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  1. Squirrel

    Will we see CJ Anderson this game?

    Well you know how Rivera is with changes. Heck he still does the Superbowl Shuffle.
  2. Squirrel

    Will we see CJ Anderson this game?

    Nope. Saving him for the 2nd half of the season.
  3. Yeah it is amazing what they get paid for the training required to get the job. Working with one now and I feel like I know more than them.
  4. Really sounds like he isn't happy there and wants to be cut.
  5. Squirrel

    Byrd out again

    Time to let Byrd fly free. To many other wr's to wate a spot and playing time on him.
  6. Working our way up to all black uniforms.
  7. Squirrel

    Hurricane Michael?

    Winston Salem seemed to get it bad alot of trees down
  8. Dont you have to play to be a player?
  9. Good teams get the ugly wins. That is what separates a playoff team from non playoff team.
  10. Squirrel

    Week 5 Late Games Thread

    Yeah that was stupid made Mcvay call to go for it easy.
  11. Defense sets a franchise record for turnovers. Luke get 2 int with one being a pick 6 Peppers get a strip on Eli Jackson gets in on the action and gets a int Not to be outdone Reid gets a int. By this time the defensive line gets real aggresive and Kk causes a fumble and Mario returns it for 6. Shula announces after the game he is retiring.
  12. Fox used to do that when he was here. Hold back on the playbook so teams dont have film on you. Works pretty good if you win games the first half of the season.
  13. Squirrel

    Don't worry, it's coming

    Was thinking this was about Dez Bryant possibly joining the Panthers.
  14. Squirrel

    College Football General Discussion

    Didnt the other qb request a transfer?