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  1. Good post. The mods and owner like the NFL have legislated alot of the people who input actual football knowledge. I understand there will be opinions because it is a message board, but for a while there people with alot of football x and o knowledge just disappeared. Some of them right after proving Igo wrong on football knowledge. You should be able to challenge a little without drawing immediate ire if it is done in a civil way. Pushing certain narratives as well does get old. Carson Wentz today called Torrey Smith a magician. The Eagles head coach said that he can still run and get open citing stats saying that Torrey drew most PI calls in league last year. The board with the direction of Igo acts like he is the worst player to don a Panther uniform. Yeah he hasn't produced huge numbers, but over thirty threads since training camp have been derailed by Torrey hate. People do get tired of the repetitiveness and the mob mentality. Another thing is one word posts I guess to boost numbers. Also, after a poster provides a well thought out response they are hit with: is that you player I hate, da fug you talking bout, or calling the person an idiot with zero repercussions. Wait, I've said too much. If I'm banned carry on.
  2. NorthTryon

    Wednesday notes/pressers

    I know one game they didn't make Corn active and he is the fourth corner.
  3. NorthTryon

    KK Short?

    Especially since the league is literally legislating defense out of the game. You can't intimidate with big hits are play with any kind of physicality. While on offense you can practically do whatever you want, we are too focused on defense.
  4. NorthTryon

    KK Short?

    Everybody looked great at Dallas. We played such an aggressive style that day challenging receivers and blitzing. I don't know what this loiter ball soft zone crap is now. I understand we weren't afraid of their receivers, but the Skins didn't have anything outside either. Its like another post I read where Washington and Wilks are opposite sides of the spectrum. We need Mcdermott to hurry up and get fired.
  5. NorthTryon

    Rewatching the final sequence

    But there were times where both Brady and Rodgers couldn't pick up five yards and threw picks to end the game against us. It happens to everyone. Maybe Brady would've got the five and maybe not, but there have been times in his career that he didn't and the Patriots lost the game.
  6. Now while I do not like the Chip Kelly, meerkat kind of hurry up, I do understand upping the tempo. One time yesterday, we got the play call in and everybody went to the line to get set and Cam stayed on a knee for five seconds. The play is ready to run with like sixteen seconds to spare, but we are still waiting till inside five to snap it. It seemed like we were ahead 17-6 instead of behind by the same margin. Plus the defense has all day to counter.
  7. After Atlanta game, he said some things were going to have to be addressed. Cincy game they were, but Giants and Skins game the same issues appear again.
  8. NorthTryon

    Rewatching the final sequence

    Thank you good sirs. I jumped on dude's post early pointing out these two examples without reading a few more responses. I see he hasn't responded.
  9. NorthTryon

    Rewatching the final sequence

    Tom Brady threw a weak interception in the back of the endzone to undrafted Robert Lester to lose to us on Monday Night in 2013. Aaron Rodgers threw a game sealing interception to Thomas Davis in 2015. Both were home games. So yes, I've seen them go out like that.
  10. Since the preseason game against the Patriots, our defense plays better with Cox activated. He can set the edge and has the mentality to go all out. He played in the Dallas game and the Cincy game two games in which we played the run like old times. Obada and Haynes need to make some strides before they are active this consistently.
  11. If at anytime you are Riverboat Ron, this was it. And Gruden did it with Alex Smith. When they got the less than a yard sneak with Smith I was furious.
  12. NorthTryon


    That was a perfect "peanut punch" by Norman though on the second fumble. Moore is used to nobody being able to touch him and he is pressing. That punt return it was like he was fighting to stay up to fumble.
  13. NorthTryon


    We were all outsmarted by the smoke screen. Turner talked about Samuel being used more this week and then bam. We don't use him. Get some Skins!!! Bet they didn't see that coming.
  14. I'm so glad we didn't have to go through that. Hurrying up to the line looking around like Meerkats for two seconds, run a play, rinse and repeat. In the NFL, Kelly's defenses were gassed by the middle of the third quarter. If his offense wasn't clicking the defense had to get rest in two minute intervals. He literally could go three and out in a minute and ten seconds.
  15. Ditto. I mean Chris Clark looks like an All-Pro, Hall of Fame, Perennial Pro bowler compared to Matt. Its like the Flowers thing in New York. Some guys just aren't going to pan out.