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  1. Damn right. Mr. Rum is gonna hate me for this, but JUST FUGGING IMAGINE if Cam Newton did the same thing. I ask you, do you think the reaction would be the same? Mr. Rum, can you bring your saintliness and integrity into this question and tell me it would be the same? P.S. Easy answer... it wouldn’t.
  2. Love? No. I *love* my son. Cam Newton doesn't even approach the area of “love”, $h1thead. But I have, longer than ANY of you ungrateful $h1theads, observed the dedication and effort that Cam Newton gives to his fans and the ungrateful $h1theads that SHOULD be his fans. So have I seen Cam Newton be crapped upon by those so called fans (lookin’ at you) even though he gives every ounce of blood and sweat to do his very best? Yes, I have. Do I have ANY sympathy for a silver-spooned rich boy who was lifted on the shoulders of the entire Cam-hating country and the NFL as their fugging Great White Hope? No... no, no I don’t. Andrew Luck will be FINE. Just like his father, who was a SHITTY quarterback, was fine. So you boo hoo hoo all fugging damn day over Andrew Fugging Luck if you want, fan-boy. Fine. I’m not as good and awesome and amazingly perfect person as you are. Freely admitted. What I *do* know is that this fanbase doesn’t and didn’t deserve the blessing they got when they drafted Cam Newton. I have zero doubt about that.
  3. Careful, the Luck Fan-boys who want to tenderly massage the Precious Bruises are gonna poo all over you bro, lol. Oh my gosh! The Precious is retiring after putting millions and millions in the bank! How dare you insult The Precious!
  4. Damn, sho’ is a lot of Luck fan-boys in this thread. P.S. NOT surprised.
  5. Or even from the very beginning. (And I think you know what I mean.)
  6. I’ve been of the opinion since mid-season 2018 that Ron Rivera had squeezed every drop available out of Cam Newton through his abusive, moronic, 1960’s style offense mixed in with multiple “SAVE MY ASS CAM!” episodes over those years. Used him up and drained him out. I also repeatedly stated that I hoped I was wrong. And if there is any player in NFL history that can prove me wrong, it’s Cam Fugging Newton.
  7. Do you speak da Engrish? The fact that Manherrz missed the block, as I pointed out, had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BLITZ. It was shitty technique and a “missed” block because he got beaten one-on-one. Your response was to a strawman in your head and certainly not to me.
  8. I guess Golden Boy Born With Silver Spoon In Mouth wasn’t Smarter-Tougher-Better after all.
  9. Its obvious that when a team blitzes, there are likely going to be defenders unaccounted for by the offense's blocking scheme. But that has nothing to do with "missed blocks". And Manhertz's "missed block" on the man that he obviously chose to attempt to block had nothing to do with the blitz.
  10. Its really amazing to me how Ron seems to be the one coach in the NFL that has zero input or responsibility with regard to personnel decisions. So glad Tepper kept him!
  11. If Ol’ Tepper was aggressive he would have moved on from “2-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust” Ron. Aggressive... lol.
  12. Yes, in the 2nd half of preseason games.
  13. Not sure you meant this, but you’re onto something.
  14. Well, if we don’t run plenty of 3-4, we flushed the #16 overall pick in the draft down the toilet.
  15. This might be one of the silliest things I’ve ever read.
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