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  1. I can't speak for Wilmington, but Winston Salem has been a ghost town for 3-4 weeks now.
  2. I would consider it at least. Bridgewater is the starter for now, but we could let Tua sit on the bench, heal and learn the game and the offense. If the staff feels that TB is the one to lead us, then we trade Tua after a year. If not, then we give Tua a shot in year two.
  3. 2005 I think. I was at that game. Lucas blocked, but Peppers was mistakenly called for a running into the kicker. They got the ball back, got a td, which cost us a shot at the 2 seed.
  4. Duke energy and Energy United put out two weeks ago that no one's power would be cut off during the state of emergency. The governor's order probably includes the city and county water utilities.
  5. Given how people typically react, it amazes me that the vast majority of people are taking it seriously. The last time I hit the grocery store on Friday morning, the roads were virtually empty except for trucks. The grocery stores were relatively full, but even there, everyone was wiping down their carts, and maintaining a distance from each other.
  6. Tens of millions of Americans didn't die in WWII. Might be due to a few million of our young men being deployed, and away from home.
  7. I still think College is a good thing, and it gives people a leg up on others. 30 grand or less in college debt is no more debt than buying a car. But if you are going to rack up six figure college debt, then you should ensure that you choose a profession that will allow you to pay off that debt. 100 grand for a dr or lawyer probably isn't a big deal. For a teacher or similar profession, its a big problem.
  8. Hoping its just a flaw in the test, and not true virus behavior.
  9. Its been a long time since I got unemployment, but even in relatively good times, it takes a couple of weeks. Now adays, I imagine it takes a little longer to get started.
  10. Well, this is disconcerting. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/27/822407626/mystery-in-wuhan-recovered-coronavirus-patients-test-negative-then-positive
  11. Unless we can give Gettleman a call and tell him, your boy with Daniel Jones will be a future hall of fame player. Just give us a second, and he is all yours. lol
  12. A lab designed virus, ala Tom Clancy's rainbow six novel, would be far more lethal.
  13. I think Bridgewater's arm strength is better than he is given credit for. It could be that he has played on offenses that didn't like the deep ball very much, or that he just takes the checkdown more often than not. That remains to be seen. As much as I like Cam, one positive could be that if we are at 3rd and 1, we throw enough for the first down, and don't attempt a 30 yard downfield bomb. Have seen that all to often over the last few years. Not sure if it was a coaching decision, or Cam's, or some combination of the two, but it was frustrating at times
  14. IMO, the president and governors should come out and say bluntly that in two weeks, they will reassess the situation. Make no promises one way or the other, but tell people that they will decide to extend based on the situation then. Of course, people would read into that what they wanted to hear instead of what was actually said, but stupidity can't be helped.
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