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  1. I think he is fighting for a roster spot and is not a star or even a starter. That is all I meant by fringe. I am not saying he should be cut or suspended...or anything about marijuana use. I don’t really care if anyone uses or not. But, I am amazed that players potentially put multi million dollar a year jobs at risk for it. For that money...I give it up until I retire
  2. I think he jeopardized it by both actions. Fringe players are often cut for rather small missteps....and a drug incident COULD impact his status here.
  3. Issue isn’t about whether it SHOULD be legal or if the NFL SHOULD allow it...that is another debate. the issue is that is that it is extremely dumb to risk a very lucrative career over doing it....especially for a relatively fringe player.
  4. Exactly....huge difference in a broken fibula and broken bones in your foot.
  5. I relocated to Florence KY (near Cincinnati) 6 months ago...and the closest Bojangles to me in KY is an hour away in Lexington. It sucks.
  6. The only thing people are upset about is that MJ was never going to offer the max and as such should have known Kemba would walk. In that scenario, he was inept and clueless in turning down a trade that would have given us a lottery pick and gotten rid of one of our bad contracts letting Kemba go is the right move...getting nothing for it is laughable.
  7. We were offered a lottery pick for Kemba last season and they were also willing to take Marvin’s crappy contract. MJ wouldn’t do it unless they took Batum’s contract. if MJ knew he was unwilling to give Jenba a max deal, then he is a complete business moron did not trading him. Just another incompetent move by MJ we give ridiculous contracts to our own mediocre players...we have botched every draft...and now this. He is beyond incompetent.
  8. Depends on your criteria being used. If you are talking about off the field/court issues or being a crappy person...Shinn is the worst. If you are talking about ineptness are doing his job and botching decisions...MJ is worst and it is not even close.
  9. I would agree for most teams. But, when our last Top 10 picks have been Frank Kaminski...Noah Vonleh...Cody Zeller...MKG...Kemp’s Walker...DJ Augustine...Brandan Wright...Adam Morrison...Raymond Felton odds don’t matter. The Hornets find a way to screw out up
  10. They have been a dumpster fire since Larry Bird’s group got screwed over when they had a better offer. Bob Johnson was terrible and MJ is even worse. Johnson seemed disinterested in the team and MJ is just a bad businessperson. We have screwed up on drafts...overpaid for FA’s (when we can get them to come here)....and drastically overvalued our own mediocre talent with major contracts.
  11. For a 10 hour flight? $500? I would have definitely turned down $500...and even $1,500.
  12. I like Pepsi more than Coke...but not a biggie. But, now you are going to have that Mello Yello garbage and no Mtn Dew...now that is the travesty.
  13. Well, when you are a big college BB junkie....now live in Northern Kentucky and every UK game is on tv...and not much ACC is on tv...you watch pretty much every UK game. okie dokie
  14. I live in KY now, but was born and raised in NC...and am a big Tarheel fan. I would not take Little either. He is a great athlete, but really showed he was undisciplined and has a low basketball IQ this past season.
  15. I live in Kentucky and saw about every UK game this year. He is undersized...marginal shooter..not a great athlete. He is mediocre and will be a bench role player in this league. Even the UK fans around here say the same thing.
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