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  1. Not sure I would call this a good matchup. I mean it is for Panther fans. But a 3-4 team vs a 1-6 team isn't going to light up the ratings.
  2. I can't remember the last time I saw two penalties on one play on the kicking team.
  3. And yet, they keep watching them, providing the NFL with good enough ratings to justify having them. Not saying I disagree with you.
  4. Agreed, but I will be shocked (and glad), if it happens. I hope Grump gets beat like a drum. Don't feel like posting the actual map, but if I did, it would be mostly the same as 2016, except that I think Michigan, PA, and Wisconsin will flip. Iowa and Arizona might flip as well.
  5. The rest of them are probably possible, but if South Carolina goes blue, it would be a bigger shock than App State beating Michigan.
  6. That sounds like me when predicting panther games.
  7. Relax, its not like he is going up against the worst pass defense in the NFL. He only gets to do that in practice.
  8. 2-3. Chargers and Falcons were both one score wins. The Falcons are 0-4 in one score games I think.
  9. The Cowboys won't draft Lawrence even if they are bad enough to be able to draft him. A proven Dak Prescott is better than any potential a unproven rookie might have.
  10. I would consider working him in slowly. Maybe give him 5-10 snaps this week, just to get him some work.
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