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  1. Meh, to much talk about fantasy and CMC not scoring td's early in the season. He is productive regardless of whether he gets the td or he gets it close and then someone else gets in the end zone. If Cam's arm comes back, and we don't have a spate of injuries, we should be ok. If not, its going to be a long season.
  2. Its not different. She can refuse to read your letter, but she can't block you from sending it. She can refuse to read your tweet, but she can't block you from posting it.
  3. Trump brought this on himself. The President of the United States should not be using twitter to conduct the business of government.
  4. Why did you feel the need to insult 12 year olds? Had my son acted like Grump does when he was 12, he would had no Twitter accound.
  5. We didn't all agree. Smith wasn't the problem on offense. And cutting him cost more that season than it saved.
  6. He didn't make the the team because he was Richardson's neighbor. He made it because he was the fifth or sixth best receiver the coaching staff had to choose from. Its not like we cut someone who went on to a stellar career with some other team so we could keep Bersin. The issue was not Bersin or Richardson. It was that the front office did a poor job drafting and signing talent at the WR position. Its a problem we have had for 12 or more years, well before Bersin got here. The last really good receiver we drafted was Steve Smith. The Jury is still out on Samuel and Moore, but it looks promising.
  7. Unfortunately, Weinke also had 3 interceptions and a fumble.
  8. Agreed, although the best possible outcome is that CMC and Cam share Superbowl MVP honors.
  9. I agree, CMC might get fewer opportunities if Samuel, Moore and the others get more use. On the other hand, we might see his yp carry/catch go up.
  10. Most teams history of fourth round picks is horrible. Depends on the metrics, but I remember seeing stats that indicate 80% of 4th round picks are out of the NFL after 3 years. He might be worth a 4th, if the issue is just some over the counter stuff. Probably not much riskier than any other fourth round pick.
  11. Sometimes, I wonder if we wouldn't be better off with a parliamentary system such as the British have. No votes directly for the president, instead you vote for a house member and a Senator, and then congress elects the president. That way, the presidents party would be in charge of at least one branch of congress, with a better shot at getting legislation thru.
  12. Just once I would like to see someone ask the candidates the following. Senator such and such, all your recommendations sound great on the campaign trail, but how do you plan to get them thru a Senate that is likely to be controlled by Republicans. As much as Biden got criticised for saying it, he was on the right track when he said that he had worked with people in congress whom he disagreed with. It doesn't really matter what legislative agenda a president wants to implement, it only matters what he or she can get congress to agree to.
  13. I am hoping that Holyfield turns out to be the real deal.
  14. Depends. Are we talking about the normal Browner, or the roided up Browner?
  15. That may be true, but I don't think he is as good at it as Seattle's corners were. Of course, that is a pretty high bar, so its no shame on him.
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