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  1. were projected to have less deaths than the flu two years ago. and we didnt even bat an eye at that were gunna be fine get off the internet nothing but doom and gloom
  2. holy poo dude its gunna be way sooner
  3. liar, lawyer, mirror for ya, whats the difference?
  4. For the record, i think Teddy looks AMAZING with this set if weapons and Joe Friggin Brady
  5. not sexy, but adds much needed talent to major holes.
  6. If hes there than Hell the fug yeah you draft him
  7. you are talking with kindergartner language in the medical world. so i really dont know who tf you are talking about. there are several trained as charge nurse and im one of them. we go in shifts. and theres a unit manager.
  8. I work on a psych unit but i think we are anticipating poo hitting the fan. we have to wear these masks and they ate recruiting nurses to go work on the Covid Psych unit lol Aka aggressive person grabbing on you and pulling your mask off and coughing on you. Im considering doing it if Theres some extra $$$$ involved. that would be the front lines figuratively and also literally if we gotta get physical. fun times.
  9. as a steelers fan you probably have diabetes and pressure ulcers.
  10. Samuel will shine with Joe Brady people act like hes a deep threat. while he can do that, where he shines is having the ball in space. we have and OC and a QB who can get him the ball quickly after snap.
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