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  1. La Pantera

    Too Early Saints Thread

    I expect a slobber knocker, like every saints/panthers match ups. At the very least I see a split series.
  2. Early!? Its his 4th season. Hes better than Winston, and still garbage.
  3. Oak chose Kony Ealy, over Irvin...
  4. Think he'll need to do a little OC work before this is even a question.
  5. Most of those were thrown by Winston.
  6. La Pantera

    A real test this week IMO

    Yes, we need to keep up the momentum. In theory we should abuse that TB def. The real test in this game will be for our D.
  7. La Pantera

    Giants Trade CB Eli Apple To The Saints

    The 4th rounder is in 2020
  8. It doesn't say, he might be traded to NO. It says he'd like to be traded to NO. And this was in the other thread.
  9. La Pantera

    Has Anyone Ever Noticed...

    No. Just, no.
  10. We need to at least make one or two attempts a game. No matter whos going deep. No matter if they're completed. It keeps The D honest and gives something for the D coordinator to think about.
  11. La Pantera

    OBJ implosion coming?

    Getting paid didn't change his sh!tty attitude. He was acting like a whiny bitch in the saints game.
  12. La Pantera

    OBJ implosion coming?

    If the CBs get physical with him and even slightly shut him down!? Throw in a little trash talking, I'd almost guarantee he throws a hissy fit.
  13. La Pantera

    Friday news: Eric Reid will start.

    Figured Engram would be out. Vernon is a big blow for Gmen
  14. Damn, people take everything sooo fuggin serious, now a days. Life is waaay too short to worry about such trivial bullsh!t.