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  1. I hope he stays a Panther for life, but I think the Broncos will do everything in their power to sign him if he's ever on the open market.
  2. When will we start hearing the chants 'We want Grier'? After or before Week 10?
  3. I kinda believe it, but then again why not just take him at 98? Did they think we wanted Stidham? Or do they read the Huddle and knew we'd go Safety?
  4. If he blows up at Senior Bowl he is drafted #6th overall.
  5. You missed the sarcasm. The hits Cam has taken over his career are equivalent of a running back. You also missed the intention of my first post. Grier is going to get time at some point. Our best hope is he balls out and we turn him into a 1st round pick. Meaning, Cam is still our QB. A Matt Cassell/Pats/Chiefs situation.
  6. You are right, he's 29. I forgot he has been a pocket passer his entire career and not been hit much.
  7. Grier is going to get playing time. Newsflash, Cam is not getting any healthier as he ages. Best case scenario is Grier plays well and is showcased for 4-5 games and someone that can't develop QBs forks over a 1st.
  8. Ok, ok. If you told me after the first three rounds we'd have Burns, Little, and Grier I'd be extremely satisfied.
  9. Marty has such an incredible track record with Day 2 picks and trading up. I can't believe anyone would even question him.
  10. Another RB would be good, but I think the perception in this years draft is one can be had on Day 3.
  11. I'm conflicted. On one hand, we have too many holes to be giving up additional picks and there is still alot of talent left on the board. On the other, it seems that talent flys off the board in the early 2nd rounds each year and never makes it to us, and even if it does, we draft someone at of left field.
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