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  1. Davidson Deac II

    Is Paradis better than R Kalil?

    For his career, Paradis would have big shoes to fill. Given that he is younger, he might be better than Kalil was last year though.
  2. If he always gets away with it, it may be time to admit its skill, not luck. He excels at that kind of open field broken play stuff.
  3. Davidson Deac II

    Patriots release DE Adrian Clayborn

    You are right, but we won't be able to get only younger players. We can only get so many in the draft, so we are still going to have sign some older ones. Of course, I don't know if this guy should be one of them. But signing him won't prevent us from drafting a DE or two.
  4. Davidson Deac II

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    That entire oline was dominant, and a large part of the reason that they won 3 superbowls with 3 different qb's, none of whom would ever sniff the hof.
  5. That is why I said mostly. I think the unsigned bonus money goes thru arbitration.
  6. From what I read, retirement is mostly treated the same as a cut. So I don't think they are.
  7. Davidson Deac II

    Damiere Byrd

    I don't think his not coming back has anything to do with what he could or couldn't offer. For a 5th or 6th receiver and punt returner, he was actually pretty decent. Great speed and decent hands, and a threat returning kicks. Just couldn't stay healthy.
  8. Davidson Deac II


    Or they will be the next team to watch the Patriots represent the AFC yet again.
  9. Davidson Deac II


    And two first round picks.
  10. Davidson Deac II


    On the surface, this seems to be a great deal for the Giants, and maybe a good one for the Browns. Giants shed a lot of cap space, and get a first and a third. Depends on who they draft of course, but could be a great deal. Browns pick up a good target for their qb.
  11. Davidson Deac II

    Daryl Williams

    I can't remember anyone excelling much on defense in most games this year. At least not until the Aints game.
  12. Davidson Deac II

    Smith doesn't care what naysayers say

    I don't think most of us have an issue with Smith being on the team. Its the cap hit we take for a guy who seems to be our fourth receiver, when we have other areas that are more of a issue.
  13. Davidson Deac II

    Antonio Brown to the Bills (or maybe not)

    They give up Amari Cooper to get a first round pick, then turn around and give that pick to the Steelers to get Brown. Isn't that essentially trading Cooper for Brown, but tying up a lot more cap space? Not a bad deal if the Raiders felt they could compete next year, but I am thinking that the Raiders want to use those picks to bring in young and relatively cheap talent with an eye at competing for a Superbowl when they move to Vegas.
  14. Understand that I have a wider definition of position of need than most. And the choice is rarely that black and white. That being said, depends on the circumstances. If I have a good young group of 3 or 4 starting linebackers, and I am desperately short of tackles, I take the tackle. If I have two good young linebackers, and one average guy, I might take the linebacker. Or maybe I take the defensive end who is rated a little higher than the tackle, but a little lower than the lb.
  15. Agreed, we have several positions of need. Although the need for some is greater than others.