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  1. Davidson Deac II

    New Orleans attorney filled civil suit

    If memory serves, the court has to allow them to file the suit. Sadly, this ties up court resources and is one of the reasons that legitimate civil suits take so long. I hope they throw this out quickly.
  2. Davidson Deac II

    New Orleans attorney filled civil suit

    Its probably good advertising for him, even if he becomes a laughing stock.
  3. Davidson Deac II

    Your input needed - Huddle Improvements

    Agree with keeping all politics out of the main forum, no exceptions.
  4. Agreed, and add 1 review per half. And make all plays reviewable in the last two minutes.
  5. Davidson Deac II

    Wait...I thought the NFL was rigged

    If it were really rigged, we would see more Dallas vs Pittsburgh SB's. Two most popular franchises.
  6. Davidson Deac II

    Go Rams, obviously.

    As long as its not the Cowboys or Aint's, I don't care who wins.
  7. Davidson Deac II

    London here we come

    For the last several years, we have been good every other year. If that holds true, then we should be good next year. But I am not the least bit excited about playing in London. The London thing is idiotic. But hopefully its Tampa losing a home game.
  8. Of course. CJ was the staff's mistake, primarily Turner's. We weren't going to use him unless cmc went down (and maybe not even then). If we weren't going to use him, then there was no point in keeping him. Butker was a long term solution that cost us less money in the short term. Keep him and we might have the kicker spot in good shape for the next 15 years.
  9. Definitely Hurney's biggest mistake since he came back.
  10. Davidson Deac II

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Players miss things they should have seen all the time. A qb misses a wide receiver that is running free, a running back misses a open hole, a tackle misses a block, or a official misses a call that in hindsight was obvious. It happens.
  11. Davidson Deac II

    Officiating was disgusting.

    It hasn't. Officials get it right a lot more than they get it wrong, but the wrong ones are what people remember, especially now when missed calls are repeated over and over again on social media. But in the end, they are human and make mistakes. While games have in the past been rigged, most of the accusations of game rigging are nonsense.
  12. Davidson Deac II

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    I sure hope he tries.
  13. Davidson Deac II

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    The Saints offense tailed off dramatically at the end of the year. Today's game was a continuation of that. They were ok today, but not the offensive machine they were earlier in the season.
  14. Davidson Deac II

    Official AFC Championship Game thread

    The defensive offsides was the killer. Without that, Kansas city is headed to the SB.
  15. Davidson Deac II

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    If the NFL was truly rigging it, the Cowboys would be in the SB this year.