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  1. Ron would have been gone a long time ago because of the support of luck from people outside the fanbase. Ron gets a pass now out of the hate people have for Cam so cam gets blame for everything, nobody really pays attention to how shitty of coach ron is most of the time.
  2. You right man, its a big reason why i hate Ron so much. Good coach but never the RIGHT coach for Cam and long term. Ron should have been out the door last season.
  3. Bradberry got burned more times than i like, i would like to see that change tho.
  4. Patriots will start as the defending champs 0-0 we will start as a team that didn't even make the playoffs 0-0. The Defending champs took pre season more serious than us.
  5. Exactly. The panthers dont have the leeway to approach everything lackadaisical, for a team that likes to win UGLY it damn sure shouldnt be the norm. It honestly pisses me off everytime i think about, i mean this is not dallas with sketchy dak Prescott we are playing week 1. This is the best team in the NFC last year. Reality is gonna come hard and fast.
  6. Pats game planned for Burns while Brady was in the game. If Rivera limits his snaps this year get the pitchforks out asap.
  7. When i watch other teams pre season games especially weekly 3 i honestly dont see vanilla. I see aggressiveness to score points like a normal game. Im not following for this BS excuse anymore and i dont understand why anybody else does. Building confidence for regular season is a real thing.
  8. Is it me or is the receivers just not getting open either? Wth do they be doing in practice?
  9. RIVERA can kick rocks and i mean that. The clown will never learn.
  10. Welp, thats it for cam and luke till week 1. Who knows what kinda team we gonna see against the rams. Such as the case every season unfortunately.
  11. Whats the point of playing pre season games if you gonna be this damn bland.
  12. I dont think its so much him directly, its the fans who glorify him way to much.
  13. I mean nobody can really deny Ron Rivera has gotten by on the "Nice guy, players coach" label the majority of his tenure. It comes to a end eventually.
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