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  1. About time for the all the trades to start. Figured they start around pick ten.
  2. If he falls to the bottom of the first or top of the second should we trade up to get him?
  3. Think that they have no faith in Cam this year, and we will be doing a Murray/Rosen thing in 2020 NFL draft.
  4. We should not bail Seattle out! They got themselves in that mess, let them get their selves out... But I'm torn... When Free Agency started.... I had two in house Free Agents I wanted to resign(Reid and DWill), and two outside( Matt Paradis, and Frank Clark). So in Free Agency we would have upgraded our Center, OT, DE, and Safety significantly, Great start going into the draft, but with the salary cap we had, that was impossible... Right? Now Clark is on the Market... What are the odds... BACK TO REALITY... There is no way in helll we can sign him, to begin with it will take our first round pick( not happening). He'll want a contract minimum of 18 million per season. Furthermore Cam, and Bradberry are on contract years, and some of the other contracts are coming up soon. CMC for example.
  5. There's another guy out of LSU that should be taken a look at. He played both Nose Tackle in 3-4, and Nose Tackle 4-3, last year. He could be a great pick-up in the 5th round.
  6. KK Elite NO... Above average to be determined.. average definitely
  7. Hate it... but we are going to have to do something. Whether it's him, or someone like him. At some point this year, or next year. Cam and Bradbury's contract are coming up soon. To resign both will take between 35 and 40 million dollars(30 for Cam, and 9 to 10 for Bradbury).
  8. Weren't we going to sign the number 1 Offensive Tackle in the AAF. What happened?
  9. Blake Brockmeyer ?... Next TE to Tackle convert for us??
  10. Of all of these, which ones are ages 30 and under.
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