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  1. I am glad we didn't judge Cam by his first few games against Seattle. He looked pretty bad, as did the rest of the offense.
  2. Read the article? Are you new to the huddle? Or social media in general? No one reads the article, they just look at the title.
  3. I think the Butker move is probably the worst move Hurney has made since he came back. But ironically, after Butker was traded, Gano was having probably the best run of his career for us. In 2017, he only missed one fg, a 50 plus yarder. In 2018, he was having a similar run until the detroit game, when it appeared he was hurting. Ah well, hope Joey S can take last years performance and improve on it.
  4. I think we will see an offensive explosion. It will be like 2011 when there were so many 400 yard passing game. We do have an experienced offense, and I think they will keep the playbook simple. And we do have some experienced players on offense. Our odds aren't good, yet it could be a wildcard, anything goes kind of year.
  5. If Cowboy fans are required to wear masks, the world will be a better place. Well, a better looking place anyway.
  6. You know the Patriots pass defense is bad when you see Benjamin running free.
  7. I made a significant amount on UAL, took the profits before they dropped again, then sunk it into Exxon. Its down a litte right now, but I expect it to go up within a year or two. In the meantime, they pay a nice dividend. Also bought a company called Mitek, but I am beginning to think that one wasn't a wise purchase.
  8. If the NDA covered something illegal, then I don't think its valid. Also, only one of them is talking, and I don't think she signed an NDA.
  9. Washington minority owners looking to sell their stake in the teams. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/washington-football/washingtons-minority-stakeholders-have-taken-big-step-toward-selling-their-parts
  10. You might be right about the fans being happy. But what I have read says that whatever might be coming is sickening. Sickening to me would be a penn state situation. I hope its not something like that.
  11. Don't see it, but he has done and said some stupid things. So I guess anything is possible.
  12. I have a hard time believing the paying off ref's stuff. They lose to much to have paid off the refs. If its true, they should ask for a refund.
  13. Wearing or not wearing mask will not impact restaurants going bankrupt. I went to a restaurant last week. Wore my mask inside and got to the table, then was allowed to take it off. The Social distancing thing is more problematic for them, but to be honest, so few people are going out right now, that I am not sure it matters.
  14. What did Bill Gates do? Other than some wingnut conspiracy theories, I have seen anything indicating criminal behavior from him. Wealthy people get more attention than the rest of us, doesn't mean that they commit criminal acts at a greater rate than the average Joe. Truth is probably that they commit crimes at about the same rate as other non wealthy people.
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