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  1. I'm in Charleston. Ever since Boeing moved down here, I've run into a TON of 12s. We need to beat them badly in two weeks.
  2. 10-6 or 9-7 and the playoffs would be good for me. While some downplay it, getting the back to back winning season thing would be, by definition, a historic achievement. At this point, I just want to beat Detroit and see what happens against Seattle (the third or fourth team we get after they had a 10 day layoff).
  3. I find it interesting I've heard a similar goals from Rivera, specifically the 17 points. This ain't 85 anymore. As long as offense = ratings and ratings = money, I don't see the incentive for the owners to make any of these rule changes. Teams with defensive minded head coaches need to understand and adapt to more high tempo, wide open offenses.
  4. Green Bay blew two timeouts due to the play clock almost expiring. I guess it can happen to even the great Aaron Rodgers. It was a factor in them not challenging the long catch on 3rd down that put SEA in position for the go ahead touchdown.
  5. Ron Rivera has been a good coach for the Panthers. His won/loss record, and playoff appearances speaks for itself and cannot be disputed. The issue I have is successful people can get trapped in their success. They believe in what brought them success, and stick with it, regardless of the changing environment. Make no mistake, the environment (the NFL and its rules) is changing. Someone in another thread brought up the records of the top defensive teams this year. All have losing records. Run the ball, control the clock, and play good defense is a philosophy as outdated as horse cavalry in World War II. Today is the day of Blitzkrieg. High tempo passing attacks. My question is can Rivera let go of his past, let go of what brought him success and adapt to the new environment?
  6. You've gone three for three. I sure hope its four for four.
  7. I've been playing Smash Brothers and Mario Cart with my son while checking scores on my phone.
  8. We are looking at significant turnover after this season. We have no idea what next year will look like or who might be injured. Gotta make the most of today (this season) and worry about next season in March.
  9. trueblade

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    Given our history (no back to back winning seasons) , I would disagree with your assessment.
  10. trueblade

    Is this really Super Bowl team?

    I'll acknowledge that there isn't much in the way of evidence, especially on the heels of getting blown out. But I'm the sort to hope when it all looks hopeless, so until they are mathematically eliminated or lose in the playoffs, I will believe they are capable.
  11. trueblade

    Anyone remember 2003?

    At this point, I'd be thrilled with three more just to get the back to back winning seasons.
  12. Once is a Fluke, Twice is a Coincidence, Three Times is a Trend…
  13. Brady routinely shreds Pittsburgh's 3-4. Great QBs will do that. In today's NFL, Nickel should be your base defense.
  14. While I agree, I think in Rivera's mind, they've "earned" it, by doing things the right way, waiting their turn. That belief may end up being his undoing.
  15. Last night was rough. In searching for some ray of hope, I wanted to see if any eventual Super Bowl champion had ever been blown out like this. The internet provided the answer. http://thecomeback.com/thisgivensunday/2013-articles/the-worst-losses-by-a-super-bowl-winner.html 2003 Patriots, Week 1, at Buffalo. In what ranks with hindsight as one of the more shocking performances in recent NFL history, the Patriots played horribly and the Bills played great, intercepting Tom Brady four times and coming away with a 31-0 win. 1976 Raiders, Week 4, at New England. An offensive explosion for the Patriots. Sam "Bam" Cunningham had 101 rushing yards to lead a balanced attack that racked up nearly 300 yards on the ground, while quarterback Steve Grogan threw three touchdown passes as part of a very efficient performance. The Raiders fumbled four times, losing three of them, as a powerful offensive line struggled to create holes. 1994 49ers, Week 5, vs. Philadelphia. Randall Cunningham threw, and Charlie Garner ran, all over one of the league's most expensive and highly-regarded defenses. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles harassed Steve Young into one of his worst days as a pro, safetying him and forcing two interceptions. 2012 Ravens, Week 7, at Houston. Joe Flacco would play a miserable game, the worst in the past five seasons by ESPN's Total QBR, as Houston rolled, 43-13.