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  1. He may have to find new places to hide his cell phone.
  2. The amounts are what is important, which is signed first is irrelevant.
  3. I expected him to fire whomever runs the concession stands. The wait for my chicken tenders is just to dam long. They have to go Mr Tepper.
  4. No one is irreplaceable. But Cam has been a good qb for us, and anyone who thinks we will be able to draft a QB like Tua or Burrows and that qb will automatically be as good as Cam has another thing coming.
  5. Its not really how high you pick, its the number of picks you have. Fans talk about the forty niners this year, but they have had 6 first round picks over the last four years, and half of them really haven't panned out as expected. Their advantage was in the number of picks they had. If we got a top 5 and there wasn't a qb we wanted at that pick, then I wouldn't mind if we traded the high pick for a first and an extra second round pick. Assuming somone is willing to make that trade.
  6. Fans tend to focus on play calling way too much. Our offensive line play was terrible, and we are playing with a backup qb. What plays we call don't really matter much at this point.
  7. Newman has the right measurable, and has done well when he doesn't have the best talent around him. Except at wide receiver where wake has two or three guys who will likely play on Sundays in the next year or two. He has touch on this throws, and is a good runner. But he still looks raw at times, and I am not sure he is ready for the NFL. Plus I really hope he stays at Wake for his next season. But if he goes pro, might be worth a second or third round pick.
  8. If you mean me, I doubt all picks until they prove it on the field in the NFL. More often that not, its correct to doubt them, especially when it comes to QB's. And I don't really care if we have the first pick or 10th when it comes to QB's. I mean if you look at the first qb selected in each draft over the last 10 years or, its not an awe inspiring group by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. I don't really mind the all out blitz call. Losing record with very small shot at the playoffs, coach got fired, behind in the game, with almost no offensive spark. No harm in gambling there. Jackson fell down trying to tackle the guy, so he should probably not talk to much.
  10. Football is generally won or lost in the trenches. We lost 80% of our starting linemen from the SB, and the replacements haven't been as good.
  11. Is he? I have to admit I have my doubts even if he fully recovers from his injury. He has looked decent to good in some games, but its easy to look good at Alabama where you generally have more talent surrounding you than every team you play. But from a historical perspective, that doesn't work as well in the Pros
  12. I would probably wear some Clemson or LSU gear. That would make the people in Georgia happy.
  13. Well, that is ballgame. Will make the tank for a likely useless higher draft pick fans happy.
  14. Don't know if its play call or the qb's choice, but I hate it when we need five and throw it forty.
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