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  1. Huh? I read it and responded to the person that posted it. That person then quoted me, mentioning racism I think? lol. I guess, in your eyes, that's about as positive an article can be about Cam Newton. We can leave it alone now. You win
  2. I'm on this board plenty, but the stupidity has reached new heights. So that'll change. I just felt like calling you out. Prove me wrong, dude.
  3. You guys are hoping we don't get this guy back healthy and are ready to let him go? That's what it sounds like
  4. Who said anything about Mike Freeman or being racist? I've noticed that you've never made a thread about Cam or linked an article when he's playing well or about how good he's been. But you will post something like this and not add your own opinion or you'll just say "Thoughts?" and leave it to the rest of your clan lol. You're an OG troll. I almost respect your troll game. Like I said, you've already made an Allen thread praising him. Where's your good Cam thread?
  5. You guys can hope all you want. If Cam is 100%, he's back in. We should be just happy that we have a good backup. Mr. Scotty has over 84,000 post and 1000's of threads and every time it has something to with Cam, there's a negative aspect to it. Allen has 5 starts and he already made a completely positive threads about him. Keep pounding lol
  6. Allen is doing fine. He needs time in the pocket just like any other qb
  7. Years of bad play? 3 time division champs, superbowl, mvp and too many nfl records broken and created. He was in mvp form last before he got hurt. If you dont realize most of the people that dont like him is because of race them theres no reason for anyone to try to convince you. Again, all Panthers fans hope Allen plays well while Cam is out, but it's still funny to see the difference of conversation when things go wrong here.
  8. It's not that. It's not surprising to the real Panthers fans to see poo like this with our online against a good defense. We are used to it. It's just funny to the difference of reaction with the Cam haters. Allen turns it over and its everything but the QB. Same thing happens to Cam and it's nothing but the QB's fault
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