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  1. Sadly, we are four pages in and this seems to be the only salient reply to OP. If this board is indicative of the Democratic Party then it is truly fuucked. Assigning “isms” to someone you disagree with is not a winning strategy.
  2. I don’t like it when someone’s life is ruined based on an act of crime but I do think said act or crime should have consequences. Good for Harvard. Kid needs to learn This is is some fuged up racist poo this kid is spewing. He needs to know society doesn’t accept this kind of crap. He needs to own this and face consequences.
  3. That was exactly how my feeble mind broke it down and assumed how you were drawing the distinction. I do think the OLB will get the most but the “assist” in pocket disruption leading to those stats will be caused by KK, McCoy and company creating chaos.
  4. Is there an option for “edge”. I automagically dump it into olb so my vote goes there.
  5. I don’t get the objective in bringing him out but OK.
  6. Same. I will give him the benefit to f the doubt though as I don’t know the dynamics of the team room and FO interactions. One anecdotal thing and seem to recall though is KK shining more than Star and being the “team” guy. Something was posted here in what I believe to be Star/kKK 1st of 2nd year. KK was running BOA steps with TD. At the time t seemed a bit of an odd pairing (fast OLB with brute DT sprinting steps) but it said a lot about the chemistry and camaraderie. Not sure if there was an underlying comparison between Star and KK but would not be surprised. just my completely hindsight .02 worth of speculation in an offseason thread.
  7. Saw norwell was in the clip and concluded the same thing. Is it that different because of Cams mechanics or because one was an in game live action throw and the other was in a drill throwing to a stationary target while rehabbing a surgically repaired shoulder?
  8. This is a good way to look at it. If you take a guy in the 3rd and say he’s going to be a project then he’s going to be a project. I don’t know that he is the answer either but I think the coaches are showing confidence and if he doesn’t take the step forward they think he will we can always pick someone up in camp cut downs. We’re not going to get a pro bowler but we can get someone who is adequate. I think throwing a pile o money at Tre Boston or the oft injured Berry is not a good solution. That said I’m comfy to sit back and watch it play out.
  9. Leadership is about giving people the right direction and the right tools to succeed and then getting the hell out of the way and let them do what you hired them for. In the short term it looks like Tepper is doing just that.
  10. I’m glad Norwell was a Panther and an overachieving UDFA. Also glad he got paid. Even more glad someone else paid him. Wish him well.
  11. I think Richardson ultimately put the structure in place which shaped the group of players that were in the locker room. I know Richardson is hated (rightfully so in most cases) but there were some positives from his tenure as the owner.
  12. I remember a couple years ago around Christmas dude gave away tickets cause he was sick and couldn’t go. Talk about a jerk, giving stuff away to some other guy online and probably making someone’s Christmas more enjoyable. The pats thing is a bit over the top but it’s sports and it’s a message board for goodness sake.
  13. I actually pied your comment as I thought it was a right on target post. The “Relax” was a general statement and not aimed at you or any single post. My apologies , I should have worded it better.
  14. We will give Gaulden a chance and if it is not working out or probably even if it is working out we will bring in a guy for a reasonable paycheck. Relax it’s barely June
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