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  1. I'm in Hanahan, but usually stay home to watch the games with my kids. @WarHeel - You might want to look at Hanahan, too. Its a great little bedroom community between Charleston and North Charleston. We've been here since '15 and love it.
  2. Welcom to the 2021 CBA negotiations and the owner's opening salvo. The NFL knows the players won't want it, so to keep the keep the current 16 game, the players will have to give up one of their demands. It's nothing personal Jack. It's just good business.
  3. It one of the more interesting things I'm hoping to learn from the All or Nothing series.
  4. This is why, even if they're playing the hated Pats, you never, ever, ever pull for a divisional team to win the Super Bowl. Yes, there were legit discussions on this board before LI as to who to root for.
  5. Especially on the OLine. It seems like our best seasons come when we have minimal changes up front.
  6. "So with six weeks until the first training camps open, the competition committee must decide whether to impose an unwanted obligation on coaches or risk a significant rise in stoppages during a game's most dramatic moments." https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26937471/who-trigger-review-pass-interference-why-nfl-coaches-worried I think the competition committee should leave it on the coaches. The coaches might not want it, but making tough decisions, game altering decisions, kind of comes with the gig.
  7. I understand this, and you're not the only one, but they've got to do something. Good thread here about newspapers and their future if you're interested.
  8. I'm excited. I just hope we can get through July and August with no major injuries.
  9. Account still active as of this posting.
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