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  1. Pejorative Miscreant

    Rivera shouldn’t be fired. Cam should be.

    I think Cam is hurt and has been for a while now. Let’s take some of the emotion out of it and get him right for next season.
  2. Damn Defense is playing hard
  3. Not sure if we win but fuuck Drew Brees
  4. Another new dangled way to Shiit the bed
  5. Can we find some new ways to Shiit the bed.
  6. Instead of first down showboat call a TO
  7. Jason Witten is absolute ass.
  8. If Munnerlyn had a ladder that would have been an INT
  9. Not really a fan of Rivera and would like a change but if Tepper hangs on to him I suspect he’s gonna say he evaluated the coaching staff and is committed blah blah blah. Translation being firing a staff and having turnover at that level is a big deal and despite how simple it seems on a message board, it can fug up a lot of poo and have a domino effect that can last years. That said new ownership needs some time to ease into it and assess before showing Ron the door. I will be disappointed if Rivera stays on but I am preparing for disappointment.
  10. Before stomp,in my feet and throwing a tantrum I would want to know what his rationale was in making the decision. Temper is a smart guy that can be cut throat and calculating. He may have a good reason to retain RR.
  11. Pejorative Miscreant

    We will win Monday

    On most message boards this would be a somewhat reasonable thread. It will likely get you banned here. Being positive about anything Panther related is insensitive to all the other Huddlers. This is no place for your fan posts. Sorry.
  12. Pejorative Miscreant

    Random Panther Ramblings

    ‘‘Tis the season and all....