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  1. I just wanted to point out that if the Panthers listened to me and signed Geno as a backup. We wouldnt be in this position.
  2. He isnt selling it just moving it over as his family hedge fund. So less people and he wont be as active. From what I heard.
  3. More Indepth. Looks like he just wants to go yearly with the Steelers https://triblive.com/sports/kevin-colbert-not-treating-2019-like-this-is-my-last-year-as-steelers-gm/
  4. After the london game. If we lose that one it will be a long flight for Rivera.
  5. Cam gives us the best option to win. Yes he isnt his former self. But we dont have anything better on the roster.
  6. Not til the lightning is out of the area. Even if the wx is south. Most have a 5 to 10 mile radius it has to be out of.
  7. Moose did have a good year up in Chicago. but still isnt hof. Walls should but wont. Gross definitely Mills yes.
  8. Was thinking Scott as to keep Norv o. Staff it would need to be scott. Norv wouldn't take HC.
  9. You think this is bad wait til Thursday game. Going to be more open seats.
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