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  1. For signing now or soon? Yes, I think the Chargers are the only option. However, I don’t think they sign him. I think the most likely scenario is for him to get signed Somewhere in training camp or preseason....if someone gets hurt or someone’s option looks bad. i also think that scenario gives can the most leverage.
  2. Just when you think the dumbest thing ever has been posted...along comes 4Corners who says “hold my beer”
  3. Actually, if you know anything about the offense that we will be running, he likes a lot of 4-5 WR sets...so adding WR’s might actually make sense.
  4. NE signed Hoyer. No chance Cam gets traded there or any where.
  5. I’m still here living in all of your heads. It’s all good though....the rent is free and there is plenty of room to speak out given how empty your heads are. It’s like the Sahara Desert in here.
  6. Haven’t had an intelligent thought in your lifetime....I make more in a month than your dumb ass dies in an entire year.
  7. The living embodiment that someone with a single digit iq can in fact figure out how to operate his mom’s computer.
  8. I achieve more during my morning dump than you have in your sad pathetic life. Don’t you have a liquor store that you should be knocking over tonight. but then again, I don’t blame you....It is not your fault that you were spawned from such a shallow gene pool......your mom should have known that a crack whore should never have Kidd.
  9. I could buy your dumb racist ass for the change I find in my sofa cushions.....but, you couldn’t even cut the mustard as my servant. You have to have an iq higher than that if a head of lettuce....and that just makes your ass poo out of luck.
  10. Exactly...it is hilarious watching most in here (who can barely spell BFL) think they are smarter than every coach and GM. the Huddle has turned into the equivalent of a bad sitcom.
  11. Brady’s game was timing and incredible accuracy. Two of the weakest parts of Cam’s game.
  12. Well if it was shown here...then Jeremy couldn’t make money in All Pro. Same concept that Most companies use....give the free area just a little taste to entice them to pay for the higher service.
  13. It was bad enough that your family and closest friends knew you were clueless. Then you had to start posting here and let the rest of the world know.
  14. You do realize that quite a few posters on this board have connections and know people within the org. The person that posted this is very reliable and has been right in almost everything they have said. Just because you are a clueless nobody....that doesn’t mean everyone else on here is too.
  15. They have been saying the same things about Winston....yet he continues struggle. Decision making is the hardest thing to change.
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