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  1. Still parroting the ignorant statemrbtvthatvanyonecwho questions cam dies so because of race. you might only see race...but most (including myself) don’t give two shits about someone’s race, sexual orientation, etc. i don’t care about anything other than performance. And Cam was a weapon when he was a big force in the run game. If (when healthy) he can’t it won’t do that, he is not an elite qb. His mechanics, accuracy, etc has always been his weakness....and they have not really improved in his career. And don’t talk about last year’s improvement in accuracy stats....he stopped throwing downfield and beacon captain checkdown. i would love to see the old cam....I just don’t know whether a 30 yo who has taken the physical pounding he has will ever be that again.
  2. Typical story from the Cam nut huggers.... We win games when Cam is qb....all because of Cam We lose games when Cam is what....everyone’s fault but Cam We win games when Cam is not qb....we won because of everyone except for who was playing qb Cam was a weapon when he was a force in the run game....I am not sure even a healthy 30 yo Cam can or is willing to give up his body in that same way. Take away him as a threat in the run game and Cam is mediocre at best qb.
  3. You are kidding, right? the OL blew their blocking assignments and it would have been blocked had he not try to push it right.
  4. Some things never change....Boston is always late to the party and out of position.
  5. Agree. It is only his rookie year, but after getting a couple quickly you are far more susceptible to them going forward
  6. This 100%. He has had one good game in the last 2 years. Averaged 54yds a game last year and 65 yds a game the first three this year.
  7. You do realize that he hasn’t played the last two games...and the defense has been stellar. We have the DL depth to handle this issue.
  8. I know many former athletes and am fully aware of the pressures and time constraints that both revenue generating and non-generating sports put on students....many in my family and my son is actually one of them. They are not able to have part time jobs...they struggle to make ends meet...etc. I am all for providing a monthly stipend to athletes to compensate them for this. however, opening up college athletes to endorsement deals, etc is wrought with issues.
  9. Not true. California can pass this law all they want. College athletes are governed under the ncaa and the ncaa can rule every athlete signing a deal in Cal as ineligible. Same reason that Colorado, Washington, etc athletes can’t smoke pot and be eligible...even though it is legal in their states.
  10. Whether they should be allowed to sign deals and be paid is a legitimate debate. however, this bill is ridiculous and has no legal standing. College athletes are governed by the ncaa.
  11. More that (like many qb’s)....Cam is licking in on Moore and Olsen rather than taking what the defense gives him remember 2015....he didn’t have that go to guy, so he was forced to spend it around. That is the improvement that would takecCam to the next level as a passer.
  12. Newsflash...backed up on your end of the field...a good call is a WR screen. Score of 10-0 and 0-3 is not true abt. Sorry...but nah.
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