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  1. Best thing about Moderna's vaccine. Moderna said Monday its vaccine remains stable at 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of a standard home or medical refrigerator, for up to 30 days. It can be stored for up to six months at negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit. By comparison, Pfizer's vaccine requires a storage temperature of minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Haha nope foolishly held onto carnival. Still ahead on it but lost 13% on. It today. The rest held their gains.
  3. Cha-ching great day. Carnival up 40% Ford up 5% today for total gain 58% Duke up 2 % for total gain of 16% Walgreens up 6.7% for total 15% Still have kmi down 13 % Wfc down 8% Can't complain though
  4. That's the only thing he can guarantee victory at.
  5. Thought Manchin already switched to Republican.
  6. Stacked the Supreme Court. But one of the worst presidents ever.
  7. If the votes favor Biden then the GOP will come out against Trump. They don't want any doubt in the system specially not for Trump.
  8. Well if you work in Chicago only options is to live in Illinois or drive a hour from either Indiana or Wisconsin.
  9. Feeling much better this morning. Think Biden will win this just needs 3 states and mail in votes favor him.
  10. Chicago has the bridges up around the loop to deter people.
  11. Trump fixing to take the lead in nc too.
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