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  1. TBH if the Panthers win it probably will have more to do with the Bucs taking a dump than the Panthers earning the win but thats ok
  2. 5'7 406 stomach can hold 1.5 gallons at a time. tit fold stench on a stink scale 9.3/10
  3. tell me why its daytime without mentioning the sun ill wait
  4. hell yeah this dude is physically gifted. let him grow and develop
  5. maybe Tepper will pay him handsomely to stick around. He certainly didn't come to carolina because of our rich history or lagacy. Tepper PAID him. People give Tepper poo but what truly matters is hes willing to pay up for the best of the best. Pay up and get out of the way.
  6. Brady by a long shot Ill enjoy him while he's here, but he will be scooped up soon for a HC position very soon. Arians holds the balls in that offense.
  7. for their coaching staff its their 3rd season for ours its their very first live action, period. but thats ok just keep looking at things through pessimistic lenses.
  8. we have been football starved for how long and you guys aren't watching the SNF/MNF games on opening weekend? yall weak AF. go on your walk
  9. the little things that usually get ironed out in preseason.. we'll get there
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