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  1. Ah. Lol. But this lends itself to another literary question: should they have separate sections? Because by all accounts, they are the same thing, at least according to classification. Or, for accuracy's sake, Science Fiction is the most popular and widely read sub-genre of Fantasy; but it would still be considered Fantasy.
  2. I've combed the thread, and didn't see where anyone said this? :confused:
  3. Almost anything by Ursula K. Le Guin is good--The Left Hand of Darkness et. al. And if no one has said Phillip K. Dick yet, let me.
  4. im glad ure sig is still working!!

  5. Haha yep...just saw your thread about ten seconds after I posted on your wall thing

  6. netime my friend..u know its me sultan33g right?

  7. My Friend, thank you for my new signature--rep when I can find one of your posts lol.

  8. for your viewing pleasure 14636.gif

  9. Stuff by Neil Gaiman is really good: American Gods, Everwhere, and Smoke and Mirrors (short story collection) Are the ones I've read. It's all fantasy.
  10. thanx...stole it from husker

  11. thanx...mark sanchez in full princess leia wardrobe=teh sh^t

  12. be quiet you...ure always trashing on me postses....:)

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