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  1. The Cowboys have a quarterback. The Panthers have uncertainty at the quarterback position. That trumps either owner's meddling as far as ranking the opportunities for incoming coaches.
  2. Really good find @TheSpecialJuan. Mr. Tepper, why did you keep Ron and Marty after 2018?
  3. "Final year of the deal? Whatever. A longer-term contract? Good. The team should have some sense of leverage right now with his recent (overhyped) injury issues. None of which, by the way, are connected." If I am understanding you, your position is the Panthers should give Newton an extension? I don't think that would be a prudent move. The key question then remains : is Newton willing to play 2020 on his current contract?
  4. Given his background as a cap specialist, it's actually more likely he could've anticipated the new cap than he could have correctly identified the best OT or QB to take in the draft.
  5. Gooddell is also one of a handful of people on the planet to have seen the original Spygate tapes. That history will likely factor in.
  6. Risk/Reward. It's already accounted for on the books for next year. The risk is Cam can't play and you've got to go with Grier or Allen or somebody else you bring in. Worst case outcome is a bad season and a top 10 draft pick. The possible reward is an upper tier starting QB (based on early 2018, not 2015) for well below market rate. Best outcome: good season, a shot at the playoffs, depending on other factors (coach hired, other players health, performance of defense). For me, the rewards outweighs the risk in this analysis. Now, if Cam says he won't play without an extension, that changes the analysis.
  7. Wingo had a great point this morning, they one thing the NFL can't do this time is burn the tapes (well, its 2019, so SD cards). They have to render their judgements and then release the tape. If it, as alleged, an entire quarter filming the Bengals sidelines, that would be quite suspicious. This is from a 2015 article on Business Insider detailing the original Spygate "Soon, advanced scouts would be sent to the games of upcoming Patriots' opponents to film the play signals. The scouts would go undercover as media members, with media credentials listed under "Patriots TV" or "Kraft Productions" and were prepared with excuses of what to say they were filming if security asked." That sounds eerily similar to what's being discussed.
  8. My feelings haven't changed. If Cam is willing to play next year on his current contract, you absolutely bring him back. 21 million is worth it to find out if can return to early 2018 form. If he's not willing to play on the current contract, the situation gets far more complicated.
  9. I have the same issue with Tomlin as I do with McCarthy. Name a Super Bowl winning head coach who won another as the head coach of a different team.
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