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  1. Finley may get the nod in Cincy before the year is out. As a State grad it makes me proud. Oh and fug the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Loved him at State and Wisconsin but hate him in the NFL
  2. Does Kaep want to be a backup? I thought that was part of the reason he wasn’t already on a team. If he’s ok with being a backup then the team should explore the option.
  3. Dude you don’t understand. Ron looks stoic on the sideline. He must go now or we are all DOOMED!!!
  4. I went to NC State and loved RW the college football player but would not piss on him if his gums were on fire as an NFL player. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I think he is a good QB and is smart and makes good decisions. He had good years with a good team and gets lots of accolades as a result but not or biggest worry from a team standpoint. And just to be clear. Fug RW and the Seahawks.
  5. Just my .02 Making an 8year old or a 80 year old endure something they don’t want to endure will end in bad results. That said, take it seriously but go thru the process of understanding why. If his reasons are valid then go thru it with him. If the issues are not able to be fixed then fine. Just so he knows that it isn’t as easy as pressing reset and dad will take care of it. Kids need to know that parents do “sacrifice” for them and there are repercussions to changing decisions. Let them learn and they will grow up better IMO. Again. Just my.02
  6. Unlike football, our forum has no preseason. It’s game on sky is falling. all the time.
  7. Beat me to it. Was about to post the same damn thing. Glad I looked first.
  8. He could be the next “whats his name” lets see what Matsko can do.
  9. Ron might tell you that putting Grier on the PS would expose him to other teams for picking up and thereby rendering a 3rd round pick a waste before even trying to develop his skills. Reading is is one thing. Heeding is another.
  10. So, in your opinion, these two games should be viewed as equivalent for comparison purposes? Asking for a friend...
  11. Nice take. I have yet to watch but think he shows promise. By all accounts Friday was a stinker. Good to see someone making the most of his opportunity. Want to see more of this.
  12. Yet here we are pushing page 5. Overreacting is what we do well tho.
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