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  1. Stop, I can't breath!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! They were awful.
  2. I know right! The Hill love fest made me sick. Now all we have to do is cut off ESPN, because it will be nothing but Tom Brady free agent coverage for six months.
  3. He bombed out in Denver and didn't do anything noteworthy when he was OC in St. Louis. After what he did to the Colts, still don't understand why he's still such a hot commodity
  4. Yep, first NFC South coach to accomplish that feat
  5. Andy Reid's coaching tree > Beli's coaching tree
  6. That one play late in the 4th when he threw down the field into double coverage to the fullback lol Even had Booger saying "you can't make that YOLO throw here"
  7. Good stuff! I remember that too. After Siragusa and those guys aged out, they were getting gashed before they got Hiloti Ngata and some more size. If you don't have a colossal space eater in the middle, a 3-4 will never work.
  8. Yeah, I would think if someone sustains two or three quick concussions like that mandatory IR would be a thing. Luke needs to give him a neck apparatus. It definitely has helped him.
  9. I think it is the switch to the 3-4. It is the same reason for Poe's resurgence. Vern was all world in the 3-4 and seemed to struggle with mental part of the 4-3. He has been close to lights out in the 3-4, and when the mental part of the game is easier surprise, he's not getting blown off the ball anymore.
  10. Dude, you quoted Joe Person. And these league wide NFL insiders have always been wrong more than right when giving "insider" information. I gave you an example in the last post. I'll discuss speculation, but we won't know this for sure until next spring or fall. So for now, people saying Cam is already on the way out is baseless. I guess I'm just disappointed that you are just so quick to swallow this up like a Newb.
  11. You wouldn't think that now that the Huddle elite want them clicks to drive conversation. I can't believe Mr. Scot went to Joe Person's speculation tweet as a source and thought that we weren't gonna talk sh*t!!!
  12. I'm not trying to discredit Igo, but telling the truth. I think that it is bogus to get on here and speculate like you have insider knowledge you don't have. Isn't that what everyone here does when someone is trying to sell their take? What are your sources, where did you hear that, and what do you know? You have yet to produce more than a couple of this "more people saying it" sources yourself. Schefter and guys like that consistently put out wrong information, because it gets clicks and views. That is no different here, so stop acting like it is man. Schefter put out before 2018 campaign that Brady was done. Seems pretty ridiculous now doesn't it? I am angry because all of these pundits have been saying we should get rid of Cam, while on the other side of their neck saying how good he would be for these other teams. Probably, no one knows what is going to happen now, but I bet that the Panthers bring back their franchise QB. Literally everyone does it this way and you heard of Marty Hurney right. The same one that gave Jake the huge contract after Tommy John surgery seemingly wouldn't get rid of a franchise QB under contract would he? I don't think so, but it is personal speculation. Just like everyone else right now that doesn't work for the organization.
  13. We shall Captain Riddles. In the meantime, stay classy San Diego.
  14. Exactly, and they stick together so well that most people eat up their opinion like its 100% fact. Jeremy is talking like he works in the building and people like Mr. Scot are just cosigning on all of the speculative bullshiggity!
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