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  1. so uh... are we not gunna act like an all time great Panther's brother didnt rape us of like 30M? Ryan and Matt are tight... its like im glad yall enjoyed playin on the same team both of yall were hurt and cost us like 50M to make us feel good before the season
  2. The Huddler

    Im Drunk, Someone talk to me

    compared to my past hell yes also dont care about my reputation on the huddle liberating
  3. The Huddler

    Janitoral Cleaning Jobs

    when i came out of my drinking binge 2 years ago i signed up at Walmart with "Maintenance" thought oh cool ill help keep the store put together.. leaks.. shelves need to be built..broken carts.. nope i was cleaning sshit off toilets where the mother fuger refused to sit down but sprayed poo all over the toilet cause taco bell didnt sit right.. ended up being a chill job.. keep bathrooms clean, take trash out, and then hide 90% of the shift out back smoking weed. it was great. i was able to post to the huddle a lot
  4. The Huddler

    Im Drunk, Someone talk to me

    nailed a job as a psych nurse, got my life under control, limited my drinking substantially, i empathize with my patients im one of them. if i slip and fail then so be it Go Hokies NCCAA tourney I love Pink Floyd dark side of the moon hits home with me about going mad, been there done that came out, may go back, no shame whats up??
  5. idk who is the best OG in the draft.. but if we end up with Moton- Best LG in draft- PAradis- Turner- Willliams idk how the fug you cant be excited about that CMC will have 3000 yards
  6. The Huddler

    This the best DL class ever

    thats what she said
  7. it has to be because of haskins OSU isnt a hotspot for draftable players. Ita not like I hear half of the NFL player intros from THE ohio state university or anything...
  8. The Huddler

    Are we done making moves in FA?

    RB and WR3 is not a need those are luxury positions
  9. The Huddler

    Montez Sweat has heart issue.

    its worse that you saved face like we already see that you said it
  10. "yeah idc my ex dumped me she ugly and mean anyway"
  11. i dont care enough this year its liberating.
  12. The Huddler

    Eric Berry Released

    because we are bored and grasping at straws why do retarded fans act suprised and question other retarded fans?