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  1. Of course. Haynes fits the role of the 3-4 OLB to a flippin' T... he was an utter, useless fish out of water playing DE in 4-3 sets (and would/will continue to be).
  2. She was a'right I guess, but I loved ol' Big Ears more!
  3. Fine as hell if he's gonna take pretty much vet minimum (which $2M is at his number of years). No prob. Will still never be a damn fan. EVER. He's a damn whiny puss who doesn't know what "sacrifice" means (check with those guys who leave their families behind to do their duty, Torrey, and you might change your mind, but I doubt them or the flag they represent would mean anything to you in the least). But as long as we're not over-paying him, I ain't gonna whine.
  4. Anyone making a list without Torrey Smith is gonna be wrong.
  5. And if you have great players in a great system, you can challenge the best team in the PL for the league title until Championship weekend, make two consecutive CL finals, and hopefully bring the cup home on June 1st this time. Liverpool's D in 2017-18 *did* suck and they ended the season 3rd in the table.
  6. Agree to disagree. I think MC's best 3 players (when healthy) are De Bruyne, Aguero (2014-15 Golden Boot), and Sterling. Liverpool's best 3 players are Van Dijk (2018-19 Player of the Season), Salah (2017-18 Player of the Season, 2017-18 and 2018-19 Golden Boot), and Mane (2018-19 Golden Boot). All are absolute world-class players and any difference in total level of quality of each set of three would just be niggling.
  8. Man City is quite simply the best team in the world. Yes, they seem to struggle in the CL, but the CL is a different cat than the long slog of the PL. Over the long haul, Man City, with its depth of top-quality players two-deep at every position, is built for success. In the CL anything can happen over a two-game series. I've heard a lot of my fellow Pool fans complain "Oh, if we'd only did this or if we'd only not tied this team or that team we would have won!" Well, yeah, that's true, but City have their own set of "What ifs?" as well, such as "What if Kevin De Bruyne hadn't been injured for most of the season?" So you can nit-pick both sides, but the fact is that City is a better squad. Are their best players better than Pool's best players? Probably not. BUT THEY HAVE MORE OF THEM. Is Pep better than Klopp? Maybe if you take track record into account. But I absolutely think Klopp gets more out of his players than any manager in the world. City doesn't have better players than Pool, they just have MORE OF THEM. Frankly, I'm amazed Pool has been able to keep it this close over 37 games (to this point) taking that into consideration. Maybe Brighton can pull off a miracle tomorrow. That would be nice.
  9. Premiere League football >>>>> All other European leagues. And IMO for one primary reason: they decided to "broaden" their viewership to the USA many years ago and rode that wave to a whole lotta more dollars for their teams. More $$$ = Better players. Its science.
  10. Happy for you, dude. Had a blast at the Liverpool - Dortmund match last summer. Have fun!
  11. I think this thread and others blows a huge hole in the premise floated by others that drafting Will Grier wouldn’t have any effect on Carolina fans support of Cam Newton. lol, what a naive premise ignoring all available previous evidence over the last eight years.
  12. I want to buy one of those souvenir cups from one of the attendees now.
  13. So now Hurney is telling us that he believes with total sincerity what other teams tell him? Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.
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