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  1. Brown had 2 QB hits today. Additionally, Detroit only averaged 2.4 ypc rushing.
  2. #2 on the list, Carlton Davis (6 ft 1 in, 206 lb) is fast becoming one of the better CBs in the NFC if not in the NFL. He was picked in the 2nd round with the 63rd pick. Know who was picked in the 2nd round with the 55th pick? Donte Jackson (5 ft 10 in, 180 lb).
  3. "Embrace the suck." Always a philosophy of present and future success.
  4. You can let go of that bone, pit bull. Really buddy, let it go... it'll all be OK.
  5. Nepotism always demands a price, just a question of when.
  6. That's who Teddy Bridgewater is. Not his fault... that is his QB core and coaches who coach him and GM's who sign him *KNOW* that. And, if they don't know that, they are fugging idiots.
  7. Dude, that's SO much better than an asshole who made the 1st down sign or the Superman sign. Becuz F-150!
  8. So Matt Rhule and his coaches were required to sign him and/or keep him?
  9. Oh, I have *every* clue this well happen, son. Cuz I actually have my eyes open and am not intentionally blind, such as yourself. (P.S. Take a wild guess as to who was Field's football hero while he was a high school QB, sonny boy. JUST TAKE A WILD GUESS.)
  10. If you keep repeating b*^*-poo long enough, people will start to believe it. Just ask MoRon Rivera.
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