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  1. You may be right, but looking at that nose, chin, and jaw-line all in geometric perfectly straight lines and throwing in the boobs on top, I’m betting at minimum 4. So far.
  2. You tryin' to fat-shame and body-shame overweight people, brah?
  3. I wonder what the media and the F-150 crowd would have said if Cam had been active on social media in the same way and manner that the present starting QB of the Panthers is active on social media?
  4. I guess Jourdan is a “Cam nut hugger” now.
  5. And I swear to God, hand on my heart and upon my mother's grave, that earlier today when I came here on mobile, that the top ad this site was pushing to me at that point was the Ford F-150. Not lying. At all. But I'm sure liberal, progressive, vegan site-owner Igo is fine with that as long as it places $$$'s in his bank account.
  6. Ryan Clark is stepping all around the "R" word here, but he's making it pretty clear what he's talking about. But I'm sure the Igo-fanboys who have made this site the #1 site on the Interwebs for pushing F-150's in their auto-ad pushes will disagree. (Igo would disagree if too if he was honest... but he's sold his soul to the F-150, so there's that.)
  7. There are always those who insist on telling you how much “above” and better they are than all other lowly specimens. Not because they’re self-righteous, heavens no! Perish such a thought! They are only trying to help you be just as good and awesome as THEY are... so they’re doing you a *favor*. You see?
  8. Marcus Spears, Ryan Clark, and Rex Ryan throwing out some gems talking about Cam Newton:
  9. Yeah, part of working in a hazardous field is signing contracts that pay you even if you get hurt WHILE YOU WERE WORKING. That's how professions and occupations whose employees get injured on the regular GET PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY DO THE DAMN JOB. If people who work in hazardous jobs that work under contract didn't have their contracts pay them after they were injured IN THE PROGRESS OF DOING THEIR DAMN JOB, guess what? NOBODY WOULD DO THOSE DAMN JOBS. "But, golly, Cam got hurt doing a job that people get hurt at quite often! How DARE he demand that he get paid according to his legal contract! Damn slacker didn't EARN it!" That is just people who are dumb as a box of rocks. Its really sad.
  10. Well, the team could have made public any offer they made to make themselves look better in the PR battle. Now ask yourself... why didn't they? Nothing remains secret in negotiations. NOTHING. Which means what you and I know now is likely the truth. In other words, the Panthers didn't offer poo.
  11. Well, good luck on establishing your Oxford Debating Society rules on conversations about Cam Newton in this forum. Keep me up to date on your progress.
  12. If the labor agreement signed by BOTH the league and the players union says that he is supposed to get paid that salary even if he was injured while doing his damn job? Yes, it absolutely means that. You may want to pretend that labor law doesn't exist or that legally bound contracts don't exist, but some of us will refuse to play your little game. People like you would consider that I don't "earn" my VA disability stipend because I'm not working every day for it. Guess what... I was injured in the line of duty back in my active-duty years and that's the deal I signed up for and that's the deal the country guaranteed me. Get over it.
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