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  1. 6.6 million new claims for unemployment. crazy.
  2. In case of bread shortage. Or home brewing
  3. Very suspicious planes just dont catch on fire taxiing out. Probably a issue with O2 canisters.
  4. But if you tested positive then you would would know you are immune to it and move on. Besides a vaccine this is the only way the world can move forward.
  5. Would be nice if they could get enough test kits. We need to see who has and hasnt been infected no matter the symptoms.
  6. Yeah I need Tepper to pay for my season tickets this year.
  7. Which is out of context. Is better with the context. Short version with the stimulus no layoffs til oct 1st. Then it depends on the virus and economy. https://www.businessinsider.com/united-layoffs-may-be-coming-october-coronavirus-bailout-2020-3 Also good insite on how it was implemented https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/coronavirus-stimulus-bill-flight-attendants-175324324.html
  8. That is false. They said no layoffs but if things dont improve on oct 1st they might need to downsize. The grant money they received that they couldn't layoff til oct 1st.
  9. Hope everyone that is getting laid off can find something soon and this doesnt last to long. I got a reprieve til sept and feel lucky I did. Went through this in 2008 and it is t fun. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Delta currently is losing 10 million a day. they had around 650 million in cash and around 8 billion in assets to draw loans from. Currently flights are carrying about 6 to 8 percent loads and losing money. All the airline have cut April schedule by 70% and may by 80%. But airlines have fix expense (payroll, gate spaces and aircraft) that they have to be paid. If you do as you say and let the companies fail. Then there would be no airlines left to fly people once the economy recovers.
  11. Which goes away when you have to pay for insurance.
  12. Company I work for is looking at doing 50% work reduction and 50% paycut. It keeps everyone on the payroll and most importantly keeps everyones benefits. If you can get your works to agree on a temporary reduction most would understand.
  13. Also it is Cancelled Hope the shirts arent printed yet.
  14. I will say this and nothing against anyone. But comparing surviving a nfl offseason while people are dying from a virus is in bad taste imo. Even if it is for a good cause.
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