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  1. Meant to say lakers, but instead said something that sounded like the N word.
  2. He is quoting Theodore Parker (sort of), trying to be cool. And I guess commenting on Mr Bryant's past legal troubles. Totally inappropriate, but that is social media for you. The ability to speak freely with no consequences.
  3. And another parent and child. Just a horrible thing for all involved.
  4. In fairness, the run d was atrocious when he wasn't on the field as well.
  5. Elliot will be relatively cheap and might be back. Boston and Bradberry will depend on what they want and what the new staff thinks of them. Mccoy might decide he wants to go to a contender, and would probably be good depth at a team that is on the cusp. But if he wants to come back relatively cheap, I wouldn't be opossed. I don't see Williams coming back.
  6. Bringing in a chair. Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud. Suspension forthcoming
  7. You are of course correct, but I do think that drafting a qb is kind of a crap shoot regardless. Your odds of winning the crap shoot are just higher early in the first round. I posted something that Mr Scott and I were discussing a few weeks ago. It was a list of the first qb selected in draft in each of the last ten years. The results were generally not good. We actually had the best result getting Newton with the first pick in 2011. Luck and Wentz were pretty good to. The rest of them, well it wasn't encouraging. Mostly career backups (Bradford), guys who should be backup's (Winston, Trubisky), guys that are out of the NFL (Manuel) or guys that haven't proven themselves yet (Mayfield, Baker). It doesn't bode well, but certainly Burrows could buck the trend.
  8. Both Brady and Ruhle were on teams that beat the Panthers. Snow was not. I have to wonder what was wrong with him.
  9. I don't care who wins. But while Mahomes is great, but the forty whiners are more balanced and will probably win.
  10. You are right about Mahomes, but the forty niners do have one advantage in that they are one of the best at getting pressure without blitzing.
  11. I wonder if 28-3 is going thru Shannahan's mind right now?
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