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  1. You're right. Whöre, would be more appropriate.
  2. I'd rather have the 500k, than a 3 way. 500k could buy way more than a one time nut.
  3. Or you could just kick them tf fug out before you leave. All the smart playas give them a parting gift and send those thotpockets backto the freezer section.
  4. Id knock the fug out of Talib, and not give one poo about prosecution. 30 days would be worth it.
  5. Seen earlier, that Tep is giving some coin to help build railways to Raleigh and Winston Salem. Thats fuggin AWESOME!! And serious dedication to getting fans to the games
  6. Got me??? https://www.counton2.com/news/south-carolina-news/panthers-sc-governor-plan-party-to-sign-tax-break-bill-1/2047562328 Also heard it on local news.
  7. State income tax. Applies to players and staff, as long as the money given is used on the new facility.
  8. Just read players will not be subject to Sc state tax,for the next 15 years. Thats pretty big...
  9. Or wait 5 min. And find out for free...
  10. This. follow a mediocre season (where we had a shot at post season), with a winning season. Rinse/Repeat
  11. We're about to have $18 mill...thats way more than enough to carry over and pay 2 rooks. We might not sign McCoy. But someone will be signed before the season starts.
  12. Same question could be asked about KK. Both are 3 techs. There isn't a giant learning curve going from 3-5.
  13. Trade straight up for Karl Joseph.
  14. Itll be Renell Wren, and the huddle will meltdown
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