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  1. As soon as you take Reading for Comprehension! :P
  2. And you know they would have never made this move without the prior approval of Blessed English Saint Sir Harry Kane. Which makes Harry Kane more of an idiot than I thought he was.
  3. I didnt say anything even close to that. I said if ARSENAL was ready to upgrade, Poch was now available.
  4. If Arsenal is ready to upgrade managers, don’t wait too long. Poch is now on the market.
  5. Also a lot of those collapsing pockets Newton’s size and strength enabled him to power through hands and arms grabbing him and breaking free for ground yards or completions.
  6. So he basically ignored Rivera’s 2011-18 track record track record of inconsistency and mediocrity and brought him back for 2019 anyway. Makes sense. (By which I mean it makes NO sense... AT ALL.)
  7. Excellent run-stuffer with a quality bull rush. Pretty well-rounded, but better at run-stopping. Edit: And he’s double-teamed a lot. I would also recommend Javaris Davis as a quality 3rd/4th round pick at CB.
  8. I’ve been to the Northeast, the Midwest, the Southwest, the Far West, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Let me assure you, racism ain’t unique to the Southeast. In fact, its worse in the Northeast and pretty much every place I’ve been overseas excepting the Caribbean.
  9. Awwwwwwwww, you poor poor victim. It must have been just awful for you over all those years having Superman for your QB.
  10. Some of us have college teams with head coaches very much the mental equivalent of Ron Rivera. Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *sniff* *sniff* (deep breath) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. This is a great point and 100% valid. As very much a libertarian, I am utterly opposed to abusive police power. However, I am also opposed to Fidel Castro-style communism (which is the EPITOME of abusive police power) to solve that issue, unlike Castro-lover Colin Kaepernick.
  13. Any and all of Reid's present teammates are totally secondary in concern to the one and only teammate he gives a damn about. His teammate-for-life, Colin Kaepernick.
  14. The Cons offensive coaches schemed Luke onto Julio multiple times in the game. Because they can read Rivera like a book. And adjustments on-the-fly are not and never have been inside Rivera's wheel-house.
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