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  1. Our run defense has been middle of the pack. And in fact, in the second half of both our games, its been pretty bad. I wouldn't mind if they play us like they did the Ravens (4 passes for every run).
  2. If you base on it preseason performance, Allen is the starter and its not even close. Grier had to many turnovers. Grier might have more of a future long term, but for the time being, its Allen.
  3. The refs are the same they have always been, ie they are human. They made mistakes back years ago, and they make the now. There are two primary differences now. 1. The explosion of media (social and otherwise) means everything is hyper analyzed to the nth degree. 2. The rules have become more and more complex. Its far more difficult to figure out what a catch is, or if PI happens, etc.... I do think that one reason some are getting tired of football is that there is such a glut of it. In the old days, football happened two days a week. Saturday for college, Sunday for pros. Now when in season, football only takes tuesday and wednesday off.
  4. I agree, beating Carolina is not rushing the field worthy.
  5. Nah, I dont think he stepped out of bounds quick enough, the wake players held him up. But at that point, I don't think it would matter. Your QB looks decent, but he ain't Aaron Rodgers.
  6. We tried to let you guys back in with some Mike Shula style play calling there at the end. Can't believe they ran several consecutive read options. Oh well, I do feel better tonight.
  7. I don't know, tonight is making me feel much better.
  8. The Cian Fahey? Oh God no. We are doomed, doomed I tell you. Don't get me wrong, I am concerned with Cam. But I saw him lay it in Olsen's arms 30 plus yards downfield. He couldn't do that last year. He may need to adjust to his arm not being as strong as it once was. We just have to hope he can adjust eventually.
  9. Don't want to read thru 9 pages of crap, but I do want to point out that I don't have to move on from Cam, because in the end, it makes no difference to the team whether I move on or not. It only matters if and when the team decides to move on. As a Panther fan, I continue to hope for the best for Cam and the team, and will until the day the team decides to move on.
  10. A win is a win. It will count the same if we win by 1 or by 30. And fwiw, we had a relatively easy win against them at home last year, and proceeded to go on a losing streak afterwards.
  11. Personally, I think there are several interesting things to do in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Many of them have already been mentioned, but if you want to rent a car and get out the immediate city, there are some interesting things to do. You can rent jet skis at Lake Norman. If you are a history buff, then Kings Mountain and Cowpens are nearbye. If you want to do some hiking, Chimney Rock state park isn't very far away. If you want to sit around and drink craft beer, probably not the best place to go.
  12. Jameis hits a couple of big plays, but gets sacked several times. Offense looks rough to start, but plays better in the second half, and the final is 31-20 Panthers over Bucs.
  13. Ron Rivera has coached against Tampa in Charlotte 8 times. 6 wins, 2 losses, with an average margin of victory of around 11 points.
  14. Jameis has been pretty bad in Charlotte. A 1-3 record, and the one win was more about who sucked less. I fully expect him to be 1-4 after this week, assuming he plays.
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