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  1. The fullback on the edge allowed the corner on that edge to take him out at the knees. Two bodies laying on the ground right in Cam's way. At the same time, the left tackle lost leverage and got blown up. While simultaneously Bobby Wagner came straight up the gut, so the pulling guard who otherwise was supposed to continue to the edge and block for Cam had to stop in the middle of his run to block Bobby Wagner from coming in untouched up the middle. Seattle played that play beautifully. They knew it was coming and they were ready for it. I see what you did there.
  2. lol, Cam threw 2 bombs right over 2x Pro Bowler Jamal Adams head. Out and out lying (or, to be charitable, ignorance) doesn't help your case, sonny.
  3. Just last week passing charts were being passed around here by "no one" and his new Grand Ole Opry cohorts showing what a GREAT DEEP THROWER Teddy Two-Yard is and that none of Cam's completions (last week) went longer than 10 yards *snicker* *snicker* *giggle* *giggle*. OOPS!
  4. A number of key players from their very good defense from last year opted out of this season due to Covid.
  5. I can't solely blame delusional Carolina fans specifically for that. Hell, Allen at that time was getting a tongue bath from local and national sports media too. Which just goes to show that the intelligence level of the local and national sports media is likely akin to the intelligence level of the troglodyte Carolina Panthers fan.
  6. Remember when all the smart people were telling everybody else that OF COURSE Marty Hurney would be fired after the draft! He was only being kept around for his scouting knowledge of the 2020 draft class! Member?
  7. I would disagree with you in one respect... Tepper *also* wanted an NFL team because (at least until Covid and we'll see how post-Covid league profits turn out) NFL teams are like legal money-printing machines. And you know Tepper loves him some filthy lucre.
  8. Well, it was pretty damned clear that Allen was a "scrappy field general", don't you think? Why do you hate "scrappy field generals" sir? ;)
  9. Yep. People think drafting a new starting QB that can make an impact in this league is as easy as driving to the 7-11 to buy a Snickers. Getting a damned effective starting QB is fugging HARD in the NFL. Here are the 1st round QBs drafted and where they were selected since 2011 (Cam's draft year): EVERYBODY thinks they're going to get the next Patrick Mahomes to carry them to glory when selecting their QB in the 1st round, but what they are very very much more likely to get is a Blake Bortles that will inure them to long-time mediocrity.
  10. Welcome to Cam Newton's World for the previous nine seasons, Teddy Two-Yard.
  11. Then why did they sign Kyle Allen 2.0+ to a $60+ million contract?
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