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  1. Of course Smitty is going to say he preferred Jake over Cam. Jake favorite target was Smitty. Cam couldn't grow with Smitty on the team.
  2. This tells me Tepper really hated the culture here. This is all about bringing a different attitude and vision to the Panthers. Question is will it work with Hurney at the helmet and hardly any NFL experience.
  3. Haha thinking she flying on a regular airline. She charters a whole plane. Cost about $6000 a flight hour. She get partial refund.
  4. Olsen is the main reason we have Hurney.
  5. So they are going to draft one later? Since it wont be earlier? Prefer not drafting one at all.
  6. Carolina offense isnt that mad just need some plug and plays from free agency. Defense if they can nail the draft and plug some free agents then we might have a chance.
  7. Tomorrow is my bet along with other news.
  8. I'm expecting a flood of news over the next 2 weeks. Then quiet til March then all hell breaking lose. Good times ahead.
  9. CMC not winning either OPY or MVP is a bigger disgrace.
  10. Yeah 18 million in cap savings. But this thread is about Olsen.
  11. He didnt thank any teammates. The person he should really thank is Hurney for bringing him here.
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