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  1. in other news i just got married 2 hours ago in Hawaii Honolulu
  2. what did she do to piss people off fill me in im honestly out of the loop
  3. i stay out of the loop for the most part.. so why is she hated? cause shes a lesbian? did she protest or something? either way WELCOME!!
  4. its because there are separate posters in two different camps so to speak
  5. nice general reply to my valid points I was just surprised at your logic. it made no sense to me. My panties arent in a wad, the toilet paper in my hand is, because Im taking a sshit at work.
  6. I will add, Burns 88 speed and Irvins 86 speed will be so much fun to use off the edge especially considering our Trio of solid interior lineman, with Kawan and Mccoy around 85-86 OVR yummy i will be bringing the heat this year online head to head
  7. he was a 94 to end last season he should be higher edit: plus, who cares about "only had one good season" its about how good they are in the very moment, with ratings being updated every week 91 ovr is not "very generous" gtfo here
  8. youl be a lady magnet in those
  9. keep them nuts full CMC you need that extra animal drive on the field
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