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  1. I say play a half each of the remaining games at least to stay focused but rested.
  2. 3rd and 30? Uhh go deep and cut to the right at the parked Miata.
  3. Crowd is in the game. One more tds and a can might be opened.
  4. Did you not see what Comey HHS sec said about the lack of data for those coming from Syria? They BOTH said this BEFORE Paris. And noooo. This isnt fear mongering or saying the refugees are dangerous. Just that there really is data that is lacking.
  5. Looking back, the FBI director testifying before congress should have been the ultimate red flag on how far behind and ill prepared we are. The other red flag is what the fbi or nsa is doing when they are monitoring known or would be terrorist. I think read where 3 times this couple was on the fbis radar and i guess all they learned was their Netflix history. An anomaly i get. The huge # to monitor i also get. But what does it taketo pay a visit?
  6. someone mentioned something similar and I said many also hoped for redneck evangelicals. of course nobody would admit that. keep in mind this couple and all they had here. the co workers threw the woman a shower and they were mowed down like they didn't exist. what were they sold on when they were radicalized? the Americans didn't like them? by all accounts they seemed embraced and doing well. im curious just what is said or showed when one becomes radicalized. where like a light switch goes off in some Manchurian candidate way.
  7. FBI may be telling half truths instead od outright lying. On one hand they can't admit they blew it and didn't follow up with anyone who contacted someone in isis. And they can't say too much and tip their hand tothe bad guys. If you have guys on the radar then you have to know when they talk to people here. I mean it's a small # right?
  8. Was that the only thing lax here?
  9. I was hoping they were rogue. Not good on many levels.
  10. While true its a small #. The carnage thst small # has done the last few years is staggering. At the moment the US has its own share of crazies and i hope we can thin that down and not add to it. No matter where you are from or what you do or do not believe in.
  11. A pragmatic approach rather than political is best. Find the low lying fruit first and go from there. Nearly every facet of society has proven itself to be able kill whem it wants. With legal and illegal guns. Just like saying it's impossible to deport the however many millions illegals here, the same can be said for getting all the guns. It was a bit misconstrued but a rfid chip in a gun would be a start. I said this a few months ago but like a car fax etc or with hazardous waste, a gun has a manifest. From the day it's first opened till it's melted into an bracelet, the history of that gun is traced. Toughen jail times for buying or selling illegal guns. Im not sure if there even is jail time for that. Fine and incentivize a gun shop based on history of the QUALITY of the sale. Your shop seems to have many guns used for crimes? You will have to go before a board and pay some fines. Better background or background check all together. Any file with mental health issues no sale and a strict more detailed check. Your doctor and family may be questioned and co sign. You at times need a co signer for friggin furniture but not a high powered weapon? I have said this many times. Much like money laundering. If you buy x amount of ammo or guns in x period of time, you will be asked to come in and answer some questions. You bettet be able to fully justify your purchases? Anyone on a terror watch list, foreign or domestic, that is communicated with, there may be a random question before a panel of feds to see what's up. A very challenging yet informative training and exam is required based upon your age and gun. A state tax per gun per year. Modest but yearly. if you are NOT in LEO and you buy armor, you will be cocontacted and have to be vetted on why. Armor will be taxed yearly. Much like income, ammo up to a certain threshold is not reportable. Exceed and you must file it with your tax forms. You must take a course every 2 years on gun safety and updated training. A small fee that goes to a victims fund. That's just a few ideas for now.
  12. The same could be said of the left hoping its rednecks or evangelicals.
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