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  1. Thats because Chicago mayor is more worried about keeping people off the beaches than having cops patrol the south and Westside of Chicago. She is a one term mayor everyone hates her right now.
  2. One reason I wanted a financial stock was all the companies leveraging cash for covid19. Just feels like the financials will be raking in cash from interest payment. Wanted to buy Chase but out of my price range right now.
  3. Tepper is going to let his President, GM and Coach run the team for the most part. You would be crazy to bet against him. Will he faulter some. Yeah but I do believe in the longer run he will be a successful owner. Case in point look at Mark Cuban.
  4. I called the Patriots when Brady was gone. But go on.
  5. Who's mad I'm finding all this funny as hell. People showing they was truly Cam fans and not Panthers fans. Clamoring all over the Patriots now and how they are going to make Cam better. When yall going to the Patriots board?
  6. When was Cam ever humble? But whatever motivates him.
  7. Nah thats Hogs. Another would be the Diesels. See who gets this one.
  8. Nope, just glad that bs is in the past. I hope Cam can reboind and do great things. But honestly I doubt he will ever be his former self.
  9. Now can all yall Cam fans GTFO out of here. Pathetic yall could never debate. Just calling people racist when people tried to point out Cams issues.
  10. Yeah and I decide to pick up some wells Fargo yesterday afternoon. Fml.
  11. Going to pull 75% of my investments and see how the market is in July. Just to much speculation right now.
  12. Smithy just took his position and made people respect him.
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