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  1. Makes me wonder if a ring would have been enough to save Gettlemen here or if JR would have still let him go.
  2. Probably means they won't draft QB so its less likely an OL or DL falls to us.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive? Texans expected to release WR Demaryius Thomas http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001017653/article/texans-expected-to-release-wr-demaryius-thomas
  4. Yes, you pass him on at 16. You pass on him in the second. You pass on him in the 3rd. You do draft him in a house, you do not draft him with a mouse, you do not draft him in a box, you do not draft him with a fox, you do draft him here or there, you do not draft him anywhere, i do not draft him, Sam I am.
  5. I wouldn't worry about too much just yet, you know all these mocks and lists of who is going where are going to change after the Combine.
  6. I think tobyMac would put on a great halftime show.
  7. I'd rather he rest that shoulder as much as possible.
  8. While not his greatest, Tobias Beckett is still one of my favorite of his roles. Congratulations @PhillyB. Not my usual genre (as my previous statement might indicate), but I might check it out.
  10. trueblade

    REPORT: Greg Olsen will play next season

    My avatar lives another season! (original image by https://www.reddit.com/user/irspangler)
  11. trueblade

    Events around the Super Bowl

    My friends were talking about this during the halftime show. I mean, it'll never happen, and he may not be your preferred style, but I think a guy like tobyMac would absolutely rock the halftime show.
  12. No to Thompson. He looked worse and worse as the season went on. The title game was just yikes.
  13. I don't follow the Patriots closely, but wasn't DeGugliemo fired after Bill talked his old friend Scarnecchia out of retirement?
  14. I, for sure, wouldn't want to be the Saints Week 1 opponent in 2019.
  15. The way New England adapts, you would have seen a vastly different plan from Belicheck. He knew all he needed was the impression of pressure and Goff would start seeing ghosts. He wouldn't be able to do that to Brees, but he would have come up with something else based on exhaustive film study of the Saints offense.