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  1. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25249578/2018-nfl-nfc-playoff-race-bill-barnwell-makes-sense-mess-week-10 But then there is this when he follows up the stat highlighted above: I'm not so sure that's true either. I don't think we're a "good defense with a red zone problem", I think we're closer to being a "mediocre defense with a red zone problem".
  2. Didn't you hear Ron explain that "at the end of the day this poo happens"? We must continue to place complete trust in this trustworthy fellow that loves to stifle offenses and then trots out a poo defense that surrenders 50+.
  3. tiger7_88

    Just think on this a moment...

    "running posture... something something... mumble mumble... "
  4. tiger7_88

    Cam Newton sighting

    Pretty good, but got called for at least one PI (and probably should have been at least two).
  5. tiger7_88

    Cam Newton sighting

    No, Auburn sux unfortunately.
  6. Sideline of the South’s Oldest College Football Rivalry, Auburn vs. Georgia.
  7. Just like, for Rivera's years 2013-2017, the offensive issues were not a personnel problem. And even this year, when the offense "struggles", guess what? IT'S NOT A PERSONNEL PROBLEM. It's a coach-who-lives-in-the-past problem.
  8. Ron Rivera is observing and approving those play calls being installed on the practice field and in game-planning. Why some of y’all think that Rivera is a coach that doesn’t work intensely with his coordinators and assistants every damn day of the week and somehow just floats around the periphery of his own team with no involvement and devoid of responsibility is just fugging weird.
  9. Queue the Rivera Defense Squad to explain to us why the awful coaches that he hires and/or promotes and the players nonchalance and lack of urgency aren't his fault. He's awesome, guyz! Swearz to goodness! He's being betrayed by everything he's responsible for!
  10. tiger7_88

    What took so damn long.

    Two words: RON FUGGIN RIVERA
  11. Good to know that, team performance or lack thereof, its all about you.
  12. In the Rivera Era (2011-18), the Panther's have used 28 draft picks on defense and only 21 on offense. We simply CANNOT continue to ignore the festering sore that is the LT position. On top of the fact that we're going to be needing another center.