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  1. OP had me on the edge of my seat with this thread till the word “Unbiased” In this joint there is no such thing no matter what your politics are.
  2. Half o y’all gonna bitch cause we draft a DL and shoulda drafted an OL Half o y’all gonna bitch cause we draft an OL and shoulda drafted a DL Half o y’all gonna bitch cause we shoulda lost to NO and shoulda drafted earlier So relax. Everbody gets to bitch... Huddle logic + Huddle Math
  3. So! It won’t matter, they’ll all be gone by the time we pick.
  4. There will be much bigger problems to deal with because the sphincter of the universe will have sucked in all the mass in existence. The end.
  5. But he has short arms... and pointy elbows. Seriously, I think he may be a safe pick at 16 if available. Would not whine.
  6. I think he is a Belicheck type of guy and off the board by end of second.
  7. Only one week left and then you will get the "If we had lost the last game we woulda gotten XXX player" threads. This is an ok draft and I think Dillard is an ok pick but all things considered I think there may be a "safer" option on the board. Will see...
  8. If you win on Sundays more eyes will look in on Monday.
  9. Even tho I know I shouldn’t I go to that same place. I know I might be wrong and maybe I regret it but I pass on Burns too.
  10. Getting late in the game to have an original thought that isn’t stupid. So dude just stuck with original.
  11. I am not a fan of trading up in the first and feel A it usually results in a bad outcome. 1. Always feel like you are giving more than you get. 2. Over hype whoever you draft 3. Other needs not addressed. 4. Who in this draft do you trade up for? I don’t feel like there is anyone I particularly like giving up a lot for? if somebody falls in the second I’m all for packaging a third to grab a steal who fell out of the first but not felling good about swapping a first and mortgaging the draft.
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