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  1. When the Head Coach/GM/Owner of this franchise noticed, as we ALL did in 2018, that Cam's shoulder was visibly and obviously preventing him from "not being able to play through it", what did they do? When the Head Coach/GM/Owner of this franchise noticed, as we ALL did in pre-season 2019, that Cam's foot was visibly and obviously preventing him from "not being able to play through it", what did they do? Again, all of you are acting like his coaches, management, and ownership were deaf, dumb, and blind in this particular case.
  2. His playing injured definitely didn't turn out well for HIM. But you know what? He was doing his level best to help the TEAM. Seems I remember, with the foot injury, Cam couldn't even practice half the time because he couldn't put weight on the foot. You know what one should NOT be doing if you can't put weight on one of your feet? PLAYING QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL. And for the shoulder, every swingin' Richard watching those games knew that Cam's shoulder was done because he was basically shot-putting the ball. He had *nothing* like a normal throwing motion and *nothing* like we all knew he could throw by watching him 2011-17. You know what one should NOT be doing if your shoulder is hurting so much you throw the ball like a shot-put? PLAYING QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL. Now, after every swingin' Richard could observe that Cam couldn't even bear weight on one of his feet in one season and was throwing the ball like a shot-put in another, you know who was responsible for the decision for him continuing to PLAY QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL? Here's a hint: Their names AREN'T Cam Newton. Here's another hint: Their last names start with RIVERA, HURNEY, and TEPPER.
  3. Every goddam player in the League, unless amputations are involved (and even that didn’t stop Ronnie Lott), when asked “Can you go?” responds with “Put me in coach!” When those players AREN’T named “Cam Newton”, they get admiration and praise for “toughing it out” and being a “soldier”. When those players ARE named “Cam Newton” they get condemned for “hiding injuries”. Same ol’ separate set of standards as it ever was.
  4. What size contract was he asking for again? You seem to know, so you should be able to provide me the deets.
  5. I guarantee you he won't. Respecting and recognizing Cam MudderFuggin' Newton isn't in the DNA of the PBR trailer park crowd.
  6. Somehow I bet you didn't get over missing Luke during those same 9 games as quickly.
  7. That's at 1:10 of the LSU tape. Picks up a grown-ass man and throws him into Burrow. I reiterate Toomers fervent plea: Please don't draft him.
  8. Its almost as if this team is managed terribly. Not that same management has hired a coaching staff. WHEEEEEEEE!
  9. Not getting my hopes up for the NFL Cam-back but, damn, I can dream can't I?
  10. See that’s the thing, I’m not just an Auburn fan but an alum. I was on campus for every home game that magical year, some away games, the SEC Championship Game, *and* the National Championship Game. Heard all the code words and worse about Cam, time and again, home and away. Then I heard’em about him AND his Dad. Gave a personal piece of my mind to many of those people. He has NEVER been treated with the fairness and respect he deserves EVEN BY MOST OF HIS “FANS”. So, yeah, you can be naïve in believing that gosh golly gee-whiz that kind of stuff just NEVER happens or happened in Charlotte! Nor in The Huddle, that forum for well known, open-minded Mensa members! You can even try to convince me of that but you’d be wasting your time. Every time I was accused of being a “hugger” or “worshipper” I didn’t deny it because, as I always said, Cam needed someone like me (and a few others) to at least tip the scale a little bit back in his favor from the constant poo he was served by Carolina “fans”. I do know this though, with “loyal” fans like you, Mr. “Cam Fan”, he sure as hell doesn’t need anymore haters.
  11. He used to be sane, now it seems he’s been given the secret handshake and the key-word list.
  12. So sad. How much was your soul worth? Conditional 7th and a bag of balls?
  13. @rippadonnwas right... this team and fans are now Saints uber-wannabes, top to bottom.
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