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  1. Rivera sends in the vets for certain things that are more based on the heightened situations even if it's 3rd and long. Funchess/Smith/Wright on third and medium is a criminal offense.
  2. Cam has a great day throwing the ball and we can't run at all this fanbase loses their mind over fuging CJ Anderson after years of pleading for Rivera to stop running so much Classic. Only fanbase with an MVP level QB that will complain about the backup RBs carries. Look at the rest of the run block personnel snap counts. The coaches didn't want to even bother fighting a losing battle against Payne and Allen and they were right based off Cam being the most effective. Curtis Samuel's snaps were an issue but it's clear they went with vets to try to make a comeback.
  3. ShutDwn

    Josh Norman

    Playing in New Orleans should never be how you judge a defense or player but Josh hasn't been good anywhere that I've really seen him play. Not sure why. He was legit in 2014-2015 but this is exactly why not signing him was the right move (cutting him not so much) so Gettleman gets half credit. Bradberry went against OBJ who is uncoverable and was at least consistently there for the tackle and made a few plays. I think with more reps vs the elite Bradberry can get a good bit better but I don't think he'll be elite and maybe you don't need that from him.
  4. Sorry for the shortness of it I wasn't trying to criticize I typed that out on a time crunch before work. I appreciate your analysis, its always fun to experiment with new measurements.
  5. It doesn't really make sense to subtract the penetration of targets from the penetration of yardage and then represent them as a %.. It's a basis point difference of two things that are very different measures (yards vs targets). It's just a roundabout way of yards per reception only you're giving negatives to high targets guys that run shorter routes
  6. new head coaches inherit shitty jobs and the state of that shitshow and their ability to find a QB basically decides their fate. the Bills have been terrible for a long time and even experienced like Rex Ryan couldn't do it. The Cardinals can't even claim to be rebuilding yet because they're still on the way down but they do have a rookie QB. The Rams and Eagles were teams that had been down for long enough to accumulate talent and rise back pretty quickly with a young QB, great play caller and a couple studs on each of the lines.
  7. I like Addison and Horton as complementary pieces but 4 out of our 6 DEs are UDFAs and then Peppers has played for 15 years. That poo catches up to you on the road, especially against very solid OLs in New Orleans and Atlanta where they have the combination of strong interiors to deal with our DTs and then they have at least one above average OT
  8. So many words... You've got a lot of energy apparently, how bout you find examples of deep balls that looked like his pre-surgery days and use those as your argument instead of explaining away incomplete passes that weren't dropped? You can't. That's the point. It's a statement of fact that Cam's deep ball hasn't been around in a year. Arguing with zero examples of him COMPLETING DEEP PASSES is just pointless. Did he lack a deep threat WR last year? Sure, but not he has multiple 4.3 guys and so it's totally on him to hit them when they're open and that's Voth's point. The thing that fixes this is a good run game that pulls the defense in and sets him up with a good pocket to launch from.
  9. Kalil didn't do anything productive either but who knows what Cam could pull off if he gets going.. sigh... 15 other decent teams know how to run the ball without having a Cam Newton. Must be nice.
  10. ShutDwn

    Dj Moore..

    If you're not ready for there to be a new leading WR every game then you're just not picking up on how this offense will work. There could easily be no back to back leading receiver yardage wise Greg and Christian are going to get up to 60% of the targets. Then you have 5 WRs and Thomas fighting for the rest
  11. >post about how a rookie DE is looking good in camp with a little supplemental clip of a rep for content >replies being caught up in the rep who knew training camp would be too advanced for most people to have conversations about
  12. I went to IU a while ago and sadly still watch some IU football. The program has been a little different lately with guys like Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard stoping through. When I saw Tevin Coleman for the first time at IU I was just like wow that's an NFL player for sure as he steamrolled elite defenses. I felt the same way when I first saw Ian Thomas catch a gorgeous over the shoulder TD against Ohio State. He had been in one offseason at a D1 school and he looked like an NFL player against Ohio State. He has all the tools and he's a great story but we don't know about his feel for the game but still, he's got more potential than any #2 TE we've had he's in such a great spot with Olsen as a mentor.
  13. Reasons why I like DE in the first: 1) This year is so deep and the position is dominated by blue chip players. Over the last three years, 11/14 All-Pros were first round picks. Cameron Wake, Greg Hardy and Calais Campbell were the three. 2) A promising DE now means we could have the best front seven in the league set for the next five years. I really like Dodd as he fits into our DE mold that rotates inside on passing downs. 3) Defensive end is probably the safest position to choose based on getting them playing time while not inexperienced liabilities to worry about. Our other needs are much higher risk positions and so I think we'll see the coaches go with vets till the coaches feel they've developed long term replacements. It's so much easier to put DEs in situations to succeed. OT, S, CB can all give up major game changing plays in the blink of an eye. Of course a DE could lose contain but they're not the last line of defense or protecting Cam. If we are guarding leads as often as this past season, that's exactly when we need a rookie DE to turn loose without too much worry.
  14. What a stupid way to make an argument. HOF PLAYER X DIDNT DO IT SO CAM SHOULDNT EITHER. Go fuging watch Magic Johnson and get back to me. Go watch Lebron and get back to me. Cam does it because he can back it up physically. He takes the hits, he earns the first downs. Tom Brady is always the most physically frail person on the field, that's why he doesn't do it. I get that MJ was a hero but Cam is a better role model as a person than MJ ever was. Cam's resume has less blemishes than either of your examples. You sound like the old white people back when the Fab 5 came out not playing the "white way" THEY PLAY A fuging GAME.