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  1. scpanther22


    its too early to say who's better.. ...but i don't remember many people saying Moore was a project.
  2. Gained a little more respect for the team for this move
  3. scpanther22

    The Joker-2019

    Didn't see a thread on it. Todd Phillips released the make up test footage of Joaquin Phoenix for the standalone Joker film(nothing substantial) . Have to say I like the look. Still don't know about the joker having an origin story but there set photos out there right now. it looks like a more grounded story
  4. scpanther22

    Luke Cage S2

    Bushmaster is a great villian. Think I like him more than cottonmouth
  5. scpanther22

    Sorry to Bother You

    watched it. Really strange film, overall i think it did a job of having a message without beating it over your head but its crazy. definitely have to be into that kind surreal movies to like it
  6. Looks like this offense didnt come to play today
  7. scpanther22

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    So many Jordan cry face memes on twitter right now. lol
  8. scpanther22

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I wish I had a time machine to go back and tell my 08 self it gets better against the cards it gets better. lol
  9. scpanther22

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    lol Arians is all I can say
  10. scpanther22

    Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Denvers defense is not one I would like to see in the Superbowl
  11. scpanther22

    One Carolina

    Pretty cool. Every now and then i'll run into someone that doesn't know the Panthers are a two state team. Hope this solidarity teaches a few people. lol
  12. Just keep playing aggressive. is all I want
  13. The little girls face is priceless.
  14. scpanther22

    Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

    Ive watched Allen on plays and he comes off the ball incredibility slow. That fast first step really isn't there anymore.