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  1. No, but people under the influence make way stupider choices
  2. Crossfit CEO just stepped down after being recorded in a zoom call making racist remarks.. at this point i'm laughing..all you have to do is just not say anything dumb and they keep putting their foot in their mouth..the simplest job in the world lol
  3. Hilarious to see how many CEOs, celebrities, politicians are shooting themselves in the foot...nearly unprovoked and these are the people we get told know more than us lol
  4. yeah thats part of it for sure I tend to think Newtons attracts more attention just by being him that actual attention he's going out of his way to seeks..so i don't think he'd be an issue for a system like NE
  5. Newton may be brash in the way he dresses but honestly he's toned down the celebrations the past couple seasons and post-game interviews he usually doesn't say much.. I think a lot of people tend to overstate his personality from his earlier seasons
  6. A lot this countries biggest companies are swimming in debt its the American way lol
  7. seems like he had other offers but wanted to be in Dallas so he took probably a smaller deal for a years work then will look for starting jobs next year
  8. I mean...if we have to start justifying our actions with "pandemics come and go" at what point is the action not really worth the risk? lol
  9. A fan base isn't a representation of the ideas the management and owners have...those 32 owners plus Goodell are highly conservative its why they have it so good with Trump now compared to the NBA
  10. Not to turn this thread super political but with how close the NFL is to the current administration If the wheels can be greased in any way to get games started on time they will be The NFL is on the most conservative major sports leagues
  11. Too much inexperience to rely on, hoping we get solid rotation behind them our best lines always had good rotation
  12. and having the former will keep you gainfully employed often times way past your expiration date
  13. apparently was extended another 30 days...really see lot of small business not making it
  14. Binged both seasons over the last couple weeks, Thought season two wasn't terrible but not as good as season one. The secondary characters weren't as interesting and at times Kovac was annoying lol anyone watched the the altered carbon resleeveed?
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