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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. IMO, our O is set... the only thing we need in the first 3 rounds of the draft on offense is a center ( we re-sign Wiliams at RT & put Moton at LT). I hope we spend any and all picks on DE, FS, OLB, DT, CB. I believe with a new DC, DL coach and signing FA's like Eric Reid, Trey Flowers or Frank Clark we should be a SB contender next year. I also think we underestimated how different our secondary would look with a healthy Ross Cockrell. We add someone like Sweat/Polite/Omenihu in R1, Taylor Rapp in R2, I'd be head over heels for our potential in 2019.
  2. I see lots of folks blaming Washington (which he def deserves blame), but I don't see as many blaming the DL Coach - Brady Hoke. It's ridiculous to think Washington, being our former DL coach, and Hoke, a supposed defensive guy could be this awful. As for age - that is a huge issue as the OP put out there. I think we go full overhaul this draft/FA where the lists are very impressive. FA: Flowers, Clark 1st Round DEs: Bosa, Ferrell, Allen (out of our range) ..... Sweat, Polite, Burns, Omenihu I hope we double dip and grab Flowers & Sweat .... maybe Omenihu instead of Sweat depending on how the OU game / Bowl Game / Senior Bowl / Combine goes.
  3. Soul Rebel

    Panthers Work Out CB Dexter McDougle

    OTB thought: Could Gauldin not fill in at CB for us since he's getting almost no burn at SAF? Dude is a converted CB that flexed at all postions in the secondary and, IIRC, was a solid slot corner.
  4. I think we will know more after the CLE game. I think we can beat TB this week and if we can knock off CLE the following week, I feel like we have as much of a shot as any other team in the 5/6 or competing spots. If we drop either game, we are done. I never want us to purposely lose, but if we do drop out of playoff contention, it could be the best long-term move for this franchise with the dominoes that would fall afterwards.
  5. Soul Rebel

    2016 offseason led to this

    Though we have missed on some draft picks and free agents, at what point is it on the coaching staff for continuing to mold these players into better players. Could all of these players be that awful, or could it be that the tools that are needed to grow and progress from rookie to established player fall on the shoulders of those that coach them. Offseason regimens, OTAs, training camp, practices, pre-season, in-season progressions, and into the following offseason. Schemes, playing to players advantages and strengths, while minimizing weaknesses, etc. This coaching staff from top to bottom is bad....it's not all their fault, as players are ultimately responsible for their success as well. However, years of Rivera, Shula, Washington and Rodgers definitely shoulder the blame as well.
  6. Soul Rebel

    Return of Wilkes?

    No thanks. No more retreads or coaches that have been here before. When Ron is canned....I want a full refresh from Tepper. If I'm going with a former Arizona DC, I'd see what Todd Bowles is up to after he gets the boot in NY.
  7. Soul Rebel

    Rivera Presser

    This....and I truly believe this will happen. I'm so happy that Tepper is our guy and not one of Jerry's friends that would have continued to sort of run the team similar to his hopes. I fully believe Ron is on his way out and Tepper will completely turn this front office over from top to bottom. Our offense is not built to win games "7-6". We have an explosive offense, full of weapons that teams would kill for and are only a few defensive pieces away from a SB contender. No reason we should be 6-5 right now and it's clear that the game has passed Ron by. Tepper is a new-school owner and he will align his new baby with a GM that is competent, and there will be some exciting coaches available for us to tap into. The time is now. Sorry Ron....it's been a fun ride and you're a good guy...but you've taken this team as far as you can. You are an NFL Mark Richt....time to upgrade.
  8. Nope. CMC had a career day Cam started 14-14 and ended with a ridiculous passer rating/comp ptg. This offense hummed yesterday without him. I'd rather spend that money towards retaining Eric Reid or putting it towards the Brinks truck that Trey Flowers or Frank Clark are going to demand in FA. Somebody will overpay for him....they always do, and it best not be us.
  9. No to Arians. For sure. I'll take DiFillipo or, though I doubt it, Lincoln Riley. Find a great defensive mind to run our defense. We need to clean house of everyone attached to this franchise, including Hurney. Tepper is a bold GM that wants to win more than anything. We have a tremendously talented team that would probably be at the top of most coaches wish lists. Cam - CMC - Moore - Samuel - Kuechly - Short - Jackson - Reid. We are a Trey Flowers/Frank Clark, one CB and one SAF away from being a SB contender. This team is loaded with talent, just have to clean up the old regime (Rivera/Hurney/Kalils).
  10. Soul Rebel

    Worst DC in team history?

    Luke looks bad KK looks bad Poe is non-existent No pressure on QB, can't stop the run and out of position on the regular Got 52 hung on us a week ago.
  11. Soul Rebel

    Ross Cockrell - Difference Maker?

    Haha....agreed. That was one of, if not the worst Panthers' defensive performance that I've seen. I meant the thread in more of a 'big picture' thought....not just reeling from the Pitt debacle. I'm over that game. It's done. We got punked. Next game. #FireWashington
  12. Thoughts on how a healthy Cockrell would impact this secondary. Relegating Munnerlyn to the sideline and rotating Cockrell and Jackson out at boundary and slot would be a beautiful thing. If he is good to go in 2019, does his presence make you feel the same - better - worse about our CBs next year? That being said, without the injury, would Jackson get this much burn....knowing Ron, we would have the untapped talent riding the pine while Captain took the rookie's reps.
  13. Can we trade for Kris Richard in Dallas?? Buh-bye Eric Washington
  14. Soul Rebel

    Congrats to the Hurney and Rivera Nut Huggers

    It's pretty simple, IMO. Our DC is the problem. Cam has played great this year and he has weapons all around him. Our defense has been the problem all year, and it's not the players. We can't get off the field and give Cam the support he needs to do his thing. Eric Washington this year and Wilks last year....our defense has the personnel, just not the right guy pulling the strings. And yes, Cam didn't make good reads on the final drive which could have had us win the game.