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  1. djp14

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    When it comes to spending, the Hornets have been in the top half of the league for the past 3 years. Hell, they were 10th in payroll in 2016/17. Being cheap isn't the reason we suck.
  2. djp14

    Shedding $85 Million

    Which goes to show what a terrible signing it was.
  3. djp14

    Shedding $85 Million

    If you trade for an expiring contract at the trade deadline, the guy is only gonna be on your team for a few months. What does it matter if he sucks? You're going to use his salary slot to find someone else in free agency. Nobody want Marvin Williams, but they'll rent him for 30 games in order to get some cap flexibility the following season.
  4. djp14

    Shedding $85 Million

    Teams will want those expiring contracts. Especially at the trade deadline.
  5. One month ago, I felt like our season hinged on the health of Cam's shoulder. Nothing has changed.
  6. djp14

    NCAA Tournament

    This is the time of year where I usually complain about UNCC not making the tournament (it's been 14 years). But this year (and last) we weren't even good enough to qualify for the conference tournament. We used to have rivalries with Louisville, Cincinnati, and Memphis. Now we're looking up at Texas-San Antonio, Florida Atlantic, and pretty much everyone else in C-USA. Pathetic. Carry on.
  7. djp14

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    Cleveland wasn't trading that pick for a "maybe". Hornets would've done that deal, though.
  8. djp14

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    Cavs were holding on to that pick, no matter what. Especially with LeBron having one foot out the door.
  9. djp14

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    Mavs were trying to get Kemba at the trade deadline, so this is no surprise.
  10. djp14

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    Hornets will offer Kemba a max deal. He'll either sign it at 12:01 am, July 1st, or not at all. Whoever misses out on the Kyrie sweepstakes will go after Kemba next.
  11. djp14

    28 games left

  12. Record wise, probably not. But it's probably a difference between losing games by 4 pts versus losing them by 16. Right now they're only 1 game out of the playoffs. Barring an extended losing streak, I don't see them throwing in the towel anytime soon.
  13. djp14

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    As an aside, all this Shinn talk reminds me of what a great GM Bob Bass was, especially working within Shinn's budget. When it was time to deal Mourning, he got a pretty decent haul from Miami. And when it was time for Glen Rice to go, he managed to come up with Eddie Jones. Not to mention flipping a diminished LJ for Anthony Mason. Bob Bass might have traded Kobe Bryant, but he did so much more with Charlotte Hornets
  14. djp14

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    So Twardzik signed LJ to the richest contract in NBA history, and Shinn had nothing to do with it? See Shinn's quote below: As far as blaming everything on Cho, bark up another tree, because I'm not one of those guys. I've called out MJ for being a meddling owner in other threads. Shinn got run out of 2 cities. 'Nuff said.
  15. djp14

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    Sad thing is, we could've afforded to keep Zo, if Shinn hadn't given LJ that ridiculous contract extension.