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  1. Good in-depth research, but it is still based on what ifs and should do's going forward. Now, Allen is fumbling close to every time he gets hit. Also, it is all moot because Kyle Allen is the back up and is going to hand the job back over to the franchise QB according to RR. Good things bruv.
  2. Hahahahaahhahaahahaha!!! I told my good friend that this is the cost of doing business with Norv. Does anybody remember Emmitt Smith's back up? Yeah, me either. And I remember L. Tomlinson's, but he didn't get to play until he left to go to Atlanta.
  3. I remember going in 06. The girl beside me got on the plane, took out her personal pillow and slept until we landed 7 & 1/2 hours later. I know, because I slept maybe 47 minutes. That was with jeans and t-shirt. She had on full pajamas. I am still jealous of how well she slept. I can only imagine in a full suit and tie.
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I about fell out of my chair!!!
  5. Please show me where Tom Brady and Peyton Manning fumbled six times in four games as well as losing four of the aforementioned fumbles. Do the work and show me the research. And you keep responding, so don't give the I don't have time its out there bullsh*t. Show me some evidence and I will concede. Otherwise have a lick on me yarbles. I'm not trying to write a fake story.
  6. You really are the Huddle Sh*t poster, egging on this malarkey. Allen has six fumbles and has lost four. It is an issue that people are bringing up because losing the turnover battle is a real issue in football. Everyone knows Cam Newton doesn't have a fumbling problem, so the post is irrelevant. I mean we only have years of tape to prove it. Hope we keep winning while our franchise QB rehabs.
  7. Van Roten is playing really well in run game and decent in pass game. This is what was lost with not having two a day practices. Lineman really need that time and extra practice to work on their craft. O-line is the biggest position where a coach can teach you something new all the time. You learn so much and then have to implement it as well as the gameplan and that is extremely hard. I can only imagine at the NFL level.
  8. So fumbling yet again on the 32 yard line on the right side of the fifty killing a drive was nothing? The kid is not starting when the franchise QB comes back because of these issues. He is doing his job as a backup and holding it together, but he was not flawless on Sunday.
  9. Exactly. If Tom Brady didn't play in the AFC least with a guaranteed division championship nine out of every ten years and his team didn't do everything to gain an advantage(some would call it cheating at times) and he didn't play for Bill Belichick. See how that works? Cam is very much a generational talent by his accomplishments and athletic ability point blank. If he wins a championship, he is first ballot. But this guy says he is a fan of Cam though. They wanted to knock his block off because football is a violent sport. Richard Sherman deals with the same issues and he is a model citizen. The backlash he received after making one of the biggest and most clutch plays ever on Michael Crabtree was pure racism. He was being interviewed a mere number of seconds after making the play to go to championship and he was excited. The white girl interviewing him was visibly uneasy and everybody jumped down Sherman's throat about his actions. Quit trying to downplay sh*t you don't understand. Also, all players talk sh*t and stunt on the competition save for choir boys R. Wilson and the recent retired A. Luck. People want to knock Russell's, Luck's, and countless other QBs heads off. Was Mahomes dabbing, being outlandish, and rubbing it in people's face? No, but people want to tear his head off. The league chose to punish Cam after his MVP season when they could have put the league behind him. They let him take all of those head shots in the Denver and Atlanta game. Ron, teammates, and fans all had to see our MVP be treated like a journeyman against the 81 Raiders' defense for being good. You saying that Ron needed to reel Cam in for his own good is exactly the kind bullshiggity we talking about. Nobody was telling Aaron Rodgers to reel it in when he was discount double checking every Sunday. Nobody told Brady to reel it in when they were undefeated and he was running to DBs he had just thrown TDs on and pointing in their faces. This is not surface level stuff that you can dismiss. I get that its hard for you to understand, but it is not made up and you can't belittle people's reality.
  10. What kills me is the repeated concussions and ankle injuries. I mean we are not playing the times of Deacon Jones and the infamous head slap that DE's used to use on tackles. Why is Little getting repeated concussions? Secondly, Trai plays in low tops. He needs to wear some high tops and wrap his ankles tight. How many times do you have to hurt your ankle to change your foot wear?
  11. We have a chance to right all of it, so all NFC games are close to equal depending if we beat the Bucs this second time. We should be healthy at QB going down the stretch and will find out more. The NFC looks very mediocre right now and alot of the 2-2 teams as well as 3-1 teams have won/loss close games. I'm excited to see it play out with our number one passing defense.
  12. I thought Thomas looked good blocking though. Seemingly that is the main reason Manhertz starts in front of him. I'm glad in that aspect, he took advantage of his reps last week.
  13. Exactly. People keep saying that next year we draft another stud to put on the other side of Burns and I say we already have him. I think that the mental aspect was already there and the physical had to catch up because of injury. The kid basically ripped his hammy to shreds. He was real unblockable before that happened and he is the son of another NFLer. He will definitely be better than just another JAG.
  14. Are you saying balls like the one during the Rams game where he caught it then fumbled after thirty yards, or the Skins game last year where he did the same? A lot of veteran QBs won't even throw to players that have struggled like DJ with fumbling issues and drops. He is earning back trust from his QB and teammates every snap. He has had plenty of passes thrown his way that he could catch. Quit using positive stuff to take shots at our franchise, former MVP QB.
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