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  1. This thread proves that the Carolina Huddle (once s great forum to discuss football) has been over run with blithering idiots and brainless morons. You assholes wake up in the morning looking for something to bitch about....God your lives must really suck.
  2. MadHatter

    Cam Arm Is Done

    Cam would be a disaster in a WCO. Not his skill set.
  3. I would have no issue with a Washington being demoted back to DL coach...he did s great job there for us in the past. As a DC, he is an utter failure
  4. It should cost Rivera his job. Tigers has been a failure with every unit he has coached here. If Rivera won’t fire him, I hope Tepper fires both of them.
  5. Wrong...Elder never tracked the ball, turned his head, or even raised his hands. He does the bare minimum that is expected of a HS DB and that is incomplete.
  6. Corn Elder today has been the worst CB play I have ever seen.
  7. And worse execution. That is a throw that a high school qb makes.
  8. MadHatter

    Saints got Dez

    He is old, slow, can’t create separation, and is a malcontent. He had the highest drop rate in the league last year. There is a reason the Cowboys sent him oackingvwhen they had nothing in the WR cupboard.
  9. He should have hit Olsen in that situation on a 3rd down with that much time and 2 timeouts. He moved away from that and overthrew an open player. He blew it those last throes.
  10. No one said Cam was to blame for this Loss. But he is to blame for terrible decisions and plays on those last three throws. we were not in an all or nothing situation. He had Ilsen for a first down on the 10 with 40 sec and 2 timeouts. He made a bad decision.
  11. I also am not blaming Cam for this loss. The fumbles by DJ...the defense giving up big plays and long drives....and some questionable coaching calls. Cam made some great plays to get us back in it. But Cam made terrible decisions on those last 3 plays.
  12. Cam made the decision not to throw to Olsen on 3rd down
  13. And the liberal antifa crowd will continue to blame anyone other than Cam for making a dumb decision on not throwing to Olsen on 3rd down and missing g a wide open cmc on 2nd down.
  14. Possible that the coaches are not dealing with it correctly with him. Also possible that he just doesn’t listen. The fact is that it is is a problem. I also don’t think a coach should have to keep telling a grown man playing qb in the nfl to stop wasting time in the hurry up. Seems that is basic skill for a qb that seems to continue to be an issue. Coaches can get in him...but sometimes you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Cam is a unique talent with the ability to beat you with his legs and a cannon for an arm. But there are still basic concepts for a qb that he just doesn’t seem to get...and I don’t understand it. Seems like an easy thing to fix.
  15. Or maybe Csn just doesn’t get it. Getting to the minecabd snapping a play on a questionable catch is ALL on the QB. this is an issue with Cam and he can easily fix it.