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  1. My story isn't unique by any means. I come from a family of high achieving STEM degrees (PHD, Masters), but I always hated math and science as a kid so in undergrad I studied political science and history. Really didn't think I could do much with that so I went to law school. That is where the debt really racked up (hardly had any for undergrad). Even going to a state school like UNC, like I did, you're gonna come out with 100k unless you have scholarships and stuff like that. I think that is pretty par for the course for most graduate degrees though. If you're gonna doing anything where you feel like you need a graduate degree to get ahead you're gonna have to prepare for a lot of debt. Definitely can't knock anyone for being debt averse. At times I do wish I would have told my younger self to work harder at math and science so I could have gotten a STEM degree in college. I would probably be making the same or more than I am now, but with little to no debt. At the same time though I think passion matters in success and that stuff just does not excite me.
  2. Not at this point. Definitely not ideal by any means, but I just got out of law school in 2018, so I am in the infancy of my career and the burden of massive debt has not really set in for me other than just having to make payments. I'll probably feel it more when I start looking to buy a home and stuff like that. At the same time though I am a pretty optimistic person (probably to a fault) and have some pretty high aspirations, so I hope to knock it out pretty quick (relatively speaking). Good thing is if I stay in the public sector for 10 years I can get loan forgiveness.
  3. I see your 180k and raise you my my 200k + in loans.
  4. Can’t believe anyone would bitch over this. Y’all just love to be in a constant state of anger.
  5. Panthers fans: why didn’t we sign Mario! Also Panther fans: Why did we sign Tre!?
  6. Pretty much. I used to get overly worked up about this stuff. People bitched a lot in 2014 and look what happened in 2015. That’s not to say we are gonna go 15-1, but people criticize and if we win it’s like they thought management was genius all along.
  7. Not necessarily co-signing or dumping on anything that has been done the last 24 hours, and things could have been handled better with Cam certainly. However, many here use to collectively bitch that we gave out too much money to guys who weren’t worth that money. Now, a lot of you are bitching that we aren’t keeping the likes of James Bradberry and Mario Addison. It’s like you want to live in a constant state of anger. Settle down.
  8. This. It hurts and it sucks because he is still great and been a mainstay for almost a decade. But players come and go and everyone eventually moves on. Wish him noting but good health and a joyful post football life.
  9. Berry is pretty sought after around league from where I’ve read. Also a Harvard grad. Don’t think it’s the end of Hurney though.
  10. This the bigger risk reward hire IMO. Transition from college to pro can be steep, but if it works I think it could be a slam dunk.
  11. I don't even care they don't think we aren't making the playoffs. The reasoning is poo. The saints aren't ready to let go of their Super Bowl dreams? What is that poo? That's not even a reason. Especially given their offseason.
  12. Local sports radio is pretty negative as a whole no matter where you are. There is a reason why WFNZ gets its most listeners on Mondays after a Panthers loss.
  13. Marc with a C James is a doosh. Truth be told, I actually didn't mind him when he was in Charlotte. I liked his bravado more than most. However, his arrogance became unbearable when he left for Atlanta. He has taken every chance to belittle Charlotte, Cam Newton and the Panthers since he has gotten there. That is his prerogative, but he thinks he is more important than he actually is. He thinks he is some hot shot because he is in a top 10 radio market when no one here gives a poo. Being an avid listener of WFNZ I like Kroeger 10x more than Marc James or anyone who has hosted in that time slot, including Marc Packer. Kroeger is probably the most talented radio talent ive heard on that station, dude is well informed and articulate as hell. Marc is a wanna be Howard Stern, with not even half the talent of Kroegs.
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