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  1. Star is under rated its lazy to just look at his stats and think hes overpaid, but hes the anchor of that solid defense. he makes his impact in the lack of rushing yards against them, unlike us where we get gashed. stopping the run is valuable in the nfl. creating a pile and tackling the dude with the guards back has the same result as him shedding the block and padding his stats
  2. soccer sucks. Football Basketball and Hockey is where its at
  3. Wrong Im able to put him in the lineup on Madden
  4. the OPs spin on the article saying "he doesnt seem to me missed" is complete and utter fake ass news OP must have brain damage if thats what he gathered from the article.
  5. if we start losing might as well give Grier a shot Allen looked like complete vomit chunks in preseason too
  6. agreed if we take a turn and start losing i think we should throw grier in. that said, if that happens im 70% sure Rivera and Marty get fired and we get hit with a full on laxitive + enima bowel cleaning. and i wouldnt be opposed let tepper prep this franchise for competency and long term success starting at the top and that would mean new QB drafted in the near future too
  7. I think Grier could be just as good for us. Both Allen and Grier looked like complete sshit in the preseason when they were playing with backups and no game plan give Grier a shot.. seriously
  8. As a GM? No, and I dont think thats what he wants to do.. but as far as cutting dead meat? go for it. I have full confidence Tepper can get this team to play at a high level and stay there by putting the right people in place. it may suck short term, but sometimes thts what you gotta do to shake mediocrity. nothing in the OP indicates being a GM. Tepper not being emotional is the best thing that could have happened to this franchise. Make decisions due to bottom lines. be successful or get your sorry emotional ass out
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