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  1. I believe this is called "working the officials"
  2. When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators. P. J. O'Rourke
  3. Control over his staff was a big reason he turned down the Jets last year. I have to think it was discussed with Tepper. Tepper seems the kind of guy to say something like 'you bring in whoever you want, and I'll judge you on the results.'
  4. It's fairly simple to change your handle on Twitter, but it might be different with a blue check (verified) account.
  5. San Francisco has to ask themselves if they think Sherman can cover Hill one on one. That should allow them to double Kelce and stymie the Chiefs offense. As great a corner as Sherman is, that's a tall task. Sherman doesn't travel with his receiver so unless San Fran changes that, the Chiefs could just put Watkins to Sherman's side and put Kelce and Hill on the other side of the field. The Chiefs have to find a way to put the Super Bowl in Garapollo"s hands. Much like the Rams last year, the 49ers outside zone run is the oxygen of their offense. The Chiefs defense should employ the same front New England used last year to great effect. They can't let Shanahan call run after run to protect Jimmy G. Put 8 or more in the box and dare Jimmy G to beat you with his arm. Shanahan was the OC for 28-3. If San Francisco has a lead in the second half , he might not call another run. I'd love to see Andy Reid win a Super Bowl.
  6. Next year will be the same story. Nobody is giving up the chance to draft Burrow this year or Trevor next year. Two special guys.
  7. I'm sure Cam was discussed, but it wouldn't shock me if Rhule took the job and a decision on Cam had not been made. When I heard the story of how the whole hire went down, it sounded like an emotion filled decision on both sides. I liken it to how after your fall for a girl, you can kind of overlook some of her faults. Tepper and Rhule fell in love with each other, and Rhule overlooked the fault of the uncertainty of the quarterback position.
  8. Thaddeus Moss declares. I expect we'll be linked to every LSU and Baylor player in the draft.
  9. My understanding (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong), is its a version of the WCO. The big key is getting 5 eligible out on every play. It requires a quarterback who can quickly get through his reads and make an accurate throw. It's based on the idea you don't have to beat all 11 guys on defense, you just have to beat one. Find the mismatch and get the ball out of your hands.
  10. I wonder if Rhule and Vermeil maintained that relationship. I hear Vermeil might know a thing or two about being a successful NFL head coach.
  11. It feels like we could have a repeat of the Chud situation.
  12. And could get worse. We still haven't heard anything about Greg. Given his respect for Luke, he'll probably give it a few days or more to make an announcement.
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