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  1. Brett Favre had SH!T for mechanics and he's in the damn HoF. Dude would throw the damn ball from any angle and off any foot to try to make the damn play. These "BUT MECHANICS!" assholes aren't really serious about mechanics though. They have ulterior motives. You know it... and I know it.
  2. Damn that Ken Lucas for getting his nose and eye in the way of Saint Steve Smith Sr.'s fist.
  3. Would love to see the winning percentage and joy of football for Drew and Cam J. if they were head coached by Ron "fug the players! It's not my fault!" Rivera.
  4. tiger7_88

    We could have a new starting left tackle

  5. The only fallacy in your response is that Newton has been "taking shots" by fans, the Carolina Panthers, and the league, win or lose. Hell, HIS ON MO-RON HEAD COACH told the national sports media "I'd have taken a shot too!" If you think Cam Newton falls within the normal quarterback "We love you when you win, but we hate you when we lose" paradigm, you haven't been paying attention. And, again, it ain't just the hateful, ungrateful fanbase. It's also his hateful, ungrateful "I'd have taken a shot too!" head coach. And the hateful, ungrateful league and league's officials who preach about player safety but ARE JUST FUGGIN' FINE when it comes to causing brain trauma or any other random injury against Cam Newton (see: non-call on a hit on Cam Newton "sliding late" v. call and ejection on a hit on Ben Roethlisberger "sliding late").
  6. But, responses above aside, I'll answer you. No, I would not be. But, to follow that up, I would also not be a fan of any other NFL team either. Because I'd be DONE. Done 100% with the National Football League. Cam Newton was a revelation for me. I was a dinosaur that Ron Rivera would have been proud of before Cam Newton. And then along comes this kid with SO much talent, SO much drive, SO much strength, SO much happiness, SO much joy... all about the game I grew up with and loved? Who gifted my college team a national championship for the first time in 53 years all because of what he brought to that team? Who, as a professional, has sacrificed the health of his body for the sake of winning for a shitty ingrate head coach, an organization run by an old school racist horn-dog, and a bunch of ingrate fans who aren't worth a sequin on his ugliest honorary cleats? Yeah, if its clear that the Carolina Panthers organization, their shitty ungrateful fanbase, and the National Football League were responsible for breaking and ruining that? For taking Kunta Kinte and tearing him down until he's finally the Toby they've always wanted just so they can abuse him? Yeah... I'd be done, brother. Without a doubt.
  7. Which should make a lot of the Cam Haters (who in this very thread are still pretending and thinking they've convinced otherwise) very happy since they've always wanted him to be the bestest of awesome losers.
  8. 1. Tepper isn't that stupid. 2. Rivera isn't smart enough to convince him.
  9. This is an excellent point. People keep on repeating the mantra about how Cam is getting beat up because he is a "running QB". There is no question that he's a "running QB", yes, but Cam has taken most of his bad hits over his career on pass plays, not run plays. The Detroit shot to the knee mentioned above. The crown-of-the-helmet strike to his shoulder and neck area by Watt against Pittsburgh. More hits to his lower legs in the pocket over the years than I can mention. The shots to the noggin by Denver (at least one was on a roll-out or scramble I think). It ain't the read-options and QB-draws wearing Cam Newton's physical condition down, its the Byron Bells and Amini Solatolus and Matt Kalils of the world combined with the overpaid fat-asses that cashed in and then just decided it was time to sit back and collect a check.
  10. You just don't understand, they LOVE Cam, but...
  11. Still, to this day, they don't recognize the "tell".
  12. And, at the same time, throw a little worship the way of a psychotic little head case who would blind-side punch people and injure them badly enough to send them to the hospital. Yeah, that's a damn role model.
  13. When's the last time Steve Smith played QB? Pop Warner? When's the last time Steve Smith was 6-5 and 245 lbs? Hint: FUGGING NEVER. Steve Smith's commentary on Cam Newton's ability to play QB impresses me about as much as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez explaining to me about how the free market works would.