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  1. OR you could just take your ass over to a stillers message board
  2. Trust me!! You NEVER want to release DeValve...
  3. With a last name like that, he has to be good!! He just needs to be released!!!
  4. Im not exactly high on the TB signing. But id take him over rivers at this point. The contract is a little much, but theres an upside there. Its front loaded to a degree. You grab a young QB. Let him learn for a year. Then 2021 turn it over to the young guy and trade TB. TBs contract should be very reasonable to teams, considering QB price tags right now. He was traded to the taints for a 3rd. Assuming he plays decently, he could still hold a similar value.
  5. You dont have to attend games to support a team.
  6. Cam is asking for the trade... What does Tepper have to do with it? Edit: NVM! Cam saying its not on him.
  7. Im not sold on Trevor Lawrence, like most people. I dont think he'll be the pro Watson is. but yeah. CMC will win games and knock us out of the #1 spot. But ill be ok with that
  8. Allen is leaps and bounds better than Grier. And idgaf if you were to put Joe Montana, in his prime, behind that dumpster fire of a line. No one had a shot at even looking serviceable.
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