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  1. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    And this is what I call being a fuggin douche ablut it. You find that play call and I’ll sign his papers out of town myself. You’re being an over exaggerated ass on purpose but then... that’s the huddle. Nothing here is ever good enough. Most dicks here would win the super bowl and start bitching because... Panthers fans...
  2. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    Still think my favorite outside of The Durham family of announcers was David Jackson when he did color for ASU. Talk about a dude that sounded like he was on 1 too many Red Bull’s. But damn games were exciting. Listen to him call App beating Michigan. Too bad he got out of sports broadcasting it seems.
  3. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    True, but isn’t that generally what the color guy is supposed to be there for.... play by play for the actual football and color for the... well.... COLOR?? And yeah, if you’re looking for it he’s had some weird moments. I’ve heard them and I’m now keeeenly aware thanks to huddle criticism. Didn’t hear a legit one all game Sunday. He came close but stayed legit (ok yes I hear how having to defend that sounds)...
  4. MountainHeel66

    Ok mixon?

    Jesus the hate is strong here. I feel like this is yet another thing the huddle blows WAY out of proportion. I’ve listened to Mick for the better part of 5 years/seasons now and don’t have nearly the negative view most of you do. Even though I’d bet money those complaining spend almost the entire games/season watching on tv. He isn’t the greatest but he’s not terrible. I had to listen to the entire game Sunday on my headphones via a radio app from my phone. Mick did fine, I knew what was going on, had awareness of the situation... all while doing 2-3 other things. Maybe yall haven’t had a radio guy where you're constantly unaware of even basics occuring within the game or screaming for legit updates that never come but Mick does just fine and while quirky, you get used to and over that if you aren’t a douche about it.
  5. This is exactly my stance on it. Josh and The Panthers would both be smart to get this done without getting too greedy in either direction.
  6. WOOOOOO cam letting them eff bombs fly
  7. we need to just play our offense. The strategy of running was working early but our lead keeps us from doing that now because they are going to be teeing off on it. This is the time for play action, zone read, and a couple of bombs. get this defense backing up and you can seal this thing,
  8. OH GOOD GOD... even I managed to see THAT ONE coming.
  9. I was already scouring the boards wondering how I missed the thread. Ill laugh my arse off if that's true.
  10. THIS ISN'T REAL!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! SO GLAD I'm all alone at work.
  12. Nah, Toldozer and Cap just had to rid us of that red zone demon that Stewart unleashed a couple years ago.
  13. Am I the only thats as happy or happier seeing the look of joy on those kids faces as I am that we scored at all.
  14. MountainHeel66

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    See, this tells me at least SOMEONE was paying attention. All the others talking about the cold or our worthless ends missed how they contained Russell by keeping him IN THE POCKET. Keep him in the pocket and he is useless, allow him to scramble and it is game over. As a Heels fan, I learned all to well what Vikings fans are feeling today. That miserable sob always managed to pull a handful of rabbits out of his arse after getting dominated for 90% of a football game. And it was almost always from broken plays or when the defense got lazy and allowed him to break containment.
  15. MountainHeel66

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Hope McDermott was watching that Minnesota defense in the first 3 quarters.