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  1. La Pantera

    Too Early Saints Thread

    I expect a slobber knocker, like every saints/panthers match ups. At the very least I see a split series.
  2. Early!? Its his 4th season. Hes better than Winston, and still garbage.
  3. Oak chose Kony Ealy, over Irvin...
  4. Think he'll need to do a little OC work before this is even a question.
  5. Most of those were thrown by Winston.
  6. La Pantera

    A real test this week IMO

    Yes, we need to keep up the momentum. In theory we should abuse that TB def. The real test in this game will be for our D.
  7. La Pantera

    Giants Trade CB Eli Apple To The Saints

    The 4th rounder is in 2020
  8. It doesn't say, he might be traded to NO. It says he'd like to be traded to NO. And this was in the other thread.
  9. To be fair, hoochies on tinder are only there for one reason...and its not for bearing their moral compass.
  10. HELL OF A SPEECH! I teared up a lil. TD showed exactly why he deserved the award, with that speech.
  11. La Pantera

    2015 NFL Draft Simulator Game

    25: R1P25 DT DANNY SHELTON WASHINGTON 57: R2P25 DE MARKUS GOLDEN MISSOURI 89: R3P25 WR RASHAD GREENE FLORIDA STATE 121: R4P25 WR DEVIN SMITH OHIO STATE 153: R5P25 OT DONOVAN SMITH PENN STATE 185: R6P25 OT TYRUS THOMPSON OKLAHOMA 217: R7P25 S ADRIAN AMOS PENN STATE again no real OT prospects in the first few rounds. went BPA. I dont see Shelton having a fall that far, but holy hell if he did.
  12. La Pantera

    2015 NFL Draft Simulator Game

    25: R1P25 WR KEVIN WHITE WVU 57: R2P25 DE NATE ORCHARD UTAH 89: R3P25 WR SAMMIE COATES AUBURN 121: R4P25 OT CEDRIC OGBUEHI TEXAS A&M 153: R5P25 DE OWAMAGBE ODIGHIZUWA UCLA 185: R6P25 DE HENRY ANDERSON STANFORD 217: R7P25 CB LADARIUS GUNTER MIAMI really was short at OT every time i was on the clock. seems heavy at DE but anderson is more a 3 tech.