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  1. Cant believe Rome isnt on y'alls list.
  2. I liked this episode. hopefully they end everything with no questions. Hate nonfinal endings.
  3. Yeah I look at it as Star wars. Both empire strikes back and infinity war setup the last movie in their respective series nicely. Both final movies underwelm greatly.
  4. Think this is where Tepper stepping in might be a good thing. Pretty sure if Tepper sees value in Allen and he will keep 3 QBs on the roster.
  5. For team Hall of Honor it just cant be stars, All Pro selection or pro bowls. Hall of honor needs to be players that define what a panther player should be either on the field or off. Jake while not a great player fits in the selection he was a fan favorite and his fire and passion was important when he played.
  6. Wish it was bronze statues outside the stadium. but nonetheless great to see them recognizing former players. need some players from the 90s. But this is a great first round.
  7. To me the best episode of the season. all the parts are lining up. next week is going to be intense.
  8. Sheesh, crazy indeed niece goes there. She was off campus at the time.
  9. Yeah, seem like alot of the movie was setting up future shows.
  10. Sansa. She is the smartest of the North and will come up with the idea.
  11. Dont see it. Of the main characters Starks,lannisters, targaryens only 1 will survive imo. Cersei will kill Dany Dany will kill Sansa Tyrion will try to kill Dany and get executed. Jamie will be killed by the mountain Cersei will be killed by Arya Brandon will be killed by Dany John will be killed by the Mountain Arya will rule the throne with Gendrys baby.
  12. There will be more. Guess they just didn't want to go with the quick kills and wanting to build up to the main characters.
  13. 3 episodes left. Well this should be interesting if it is all about the Throne. Could go on multiple directions with 3 episodes. was expecting atleast 1 more episode of the WW. Well bring on the carnage.
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