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  1. 1 Lean ground beef or sirloin 2. Cooked bacon crumbled 3. Worcestershire Sauce 4. Tommy’s steak seasoning. (Google this) Duck NC seasoning 5. Blue Cheese or feta depending on taste mix and patty. Put in freezer to chill for a bit 15 minutes or so Grill top with more bacon and muenster add anything else you feel like (Lettuce, onion ,sunny side egg, etc...) wish you had made more .
  2. Looks to be a whole different take on the original. Interesting.
  3. You can on the Internet. Tepper seems to think Hurney has value but I suspect it will not be in a role as a GM. Definitely not the guy I want as GM but there is value in holding on to people in a transition. This season is gone and I suspect next year will be very challenging. I’m excited about the new changes. Not gonna be an overnight thing though.
  4. So what you searched Stanford tailbacks and saw Toby Gerhart and Tyler Gaffney did you come to the same conclusion about Christian McCaffrey? I understand history but it’s a bit absurd sometimes. Not advocating for this guy but don’t want to overlook him based on a ridiculous stereotype.
  5. You might be right on this but I had to chuckle. Per huddle logic If we pick 14th then it means the top 34 players will already be gone. ‘Tis the season
  6. The physics of a 350 OL on top of him probably have something to do with it.
  7. I think RR is a great coach and a better person. He is capable of winning a championship. Just think It was stale here. He and the Panthers are better off IMO.
  8. Agree with this take. No good comes from bringing Kaepernick into the mix. Besides, Kaep is not really that good. The best thing he has ever done in the NFL is his stance and kneeling protest but that is not a reason to sign a bad QB to the roster. We already have bad QBs...
  9. I think most folks here want to top the tree with that ornament.
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