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  1. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    And this is what I call being a fuggin douche ablut it. You find that play call and I’ll sign his papers out of town myself. You’re being an over exaggerated ass on purpose but then... that’s the huddle. Nothing here is ever good enough. Most dicks here would win the super bowl and start bitching because... Panthers fans...
  2. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    Still think my favorite outside of The Durham family of announcers was David Jackson when he did color for ASU. Talk about a dude that sounded like he was on 1 too many Red Bull’s. But damn games were exciting. Listen to him call App beating Michigan. Too bad he got out of sports broadcasting it seems.
  3. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    True, but isn’t that generally what the color guy is supposed to be there for.... play by play for the actual football and color for the... well.... COLOR?? And yeah, if you’re looking for it he’s had some weird moments. I’ve heard them and I’m now keeeenly aware thanks to huddle criticism. Didn’t hear a legit one all game Sunday. He came close but stayed legit (ok yes I hear how having to defend that sounds)...
  4. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    Jesus the hate is strong here. I feel like this is yet another thing the huddle blows WAY out of proportion. I’ve listened to Mick for the better part of 5 years/seasons now and don’t have nearly the negative view most of you do. Even though I’d bet money those complaining spend almost the entire games/season watching on tv. He isn’t the greatest but he’s not terrible. I had to listen to the entire game Sunday on my headphones via a radio app from my phone. Mick did fine, I knew what was going on, had awareness of the situation... all while doing 2-3 other things. Maybe yall haven’t had a radio guy where you're constantly unaware of even basics occuring within the game or screaming for legit updates that never come but Mick does just fine and while quirky, you get used to and over that if you aren’t a douche about it.
  5. MountainHeel66

    Uniform for Sunday ... White On Black

    The picture Juan posted is far better looking than the twitter photo. Took me from hating it to loving it really quickly.
  6. MountainHeel66

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    Jeezus... I went to high school with that dude
  7. No one can actually make a logical moral stand anymore. It’s always about optics. If it looks bad and makes news, it is bad... if we can make it go away then it’s fine. And the human condition struggles to deal with things past certain levels of severity. We just aren’t willing to believe some things or we ignore them instead of owning them. It’s how OJ gets a tv series dedicated to him and Ray Rice will never be seen or heard from again unless another football player is abusing someone. It’s how murderers/rapists keep political offices, movie careers, athletic career, etc. and the average joe becomes an outcast and pariah for crimes that are far less damaging. We just can’t face the truth sometimes, or we want to be willfully ignorant of it.
  8. MountainHeel66

    Fascinating Home Field Advantage stats

    thanks that got it. I direct copied the previous one and it said the link didn't work. Maybe it has something to do with the interwebs at work.
  9. MountainHeel66

    Fascinating Home Field Advantage stats

    link doesn't seem to work. Went to his web page and couldn't find it. Could you post a summary or a new address?
  10. I might add though that it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been able to go to a football game of ANY KIND and Mick has been one of my few connections to our team when I’m stuck at work and trying to catch the game.... soooo maybe that’s part of it. I’ve listened to so much of it he never phases me anymore. Idk. Don’t care though, I’m fine with him.
  11. I get the feeling I’m the only Panther fan in the world that doesn’t mind Mick and is just fine with his broadcasts. He’s not the greatest in the world but I don’t find him nearly as obnoxious as the rest of you seem to. He’s just a UNIQUE kind of guy. I’ve heard far worse, plus that voice just reminds me of my childhood listening to him and Woody call games on the radio.
  12. MountainHeel66

    New Team President Tom Glick

    What, if any impact, would this have on Hurney and the GM role?? I assume he wouldn't actually be a GM of any kind but wondering what kind of influence and interaction the two roles would have.
  13. that right there is my biggest problem with it. Why can offensive players initiate or CAUSE the contact and not get flagged or get calls made in their favor!?!?!? BTW.. That call on the 49ers player was a tough call to get but easy to make. LITERALLY the first thing to make contact was helmet to helmet... easy call. Don't have to like it but it was easy. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fault on the Vikings player though. Such horse crap.
  14. Can that just be the permanent court!? I love the new one too but my god that court is a thing of beauty
  15. This is exactly my stance on it. Josh and The Panthers would both be smart to get this done without getting too greedy in either direction.