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  1. To be fair, I was just replying to the people who suggested streaming services and online streams.
  2. Eh. I'm not that invested in the Canes. Just something to watch on a Saturday afternoon.
  3. Switched from Spectrum to AT&T a few months ago. Turns out they don't carry Fox Sports Carolinas. Oh well.
  4. Where is everyone watching this? NBCSports is blacked out for me.
  5. The name isn't terrible, but they've known it was going to be Charlotte FC for a while. What was the point of teasing all the other names, other than setting people up for disappointment?
  6. Boring. It's like getting hyped up for dessert, and being handed a bowl of vanilla ice cream.
  7. Disappointing, but not surprising.
  8. https://www.hogshaven.com/2020/7/16/21326838/bombshell-report-about-toxic-culture-at-redskins-park-coming-out-is-dan-snyder-in-trouble If this is true, Ron is going to be auditioning for a new owner. Again.
  9. Eh. I've been to plenty of NFL games over the years, BOA, Fulton County Stadium, Shea Stadium. I stand by what I said.
  10. If Cam makes a comeback, and the Panthers flounder, yes. If Rhule puts together a winning program, Tepper will be redeemed, and it won't matter what Cam does.
  11. The Panthers have helped turn Cam into a sympathetic figure, but the big market bias is real. Same thing happened when Kemba Walker left. When the conversation about "tier one" point guards was had, somehow his name never came up. Until the day he became a Celtic.
  12. I love the NFL, but to me, it's the only pro sport that's better viewed on tv.
  13. I hope Cam has a great season, and then the Chiefs of Ravens bounce the Pats out of the playoffs. And then some other (non-NFC South) team throws a truckload of money at him for 2021.
  14. My dad watches the Braves every day. Usually makes it to the 3rd inning before he falls asleep. For me, MLB is the thing that happens between the end of NBA season and the start of the NFL. I'll take PGA golf over it, any day of the week. Maybe I'll feel differently if we ever get a team here.
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