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  1. thats all true, but the second Cam began vegan, he was not able to physically recover like he did, and he began to fall apart. maybe it can be a good life style for a skinny dude holding a camera, but not an NFL athlete taking an NFL beating.
  2. Wild Turkey 101 and fat cigars
  3. good luck cam wish you the best
  4. not a "HOAX" corona virus is real.. but its not the world destroyer people think.. its a cold for the vast majority of us.. but fear porn for the majority of us
  5. Corona Virus is the biggest HOAX in human history... no doubt it exists.. but to shut down society?? nah man
  6. ok hook that up to a fat fug doing anything physical
  7. corona virus is a HOAX no doubt it exists, but to shut down the country and sports?? yeah theres some poo going on and its not a virus
  8. the corona virus is completely blown out of proportion. just a bunch of scared chickens yall are. mind control fear porn its to distract you from other poo going down. fuging stupid
  9. I do it already as an RN for much less than 1 million.
  10. yeah i aint gunna be the head nurse then
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