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  1. I also wonder if they will "slow" down the draft process this year because of the concern for ensuring accuracy. Perhaps stretching the rounds out a little more.... Thursday: Round 1 Friday: Round 2 Saturday: Rounds 3-4 Sunday: Rounds 5-7 Or maybe bump it back a day and do Day1: Round 1 Day2: Round 2 Day3: Rounds 3-4 Day4: Rounds 5-6 Day5: Round 7 + UDFAs I mean..... all we really have going on right now is time.
  2. Okudah all day without a second thought. I think he is the third best player in this draft. To have a White/PP kind of lockdown alpha corner in our secondary makes me happy. I think we can get a very, very good DT in the second round.
  3. Best case scenario for us would have been for Cam to play 2020 and prove he is recovered from injury and re-sign him to a 3-4 year deal. That being said, if you think Cam's next contract would have been for anything less than $33M per, you are kidding yourself. Teddy is much cheaper and that money for Cam is going to be spent elsewhere..... extending CMC, Moore, whomever. The long-term $$ spent on an aging Newton had to be part of the decision making process, especially when the organization has turned over the roster and coaching staff. Other than a handful of players and Marty, this team looks nothing like they did at the start of 2019. They decided to rip the band-aid off this offseason in order to plant the seeds for the future..... unfortunately, they ripped the band-aid off in a very sloppy way and disrespectfully. I say all this as a Cam stan.
  4. Interesting. Thought more highly of him than DJax, but I would entrust Charger media and fans more than me having a draft crush on him a few years back. Still think with his age maybe a change of scenery turns it around for him. He certainly has the tools
  5. I really like Cushenberry, but want to spend the first two rounds on defense. Not that I draft need over BPA but I can't imagine that there won't be a starting CB or DT (depending on where we go in R1) that is equal or better value than Cushenberry. Now if we want an IOL that Brady is familiar with, give me Damien Lewis in the fourth....MAYBE the third if we trade back into the mid-later part of it. If we could do something like: R1: DT - Brown/Kinlaw R2: CB - Terrell/Johnson/Igbinoghen R3: C - Biadasz R3 (trade up for): G - Lewis R4: LB - Davis-Gathier R5: WR - Quartney Davis/Isaiah Hodgins
  6. Supported by the Chargers' Athletic beat writer. Finally, a CB worth our time that would be an exciting addition. 25-years old, $2.5M in 2020, FA in '21. Some LAC fans would be elated with a 3rd rounder for him. There's also folks linking the Chargers moving up to #3 and the Lions needing a CB since trading away Slay. Get on it Hurney....send that email back over to LA and make this happen!!
  7. The XFL booth guy that reviews plays in real-time is the better move. It gets it right, quickly and with support from a home office look-in. I hope the NFL brings this over the way they did with the skycams from the old XFL... what a difference that made in viewing games on TV.
  8. If we had a smart GM, we would start the smoke screen that we are heavily considering Jeudy, Lamb and the 3 OTs at 7. Nothing drastic, but push the narrative that we are conducting video conferencing and that Brady could see the WRs thriving in his offense with Teddy B. There will be a team like the Jets/Raiders/49ers that are eyeing one of these talents and we could trade back with in case Okudah and Simmons are gone. After hearing the LAC email fiasco, and past practices with Hurney at the helm, we have not negotiated and leveraged ourselves as the alpha in deals. This kind of chatter given the climate of how fragmented this draft process will be with prospects, would go a long way as covering all bases leading up to the draft.
  9. Unless we hit the lottery and land Okudah, I really like going CB in Round 2. All the names you listed would be rockstars for us.... my favorite of that bunch is Jaylon Johnson or AJ Terrell. I also wonder where App State's Akeem Davis-Gathier goes.....I wonder if he will make it to the fourth round. Great list though MHS!!
  10. There's no clickbait about this thread - just confirming people that tried to connect dots with Brady-Burrow, and honestly, what most teams in the top-10 that need a QB probably are doing or did do. I too thought Teddy was going to get between $25-30M in FA and was surprised at what we got him for. Doesn't speak about Teddy as much as it does him probably wanting to come here and re-link up with Brady and play his former team twice a year. Glad we didn't pull the trigger....seems like a Hurney move.
  11. Cockrell or Dennard please. As far as younger CBs, the Saints' ex-DB PJ Williams is only 26, but I'm not sure what his deal is. I know he had a concussion recently and recall him being good at FSU when he was there. Not sure if he is a FA because of talent or crowded DB room.... idk. Wouldn't mind having an ex-Saint that can help bring some knowledge of the enemy over. I'm sure Teddy is pretty familiar with him as well, so if it hasn't happened yet, then maybe there is a reason.
  12. First off, I think Op is insinuating a 7th round pick, not #7 overall. Though I do think more highly of Rosen than most on this board and would've been fine throwing a 7th rounder at the Dolphins pre-PJ Walker, it doesn't make sense given our QB room. Combine that with the fact that we don't know the plans for QB of the future beyond 2021, we could be looking to draft a QB next year. I personally am a Teddy believer, given the OC and the weapons at his disposal. I think he can be our QB for the next 5-8 years and better utilize draft assets to build the team up in other areas. PJ is a great prospect and Grier wasn't that bad of a selection once you get past the way he was drafted. To your question though Op - no, we don't need Rosen here. Not because of his talent, but because of current players and direction we are going in.
  13. Ron Rivera in Washington........
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