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  1. Southampton and Newcastle, bless their hearts, are at or near the bottom of the English Premier League. HUGE difference between them and the top of the table. (Though I have a soft spot in my heart for Newcastle, for a couple of reasons.)
  2. I say you're wrong. Moton has already proven he's at least competent at LT in the 2018 season. The "entire draft direction" in 2019 comes down to the guy that it has always come down to. Ron Rivera. NOT very encouraging, I know.
  3. The MLS plays in September and October with more games and playoffs in November/December. Coordinating the game schedules between NFL and MLS isn’t a problem. Atlanta does it. The problem for Charlotte would be potential turf issues with 2 teams playing on natural turf (Atlanta uses artificial turf).
  4. The NFL is selling a product that Ron Rivera and his philosophy aren't even aware of. When the NFL is trying to sell Caviar and Carolina Reapers, don't be surprised when you're pushed to the back of the shelf if your coach prefers Peanut Butter.
  5. Like the draft except the WR choice. Pick another defender there. But two OL with the first two picks?
  6. Don't know if anyone has noticed, but they've already updated their mock. Carolina's has slightly changed: I like this version better than the previous version due to (1) picking up VERY good running back for quality depth behind CMC and (2) my Auburn boy, Dontavius Russell, who has been rock-solid doing the inside-dirty-work playing on a very good Auburn DL for 4 years in the SEC (153 total tackles in four years as a 1T with 17 TFL and 6 sacks). With the recent re-signing of Kyle Love, if Russell was one of the picks he might start the season on PS, but he would add great depth to the Panther's DL in the near future IMO. He could easily, at low cost (in the case of this mock, a 6th round pick), slot right into Vernon Butler's spot on the depth chart and would absolutely make it easy as pie to move on from Butler after the 2019 season.
  7. I'll have you know I was utterly sedate when writing those STFU's, sir. I can say that phrase as easily as I can say "I'll have another!" or "Love ya, Mama!"
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