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  1. Allen didn't exactly light it up in the preseason either. It gives me some hope for WG to do better if pressed into action. Maybe next preseason, we'll see more.
  2. Another stat to show how our game against SF is going to be a tough one.
  3. Is your QB being your leading rusher a good thing? The Bucs did shut down CMC. When your star gets shut down, its up to the other guys to pick up the slack. The defense did and Allen didn't have to be the leading rusher for the Panthers to get a win.
  4. Everyone has seen the pro Cam and pro Allen camps form in the fan base. It's not a huge stretch to imagine similar camps forming within the coaching staff and a 'tug of war' between them.
  5. If the Panthers are 6-2 again after 8 games which would include wins over the Titans and 49ers (possible, but not probable), many people are going to start thinking about the last half of 2018. You'll even see the national media talking about it.
  6. Michael Bates comes to mind, but he only returned kick offs.
  7. It looks like Byrd was limited in practice last week for the Cardinals with the hammy, but played in their game. He caught both of his targets for 60 total yards.
  8. Maybe because of the shoulder, but the short, dump offs is pretty much all Newton did last year.
  9. I love your optimism, but the SF defense is legit. Their front 7 is hard to run against and gets after the passer. Their DBs cover well. Its going to be a tough game regardless of who is playing QB. We win this one on the road and I'll start believing the post season talk.
  10. If it's a trade, then the Panthers control his new team. I find it incredibly unlikely they would trade him in the division, if at all.
  11. During the Jacksonville game, I noticed every time the Panthers got close to the end of the play clock , it was after a personnel change. I wonder if that isn't part of the problem but even a second or two can make a difference.
  12. I thought it was interesting when Rich Eisen brought up on the broadcast that Todd Bowles said the Panthers were harder to prepare for with Allen than they had been in Week 2 with Newton. Still, I saw the vintage Rivera team relax in the second half. If you get seven turnovers, you really ought to win by more than 11.
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