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  1. Have they released salary numbers for Hogan? If it's low, than Torrey has to be released. Let's say it's $2M, a Torrey Smith release would equal a $3M cushion to sign someone like Tre Boston or Darian Stewart...or go towards signing Bailey. Torrey Smith (30 yo) 6'0" 205# | 2017 & 2018 combined: 53 catches - 620 yds - 4 TD Chris Hogan (30 yo) 6'1" 210# | 2017 & 2018 combined: 69 catches - 971 yds - 8 TD 2 SB rings and not a social media diva The choice is obvious. Bye Torrey.
  2. Sounds like he's going to the Broncos or Colts with that hold your horses hashtag. I'd like him here on a fiscally responsible deal and move Gaulden back to CB or in a sub package with 3 safeties. I don't think Gaulden is our future at FS.
  3. Top 12 defense? DE - Two 31 year old rotational guys DT - Short, but who else.... TBD LB - lost TD... how will this affect Luke No FS worth a damn currently We need DE help, so I really hope we don't go with a WR in the first. I think there's good value after the first round if we want a rookie WR in this draft. I'm not saying we draft for need at 16, but the DE/DT are stacked in the first round, and fall off a deep cliff in the early 30s of the 2nd round.
  4. Still hoping for a trade with the Browns for Ogbah. Outside of a 1-yr bridge signing like Ansah, the rest of FA edge rushers are very meh for me. Good thing we are investing in the likes of Torrey Smith and Colin Jones.... who needs an extra $6M right now, right? No doubt we are zeroing in on a DE at 16, but we still need another player in here....Addison, at 31 years old, isn't doing it for me in '19....nor beyond.
  5. Seems like the same narrative this time of year for us lately. Pressed against the cap to make any major impactful signings. Re-sign several of our own guys....usually one or two overpays are done, and we will look to the draft to fill our areas of need. That being said, we could still free up some money and there is still a good amount of talent that fills holes for us. Za'Darius and Preston Smith are still out there, and still some decent FS talent too. Daryl Williams could still be brought back. I was hoping for Morse, but after seeing what Buffalo paid him and what Paradis is going to get...no thanks. I'll look to the 2nd/3rd round to bring in a young franchise center. After seeing some of the ridiculous contracts (See: Funchess, Devin; Badger, Honey), I'm okay for now. Def need to get one impactful defender.
  6. Great year for edge rushers. Burns is intriguing...the only knock was his size, but he took a lot of the air out of that concern today. Don't think we could go wrong if we go DE at 16. Still like Sweat and hoping somehow one of the big guys slated to go top-10 (Allen/Oliver) drops to us, but don't think Hurney can f*ck this up.
  7. I feel like one of the guys Dallas drafted or someone was a C/G coming in and went top-10....maybe I'm confusing it. San Diego.... Baltimore? I forget. I'm drinking at the airport, so maybe I made that up. haha.
  8. I'm fine with Williams, as long as it's not a Charles Johnson kinda contract. Spend the rest on a top-notch DE and kick the tires on a depth DT maybe. Do the rest of our damage in the draft. Still need a QB2, but who knows where this franchise is planning to go there.
  9. Bradbury could sneak into the top-10. Even at 16, I only take him if DE and SAF are off the board. Guy is going to be an instant plug n' play OL for a decade, but there are guys in the 2nd and maybe even early 3rd that have franchise potential. I'd rather get one of the DL or Thompson. Hard for me to take a C in R1.
  10. To be fair, I recall quite a number of people (not necessarily you) that were confident that Poe > Star after we signed Poe. Poe was garbage this year on a level that is akin to Hornets' Batum, but as a NT in a 34 look, he might actually make more sense.
  11. With the history of OL busts in R1, I really hope we go pass rusher, linebacker or safety in the first. There are so many edge rushers coming out, there will be a talented one for us at 16. I would do cartwheels if Ferrell was there, but Sweat is my guy too, so I think one of these guys is in Panther black and blue.....also happy with Polite too. Burns would be a great grab, but there's a gap between the tier of Ferrell/Sweat and then Burns. The combine will definitely separate guys.
  12. I'd take him if the $$ is where it needs to be. I too want to get younger at FS....which we technically are, but plugging in Gauldin or a draft pick in 2019 is risky....especially with Gauldin. Now, if we take Deionte Thompson in R1, I think he has a Derwin James impact here by midseason. That's why Quin would be a solid stopgap as others have said. Could do a lot worse at FS on a 1 year deal while we evaluate what we have. Sidebar - I had no idea we signed Nacua last year. I had high hopes for him during his draft year...thought he was raw, but within a few years, could turn into a solid starter.
  13. This is the best place he could've ended up with this organization. He was taking up a roster spot and cap space, while mainly offering penalties and frustratioin for me the past couple of seasons with his style of play/discipline. Now....helping lend his fire and expertise to the players - that I'm good with. It's not like we named him DC or anything.
  14. His frame/style of play at WR is what is lacking in our WR corps, but a 31-year old vet that is coming off a late-season achilles injury....PASS. I can't imagine he would be anywhere near 100% in 2019 and probably wouldn't lace 'em up until late in the season. Achilles aren't like ACLs... they are career-damaging injuries - let alone an aging WR that has already suffered one....and now, two.
  15. Ya lost me when you showed love for Kiper and McShay. Ya lost me even more when you compared Ferrell to Hall. I would do cartwheels in my living room if we end up with Clelin Ferrell in Round 1.
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