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  1. They have been saying the same things about Winston....yet he continues struggle. Decision making is the hardest thing to change.
  2. You do realize it is the salary cap and not the franchise value that is what’s important.
  3. Nothing will change as long as a Michael Jordan is in charge. Unbelievable player.....unbelievably bad owner.
  4. Anyone blaming Hurney for extending g him and now him retiring is a blithering idiot. Those extensions were done for a HOF player in the 6th year if his career...times when you would extend and restructure him. There was no one (Hurney included) that would have even fathomed Luke retiring now.
  5. Same here. Asked my wife to marry me after knowing her for 5 months. Been Happily married for 23 years. Sometimes you just know when it is right. To this day I can’t believe she said yes....I really married up.
  6. Hilarious watch people who can barely spell NFL think they can evaluate a coaching candidate. i bet you also evaluate tape by watching YouTube highlight videos as well. haha
  7. He has been on the Chief’s staff but does NOT call the plays. He is a glorified cheerleader.
  8. This thread is why The Huddle has become comedic gold. It used to have intelligent and thoughtful discussion about The Panthers and the NFL. Now it is full of a bunch of new people who can barely spell NFL....yet think they can break down film, evaluate talent, and make intelligent personnel decisions. Hilarious.
  9. If you want a guy who can win big games then Harbaugh should not even be on the list....guy is like 1-11 Against Top 10 Teams while at Michigan.
  10. He is like 1-11 against Top 10 teams. What part of that ya a pretty good job. He consistently has a top 5-10 recruiting class (great recruiter)....but underachieves cue hung them season after season.
  11. Fairly weak competition? They have played no one....easiest schedule in the nfl. Go read the CBS article about that. The journalist said (rightfully so) that 90% of the teams in the league would be 6-0 with their schedule.
  12. The funny part is that Niner fans actually think Sanders is “gameplay” worthy. guy is a JAG now
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