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  1. Strong this. There is literally no sourced information. It’s literally Person reading tea leaves based on the cap to come to an opinion.
  2. We will probably 10th-12th. Some guys they should look at: Kyle Trask, Zach, Wilson, Trey Lance, Kyle Pitts, Patrick Surtain Jr.
  3. Still a lot of football to be played. A lot of the NFC East teams still play each one another and a lot of the the other bad teams have matchups against other bad teams. Just looking at our schedule I think we get to six. We are good enough to win more and bad enough to lose more too, but I think 6 is the number. Looking back at past drafts that usually gets you anywhere from 8-12 depending on the draft. We were never gonna be bad enough to compete with the Jets and Jags, but we will at least be in striking distance for a QB like Lance, Wilson, Trask, if that is the move.
  4. Never gonna root for a loss, it this win isn’t as bad as it seems in terms of draft positioning. Texans and Skins won and I expect other teams in front of us to win some games, especially some of these NFC East teams.
  5. 1. Stuffing 2. Mashed potatoes 3. legit cranberry sauce. Not canned poo
  6. This is what I’ve always thought if we are in the top 10. Even just drafting a guy and sitting him is more than fair to Teddy who gets to play out two years of his contract at least. And if Teddy plays well next year you just play it out more.
  7. People saying Teddy isn’t the biggest problem. Yes he isn’t, but he isn’t winning us games either. He is a starter, but he hasn’t in anyway shown himself to be a franchise QB. If you’re cool with a Kirk Cousins level, fine. I’m not.
  8. Where this team drafts is gonna be predicated on those weeks after Chiefs and Bucs. You figure we lose those, we are will be competing against teams like the Vikes and Lions for positioning if we end up sucking.
  9. Yea, what he was watching. Also needing a better interior line and needing a QB aren’t mutually exclusive. We for sure need a better line. Whether Teddy is the guy is IMO largely dependent on how this season plays out and where we are in the draft.
  10. The jury is still out on Teddy. He has played well at times. The line hasn’t been great and was terrible yesterday. However, this assessment is still going on. We gain more data every week. There is no doubt we also have some negative data on Teddy. This was his third game tying or winning drive and he pooped the bed. He has also shown a proclivity to be overly cautious in those situations. Another concern is his lack of passing success in the red zone. I’m neither sold on him or ready to sell him. We will continue to see how he grows into the system and see where we are at the end of the year draft wise.
  11. Joe Brady goes absolutely brain dead on 4th and short calls. My God.
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