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  1. you know you gobble that up while in your pre owned Prius with NPR being the first preset station. you crack me up Jim Gafigan.
  2. says the guy listening to Imagine Dragons as he smashes his cucumbers in some hummus. you are whiter than me. lol
  3. stop crying and trying to be a psuedo Che. the both sides still stings you for some reason but it doesn't apply to everything little guy.
  4. there are posters who think there is ZERO racism? whoa mama.
  5. that's some serious corn hole right there
  6. Says the guy living Whitowa. I think an axe spray factory is in Des Moines.
  7. Some good unintentional humor up in here. Lol
  8. Glad i had on some shades when i saw this pic
  9. I hope you said something good about Cam in that linguistic bukkake or you might be shamed into oblivion. Wait you did so you appeal to the masses again. Lol
  10. I hope Allen gets to start and run from the tunnel and bask in his first Super Bowl annnnnd then sit for the rest of the game on 2nd down. Ron has to know the hot hand here.
  11. 3 and out here. Quit leaving guys wide open Or just give me a pick 6
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