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  1. as a common fellow I hope him the best but as far as the panthers go FUGG that guy
  2. full cam believer and supporter. Hope to god he balls out but last season was very concerning and another season Cam not being able to throw for seasons lengths means he is most likely done a panther a QB has to be able to throw. what made Cam Cam was being able to lazer the ball and chuck it deep
  3. This is great.. BUT, hes got to get the fumbling under control. hes a YAC beast but sometimes it leads to losing the ball.
  4. throw poo at the wall and hope thats something sticks we would be dumb not to do that
  5. who the fug cares about a kickball game take pics of the rookies
  6. worth it IMo id rather have a good C than a Meh WR
  7. some of the most lazy sacks of poo I know were some teachers I had in highschool
  8. i had a dream that he had a beast season next year. two TDs in the first game
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