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  1. A QB that has been constantly injured for the past 2 years has no leverage either.
  2. Game film finally got out. Same with every other QB. You dont improve you get exposed.
  3. Also that 2 wins team did the same thing last week to a 7 win team. So this wasnt like out of the blue.
  4. Nope people scrambling to a message board to throw their QB under the bus is. Just shows you who cares about the team and who are player fans. If Cam performed this way yall would be blaming the offensive line and play calling. Laughing at yall double standards.
  5. Same excuse you used for Cam. Offensive line is terrible. Cant have it both ways.
  6. On a 31 year old QB that has been injured the past 2 seasons. Ain't happening.
  7. Haha, Allen's performance doesnt change Teppers Valuation of Cam. Cam is only worth a certain amount and Tepper wont overpay him.
  8. How do you ignore in the mobile version? Dont see that option.
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