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  1. Did anyone read the article?? They said it's the active PUP and that it wouldn't be long-term. Okung and Moton are the starters and this year was going to be Little's year to learn from Okung and back him up. All of the talk of Little going to LG or RG was silly. This announcement doesn't do anything to Teddy, CMC, the offense, etc. Just slows down a "growth/learning curve" year for Little for the early part of the season....if that even happens.
  2. Would love a Panther/Hornets colorway.... maybe Panther blue an Hornet purple. Especially if someone like Ally is the sponsor, it would work well. Sucks that their season got bumped to 2022.
  3. FWIW, he put out an interactive question on twitter and took the time to respond to me via email with a personalized message. Seems like a good guy and is from Charlotte and worked the NC market in RDU and now CLT. The Observer is "meh", so we'll see how long it takes before their conservative views come into play.
  4. Gamble and Luke are 1A & 1B that come to mind and instantly change our win totals, IMO. Luke's command of a defense reminds me of Peyton calling plays at the line on the offensive side. Gamble was the best CB we have ever had. Steady, reliable and a true CB1 that would be an anchor on the outside for us now.
  5. $3M for a soon-to-be 25 year old CB with 4 years experience is hard to get mad at. IMO, there's two sides to Eli - 1 - He was drafted at 20 yrs old, played for a big market team as an overdrafted top-10 pick and was too immature playing for his hometown with the spotlight on him. 2- He is immature, despite having the measurables and tools to be a CB1 and will flame out on his third team in five years..... at the age of 25. 2020 is an audition year for a lot of guys as to whether they are part of our core moving forward. Lots of young high upside guys that could be part of an up-and-coming franchise being built the right way. Can't knock the approach.... a few gems should shake out of all the stones being sifted.
  6. Taking a flyer on a young CB that has the size and pedigree to ball out isn't the end of the world. I'm not an Eli Apple fan and remember more of him getting burned and pouting than his flashes of good play. However, with the amount of money we have, and at this point in the offseason, there is no CB on the market that is leaps and bounds better than Apple. Dude is 24 and won't be 25 for another couple of months and a former top-10 pick from a DB collegiate power house. #beggarscantbechoosers
  7. I did see an article about this and it looks like opening too soon was an issue in SF during the 1918 flu... https://www.businessinsider.com/what-san-francisco-can-learn-spanish-flu-pandemic-coronavirus-1918 I do believe that we have to find a balance in order to start getting back to life, but striking that balance is no easy task. Open too soon, virus spreads again. Stay at home, economy crashes deeper.
  8. But the look that Snow is implementing is not a big nickel or Buffalo nickel. We are running 3 safeties, but the third safety (Joker safety) is not lined up in the box as a hybrid LB/S. He may disguise coverage and end up supporting or blitzing, but pre-snap, he is not a big nickel DB. This is the confusion and beauty of the 3 safety look.
  9. Right where Newton should be. Bradford and Goff are way too high, as is Alex Smith & Winston. I think Garrett and Clowney are too low compared to those other two, but I guess QB > all else.
  10. I've watched pro players vs. pro players on Madden and NHL 20. I've watched "The Ocho" on two different occasions. I have watched marbles "race each other" with a commentator like it was a NASCAR event. My dirtiest secret for Covid related time-killing ..... I watched Jersey Shore from E1 through season 5. So, yes.... yes we are.
  11. I'm fine with football at home. The stadium experience is great a couple times a year and there definitely is something about being there in person vs. a 2D experience in your living room. However, I feel like a lot more people are preferring the stay-at-home route due to the commute, traffic, insane prices for everything, bathrooms, DUIs, families not being able to afford it, asshole fans ruining it, etc. I just want football and if it means watching it on TV with empty stadiums or nothing, the choice is obvious. One season of altered football venues and a healthier public >>>>> trying to cram potentially sick people into a 3 hour fan event and infecting major cities. Odds are we will have a vaccine that is starting to circulate by this time next year, so 2021 looks like the target.
  12. If Brady is everything that he is rumored to be, I see him being a HC in 2023. There's no guarantee that he hits the ceiling that he did at LSU, but if he does, he will fit that young/innovator/exciting offensive minds and in high demand. For us, I would think Rhule is planning for that as well and I would assume that Nixon would be next in line. He was with Rhule at Temple and then as the Co-OC at Baylor. In his prime currently at 45, he may get the nod when Brady moves on. Peetz could be the other option as he has a solid amount of NFL experience and 8 years younger than Nixon. DJ Mangas I am assuming goes with Brady as his OC.
  13. Thank you for making this BP! That move CMC made in the UK Bucs game where he broke some DBs ankles is so criminal.
  14. For what he wants moneywise, I don't think this is the answer. At 29 years old and from the general opinions of Titans fans that he looked much better inside vs. outside, I think we need to look elsewhere. I think the same might be true of Dennard...who I like. Cincy fans think he's a better slot guy than boundary corner. Our issue isn't slot, but outside being the area of need.
  15. Based on the highlights and eval vids out there on him at WVU, I think he could be a low-level to decent starter. Kind of in a Jake Delhomme/Derek Anderson kind of way. He was a solid "prospect" but should not have seen the field during the regular season. I think with the right tutelage and a cushion of expectation to become a QB (3 more years maybe), I think he could be serviceable. Never will understand when rookies look like rookies and get badmouthed for it.
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