10. Lindelof has always marched to the beat of his own drum. If there is a 2nd season, it'll probably be a few years down the road. And might not have anything to do with Season 1.
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