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  1. One who goes to IHOP 2 was a stupid argument what about Tom Brady. A great qb doesnt need great wrs to make them better.
  2. RIP sad to hear but no he shouldn't be honored by the team or as a Super fan. Not going to talk bad about the dead so will leave it at that.
  3. There is different price points in coach. Now a days the seats in the first part of coach have extra leg room then in the back and cost more depending on the length of the flight. Exit row seats cost more too.
  4. 10 hour flight no way would I switch either. Why didnt cam book first or extra leg room seat?
  5. I'm a big principal person. I will take the loss. Hopefully Tepper will see the issues with PSLs and gets rid of them. But guaranteed revenue stream is hard to day no too. Another reason I have no issues just giving them back. Because if we cant sell them then the Panthers cant sell theirs for full price.
  6. Thanks I'm just glad I can eat the cost if I have too. I enjoyed the tickets when I lived in nc. If I stilled lived there I wouldn't be selling.
  7. And this is why I would be willing to just let mine go back to the Panthers. I understand where you are coming from. But it would be a cold day in hell before I sell my season tickets to someone other than family.
  8. My section the Panthers have listed at $3000 a seat. No way could I get that $1500 wont even be brake even for me but I'm willing to take a loss. I live out of state and the hassle isnt worth it to me anymore. Reason I say I will be willing to give them back to the Panthers is I would rather do that then sell at anything below $2000 and pay the fees. just isnt with it imo. Plus I shall out $2000 every year for season tickets.
  9. Yeah been out of nc for 10 years. Family has been buying season tickets but cant with the recent price increase. So just looking to unload without taking to big of a hit. If I get no takers this time I'm just going to give them up next year. Cost to much for what I initially paid for them.
  10. $2000 for 2 tickets for the season. Another $2000 for the right to future season tickets. I just cant use them anymore and they are becoming a hassle for me. Just looking for a fair value and to get them into the hands of fans that will enjoy them.
  11. Looking to sell 2 PSL'S and season tickets. section 516 row 15. $2500 obo for both psls Season tickets $2000 for the pair Will not sell season tickets separately.
  12. This is going to be sad last episode.
  13. Cant believe Rome isnt on y'alls list.
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