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  1. Well, what he said about Newton there wasn't all that bad. His comments here are not necessarily wrong.
  2. Brees looked average the last half of the past season, but the Aint's were still good. If their defense contines to improve, they have a shot at the big game. If not, who knows. Right now, I would say they probably won't win the division, but at this point, it is anyone's guess.
  3. I heard the press conference, those "jabs" were mostly in people's imagination, ie people hearing what they wanted to hear instead of listening to what was actually said. Gross did say that he didn't like Gettleman much at first, but came to like him more later.
  4. I am not a fan of trading up. That being said, most teams only get a couple of starters in a year. They do it by drafting 6 or 7 and hoping a couple of them are starter quality. We had a good year last year getting three potential starters.
  5. Band of Brothers and GOT are 2x times better than any of those imo.
  6. I do agree that the season appears to be a bit rushed. I do think they could have done 10 episodes, with more details about what causes Dani to want to burn them all. She just does it because they don't "love her". Seems rather forced. They could throw in some visits to the twins to free Edmure, a meeting with the new lord of Dorne, Sam taking over at Horn Hill, etc.... Maybe they spent so much on the battles, they couldn't afford to bring all the actors back. But I still like it better than anything else on TV that doesn't involve the Panthers.
  7. After they are forced to land at the Veil while Drogon is flying them north to visit the dreadfort?
  8. We didn't see them all get wiped out. We saw a charge by a number of dothraki, with their flaming swords being put out. We have no idea if that was all of them, or if any of them survived. Or if maybe some dothraki where left somewhere else and not part of the main charge. You only assumed it was all of them.
  9. That doesn't bother me. Even in the real world, people learn from their mistakes and adjust their tactics. Euron caught her offguard at Dragonstone. In this one, Dani came in low and fast, manuvered a lot, and made them miss. A lack of agressiveness had been the problem the entire time against the Lannister army. She finally went full tilt, and won the battle as a result. Fwiw, Tyrion had been an incompetent military advisor. Had she listened to Lady Olenna, been more agressive and desroyed the gates and got the unsullied inside Kings Landing, Cersei would have been dead last season. Which of course is not what the writers wanted.
  10. Fwiw, the wheel is broken. No more Martells, Tyrells, Aryn's. No more male Greyjoy's or Starks (except Brandon, and he doesn't count). One imprisoned Tully, one Lannister who is probably going to be sentenced to death. The great houses of westeros are mostly gone. Except perhaps for the Baratheon's. Would be ironic if Gendry ends up on the throne. And after tonight, she definitely matches Cersei.
  11. He is not necessarily wrong, but the success rate of all picks past the second round is pretty low, and we are about average in that regard. I read the other day that the number of fourth round players who stay in the NFL more than four years is around 4%. For third round, its a little better at 30%, but still not high. It appears we got three good players out of the last draft. If that holds true, its above average.
  12. Most of the military tactics in this show have been bad. Scouting and recon must be against the rules. Tywin Lannister couldn't tell the difference between two thousand and twenty thousand men. Stannis Baratheon, Jaime Lannister, and Ramsay Bolton allowed large armies to approach them without any warning. But then if I was watching a show for military tactics, I would watch band of brothers.
  13. Cam understands this. If he plays well, or even average, he has nothing to worry about from Grier. If he plays poorly, the Panthers are going to be looking for another qb, and it won't really matter if its grier or someone else. So there isn't much reason for him to worry about Grier.
  14. You have a valid point, although I will point out that most of us realize Greg Olsen is close to retirement. If Cam was 36/37 years old, we would probably see a lot less whining about the pick. And in fact, I think in that scenario, most would complain about not using an earlier pick to get a qb.
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