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  1. ncmonzta

    Choker Cam

    You see a lot of new faces too. They're the real panthers fans /s I'm just working on my ignore list now. Perfect time for it
  2. That's an incomplete forward pass. Good play by Cam
  3. ncmonzta

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    just picked it up from best buy at 9pm. Its taking a little less than an hour and a half to install from the 2 disc. 30 more minutes to go. Anybody on ps4 can hit me up when online starts -ncmonzta919
  4. police brutality is nonsense?
  5. ncmonzta

    Cam Newton

    You post like poo 24/7. Log off
  6. ncmonzta

    Cam Newton

    Just like that, all the Cam doubters disappeared into the night...
  7. All cam haters and fake panther fans please log the fug off NOW!!!!
  8. You really cant see him placing the ball down on the guy?
  9. Munnerlyn is pretty trash too
  10. ncmonzta

    Pats getting Josh Gordon

    Patriots always make moves like they actually want to win something even if means taking a risk. Wonder how that's been working out for them
  11. Ron Rivera = missing testicles , day to day
  12. Points and the ball back. Why risk not getting points there. Good move