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  1. They are going to be back in the cellar of that division soon.
  2. The risk is you get more penalties (offsides, running into kicker, and roughing the kicker) and extend drives. I'm sure someone in our similar predicament has considered it though.
  3. He's having a 'down' year, but I'm sure they'll ask for a 2nd or 3rd.
  4. I just can't picture trotting someone out named 'Brandon Zylstra' to return punts.
  5. Who are some names that we could bring during the Bye week to fill the our never ending hole at Punt Returner? -Terry Godwin -Bruce Ellington (I think he returned kicks early in his career and was decent)
  6. Is anyone else still shook by the Brantley Gilbert halftime show.
  7. There is 0 chance. Pretty easy position to fill during a Bye week. I'm sure there a few names out there that will be an upgrade. Bruce Ellington perhaps.
  8. First play in practice needs to be a naked bootleg. Easiest way to tell if he's 100%.
  9. So our options are: 1. Pay Allen $20m and say goodbye to Cam. 2. Tender Allen for a 1st and kick the tires on Cam one more time Is that about right?
  10. Nobody in the NFL is dumb enough to give a 1st and 2nd for damaged goods like Cam.
  11. I don't think he's garbage, but I don't think he is the next Adam Vinatieri/Justin Tucker either. He is probably somewhere in between, an average to above average kicker. If we cut him, he will be picked up quickly.
  12. There is some bad ju-ju on that field for Cam. If Kyle can have another Arizona like game this week, then ride him until he fumbles the job away.
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