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  1. Ready to practice after the bye and being 100% now are two entirely different things. Making bullshit assumptions on bullshit statements often results in threads full of bullshit. See previous 20, no, make that 40 posts...
  2. Yeah. I agree. Defense and running game travels and we have both. Giddy up!
  3. I agree with this. Houston was about the best team thus far. I think what has happened is that our team is now convinced it can win in the NFL with KA as a QB.
  4. You should have to put a disclaimer that those are in fact real NFL players and not actors portraying an event.
  5. The beauty of the stiff arm to white does not show up in this gif but damn it’s still a good looking jif...
  6. On the Telly it sounded like the panthers Fans took over. Lots of Luke chants throughout the game. More home than away definitely.
  7. I don’t like it. I don’t dislike it. I really don’t give a fuuck. Panthers won and the guys are having fun. ok. Maybe I do like it...
  8. It’s not that easy. Kyle Allen has never won an MVP or ran the ball for more than 4 yards. Not poo poing KA but you can cherry pick a stat or two. A healthy Cam is a better QB and athlete than KA but I thing at this point in time (winning and it making mistakes ) KA is a better choice at QB. At some point KA gets benched for Cam but it won’t be in SF.
  9. For the record, my reply gif was 100% sarcasm. No friggin clue about that rule.
  10. I love complaining about RR safeties after a double digit win. I Hope we have a tread like this every week.
  11. Yes. It would be different if they were calling for an inquiry or something. But no. Not yet an election year I guess.
  12. Kudos for Demario Davis owning that hit and showing concern for injured Jaguar. I hate the saints but he did the right thing after the hit. fug the saints too.
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