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  1. We have been begging for a throwback to the Olsen/Shockey amazing season and we finally have it. No need to want Thomas to be TE1...yet. He’s fine as Olsen’s sidekick and does what a youngTE2 is supposed to do. Another year under his belt and the tutelage of a future HOF tight end is just what we had all hoped for from a 4th round pick. Im stoked!
  2. To answer the question about Captain - No, I will not. He's been a liability the past two years. I think DJax & Cockrell will rotate in and out of the slot based on looks. Both are capable of playing inside and out, so I think it's another wrinkle in our "hybrid-who-knows" defense that we will see all year. I even think Gaulden will get looks in the 3-3-5 along with the yet to be signed FA FS that is not yet on our roster, but will be soon.
  3. IMO, I think Cleveland and us are the front runners. Cleveland's roster is loaded, young and excitinig...it's a question of the culture and direction the leadership in power takes them. Are they finally done being the awful team that is full of unfulfilled talent and dreams, or are they finally for really after 2 decades of embarassing play. I think they are ready for primetime and will be a big time player in the AFC this year. Comparing our roster to theirs, as a free agent, they've got some talent oozing at spots.... QB - Mayfield RB - Chubb, Johnson, Hunt WR - OBJ, Juice, Calloway TE - Njoku A talented young offensive line DL - Garrett - Vernon - Ogunjobi - Richardson LB - Kirksey DB - Ward - Greedy - Gaines SAF - Randall & Burnett I like how we are a quiet sleeper team to regain a stranglehold in the NFC this year, but Cleveland's roster is not to be slept on. If I'm McCoy, it's going to take $$ and some other factor - Family, location, ability to play the Bucs 2X a year, etc. to sway me, becuase on paper, the teams are similar....with CLE possibly being better. I think us and the Browns are both playoff caliber teams with a 10-6/11-5 season ahead of us that are both appealing to McCoy. Not to throw shade at the Ravens, but that roster doesn't excite me as much vs. us and CLE if I'm looking at a team to play for for the next 3 years.
  4. I really hope we sign him here. With the Kalil money opening up soon, we can fit him in, and still have money to add a FS if we want. We fit the bill as a 'contender' and something that he didn't mention, but I'm sure a player of his caliber and drive -- the ability to face his former team 2X a year. A front seven of : McCoy - Poe - KK Addison - Kuechly - Shaq - Irvin/Burns Yes, please.
  5. My issue with the WRs is Ginn. I love the chemistry between he and Cam, and there's no doubt that he came up big for us last year without KB. However, after 2016, do we really retain a 32-year old veteran, when there's a 25-year old Philly Brown sitting there? I believe Ginn will be here this year, but he's also taking a roster slot from one of the potential youngsters. If Hill and Norwood continue to push, we need to hold onto them. What about Byrd? Garrett? It's crazy how loaded we are and that's why I truly hope we keep 6 on the roster this year. After this season it gets easier when Ginn leaves. KB-Funch-Brown, and then two of Byrd, Garrett, Hill, and Norwood.
  6. Out here on Seattle radio, they're talking up Henry at 26. They, much like us, have several more important needs (OL, LB, DE) but a Marshawn Lynch replacement that runs as forceful and nasty as Lynch makes a lot of sense. He was in town last week visiting, for whatever thats worth. John Schneider is one of the best in the bizz (along with DG), so Henry at the end of the first isn't such a crazy thought. Not that I needed a Seahawks GM to let me know this, but just to put to bed that Henry is only a 2nd round pick is a silly thought. If DG thinks that Henry fits what the Panthers want to do on offense, and others on the board (Lawson, Robinson, etc.) are not there, Henry would be a good pick for us. There's always an argument to be made against a player in the draft (Star had health concerns, KB had drops, Shaq was a tweener). I can argue why not to take most players you toss out there at 30, but I'd rather focus on how they fit with us. A guy like Henry is a rare once-in-a-blue moon RB. He could be a classic 'Bama back that flames out in the NFL with only a handful of good plays, or he could be an Eric Dickerson/Marshawn Lynch kind of matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. Nobody knows, but I trust our front office to make the right call. Funny thing is..... all of this Henry debate could be for naught 10 days from now when we step to the podium and draft ...... Keanu Neal - SAF - Florida
  7. I'm so stoked for this game to start. Biggest home game in franchise history?? I feel like we've said that a couple of times this year already, but it's gotta be. BofA was rocking last weekend, and I can only imagine 75k fans should be standing for 3+ hours today...... or they better be! I was at the New Orleans monsoon game and never experienced a professional game like that in person. I hope today exceeds that and we make Panther Nation proud. 3.40pm can't get here quick enough..... guess I've gotta start drinking now.
  8. Not sure if any of your Seatle RR people are in Spokane, but since I work overnights, it's hard for me to travel to too many games.  Would be great to meet other Cats fans in WA though.

  9. I'm good with it. Black on black is still amazing, but I feel like our W-L record is awful with them on. Are we scheduled to wear the black/black again at any point this season? I know we usually wait until the latter part of the season to sport the dark colors.
  10. Luke may go down as the Greatest Panther of all time, once it's all said and done. I'm just happy that he is signed long-term and even happier that I was at that game in the rain and felt BOA shake, rattle and rumble. @BryanPalmese
  11. I don't understand Rivera's affection with Joe Webb. I get the flexibility of keeping a player that can play WR and QB rather than having to sign a 3rd string QB, but, IMO, I don't think Webb brings more talent to our roster than the potential of losing Byrd or Ward. Webb had 1 reception for 16 yards and 2 kickoffs for 53 yards. I fail to see Byrd not being able to at least hit those marks. I get that he doesn't play QB, but I really hope there's a way that we maximize the talent on the 53 man roster.
  12. I'd say a Gio Bernard/Frank Gore hybrid. The elusiveness and vision of Bernard, but not the speed. Not as punishing as Gore, but hits the hole with purpose and is a versatile back.
  13. It's quite possible that this is Gettleman's best draft class. Love Shaq for the future, Funchess' untapped potential, but Williams is quickly creeping to the top of my list of '15 draftees. I'd prefer seeing Remmers get time at LT and let the Williams-Turner duo steamroll the right side of the line all day, but whatever it takes to put the 5 best guys with chemistry together to win.
  14. Don't want to risk placing him on the PS and having him get Gaffney'd. I think rolling with 7 WRs isn't a bad thing, especially since it's so uncommon for us to do so. For me, it's shaking down like this: Benji - no brainer Brown - ideal slot guy and has enough skill to play a little WR2 if needed Cotchery - great veteran presence that can be a reliable 3rd down WR Funchess - too much potential with him to not see the field opposite KB Ginn - prefer him on ST, but like the ability to contribute here and there on offense Bersin - horrible on ST, but a true possession receiver that can move the chains and be a good, young WR4 Byrd - lots of potential here. can't teach speed and Byrd is full of it. ST contributor in '15 and maybe a few gadget plays on offense. I really hope both Byrd and Ward can snag a spot on the final 53.
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