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  1. I feel like Simmons could cover Julio Jones on half his routes, and that ability and versatility is the only reason I would take him over Brown.
  2. I assume we're recording the Patriots sideline as a part of Josh McDaniel's job interview.
  3. Would you trade two future first and second round picks (keeping this years 1st and 2nd) to get an additional early first round pick to get Chase Young? A talent that good can do wonders for your franchise in the long run, and our defense needs a superstar infusion now to stop the bleeding.
  4. As far as we know the Patriots did have access to the footage, actually. The series is on their website for crying out loud. You think they would film their organization and not maintain the authority to review the footage? At the very least for the sake of protecting trade secrets and confidential player health information. And it doesn't matter if the web series had other content. All it has to do is have any content filming an opposing teams sideline or attempt to do the same, at any time. Do you think the Panthers never reviewed all the footage obtained for All Or Nothing? Do you think the Panthers just blindly trusted the production company filming the series not to release trade secrets or confidential HIPAA information on their players?
  5. So long as they're caught and punished, how long it took for someone to catch-on is irrelevant. Being known as a cheater for your entire career, having wins vacated, and other major punishments is not worth the risk of violating the rules again. Taking that risk is not brilliant considering the potential consequences.
  6. The scheme is not brilliant. This is an old tactic employed by organization, which should be more sophisticated. Pissing on someone's back and telling them it's raining is not a new scheme.
  7. It's not brilliant. They easily got caught, and it's incredibly stupid given they were previously caught and punished by the league for filming the exact same thing. This isn't a genius cover to find a way to do it another way. The promotional or documentary filming of an opposing team's sideline and signals is still filming. The predicate reason for filming the same does not change the content of the film, which is clearly against the rules to do. The Patriots organization sanctioned and encouraged a documentary series that illegally films an opponent's signals. The Patriots organization has access to this film. Whether you believe they looked at the film or not, it is incredibly stupid, and especially egregious considering their history of committing the same violation.
  8. I’m really happy you know what other people think. Now, how do you feel about your trash take?
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