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  1. Interested for vet minimum. He ys now the lowest paid non rookie q4 in the league. Zero risk by NE.
  2. Exactly.thus is a good move for both NE and Cam. At vet minimum, there is zero risk for NE. For Cam, He could not join a weaker QB group. He should have an opportunity to start over Stidham/Hoyer...and if he can’t win that job, his career is over.
  3. Teams have been giving players physical for months.
  4. True...but I think Buffalo is going to ge a good team. And Miami might be as good. But, with Belichick, you never know.
  5. They always had Brady carrying the team. i think Buffalo will be much better than NE and win the division.
  6. I’m not sure the patriots even make the playoffs this year.
  7. He is a bad fit for the offense that NE has run the past decade. But, Belichik is known to be able to adjust to fit his personnel better than most coaches. So, this will be interesting to watch. I think he gets a shot at it as well because he should beat out Stidham for the job.
  8. I would say that it is worth it for NE because it was a vet minimum deal
  9. He was bad. Only way anyone signs him is if it is a PR move
  10. I think Cam will get a shot this year When someone gets I hired or someone looks bad in TC/Pre season....he is better off waiting.
  11. ...glad to see i am still living rent free in your empty head. But the echo in here is deafening.
  12. My point is that they now have the ability to test more people. People who were not getting tested before are getting tested now. Before, if you were not sick enough to need hospitalization, they were not testing you and told you to go home and self quarantine. And I know several people who had that happen.
  13. Have to remember that they are now testing more and more people...many of the asymptomatic people and those with very minor symptoms are being found positive. Weren’t testing like thus before. inctease testing will show increased positives as 80% + of positive cases are asymptomatic.
  14. I think we will be better than most think and win 5-6 games. However, thus isn’t a hood thing. Another Top 10 pick, but not high enough to grab one if the top 3 QB’s coming out.
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