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  1. dont worry there will be posters in here defending MAC otherwise great OP
  2. He aint CMAC its CMC if ya wana be cute, call him CMIC, but thats retarded almost as retarded as CMAC aint no Mac in there Mc like McDonalds people who call it MAC donalds probably have too big of a double chin to be able to pronouce anything correctly, or even breath properly for that matter mic ... mic
  3. The Huddler

    Darius Slay in awe of CMC

    idc if its PC or not.. its obvious weve never seen a White RB play at CMCs level look at the stats and position tendacies its ok to see whats right in front of you. playing blind doesnt make you a better person
  4. The Huddler

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    This place’s peak was the greatest uniform of all time vote
  5. The Huddler

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    this place aint the same ever since all pro
  6. The Huddler

    Sean Payton smashes fire alarm

    someone photoshop a couple buttholes for his lips in a few pics and PM them to me hes got those sphincter lips
  7. Hope that car gets a dick spray painted on it
  8. The Huddler

    Red Cam Redemption

    But your statement is wrong and im wasting my life pointing out pointless wrong statements on the internet
  9. The Huddler

    Antonio Brown cited for driving 100mph

    Nah id say getting busted by the cops is a massive buzz kill
  10. The Huddler

    Red Cam Redemption

    YOu can play RDR2 on xbox
  11. Not sure why this is a thread in the main forum
  12. The Huddler

    CMC worth the pick?

    Saints got lucky on Kamara. Saints took a really good CB right now CMC is much more valuable to us than a CB would be
  13. The Huddler

    CMC worth the pick?

    Also with how many players end up being total busts, im happy to snag a guy who is a cornerstone of our offense with that pick. This “worth it” talk is silly. Go get your guy. Hes our guy. This isnt fantasy football. CMC was the best pick for us at the time. No one knew how good Kamara or hunt would be. No way anyone would have picked them in the 1st. They are talented players but its not like they are producing on shitty teams. They have the best offensive coaches in football calling shots for them.