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  1. I find irony that these rioters, protesting authority, are all wearing masks.
  2. Has Vic Johnson (LT) App St. signed anywhere?
  3. 7th rounders are basically throwaways. However, there is some potential here as he has limited time at DB and could be a late bloomer. Keeping an eye on him.
  4. Uh, what should they be counting them as, respiratory failure?
  5. I keep seeing we are 8 days behind Italy. 8 days ago, Italy was burning down already. Here we are, still waiting to see the bottom fall out, but it hasn't, because we've most likely been dealing with this much longer than Italy, or at least, just as long.
  6. I'm not sure what 'take' your referring to, but if it's the Imperial College study, it has alot of flaws and not being well received in scientific community.
  7. Plateaued? I don't think they've peaked.
  8. Just need a 2nd team to enter...honestly, at this point, I'd be happy with a 4th.
  9. I've followed this guys for years; he's got about a .500 batting average, FWIW.
  10. Uh, this isn't good. Cam seeks a trade? Not us actively shopping him?
  11. Look like the Giants got a cohnah. Paid elite money to get him too. Will probably be us in a few years when Evans, Thomas, and Ridley are torching us.
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