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  1. Nice to hear Brian landed on his feet.
  2. I think the Saints offense crumbles into a shell against a top 5 D.
  3. I think there is something to be said about the decision to let Bradberry and Shaq play out the last year of their rookie contract so we can align our immediate needs from them on the field with their last chance to prove themselves to the league for a big contract. If we want to win a Super Bowl this year we need Bradberry to play like the best corner in the league. Our interests align with his to play the best he ever has so he can get an enormous contract. Same with Shaq. This year we need Shaq to play as good or better than TD. This is his last year to prove to the league that he is worth a huge contract.
  4. Gaulden with a hell of a play there. He made Daniels choose between getting sacked or throwing it into his arms; there was no other choice. Great instincts.
  5. Not too terrible considering a first rounder gives you the 5th year option.
  6. How many Americans has antifa killed? Answer = 0
  7. He can't speak in complete sentences. Someone was just in the Oval Office and told him they lost their whole family was killed, and he then asked "where are they now"? The President of this country is not capable of listening or speaking with enough competence to come to resolutions on his own.
  8. You're just being a little hyperbolic with the whole enemies thing.
  9. Meet her enemy face to face? What were they going to do throw hands when they meet at the White House?
  10. The quote underneath your avatar says, "Gray bush of this MF".
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