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  1. I wonder if this is somewhat of a PR move. Many times you'll hear something along the lines of 'why didn't we even try to get" player X or player Y. With this report, Hurney can say we tried to get him, regardless of the actual chances of signing him, and deflect a little criticism.
  2. This is not what I wanted to see. I thought Allen played well last year.
  3. And this is why I worry Allen won't get a fair shake. Scott hand picked Grier. Norv agreed, but it sounds like Scott was driving the train. If Grier pans out, it's basically Scott's ticket to a OC/HC gig which Norv's wanted for him going back to their Minnesota days. Norv and Scott are going to do everything in their power to showcase Grier
  4. I'm curious how much they will show about Cam's injury and how the team was managing it. Things like when he actually got injured, how badly hurt he was most weeks, etc. Covering the Reid signing could be interesting as well.
  5. Baldwin's knees are shot. Kam needs medical clearance for his neck.
  6. You are of aware of who the GM is? While I'm thrilled he didn't trade any future picks during the draft, its something he's done with regularity.
  7. Do you think this means the Panthers would have taken Burns even as high as 9 if that's where they were picking?
  8. It'll be nice to see, but it won't prove anything. Remember, he could do that in Week 6. Shoot, I think he threw a deep out early in the Tampa game.
  9. Barnwell nailed this one. Falcons release Brandon Fusco after bolstering guard spot (https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/04/29/falcons-release-brandon-fusco-after-bolstering-guard-spot/39421173/)
  10. I voted for slight improvement. I'm basically tempering my expectations until we see them on the field and how it all comes together.
  11. And not without consequences. When you miss on draft picks, you have to replace them with veterans who cost more. Eventually it can create salary cap issues.
  12. Now you have me curious as to Rivera's level of buy-in on the Grier move. Norv seems bought in on Grier and I bet Ron had a high level of trust in Norv. I'm going to assume Ron is much more on board with this than Foxy was with The Jimmy.
  13. There are a litany of teams who tried and failed for years to land a franchise guy. There just aren't 32 of them walking the planet. Seattle just gave Russel Wilson all the monies because they didn't want to go back to the Charlie Whitehurst/Matt Flynn days. Cleveland before Mayfield. Arizona after Warner. I think too there's something analogous to the the idea of evaluating a GM/Coach combination together to evaluating a Coach/QB together (Fisher/Goff versus McVay/Goff). So it's not only finding the right guy, but matching him with the right staff.
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