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    How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains? Well, if coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we’d have been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind. You better believe things had been different. I’d have gone pro in a heartbeat. I’d be making millions of dollars and living in a big ol’ mansion somewhere, soaking it up in a hot tub with my soul mate.

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  1. Remember, When Cam was drafted, Jerry Richardson told him not to get any tattoos, get any piercings, and not grow his hair out. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/6894818/carolina-panthers-jerry-richardson-cam-newton-no-tats-piercings
  2. Lol. Jeremy hasn’t removed the pumpkin latte pie from two years ago. You ain’t getting a badge
  3. For me I think it’s more about lowering my interest, than it is to stop being a fan. I would probably downgrade from being a fan, to someone who follows the team. If they left the Carolinas, then there would no longer be any emotional attachment for me anymore and I’d likely pick up a different team or just stop caring about the NFL all together. But I don’t think they would ever leave the Carolinas.
  4. Hotsauce

    David tepper speaks.

    Hell of an interview. I’m Still not the slightest bit inspired about 2019 unfortunately
  5. Holy poo I ain’t reading that. We suck, that’s it
  6. You must be new to the Huddle. It’s gonna be a long offseason for you my friend
  7. I don’t know if it’s a cold Monday, or if it’s because I ate leftover chili for breakfast. But there are so many negatives and question marks with the Panthers right now, I just don’t think there is any realistic news that will come from this offseason that will make me feel “good” about our chances to win a SB next year. -Last year after Cams offseason he was playing “his best football”. It took one hit and his season was over. -poo contracts, no real cap room -absolutely no coaching changes from a team that lost 7 in a row to end the year -way too many holes to fill on both sides of the ball -everyone in the NFCS is getting better/making changes to get better -stubborn HC and GM I doubt I can get excited about any player signings as well. I was so excited last offseason with the addition of CJ Anderson (and Torrey Smith, but he turned out to suck). RR and Marty proved that they don’t know how to incorporate new offensive weapons. I have to imagine there are more people who are in the Pit of Misery, like myself.
  8. Midpoint =8 games Assuming Cam is healthy enough to play. Two questions: 1) Would Tepper Fire RR and/or Hurney mid season? 2) what record would we need to be for them to be fired?
  9. I was in South Beach 2 years ago when the Falcons were beating the Pats. I was at this private party at a fancy hotel. I had given into the fact that the Falcons were gonna win a SB, leaving the Panthers (who were 15-1 the season before), as the last team in the NFCS without a ring. I actually left the party and went to my hotel room. I didn’t turn the rest of the game on until close to the end of the 4th, and watched one of, if not the greatest comeback in sports history. Dont get down on yourselves about the Saints. There is still a lot of football left. There is also still the opportunity for them to get embarrassed or something shocking to happen like Cam Jordan breaking his fucking leg.
  10. Hotsauce

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    I’m glad the Eagles has balls to get the play off. Panthers never could have gotten a play off in that amount of time. No hate on Nic or the play call. Alshan list them the game.
  11. Hotsauce

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    God I hate the Saints
  12. Hotsauce

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Let’s go big dick Nic
  13. -World Class Individual on and off the field -A strong, positive presence in the locker room -Mentor -Leader Horrible decision by Tepper, Hurney, and Rivera. He will be missed. Good luck bringing guys like Eric Reid back to lead the locker room. Keep Poundnig TD, I thank you for your service and wish you the best of luck.
  14. Hotsauce

    Meanwhile, in New Orleans...

    Honestly don’t care