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  1. Fwiw... I just read that Chinn is the nephew of the legendary and HOF S Steve Atwater.
  2. Love this pick, but can't believe Brady didn't push to get his O-Line general in Cush.
  3. Don't think he's worth that much money truthfully. Should let him walk, but that doesn't help us any. I say franchise tag him non-exclusive.
  4. Sorry you all are correct I was watching some comparison videos and I just got them mixed up in my thoughts. I'll be more careful next time.
  5. For those who are hollering LT, LT, LT. At the 7th pick are the same ones wanting Lawrence next year. Left Tackle will not protect Lawrence's blindside. If you want Lawrence you need to be hollering RT, RT, RT, unless there is another right handed QB you want more.. Fields?... FA?
  6. Great prototype... Don't think I could watch a 3 hour game and not get distracted though.
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