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  1. trueblade

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    It's all good, fellas. We've just missed some opportunities to take poo to opposing fans. We practice it every single day, but it's not getting better. We just need to execute. I know some of you can answer this challenge, but you'll have to ask individual guys about that.
  2. We've reached the "fug it, why not?" point with this season.
  3. I only make it to one game a year. It's a three and a half hour drive, one way, usually a hotel room. Sometimes I go with friends who are Panther fans, sometimes with friends of our opponent. I just try to enjoy a weekend with friends. Enjoy the food, the beverages, walking around Uptown. I've been to an epic blow out of Cincinnati, nail biters against Philly, Green Bay and New England, and getting pancaked by Titans. I have to divorce the outcome of the game from how I feel about the trip.
  4. trueblade

    Beason on Rivera

    I doubt it mostly because I'm going to assume Rivera knows Hurney threw himself under the bus to save Ron's job in '12.
  5. My concern would be he's simply kept a good thing going. The program was built by Stoops and Lincoln was handed the keys, but major props to him for getting a baseball player to win the Heisman this year.
  6. trueblade

    Long Shot Idea for QB

    The 2019 draft is supposedly a down year for quarterbacks. 2020 looks to be better.
  7. It is possible he's a decent coach who would have gone 8-8 most years, but who got elevated by all world talents? Almost half of Ron's career wins came in just two years, 2013 and 2015. (27 of 64 or 42% if I'm doing my math right). That would have been Cam's 3rd and 5th years and Luke's 2nd and 4th years. Cam and Luke were really coming into their own as players. Cam and Luke were at the top of their game mentally and physically. 2016, Cam hurt his shoulder and Luke missed the final six games with a concussion (6-10). Those two were healthy again in 2017 (11-5), but Cam got hurt in Pittsburgh this year and we haven't won a game since.
  8. trueblade

    SNF: Rams vs Bears

    Somebody could have made a lot of money off of me. I never thought that somebody could shut down the Rams like that. Happy for our old friend Coach Fangio. He's got that defense playing well.
  9. trueblade

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    You'd be trading one coach propped up by a tremendously talented QB for another coach who had been propped up by a tremendously talented QB.
  10. trueblade

    If Ron rivera isn't fired tomorrow

    I heard he was building a place down at Kiawah. Probably just a vacation home, though.
  11. 2012 Redskins drafted RGIII, then Cousins.
  12. And here comes the IR train (IR everybody!) for Marty so he can try to tell the owner "we had all these guys on IR". It might have worked on JR, I doubt it works on Tepper.
  13. trueblade

    Titans Jags

    I found it very interesting the discussion they had with Pereira about the lack of offensive holding penalties, and how the league has told officials to make offensive holding a "point of emphasis" going forward. If teams have been getting away with holding all seasons, I wonder if we'll see our DLine improve Sunday, and conversely if we'll see our own OLine get worse.