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  1. Im getting tired of hearing about simmons on here already. When it comes to the position, I will trust the judgement of the guy who scouted and drafted one of the greatest LINEBACKERS ever in history 8 years ago (a guy who a lot people didnt even want at the time). And who also drafted jon Beason and Thomas davis at that. I wanted Simmons too but if hurney thought he wasn't convincing enough as a LB to take over brown who also fills a need then i trust his judgment on the pick.
  2. So basically other teams decided to stay put and draft their guy but hurney is the dumbass?
  3. Finally a coach who doesn't just want to win 10-7 games.
  4. Its definitely weird going into a season with low expectations but also relaxing in a certain way. I havent felt this way since 2011 when we didnt know what We were getting and just enjoying the ride. We know after that season the expectations went threw the roof and never came down. Stress levels on this team have been ridiculous the last 9 years. I kinda like kicking feet up and just watching what happens.
  5. So if the picks dont work out you gonna blame rhule and brady?
  6. One thing about this division is if you come out on top you definitely fuging earned it and nobody can say otherwise.
  7. The Shaq and CMC contracts were dammed if you do damned if you dont. If we dont resign shaq that leaves a glaring whole at LB and probably changes the whole draft and looks like FA wasnt a option for fix. Cmc gets no new deal and he is probably holding out and a large chunk of the fanbase is ready to riot or storm BOA as if they werent pissesd enough already over the off season. It always gonna be fans on both sides of the fence of decisions. And comin from someone who didnt want to pay a RB either i thought the Cmc contract wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be.
  8. Like someone else said, only if all the elite QBs, LTs, and i would even throw in CBs are gone. I loved watching Luke for 8 years but pass rush and cover corners is how you win with defense in the league. Fix those things first then add in LBs.
  9. Agreed, no reason....remember leading up to the draft a lot of people were saying Jalen Ramsey should move to safety do to his size and athleticism but his cover skills were so dominant that he remained at corner and its turned out to be the best decisionq. Byron jones came in as a safety but ended up moving to corner for the cowboys because they were thin and look how that turned out. I think chinn fits the mold no doubt but im gonna lay off it cuz its a long shot and im starting to get my hopes up just to be disappointed lol. Its fun to think about.
  10. No doubt, think of Richard Sherman except way more athletic. Legion of boom was based having big athletic corners outside. I think He can be a great dynamic SS on the flipside but the league has shown that playing that role can often come with a price. Look at kam chancellor.
  11. One thing im started to notice that the athletic guys who are supreme tacklers/hard hitters are at risk of having short careers or nagging injuries. Kuechly, kam chancellor, Patrick willis I really don't want that for chinn, hope ends being more of a cover guy than a head hunter.
  12. And Hardy was 6th CJ 3rd Captain munnerlyn 7th Frank Alexander 4th Geof Schwartz 7th Sidenote: Jury still out on Ian thomas, jermaine carter, marquis haynes, Jackson Outside Gaulden thats one hell of a draft if they work out.
  13. Good. I could see us really beefing up the line threw the draft next year. This will do for now
  14. He lined up in the drills that were just 1 on 1 was able to stick eith WRs. I haven't watched the full game to see if he got reps on the outside.
  15. Chinn played corner a full year in college, he also lined up at corner in tbe senior bowl and looked legit.
  16. Saw rumors that we are interested in signing tramaine Brock. A Vet that Could definitely fill that CB 1# role for this year. He was good for the titans last year.
  17. Go ahead and bring a new GM in here so he can start piling up those first round bust. But as long as he hits in the later rounds right?
  18. I am not as high on trevor Lawrence as everbody else. I like Fields
  19. This right here, a lot of people dont realize how much luke got the same treatment as cam. Look how long he Played with talentless secondary around him and when CJ and Hardy left the D line never really recovered. Rivera scheme asked hella of a lot from LBs.
  20. I like the new concept of getting better up front and in the secondary and just filling in at LB. Thats how u play good D now. Its good to have one all world LB and focus on other positions. No doubt Rivera staff would have walked away with at least 2 dropback LBs in this draft. I was tired of wasting picks on that position. Unless its and Luke or TD type talent its not worth it to me anymore.
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