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  1. Um its not professional. Hes a poster, on a football forum. I dont give 2 shīts how its posted, as long as it is.
  2. Haynes contributed on a key 3rd n 1 stop, early in the game. In the run game...He crashed the los and had a tackle for a loss. While he had a bad rep on the TD, it was coachable error. The earlier play showed a lot of promise against the run.
  3. Haynes first sack was in the 1st qtr.
  4. The issue was Haynes tried using his shoulder to engage the blocker. If he would've used his hands instead of his shoulder, he could've shed the block
  5. Not sure of both. Burns spin sack was also out of the 4-3. With Burns and Haynes playing DEs.
  6. Did no one realize Haynes got this sack as a 4-3 DE???
  7. Idk, he threw a few hooorible passes. He looked ok on screens. He had a lil come up at the end of the game. Imo Allen looked much better. Hopefully he shows a lil more next week.
  8. That sack was out of a 4 front. But yeah he looks like legitimate.
  9. I mean he played very well last season, after missing several games early on. This being his third season i expect an even larger jump in production. My confidence in him and the WR corps in general is high.
  10. We had decent depth in 15'???? I think you're mistaken. We had shìt for depth. So little that we had to pick Cortland Finnegan off the street to finish the season. Most teams are an injury away from having a terrible secondary. Our secondary is probably overall the best we've put together under Rivera. With Safety being the only question mark on the entire def..
  11. This early in camp, the advantage should fall squarely on Burns. Little got a bit too far outside and Burns swam on him. Little will learn not to over pursue.
  12. You're right. Whöre, would be more appropriate.
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