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  1. I think it depends on who is graded higher Simmons may be the wildcard in all of this though from a first round standpoint. I think guards and center should be targeted in 2-5.
  2. I predict Rhule will channel his inner John Fox when addressing cam questions.
  3. I like how this pumps in players on both lines /fronts. drafting need without reaching is a good thin. The Bridgewater acquisition might be a little hard to fathom about but I could see us getting a vet QB for stability. The conditions you suggest around trading Cam may be close to accurate. And makes the best out of a bad situation. thanks for posting this.
  4. I am not aware of the FO doing anything except Tepper saying Cam needs to get healthy before we do anything (not his exact quote but my interpretation). I get the frustration with the lack of clarity but it is linked to the lack of clarity surrounding the health of your franchise QB. The drama is driven by the coverage and speculation. The strategy is to rebuild the football team whether or not that rebuild includes Cam as our QB is dependent on his recovery and any subsequent contract options( which should not be explored until you know his health status) The rest is speculative click bait.
  5. Ideally keep Cam but my gut says that isn’t an option. That said, I take a pass on QB and build the rest of the roster. Lots of impact players in round 1 that can contribute immediately.
  6. I think this new regime will likely try to reclaim him with a good contract that is team friendly but I don’t see it reaching the level of Humphries. Perhaps he walks.
  7. Recalling his backstory, I think he was relatively raw coming in but had huge upside and flashes of talent. This is year 3 (I think) so he should emerge. Not saying he will be all world but hopefully a fundamentally sound starter. I think he is the kind of player the staff wants in terms of being able to develop and take his game to the next level. Rooting for him.
  8. Dude wants to play so he should play. Get in the playoffs pad the stats and strengthen your case for the HOF. Announcing gig will be there for a long time after he retires.
  9. Super bad take is an understatement. Reminds me of I guy I knew who said Jordan sucked and so and so(I forget his name) was better. Hate Brady if you want ( I do) but he’s pretty damn good.
  10. Not sure of everything TD said but “If I’m Cam Newton, I’m doing what’s best for me and my career” sounds pretty damn straight forward. Lots of folks tend to do this. Maybe not to the dismay of message board posters but the door none the less.
  11. I think people try to make someone else's words fit into their perspective. There are a lot of speculative paths you can go down with Cam but at the top of the decision tree is the question, "Is he healthy?" No sense in going down the rabbit holes in an interview or media session if you cant answer that one. Everything else is hypothetical-speak that is dependent on other hypothetical-speak.
  12. I think he drafted half of them.
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